Earth Day Groceries

Results from the 1997 project

Here are the reports from schools participating in the Earth Day Groceries Project in 1997.
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Updated April 14,1998.

Please add our school to your 1997 list of participants. The children at Mason Road School, grades K-1, decorated over 250 bags for Earth Day '97. We're part of a regional school system and we hope to spread the word in 1998. We'll get back to you then! Thanks so much!
LeeAnne Daley-Cooke (
Mason Road School
Sorry to send this message on the '98 report,I can't seem to send directly to Mark. Our school took part in the Earth Day Groceries project in both '96 and '97. I can't remember sending info back in '96, but I did send info in '97. Would it be possible to list us on your map? We will be doing the project again this year. We have about 200 students in grades K-6. Last year, about 100 students participated, and we decorated about 150 sacks we obtained from our local store, Food Basket.
Julie Poor
Teacher, Grade Three
Williamsport Elementary School
Williamsport, Indiana
Please add us to the list of schools that participated in the grocery bag project for Earth Day '97. We had a great time decorating 600 bags and presenting them to local grocery stores after we used them to decorate our school hallways the week before Earth Day. We plan to do it again in l998. The students became much more aware of environmental issues with this project!
Gail Yook
Clinton Elementary School
210 North Hicks Street
Clinton, Tennessee 37716
This was my first time with Earth Day Groceries Project and I was able to get around 12 classes involved. All together we decorated 350 bags and displayed them in Giant Food Store, Hershey, PA. I hope to participate next Earth Day and expand throughout all the grades. Thank you for a wonderful project.
Doris Ortyl
Senior-Penn State-Harrisburg
Nye Elementary-Hummelstown, PA
Harrisburg, PA
Our 6th graders have participated in this activity for the last two years without knowing there was a count being kept or an official web page for it. We've decorated roughly 100 bags each year. We'd heard about it from our librarian when we were searching for ideas for our Earth Day unit. We are looking forward to doing it again this year and with our school now online we can be a part of the global project.
Doreen Licursi
Northside Blodgett Middle School
Corning, NY
What fun this was! Our students at Havre de Grace, decorated over 500 bags. Each grade level used a different environmental theme. The students loved the prospect of being involved in a nationwide project. The teachers loved the ease of the involvement. Our bags were provided by Valu Foods here in Havre de Grace. The manager said the comments he got from his patrons were wonderful. Positive things were said about our youngest generation and their awareness of environmental issues. Thanks for letting us participate!
Terrie Fraer
Havre de Grace Elementary
Havre de Grace, MD
The Campus Green student group at Rhodes College in Memphis, TN, borrowed about 150-200 bags from a Piggly Wiggly in midtown Memphis. The bags were decorated by kids in the afterschool program at Evergreen Presbyterian church and by kids at the block party of Vollentine-Evergreen community association. We then returned the bags to Piggly Wiggly the day before Earth Day so they could distribute them to shoppers. This project was a success and the group hopes to repeat it next year but on a larger scale. Keep up the good work! Alyssa Browning, Rhodes College '97
p.s. Please do not send the emailed info below until August because the college will erase all email messages during the summer and our group leaders will not get to see your messages.
Rhodes College
(I was a college student in Memphis, TN) (Campus Green page is out of date)
Our 4th grade classes decorated 105 grocery bags. It was a great experience!
Kelly Romano
Ruth L. Chaffee Elementary School
Newington, CT
Students from three elementary schools and one chilcare center here at Fort Lewis in Washington State are proud to report that 592 grocery bags were decorated and distributed at our local Commissary on Earth Day, 1997. Beachwood, Evergreen, and Hillside Elementary Schools participated as well as the Beachwood Childcare Development Center. Next year we hope to decorate twice as many! Thanks for the idea and guidance!
Matt Knox
Wildlife Biologist
Fort Lewis Environmental and Natural Resources Division
Fort Lewis, Washington
This year was great. We decorated over 500 bags and did over 200 paper inserts with Earth Day messages. Hy Vee Food Stores again graciously donated the bags and were so cooperative. We also participated by sending two of my students bags to the National Grocers conventions in Houston, Texas. I'm at Lakeview Elementary, in Albert Lea, Minnesota. These bags were decorated by K-5th graders. Look forward to participating next year.
Nancy Sorlie
Jennifer Sorlie
I am a teacher at St. Luke School, in Stratford, NJ. I was browsing the net one day when I came across your project. I thought it was great. After work one day I went across the street to the ULTRA grocery store. I asked the manager for 300 bags for my school. This man was so supportive. I wrote him a formal letter explaining the project and then I went to pick the bags up the next day. The students of St. Luke School took a week preparing their 300 bags. I turned them in the day before Earth Day. The manager told me that there would be making an announcement all day about the project over their PA system. I thought that was neat. I think I included all of the information needed. Thanks again for the project! Have a great day!
Joelle Charette
Dear Earth Day Groceries Project organizers:
Here it is, FINALLY! This is our report from April 18, 1997. Our school decorated 480 paper grocery bags for Earth Day. Nineteen different classrooms participated on the event, including students from preschool to fifth grade. Our Kindergarten room colleted all the bags and sort them according to store (we had five community grocery stores helping us). Then, the kids counted from 1-10 MANY times working in cooperative groups.
We were all very happy to see so many bags all together. The children decided that they wanted to line them up to see if they could cover our main school hallway with them. After asking our principal, we predicted if we had enough bags to do that task, or if we thought we were going to be too short on bags. With 360 bags we made a huge line from our South door to our North door. Our assistant principal went by and said, when we were halfway to meeting our goal, "It looks as if you ARE going to make it!" Some of the older students count the bags as they were passing by after a drink of water or running errands for their teachers.
After Earth Day weekend, many of our Kindergarten students came back to school telling stories about the bags they saw inside the stores, of which students, from which teachers etc. Thank you for doing such a great project. We hope we can participate next year. Here is a link to our page with pictures (some are still to be added on):
Nelida M. Frontera
Jardin Mundial Kindergarten
C.M. Bardwell Elementary
Aurora, Illinois, USA
Students from Noelani Elementary School in Hawaii proudly deocrated 250 bags and delivered them to the Safeway Store in Manoa, where they were distributed to customers on Earth Day. First, second, and fifth graders participated inthis project for the first time this year. They not only learned to become more Earth conscious but also learned the value of sharing this learning with their community. Happy students reported seeing their bags filled with groceries and going home with customers.
Noelani School is located in the lovely green mountain valley of Manoa on the island of Oahu. It is within walking distance of the University of Hawaii Manoa campus and about a mile from the Ly on Arboretum. Thank you for such a great project!
Glenn Fernandez
Submitted by Janice Nishiki
Second Grade Teacher
Noelani Elementary School
2655 Woodlawn Drive
Honolulu, Hawaii 96822
Voice: (808) 988-2374
FAX: (808) 988-5968
The U.S. Army Transportation Center, Environmental and Natural Resources Division, Fort Eustis, Virginia, in conjunction with the Fort Eustis Commissary, encouraged local schools and activities on the installation to participate in the 1997 Earth Day Groceries Project. Students from the following schools decorated grocery bags to promote environmental awareness throughout the community.

Location: ..................Number of bags:
Greenwood Elementary, Newport News, VA - 707
Lee Hall Elementary, Lee Hall, VA - 494
Dozier Middle School, Newport News, VA - 290
Reservoir Middle School, Newport News, VA - 219
Child Development Center, Fort Eustis, VA - 108
Youth Services, Fort Eustis, VA - 34
Fort Eustis Commissary, Fort Eustis, VA - 1
A total of 1, 853 bags were decorated.
Point of contact for this project is Joanna Bateman, Environmental and Natural Resources Division, Fort Eustis, VA. (E-mail address is:

Our school participated in the bag project for Earth Day 1997, but I have not been able to use the guest book to let you know, so I will try this. We are a K-6 school in Overland Park, Kansas. We have 320 students and we decorated 350 bags. The bags were donated by out local Hy-Vee store. We received many compliments and some of the children received individual thanks you notes from people in the community. Please add us to your list. Thanks,
Lucile Nelson, Media Specialist
I am reporting for Harry R. Hamilton School in Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia. This was the first year we participated in the Earth Day Grocery Bag decorating and, I'm happy to say, it was very successful.All classes except one decoratd bags to enter in our school wide "we care" contest. The winning bags were displayed in the school. The remaining 465 bags were returned to Sobey's in Sackville where they were packed with groceries and distributed on Earth Day.We were excited to be a part of such an important and fun-filled project.
Thank you.
Jill Grandy
Gr.4/5 teacher
This was our first year to participate in the E-day Groceries We had three schools in the county of Montgomery in the state of Kentucky to participate. They were Camargo, Mapleton and Mt. Sterling Elementaries. Kroger donated the bags. We decorated a total of 1,675 bags. We chose 10 winners from the most creative and gave Earth Day Every Day T-shirts as prizes. We had a great time.
Brian T. Bailey
Montgomery County Solid Waste Coordinator
Camargo, Mapleton and Mt. Sterling Elementaries
Montgomery County Kentucky
I would like to report that Sun Grove Montessori School made and distributed 90 bags this year. Thank you for this opportunity.
Gayle Caston
Uncertain Location
The St. Henry School's chapter of Kids For A Clean Environment, 20 members, decorated fifty bags for the Earth Day project. The program is a very creative form of self-expression for the children that they really enjoyed.
Trish Poe
chapter sponsor
Uncertain Location
This E-Mail is on behalf of Ms. Michelle Williams who teaches at Midwest Central Primary School in Manito Illinois. Due to some technical difficulties at our school we do not have Internet Access from there at this time which explains why I am sending this from my home computer. If a reply is appropriate please feel free to reply to this location and I will be certain the message is delivered.
The Midwest Central Primary School decorated 700 bags for the Earth Day grocery project. This school is part of the Midwest Central Consolidated School District #191 with the Primary and Unit Offices located in Manito, Illinois.
The school may be contacted by E-Mail through me
Maury Crain
Table Mound Elementary School in Dubuque, Iowa, participated in decorating grocery bags for Earth Day. Our Earth Care Club, comprised of students in grades 3-6, distributed 500 bags for students to decorate. Prizes were awarded to the best drawings and message from each classroom. The Eagle grocery store manager was very pleased with the project and has asked us to repeat the project next year. People who bought groceries at Eagle's commented on how much they enjoyed getting the decorated bags. Some of the people even brought the bags back to the school to give back to the students who had drawn and colored them.
Janet McEvoy
Earth Care Club Advisor
Our school is a large K-5 school. Over 500 students helped decorate almost 1000 bags provided by Omni Foods at the Arsenal Mall in Watertown. Students were so enthusiastic that some took bags home to decorate! In addition, a brochure to adevertise the project was designed by students from my 4/5 class, along with posters and banners.
Some of our students ( it was vacation week) helped pack groceries in bags for a few hours on Earth Day! We were fortunate to recieve coverage from both the Boston Globe and The Boston Herald, along with local newspapers. Our class appeared on the 6:00 News on WBZ-TV (Channel 4 in Boston).
The owners and staff of Omni Foods are dedicated to recycling/reusing ideas, offering a credit for bringing their bags in for reuse by the customers. They are hoping we will be able to expand the project next year.
Sharon Risso
Hosmer School
Watertown, Massachusetts
For the second consecutive year, St. Peter School, located in Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada which is about 5 km east of Windsor, participated in the Earth Day - Grocery Bag Project. Last year we decorated four hundred bags and this year we increased our output to approximately five hundred. We distributed these bags to two local grocery stores once again. In fact one of the stores asked us if we were going to participate in the project before we even started. They even arranged a local newspaper interview. Again, many thanks for the great idea that continues to foster cooperation within our community.
David Lozinsky
Grade 4/5 teacher
St. Peter School
Our principal is Jamie Bumbacco
Approximately 880 students at Bamber Valley Elementary School in Rochester, Minnesota, participated in the 1997 Earth Day Groceries Project. Each student decorated a grocery bag, enthusiastically donated by Econo Foods, a grocery store about a mile away from our school. The bags were displayed and distributed at Econo Foods on Earth Day. The students and staff at Bamber Valley Elementary School feel very strongly about the value of working together as a team. This was the perfect opportunity to work as a team in our school as well as in the community to help raise environmental awareness. The students and staff at Bamber Valley Elementary School thank you for giving us the opportunity to participate in such a worthwhile project!
Amy Weatherly
Bamber Valley Elementary School
Rochester, Minnesota
Greetings! I'd like to report that Cabrillo Elementary School in Pacifica, CA decorated 500 paper bags for Central Food Market across the street from our school. Our local newspaper ran an article about the project. Thank you so much--our community felt very good about participating!
Laura Shain for Cabrillo
This is our second year particpating. The Fort Belvoir Environmental and Natural Resoruce Division in cooperation with Fairfax County Schools decorated 2250 bags. The decorated bags were distributed by the Fort Belvoir Commissary.

Cheney Elementary, Fort Belvoir, VA - 200 bags
Markham Elementary, Fort Belvoir, VA - 400 bags
Hayfield Intermediate, Alexandria, VA - 250 bags
Quander School, Alexandria, VA - 200 bags
Woodley Hills Elementary, Alexandria, VA - 650 bags
Woodlawn Elementary, ALexandria, VA - 550 bags

Kristin Miller
Fort Belvoir, VA

The Student Council of Armor Elementary School in Hamburg, NY, near Buffalo, is proud to report our Earth Day Groceries project. We had every child in our school K-6 Decorate a grocery bag from Tops friendly Market on South Park Ave in Hamburg. The store displayed the bags during Earth Week (April 21- 26) and used the bags on Saturday. This circulated over 570 bags into the community with Earth Day messages. Publicity photos were taken for the local newspaper. Everybody in the school enjoyed the project and can't wait to do it again next year. Please send us reports from other schools that participated this year. Also, send us information for next year's project.
Armor Elementary School
Grades K through 2 decorated 400 brown paper bags donated by the local Food Lion store with Earth Day messages. Several second graders wrote letters to a local TV celebrity and dared him to come to the store and bag groceries for Earth Day. He agreed. A local newspaper also covered the event.
Lewisville Elementary School
6500 Lucy Lane
Lewisville, NC 27023
We really enjoyed this project. We are a K-5 elementary school and every child participated. Each classroom decided on their own Earth Day theme. SuperSaver in Beloit gave us the grocery bags and we returned the decorated bags on Earth Day for all of Beloit to see. We decorated 280 bags. We will be doing this again next year. Thank-you for such a fun project.
Nancy Furman
First Grade Teacher
Robison Elementary
Beloit, WI
What a great project! We decorated 450 bags with environmental messages. Our local Loblaws supplied the bags even though they use plastic. It was fun to see the bags return to the school to carry snacks and other items. We've been thinking about decorating cloth bags with environmental messages for next year. I like Cameron P.S.'s idea of putting environmental messages into plastic bags.
Rick Hay
Whitney Public School
Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
Twenty-three second grade children from Moanalua Elementary School in Honolulu, Hawaii decorated 50 grocery bags from Salt Lake Safeway. Earth day messages included, "Help Save the Earth", "Save Our Animals", "Save Trees--Recycle", "Keep Our Earth Clean", "Don't Litter", "Don't Pollute", with pictures of healthy sea animals, growing trees, trash cans for rubbish, and clean earth.
This project tied in with an ecology story from their reader and they learned about the importance of taking care of our earth and its resources--their future.
Two children, a parent and I delivered the bags to Safeway on Monday, April 21, 1997 and the assistant manager put them on the check out counters that day. One child brought a bag to school the next day after buying doughnuts for the class. : )
Looking forward to expanding this project to other grade levels next year.
Marge Serikawa, 2nd Grade Teacher
Moanalua Elementary School
Honolulu, Hawaii
Students from all over Patrick County, Virginia enjoyed decorating Earth Day Grocery bags during our Earth Day celebration sponsored by the Patrick County Junior Woman's Club. On Saturday April 19th pre-schoolers through high-schoolers created colorful Earth Day messages on 150 paper bags. Our two local grocery stores in Stuart distributed the bags on Earth Day to many surprised and delighted customers. Our kids were enthusiastic and enjoyed this project. We hope that for Earth Day 1998, we can count on support from local schools to make an even larger contribution to the Earth Day Grocery Bag project! :-) :-) :-) :-)
Joni Gardner
Patrick County Virginia
Lakes Elementary School is happy to report that 399 grocery bags were decorated and given to Yelm, WA Hiway Safeway. We have posted 4 of our bags on our front windows to share the news with all of those who visit us. Thank you for planning this project each year!
3rd Graders and Ms. Hayes
Lakes Elementary School, NTSD
School: 360-493-2788
"The faculty, staff and students at Leaphart Elementary School participated in several Earth Day activities this spring. In cooperation with our area grocery store, Harris Teeter, students in the kindergarten through fifth grades creatively decorated 486 paper grocery bags with beautiful pictures and timely messages about recycling, recusing, and reducing, in order to protect the environment. Harris Teeter used the bags on April 22, 1997 in celebration of Earth Day.
Sincerely, Debbie Joy, LES Science Lab Assistant
Leaphart Elementary School 120 Piney Grove Rd., Cola South Carolina, 29210
(I am sending in this report on behalf of Leaphart Elem School, Cola, S.C. - Carolyn Chase
I was browsing and stumbled onto your website a few weeks before Earth Day. Inspired, I contacted our Principal, and we went to work. In all, we decorated 500 bags, and we could have done more. The staff and children tackled this project with a high level of enthusiasm and the results were wonderful. Thanks so much for a great idea.
Kathleen Dyke, Bancroft Parent BDYKE@TIAC.NET
Bancroft Elementary
Andover MA
In Pensacola, Bell South's volunteer group, Bell South Pioneers, delivered 400 grocery bags to schools & back to stores. SS Dixon Elementary, Pace Florida is the only school they have reported to us by name, but two other schools were involved. We'll track down the info & send it along. It's a great project!
Amy Belanger
Earth Day Pensacola
Our third grade organized the project. We picked up 150 bags from a local IGA grocery. Some of my students shopped at the store Earth Day just to see their bags being distributed. Store will welcome project next year. They had many positive comments about the bags.
Janet Sowers
St. Mary's School
Marietta, Ohio
Students at Salisbury Memorial School in grades 1 to 6 decorated 600 gracery bags. This was our first year and everyone had a good time. Market Basket in Newburyport, Massachusetts and Shaws in Seabrook, NH and Newburyport, MA gladly donated the bags to be used for bagging during the Week of April 22nd. Next year we hope to include kindergarten and townspeople. Good work everyone.
Patricia McGranahan
Memorial School
Salisbury. Massachusetts
Canterbury School decorated and sent 100 paper bags to Safeway in Ukiah. At first we thought we might not finish all the bags because we only have 13 students but we were able to do all of them is a very short time.
Canterbury School
Ukiah, CA
Just want to let you know that we decorated 855 grocery bags with recycling, reducing, and reusing messages for Furr's, our Partner in Education. This was our first year participating in this project and it was a huge success.Thank you for your continuing efforts in this worthwhile project.
Lindsley Silagi
5th grade teacher
H.D. Hilley School
693 N. Rio Vista
El Paso, Texas 79927
Hi, I submitted my bag count on May 1 and as I check the count for NE for 1997 I see that it isn't included. Just want to let you know that we did participate and perhaps you are still counting. I see the 1997 map says in progress. If you didn't get the info, here it is -230 bags decorated by 5-8 graders. It's a fun and easy project!
Ellen Imdieke
Wayne Middle School
Wayne, NE
We decorated about 300 bags in conjunction with the Cub Foods store in our neighborhood. The management changed this year and I felt some resistance but I'll continue to pursue!
Roberta Franzen
Dorn Primary
7840 W. 92nd St. Hickory Hills, Il 60457
The Lancaster Country Day School wanted to announce that they decorated 300 bags for a local grocery store. The bag project was organized for grades kindergarten thru eighth grade, by the K.A.R.E (Kind Acts Returned Everyday) club. This club is made of 26 middle schoolers who plan projects for the school and volunteer in the community. Thank you for the great idea, it will be a new tradition for Country day.
Thanks Again,
The K.A.R.E club
I am sending you this message in response to the Earth Day Project involving grocery bags. My girlfriend, who is a junior at the University of North Alabama, choose to do this project with some children at a local elementary school because of an assignment in one of her classes. Here are the results of her project:
Kilby Elementary School
Florence, Alabama
39 Bags
Thank you....
Jeremy South
The Mariposa School in Ukiah, California is proud to report that we decorated and distributed around 200 grocery bags this year! Mariposa School is a small, rural private K-8. Our home page can be viewed at
I just wanted to report that I had my two 5th grade Science Classes design Earth Day bags. We did just 60 of them this year but hope to spread the activity on to other classes in our school. The bags were delivered to a local produce market to be distributed in our community. I want to thank you for the idea. It's a great way to spread the word. The children thought it was super.
Greg Hartsell
Eastside Elementary
Niles, MI
Hi! At Forest Park Christian School in Columbus, Ohio, we decorated approximately 60 bags donated from the local Big Bear grocery store. The children were in kindergarten and pre-school. They had a great time!! Thanks for the wonderful idea!!
Lora L. Karcher
Reba O. Steck School, in Aurora, Illinois participated in the project for our second year by decorating 669 bags and delivering them to Omni Food Store for distribution. Special credit goes to the class 3S for organizing the project, distributing and collecting bags throughout our building, and helping to deliver the bags to the store. See you next year!
Kirk Samples
Hello from Kentucky School. We are an inner-city elementary school in Cleveland, Ohio. We decorated about 250 bags from the local Finast. Thanks!
Mount Olive Elementary School in Knoxville, TN participated in the Earth Day Groceries Project for the second year. We were able to decorate aprroximately 400 grocery bags for Food City and Kroger stores that are located in our neighborhood. Food City has decorated the store using the bags.
The project increases the exposure to students about the necessity of Caring for the Earth by reusing, refusing, recycling.
Thanks for sponsoring the project.
Sally Bodenheimer

Mount Olive Elementary School
Phone: 423-579-2170
2507 Maryville Pike
Fax: 423-579-2175
Knoxville, TN 37920

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Our team of seventh grade students at Tanana Satellite Middle school in Fairbanks, Alaska decorated about 100 grocery bags for one of our local supermarkets.
Mike Geil, Science Teacher
Thanks for giving us the opportunity to participate. Edison Elementary decorated 221 sacks for Earth Day. We gave them back to Waremart to redistribute. We live in Kennewick, Washington. Everyone was very positive about the project and wants to participate next year. Thanks again.
Brian Monk
Kennewick, WA (Tri-Cities)
Edison Elementary School
We decorated 500 grocery bags for Earth Day. We wrote things like "Have a great Earth Day" and "Don't pollute the earth". We drew pictures of the earth and recycle bins with trash in them. We sent the bags to Winn Dixie. We spent about three days making them.
Lori Kelly and Megan Dodd, 2nd grade
Alva Elementary School
Alva, Florida
Our school is the Peter Muschal School. We are located in Bordentown, New Jersey. Our school decorated about 650 bags that were then handed out at our local Acme. Our students had a great time decorating the bags!
Ann Marie O'Leary
Fifth Grade Teacher
Dear Friends :
Hi! We are elementary teachers from a Costa Rican Elementary School named Dr. Jose Maria Castro Madriz, located in San Jose, Costa Rica, Central America. Few days ago, browsing on the Web, we had a tremendous pleasure to find your WebPage that actually showed us the very special and dedicated teachers and students you guys are. We read about your grocery bag project, and we decided to apply it in our institution and community, because we believed that it is an ideal project to have our students involved into the pollution and natural resources abuse. As you may know, Costa Rica, is a little country, however it has a huge variety of natural resources that we try to protect in order to inherit to our children.

Knowing the importance of preserving this marvelous environment, we decided to adopt your project as ours. We contacted a local supermarket, which gave us three thousand paper grocery bags, that we gave to our students between kindegarden and sixth grade (5 to 12 years old) including a group (class) of deaf students. After watching some natural resources videos, provided by McDoanld's Corp. they were able to transfer their own ideas to the paper bags using different art techniques such as color pencils, crayons, water colors, and even disposable materials such as dried leaves and flowers. We obtained such success that even a national TV news network and newspaper gave us some coverage.

You may contact us by email : or using the fax number (506)226-2038 We wish to congratulate you for your effort and we like to consider our school as a "sister" school to yours. We want you to feel proud that a school located in Central America was able to join your project.

We wish the very best for you in the future,
PHD. Milena Fonseca Garcia , Teacher
Bachelor, Martha Barrantes Lopez, Teacher

This is Elizabeth McLean reporting from Wilder Junior High in Piqua, Ohio (on I-75 about 25 miles north of Dayton). We had a ball decorating the grocery bags. What a wonderful idea! My high school environmental club coordinated the bag decorating among all six of our elementaries and the two junior highs so we did about 2800 bags!! We tried to vary the messages to get away from the cliches by sending energy tips to all the schools. Three grocery stores participated. Look forward to joining you again next year! Thanks for sharing such a worthwhile project!!!
Elizabeth McLean
I wanted to make you aware that our school did participate in the Earth Day grocery bag activity. Approximately 200 bags were decorated and distributed at Schultz IGA, a local grocery store. The decorators were sixth grade students from Frankfort Middle School in Frankfort, IN. Several teachers assisted, and Mrs. Knight, science teacher, was the coordinator of the project. If there is any more information you need regarding our involvement, please let me know. Thank you!!!
Angela Knight
Frankfort Middle School
Frankfort, IN
Our class is was very excited to have been involved in such a world wide project. Our second grade class worked with two other classes, Mrs. Pina's and Mrs. Fajet's first grade classes. We had the students decorate their bags and returned them to the local Publix supermarket. This activity was implemented after the students had written an environmental gazette on the different problems and concerns about our environment. The students were thrilled to put into action all they had learned while researching for their gazette. We had a total of 100 grocery bags decorated but look forward to planning ahead and making this a school-wide activity next year. Thank you for providing such a simple, yet very meaningful project for the students. It truly did show them that they can get the word out and make a difference in their community.
Cristina de Cardenas
William Lehman Elementary
Miami, Florida
At McNary Heights Elementary School in Umatilla, Oregon, we decorated 430 bags with Earth Day pictures and slogans. We developed the idea from your information on the Internet..You have a great idea going!!!!
Bill DeLong
Media Director
Greetings from Canada's capital city, Ottawa. We are pleased to report that the students at Dunlop School (Grades 1-6)decorated 500 grocery bags which were delivered to the Loeb store for distribution on Earth Day.
Dunlop Public School
Ottawa, Canada
J. Russil / P. McLeod
I'm the LMC specialist and I've just checked into the e-mail and discovered this message. Earth Day fell during our April vacation week but we still participated! The school is Dighton Middle School, Dighton, Massachusetts (we're in southeastern MA) - grades 5 through 8 with 372 students. The Art teacher, Judith Bertozzi, coordinated the efforts and the students decorated 937 bags. Mrs. Bertozzi and a group of students went to Shaw's grocery store in Taunton, MA, and passed out the bags between 9 and 12. They enjoyed the day and certainly raised the Earth Day awareness in the building. Next year we'll be sure to be part of the internet project. Peace and Happy Earth Day to you!
Lynn H. Ingram
Blessed Sacrament School from Midland, Michigan participated in this great project during Earth Week 1997. The kids decorated 200 bags and the grocery store that we took them to displayed them and then passed them out to customers. This is a great way to get the message across to our local community of how much our students want to help save our environment for many future generations to enjoy clean air, clean water, and clean communities. Thanks for creating this fabulous project!
Peace and love,
The Staff and Students of Blessed Sacrament School
3109 Swede Ave.
Midland, MI 48642
Brian Frankovich
We are pleased to inform you that your Earth Day Grocery Bag idea was a success. We decorated over 450 (497) bags and then distributed them to the local Great American, Greene, N.Y. The students enjoyed decorating and designing the grocery bags which were donated by the Giant on Front Street in Binghamton . The bags had designs and advice on saving the planet we love so much and how to prevent the pollution of the environment and to decrease the destruction of forests and the ozone layer. We just wanted to let you know that we greatly appreciated your ideas, help, and concern. We would like to thank you very much for your inspiration !!!!
Chenango Forks Middle School Students

From the White Brook Middle School in Easthampton, MA:
grades: 1-6th, 2-5th, 2- 7/8 teams
Teacher: Mrs. Gail Black
Total bags: 283
Kathie Stewart
White Brook Middle School
200 Park St.
Easthampton, MA 01027

(This was received by fax, as the school's Internet connection was temporarily down.)
The 4th and 5th grade students of Robert B. Havens Elementary School in Saginaw, Michigan decorated over 200 grocery bags for Earth Day 1997. As our annual Grandparents'/Special Friends Day came at this time, many of our guests helped in decorating the bags. These bags were distributed on Earth Day at our local Meijers store. The Meijers staff photographed our project at work and put up a fantastic display in the front of the store. This was a great project, and we are looking forward to participating in it next year.
Cyndy Tonkavich, 5th grade teacher
fax: (517) 781-5338
Our students decorated 400 bags for the local Giant Eagle store. The students were very creative and the store manager was thrilled to have the bags to pass out on Earth Day.
G. Ditchcreek
Jackson Elementary
Mundy's Corner, Pa.
Hello! We are proud to be a part of the "1997 Earth Day Grocery Bag," project. Green Elementary School of the L'Anse Creuse School District is located in Chesterfield, Michigan. The preschool to grade five students decorated 400 bags. The customers at VG's Food Center in Chesterfield, were made more aware of taking care of our environment by the efforts of the students of Green Elementary.
Jeannine Maxson
Excellent idea. The children in our school, which includes K-5th grade, decorated 1000 grocery bags. We presented the bags to our local supermarket on Friday April 18th because our school was on spring break the following week. On April 22nd the bags were handed out to the customers. Many children and their families went shopping that day just to get a bag. The name of the store was Pathmark Super store in Centereach, NY. The responses to the bags and the idea were very positive. This project enabled our school to become more involved with the community. We will definately do it again next year. Thank you for sharing!:>
Eileen Redding
Oxhead Road Elementary School
Centereach, NY 11720
The McGovern Elementary School in Medway Massachusetts decorated 525 bags which were donated by the Stop and Shop in the local area. These bags were then returned to the Stop and Shop for use on Earth Day.
Our school is comprised of grades K,1, and 2. This was a project in which the whole school participated. Thank you for a great idea.
Margaret Maxwell
First Grade Teacher and Earth Day Coordinator
668 students in grades k through 6 decorated "Earth bags" at Gladeville Elementary School in Gladeville, Tennessee. They enjoyed it!
Sherry Mercer
Students at Gwendolyn Books Elementary School were happy to participate in the 1997 Earth Day Grocery Bag project. We are a K-5 school of 650 students. We did not involve the kindergarten in this project. 480 bags were decorated by first through fifth graders. The bags were used at an Omni food store on Earth Day. We have earned an "Earth Flag" by our participation in a recycling program and by having "No-Waste" lunches.
Joyce Schar, LMC Director
Gwendolyn Brooks Elementary School
2700 Stonebridge Blvd., Aurora, IL 60504
Hello there!
I am a student at the University of Houston and am presently in a site-based program at Spring Branch Elementary in Houston, Texas. We put together an Earth Day Fair last week for the students. It was a great success. One of the booths was the grocery bag project. We got Fiesta Grocery Store to lend us some paper bags, that of which approximately 650 were decorated with various Earth Day messages and pictures. Several pictures were taken of the project and I was interested in seeing if I could send you some and have them placed on the site. The students of Spring Branch Elementary would absolutely LOVE it!!! The project and entire fair was a great success. Thank you for the wonderful idea!!! I hope to hear from you soon.
Thank you,
Stacy Tawater
This was the first time we participated in an "Earth Day Project"!! 66 - Fourth graders, 76 - Fifth graders and 17 P-K students decorated paper bags for our local grocery store. Students were very proud of their work!! We would like to do this again next year - but involve more classes. This was the first time my class participated in an "internet" project.
Charlotte Liefer
Red Bud Elementary
Red Bud, IL
Greetings from Woodfin Elementary School in Asheville, NC. We participated in the Earth Day Groceries Project for the third year in a row, and once again, it was a huge success. Every student in our school decorated at least one grocery bag for a total of around 300. Our local television station filmed us decorating our bags one day at school, and we made the 6:00 news. On the Saturday before Earth Day, fifth-graders actually worked at the grocery store explaining the project to customers, bagging groceries, and spreading the Earth Day messages. Our local newspaper covered the story on Saturday. We had pizza afterwards to celebrate the success of the project. Thank-you for sharing it with us!
Sharon Davidson's fifth grade class
What a wonderful idea! The Children truly enjoyed participating. Every student in grades Pre-K - 5th at Bakerfield Elementary School in Aberdeen Maryland decorated a grocery bag from Klein's Supermarket. Once decorated the 517 grocery bags were taken to Klein's and given to customers on Earth Day.
Brenda Y. Greene-Hinton
The students at Sacred Heart School, North Quincy,Ma. participated in this project.Students from K through Gr. 8 had a great time decorating their bags.We did 500 in all. Shaw's Market allowed us to do this and thought it was a great idea.Thanks!!
Cynthia Riley
Sacred Heart School
Our school (Dyersburg Primary School) colored 585 grocery bags to be used by a local grocery on Earth Day. These were done by K - 3 children. Mrs. Dottie Leach headed the operation for the school.
We are a rural town in NW, TN. Our address is:
Dyersburg Primary School
1425 Frank Maynard Blvd.
Dyersburg, TN 38024
PH 901-286-3615, Fax 901-286-3617
We would like to hear from the other schools. Thanks for the opportunity.
Later, Errol
The students at Heman Street Elementary SChool decorated 350 bags. These students are in grades K-2. Thanks!
Anna Maria Lankes
Heman Street Elementary School
East Syracuse, New York
Greetings from Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas. We are located about 15 miles northwest of San Antonio.
Our environmental club, FOREST, (Fair Oaks Ranch Environmental Student Team) decorated over 200 bags from HEB in Boerne. On Earth Day HEB invited our club of fourty 4th, 5th, and 6th graders to come help sack groceries using our decorated bags. This really got everyone's attention and gave our students the opportunity to spread the word about Earth Day.
Thanks for the great Earth Day Groceries Project.
Sharon Surber
Technology Coordinator
Fair Oaks Ranch Elementary
Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas
Hi! We are a K-4 school in Shasta Lake, CA. We requested bags from our local Sentry Market. In all, we decorated 450 bags...some I just wanted to keep forever they were so beautiful! Many carried on the theme of our "Moody Creek Watershed" ...protecting, planting, enhancing, studying...all the flora and fauna of the area.
We enjoyed the project and will do it again next year! We also included a decorated bookmark in each bag with 10 Things We All Can Do to Help the Earth and the name of our School.
Lillie Minsart
Project City School
Third Grade
I think I got your internet site out of a magazine - what a find - what a great project - what a way to start a national craze!! At our school about 120 seventh and eighth graders decorated 500 paper bags for Earth Day '97.
We 'borrowed' them from the local Giant store which was more than happy to donate them. I had initially thought to get another 400 from another store - but it takes longer to decorate a grocery bag than one would expect! One of my students received one of 'her own' grocery bags while shopping at the store on Earth Day! Thanks for the opportunity to participate in a fun yet worthwhile project!
JoAnne Hoeffner
Mardela Middle/High School
Mardela Springs, Maryland
Students at Ironwood Elementary School in Phoenix Arizona decorated grocery bags with pictures of the earth and Earth Day slogans to make the community more environmentally aware. Larry Latimer, Manager of the ABCO at 35th Avenue and Greenway, provided grocery bags for each student at Ironwood. Around 700 bags were decorated and the bags were returned to ABCO where they were distributed on Saturday, April 19 to celebrate Earth Day. This project helped students gain an increased awareness about Earth Day and the importance of environmental conservation.
Submitted by,
Margaret Dow
Fourth Grade Teacher
Ironwood Technology Chair
Ironwood's home page is
Earth Day Greetings! I represent the Ecology Club at Northwest School in Lincoln, Illinois. (This is the only town to be named for Abe Lincoln before he became famous. Abe even christened our town with the juice of a watermelon.) Last month while surfing the WWW for Earth Day sites to share with the other teachers in my K-6 building, I found your site. The teachers liked adding the idea to our Earth Week, so I picked up some bags from The Kroger Co. and made them available to everyone. The kids had a lot of fun relaying their important environmental messages to the local shoppers. My class also enjoyed delivering the **227** decorated bags to Kroger located only two blocks away. Thanks for the GREAT PROJECT IDEA. We are looking forward to participating again next year while we are encouraging the people of our town to be aware of their environment.
T. Barcalow
Northwest Elementary School
Lincoln, IL
Hello from New Hampshire! Our rural town of Lyme has a K-8 school(Lyme School) of 204 students and this was the first year we participated in the project. One of our middle school students designed our logo which everyone put on a bag from one of several small, local stores. Most of the bags were done during Art class and were distributed to the stores the week before Earth Week as we were on vacation April 22. Some students shopped at the stores on Earth Day and enjoyed seeing whose bag they received. This is a terrific project and something we'd like to do again!
Margaretville Central School
Margaretville, New York
Classes participating: 1 kindergarten, 1 3rd grade
Bags Decorated: 142
Everyone had a great time and we walked up to the store and delivered them in person. The Children enjoyed the walk.
Students at Norwood Elementary located in Clarksburg, West Virginia in the north central part of WV, helped to celebrate Earth Day by decorating 350 grocery bags from four or our local merchants. This activity was great. It helped to remind all of us of our duty to care for the universe. We would like to receive via email all the reports from other schools.
Lyn Hathaway
Leeton Elementary participated in the Earth Day Grocery Bags for our first year after finding your site on the internet. What a wonderful project!! Preschool through 6th grade participated, decorating 400 bags with their own ideas about Earth Day. Our wonderful art teacher was able to have them decorate them during their art time. All of the children couldn't wait until Earth Day so they could go shopping at Piggly Wiggly and get one of our bags. Thanks for the great idea!!
Kim Johnston, Computer Technology
Leeton Elementary
Leeton, Missouri
I am writing to let you know that Hillside School, Livingston, NJ, participated in this years project. All students were involved, K through 5. We made 300 bags. Since our district was off the week of Earthday, we got an early start and got the bags back to the stores before our break. The teachers appreciated having a fun worthwhile activity to do with the kids as a respite from the IOWAs, which coincided with our last week of school. The only problem for us was finding bags that were blank, since around here those bags carry advertising. We had to settle for the bags without the handles. Thats OK, I'm sure there were some very surprised customers! This project was done with the cooperation of our fantastic PTA. Thanks for all your hard work in organizing this activity!
Christopher Ebneth,
special education teacher
Hi my name is Erin Madden and I am a student teacher at Memorial Elementary in McMinnville, Or. What a great idea. I got my whole school involved and they loved it. We decorated about 525 bags and Roths IGA handed them out. The kids were so excited. It was a great way to link the community and our school. Thanks for the idea. I will do this every year for sure.
Erin Madden
This is the first year we have participated in this great project. Our K-4 school re-opened in the fall after 15 years due to increased enrollment in our district. We decorated about 250 bags during two lunch breaks and returned them to our local VON's store. The manager was very helpful and reported that people responded well to the Earth Day bags. Next year, I will try to get the bags done on a district-wide basis in the classrooms!
Terri Ann Sullivan
Robinson Elementary
Manhattan Beach, CA
This is the second year that Hilltop Elementary School, Aston, PA (suburb of Philadelphia) participated in this project. Grades K-4 decorated 450 bags which were distributed through our local Super Fresh market. We are looking forward to participating in next year's project. Thanks to all who make this worthwhile Earth Day activity possible!
Elaine Scarpino
Thank you for the wonderful idea to encourage students and the community to celebrate Earth Day 1997. I read about your activity in the Walmart bulletin for children. Later I visited your web site to get the information we needed for the project. We are a small school with 300 students in grades Kindergarten through 5th. Once a month we meet in mixed age groups, called Family Groups, to enjoy time together with other students and an adult in the school. It was during this time that the students and staff decorated the bags from two of our local grocery stores, Roth's IGA and Market Place. Both stores were excited about our project and said that their customers were delighted to receive the decorated bags. We were sure to send them a thank you for their participation. The local newspaper also came to take pictures and a story appeared in the next issue.In all, we decorated 375 grocery bags. Thank you again for the wonderful idea. We plan to do this again next year.
Judy Seloover, Title I Reading Teacher
Henry Hill Elementary
Independence, Oregon
Pathfinder Village is a private, residential village in Edmeston, NY for individuals with Down Syndrome. We did 80 bags! Yes, please send me e-mail reports on the project.
Donna A. Higgie, Recreation Director
Hi, this was our first year participating in Earth Day Grocery Bags. The whole school enjoyed this project. It was great public relations for both the school and the local grocery store. We participated with the A&P in Cliffwood, NJ.
We decorated 431 brown paper bags. Students from K through 6 were able to send out environmentally friendly messages.
Patricia J. Hillyer
Ravine Drive School
Matawan, NJ
This is the third year that the K-8 students of Immanuel Lutheran School in Palatine, IL participated in this project. Dominick's Foods was once again our willing partner in donating 500 bags and distributing them on Earth Day. The students decorated the bags the week before as one of the projects on "Grandparents Day" at the school. The conversations between the student and the grandparent as they decorate the bag help the child understand how the world has changed in the last 50 years and help the grandparent to understand how working together, the world can be changed for the better. We also learn that grandparents are good artists. This is such a great project!
Immanuel Lutheran School
Palatine, IL
Approximately 500 sixth graders turned grocery bags into environmental awareness posters for our local Family Fare Supermarket. The students were excited about being able to present an environmental message to the community on Earth Day. Thanks - Family Fare, and thank you for a fun project to incorporate into our Earth Day activities.
M. Coller-Ditta
West Ottawa Middle School
Holland, MI
My name is Alyssa. I am in the fifth grade. When I saw the article about Earth Day Groceries in Kid's FACE Illustrated, an environmental newsletter, I thought it would be a great idea for the whole fifth grade to try. So I went to show Mr. Milove, our wonderful science teacher. He said that it was a great idea, if I would get the bags. I went to two major local grocery chains, D'agostino's and the A&P. The managers were very nice and each gave us some paper bags. Back at the classroom, we colored beautiful pictures and messages about the environment onto the bags. Since there are about 75 fifth graders, almost everyone got two. We will finish coloring the bags and return them next week to the stores and they will distribute them to their customers.
Increase Miller Elementary School
Goldens Bridge, New York
Our campus is K-3, we have about 200 kids, every classroom is doing the project, some as a take-home and some in the classroom. We will return them all to the super- markets by April 18 because our spring vacation is the next week. we have a wall display and a box to put the completed bags in. every kid who hands in a completed bag will fill out a little bag-shaped sticker that we will hang on the wall to count how many bags have been returned. We plan to keep a school-wide tally.
This is our updated report: Two of our local supermarkets, Omni Foods in Chestnut Hill and Star Market in Chestnut Hill, received 250 decorated bags for Earth Day. I was surpised at how enthusiastic the store managers were. They even hung several bags in their windows as a "promo". All the teachers in our school were very enthusiastic and we intend to repeat the project next year. I think next year I will also have the kids decorate banners for EarthDay that supermarkets can hang in their windows. Our kids and parents loved the project and everyone wanted to go to the supermarket where their bags were going to end up!
Donny Cohen
Solomon Schechter Day School
Newton, MA 02159
Arbor Heights Elementary School in Seattle, Washington, home of the Earth Day Groceries Project, is proud to report in with 441 beautifully decorated grocery bags. They were distributed at our neighborhood Safeway on Earth Day (our fourth year in a row with them).

The day before Earth Day, the third grade students in Room 12 walked down to the store to deliver them. Mr. Randy Stenderra, the manager, was very happy to see us again this year, and sent everybody back to school eating cookies and drinking soda pop! We left our four foot diameter inflatable earth with him for a few days!

Back at the front of the school we have a big map covered with numbered dots. The dots are stuck on wherever a school made Earth Day Grocery Bags, and the numbers on the dots tell how many bags that school decorated. Mr. Ahlness has been especially happy with how wonderful a geography lesson this has been for his third graders! The actual email reports are taped to the walls surrounding the map - it's a pretty impressive sight.

Back in Room 12, the third graders who coordinated the project for the whole school have been busy this week looking at and writing about the Earth Day Grocery Bag pictures available on the World Wide Web. Naturally, the pictures from Greece were a big hit, but they also enjoyed looking at pictures of sudents making bags in Ontario, Mississippi, Illinois, and Hawaii (after they had looked at themselves in the Arbor Heights display!).

This report is getting long, but it's time for a personal comment... This is my fourth year coordinating this thing on the Internet. It's impossible to really express how exciting and moving it is to read the reports as they come in. I feel especially lucky to be sitting here reading and archiving them. From long reports (like this one!) to short one-liners, I realize each and every one represents a lot of work and commitment from caring adults and students. Hats off to all of you, and thank you for helping spread the word about our precious Earth. - Mark

       Mark Ahlness                 Arbor Heights Elementary School
     teacher, grade 3                     fax: 206-281-6618
   home fax: 206-937-7567               Seattle, Washington

This is Northside Elementary's second year to be a part of your Earth Day Grocery bag project. This year 276 second,fourth, and fifth graders created the grocery bags. Southside Produce in Denham Springs, Louisiana graciously provided the paper bags. Thanks for allowing us to be a part of this project. We look forward to participating in the project next year.
Lynette Ivanyisky
Northside Elementary
Denham Springs, Louisiana
St. Joseph School in Rice Lake, Wisconsin has just completed decorating 500 bags for our local Marketplace grocery store. This is our first year for the project. They were delivered in time for Earth Day. Great project for our entire school (pre-K thru 8).
Bob Seabold
Little Red School is a small country school about 3 miles outside the city limits of Eau Claire, WI. This is the 12th year in a row that we have decorated grocery bags with Earth Day themes. Ron's Castle Foods was the recipient of our 141 Earth Day bags this year.
We also celebrated Earth Day this year by having our students plant 180 trees and wildlife shrubs in our school's nature area.
Thanks for including us in your well organized project this year. I hope our school name appears on your site. Here is a link to our homepage. It is located at:
Ron Powers
Little Red School
Eau Claire, WI 54701
Eight classes participated in this great project. We decorated 500 paper bags and attached decorated sheets to 500 plastic bags. Kroger, one of our "Partners In Education", was very supportive and eager to participate with us. The children had fun while learning about Earth Day. Thank you! We would like to do it every year.
Debbie Moix
Terry Elementary
Little Rock, Arkansas
We decorated 350 paper grocery bags, for distribution by Kroger Grocery Store, one of our Business Partners. We received the bags from them the week prior to Earth Day, and returned the decorated bags to them on April 18, 1997. Thanks for the idea. We plan to do this each year, along with other Earth Day projects. We dedicated an outdoor classroom, our Habitat, during our Earth Week activities.
Amy Wright, Principal
Evans Elementary School
Evans, Georgia
We are just reporting in.... that once again we had a very successful earth day grocery bag project. 225 students k-7 decorated earth day bags...our super kindergarten students decorated the bags with their buddies. We delivered the bags the day before earth day to three grocery stores that our families shop at. We are looking forward to reading the reports as you get them. Congratulations again for conintuing this very worthwhile awareness project!
Sandi Paterson,
Friendly teacher librarian
Valleycliffe Elementary School
Box 2240, Squamish, BC Canada
V0N 3G0
(604) 892-9394
fax: (604) 892-3664
Greetings from New Orleans, Louisiana where at Isidore Newman School the First through Third Graders decorated 171 grocery bags. The bags were donated by Ferro's,a small neighborhood grocery store right across the street from our school. We had a great time celebrating Earth Day again this year by doing this project.
Linda Freese
Hi everyone! This is the Barclay Brook Elementary School reporting from Monroe Township, New Jersey. We have decorated 294 Earth Day bags for the love of our earth. Thanks for the chance to participate!
P. D'Anna
Barclay Brook
Monroe Township, New Jersey
This is our first year doing the Earth Day Grocery Bag Project. Our class decorated about 100 bags for the Village Market in Fennville. The students really enjoyed this project and we are looking forward to doing this again next year. Reported from Pullman Elementary.
Mr. Visscher
Pullman Elementary School
Pullman, MI
Kinloch Park Elementary School truly enjoyed participating in the Earth Day project. 921 bags were decorated and returned to the supermarket who supplied the bags. Not only were the students and teachers excited about the project, but the store manager was thrilled. Since Publix Supermarkets is one of our partners in education and donates often to our school, this was a nice way of shoeing our appreciation. We are looking forward to our participation next year. Thank you for a wonderful idea that blends education with community involvement!
Dr. Kim Rubin
Kinloch Park Elementary
Dade County Public Schools
We are the Pine Grove Elementary School K-2. We enjoyed this Earth Day project immensely. All 465 of our students wrote messages and illustrated bags from four different local markets. Sharing our Earth Day messages with the community was great!
Jane Goldweber
Pine Grove Manor Elementary K-2
Somerset, NJ central Jersey near Rutgers
We looked at the guestbook and we were impressed with what we saw. We also were surprised that there were no Virginians. We decorated 500 paper bags. We tried to scan our newspaper article, but we don't know if it was sent. We would appreciate it if you would e-mail us back and let us know if you received the article.
Beth Reynolds
Susan C. Williams
The kindergartens and 2nd grades worked together to decorate bags for A&P and Rockridge, a local deli. We delivered 96 bags on April 23, 1997. The children get very excited making up slogans about saving Mother Earth. We waited outside the A&P until the first customer exited the store with one of our bags and applauded her. She told us she would use the beautifully decorated bag until it ripped then recycle it.
Kelly O'Donnell
Rye Country Day School
Rye, New York
We at Sir Winston Churchill Public School in London Ontario Canada are proud of our Staff and students, who for the past two weeks have educated ourselves on Environmental issues. We were lucky to have BAGS donated by the A&P on Clarke Road S. Our Junior and Intermediate students in cross-grade teams decorated 150 bags. Some of the arrt was suitable for framing. The lucky shoppers on EARTH DAY at the A&P were presented with a reminder that what we do on this Earth affects all things great and small. Thanks for the great idea. See you next year.
Ena Runnalls for the Staff and Students at Sir Winston Churchill WINNERS of this Years Peter Jaffe Award for "Safe Schools"
Jeffrey Runnalls
Children from kindergarten to grade 6 decorated 262 grocery bags. It was a tremendous success! The store we got them from displayed them around the store and this weekend will put them out for people to pack their groceries. The store manager thought it was a great idea and can't wait for next year. The one change I would make would be to start it in March so the children's work could be displayed around the school before they went to the store. See you next year!
Nancy Paulley
South Slope Elementary
Burnaby, BC, Canada
Evans Falls Elementary School, Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania, decorated 325 grocery bags. For the first time, Evans Falls students participated in the "project" by decorating grocery bags donated by the local Mr. Z's grocery store. I was told by a store representative that the bags could not be returned to the store for them to package grocery orders. This, he said, is due to a state regulation. The art teacher directed the designing of the Earth Day messages during art class. The students then took the bags home with encouragement from their teachers to give them to someone for use during Earth Day week. Elaine Wall
Evans Falls Elementary School
Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania
Our Kindergarten students (6 classes) decorated 350 grocery sacks to be distributed between our two local stores. The students really enjoyed decorating the sacks. It just goes to prove that even Kinder. students are not too young to participate in this project. We had the local newspaper photographer take a picture of the students delivering the sacks to the stores. One store donated ice cream and cookies to the children. Thank you for this wonderful idea. It will be an annual event at our school from now on.
Kitty Jones
J.J. Ciavarra Elementary School
Devine, Texas
The charter members of our ACW Student Council (formed Fall '96) have carried out your project of creating public awareness of Earth Day via designing decorated Earth Day grocery bags for our local Brookshire's Grocery Store to use to sack their customers' groceries on April 22. We involved the entire school (grades 4,5 and 6) by passing out Brookshires grocery sacks and asking each homeroom class to hold elections for the two best decorated grocery bags. The 2 winners from each homeroom received 30 minutes of free recess on April 21. One hundred and sixty four grocery bags were decorated with the Earth Day theme and delivered back to Brookshires. We would very much like to receive e-mail on what other schools have done with this project. Our school name and address is below.... Thanks for the great idea!
Becky Parker, ACW Student Council Sponsor
Becky Parker
6th grade Social Studies teacher and Student Council Sponsor
A. C. Williams Elementary School
Commerce I.S.D., Box 1251
Commerce, Texas 75428
work # (903) 886-3758
FAX (903) 886-6228
If you aren't living on the edge, you are taking up too much space ! !
Happy Earth Day from Brentwood Elementary in Fayetteville, NC. This was our first time to participate in the Earth Day Grocery Bag Project. Brentwoood PTA and Ms. Simpson, the art teacher distributed the bags. The children decorated 369 beautiful bags for Food Lion on Raeford Rd. We delivered the bags to Food Lion and had children read their Earth Day reports with the media taping. Thank you for sharing this project with us. What a wonderful way to establish communication between the community and our schools.
Tina Kimmerly, PTA secretary
Brentwood Elementary
Fayetteville, NC
LINKUP Charter School in Oregon City, OR proudly participated in the Earth Day Grocery Project. Our tiny school of 156 students decorated 246 bags for local stores! Special thanks to WB Market in Oregon City, Portland's Swan Market and Newman's Fish Company's John's Landing store.
Jim Menath
LINKUP Charter School
Oregon City, OR
Here at Talley we were able to get the whole school involved and 5 of the local supermarkets donated bags. All the students in seventh and eighth grades decorated the bags with various designs about saving the earth and some of the startling facts that we discussed. We decorated a total of 516 bags. They were returned to the managers who were very impressed with what the kids had done. Everyone was very enthusiastic about the project. Most of the kids were dissapointed that we were only coloring the bags for one day. The kids were having a great time doing them - not just because they got a "day off" in their science classes, but because they were going to educate the public about some very interesting topics. Unfortunately, the local paper here didn't seem as enthusiastic as everyone else did with the activity. I tried several times to get a reporter to do a piece on what the kids were doing, but my phone calls and faxes were not returned. I'm glad to see that there are a few more schools in Delaware participating! I plan on making this an annual activity in my classes. Thanks for the great idea!
Nina Harasika Praleene@AOL.COM
Talley Middle School
Wilmington, DE
Our elementary school, which consists of K - 6th grade students, decorated 543 grocery bags. We had a great time participating in this project. We look forward to doing it next year!
Lisa Coburn
McGehee Elementary School
McGehee, Arkansas
What a great idea! We went to all three grocery stores in our town of 5000 people and all agreed to participate. We did a total of 360 bags (one per student). The art work on some was astonishing and towns people were thrilled to get them. We have plans to do it again next year!
Anne Range and Bill Carroll
Walkerton Public School
Walkerton, Ontarioi, Canada
Park Maitland School, in Maitland, Florida, has decorated 450 bags for Goodings Supermarket. All grade levels participated, and students decorated their bags during science class with Earth Day conservation tips and drawings.
In addition, all students and staff will be celebrating this special day by wearing Earth Day t-shirts, and by attending songs, skits, and presentations by each grade level of their special Earth Day projects.
After Earth Day, our computer students will visit the Earth Day Groceries website, and graph the number of bags from each state using spreadsheets!
Thanks for such a wonderful project! Our kids loved it!
Please visit our web site at
Email us at:
--Laura Cohn, Technology Coordinator
Thanks for your help in getting grocery bags ordered, etc. We are thrilled with the project and plan to participate again next year. We had 100% participation at all three of the elementary schools in Peotone Community Unit School District 207U: Green Garden, Peotone, and Wilton Center. Our total was 905 bags.
The URL for our project report is:
Be sure to check out the pogs hot link on the "Decorating the Bags" page! Thanks again for your help!
Chris Halweg, FHA Adviser
Peotone High School
Peotone, IL
4/22/97 Valley Horizon Elementary School in Yuma, AZ, decorated 830 grocery bags from Fry's food store. We decorated 350 large bags and 480 small bags with many good ideas for energy and water conservation, the 3 R's, save the Earth, and plant a tree or garden messages. Bags also included colorful artwork. Students in grades 1 through 6 participated in their regular classrooms or during their science classes. The managers at Fry's were very enthusiastic about the project. Bags were distributed to customers today. This was a fun and worthwhile project. We hope to see really big totals from around the world on your web site.
V. Ardisana
Me and a group of kids from an evironmental club decorated 143 bags from King Soopers! We are from Sierra Elem. in Arvada CO.
Leslie Jones
Newton Parrish Elementary School, 510 W. Byers Ave., Owensboro, Ky 42303 is proud to annouce we have decorated 374 bags. We are very excited about this project as it is our first year to participate. We hope to do more next year. Please keep us posted as the bag numbers come in.
Thanks, Carolyn H. Glenn, Library Media Specialist
North Myrtle Beach Primary School decorated 320 bags to celebrate Earth Day. We found plain bags at Farmer Jacks grocery store and thank them for their co-operation. The children enjoyed this activity and the teachers were willing to include this activity in their Earth Day celebrations. It was an easy and inexpensive project for us to participate. Thank you for the idea. The grades that participated were K-2. Next year we will try to do more. I found this site at the last minute and we put this project together very quickly. Thank you.
Jeannie DeAngelo- Kindergarten Teacher
North Myrtle Beach Primary School
North Myrtle Beach, SC
I followed your link from Ednet to the groceries page. That was Thursday of last week. By Thursday afternoon I had secured 500 brown paper bags for our school from a local supermarket. By Friday morning I was spreading the word and the bags throughout our school. What started out as a spur-of-the-moment project for the two second grade classes in our school (my class is one of them) spread throughout the entire school VERY quickly! Soon all K-8 classes were involved. I dropped-off the completed bags at the supermarket Monday evening on my way home. Today, surprised shoppers were being treated to original artwork and being reminded to be kind to Earth.
Here is some of what we did:
After decorating the bags we lined our halls with the completed bags. It was easy; we simply opened the bags and sat them on the floor! It was an awesome sight to see almost 400 pieces of artwork with Earth related themes going up and down our halls! I provided a print out of the information regarding this project to the store for display as well as a printed sign to explain in brief to the shoppers. The store posted the information on their bulletin board which is adjacent to their service desk area. It gets lots of attention there! I took some photos, too, both at the store and at school.
Here is our information:
St. Teresa School
16 Hayden Street
Buffalo, New York 14221
(716) 822-4546
no internet connection for students :< (Principal's office only)
We decorated and distributed **386** bags.
The participating neighborhood supermarket was: TOPS Markets
Thanks for a super idea and for providing/sharing the information with the rest of us!
Margaret Dyte-Graczyk
The Graettinger School elementary classes K through sixth colored 150 grocery bags for Earth day.
Becky Masters
Graettinger Community School
Graettinger, Iowa
Our fifth grade class colored 100 bags for our local IGA to use for Earth Day. Both of our local newspapers ran pictures and articles about our project. The students were very excited about the projects. A few weeks before, we planted tree seeds. Our trees were several inches tall by the time we colored the bags and we wanted to remind people not to waste our trees by forgetting to recycle their bags.
"A.J. Stewart"
Shay Elementary
Harbor Springs, Michigan
Humboldt School participated in the Earth Day Grocery Bag Project for the first time. It was coordinated by the Intermediate I and Grade 2 classes in conjunctin with an Earth Day celebration. We decorated 222 bags. Everyone in our K-4 building had a fun time! We want to thank you for the great idea and to Walker's Grocery Store, Mattoon, IL , for lending us the bags. Our students and teachers rushed out after school in hopes of getting an Earth Day bag.
Linda Pierce
Humboldt School
Humboldt, IL
Weldon Valley School is a K - 12 school on the eastern plains of Colorado. For the past three years our entire school has "celebrated" Earth Day by learning about our enviornment and also by picking up trash. This year as part of our day, we decorated grocery sacks that were donated by the Safeway store in Fort Morgan. We decorated approximately 80 bags.
Beth Bartell
Weldon Valley School
Weldona, CO 80653
This project was great. We have a school of 900 students. Our 4,5, and 3rd grades are all getting ready to take the state test (TAAS) next week so I offered this project to the lower grades. 1st grade is getting ready for a PTA program, 2nd grade was busy with a field trip so our Kindergarten classes to share a bag and were able to decorate 80 bags for the Minyard Food Store in Irving, Texas. The turned out to be great. When I returned the bags to the store they begin putting them out even before I left the store. I am glad you gave me the idea and I will use it again next year and maybe can involve more students. Irving has 19 elementary schools so maybe next year I can even talk a few more in to participating. Thanks,
Marcia Lorine Chewning
Just to let you know that the students at Plantation Park Elementary School in Plantation, FL (just outside of Ft. Lauderdale) made and delivered 694 bags to our local Publix Grocery store. We had 6 students help bring them to the store and the manager, Mr. Rhodes, was very excited. He put up a banner about our concern for Earth Day &conservation (3 Rs) etc. People really seemed to get a kick out of seeing the artwork that the students had done. We have kindergarten to fifth grade and each student at school made a bag with the help of our art teacher, Mrs. Martineau.
Thanks for the info on this project and we look forward to doing it again next year!
Please let us know the results of this year's effort.
Laurie Halpern
North Sherman Elementary School, in Wasco, Oregon participated in your Earth Day Grocery Bag Project. We had lots of fun. Our school made 176 bags. Our school has 139 students in grades K-8. We would like to do this project next year.
Our school is about 10 miles south of the Columbia River. We are part of a rural community. There is a lot of wheat grown around our town of Wasco.
Please tell us how many grocery bags were made this year.
Ernie Wilson
3rd Grade Class
North Sherman Elementay School
Wasco, Oregon 97065
This year our project grew to encompass the entire school. We picked up a bundle of bags from our local Jewel/Osco store. (We didn't know that was 500 bags!) So every student did a bag, or more, and we finished!! We took the bags to the store and they put up a display of a few bags, and some posters we made for Earth Day. Some of us went to the store on that day to get groceries to make sure they were using the bags--and they were!! It was a really fun experience and the whole school was talking about the good ways to help our earth. Thanks again for starting this great idea a few years ago. We have a better time each year we do the project. Sorry we don't have pictures to send you!
Mrs. Coleman, and 5th grade class at Thomas Jefferson School in Joliet, IL
Ruth Coleman
Joliet, IL USA
Miami Gardens Elementary, of Dade County, Florida (Miami, Florida) decorated 400 bags in recognition of Earth Day. These bags were provided by Publix Supermarket, our Dade Business Partner. Everyone involved in the project enjoyed reminding ourselves and shoppers of the importance of preserving the Earth.
The effort was coordinated by teacher John Hunt.
Miami Gardens Elementary
This is a wonderful project. I teach first grade here at Lolo School in Lolo, Montana, and grades K-4 participated in the project this year. We've had a great time. Harvest Foods in Lolo provided us with bags, let us display the completed bags in the store, and then used them to bag groceries today, Earth Day! The kids were thrilled to see the bags displayed and excited to possibly get their bag when grocery shopping. Total number of participants: 339. Thanks for the great project.
Kathleen Devlin
First Grade Teacher
Lolo, Montana
We called two grocery stores. Whites 80 bags. Kindergarten and Fifth grade decorated and returned the bags for distribution on Earth Day, in Erwin, Tennessee. All of the bags looked like artists. Next year, the whole school!!
Carol Rice
Unicoi Elementary School
East Tennessee
Fourth and fifth grade students at Centennial School, Plano,IL, decorated 194 grocery bags to be distributed to shoppers at Eagle Discount Foods, in Plano, on Earth Day. Students included messsages to shoppers on how they can help the earth.
Lane S., Fifth grade
My aide found this program on the internet and we decided to go with it. She called our local grocery store and they donated the grocery sack. The 3 classes participating decorated the bags with earth day designs and we returned them to the store to be given out with groceries in on earth day afternoon. The children in one class enjoyed it so much that they each made another one to put on construction paper to take home. We did a total of 75 bags.
Rita Martinez
Columbian Elementary
Las Animas, Colorado
The grocery bags were given to us by the L&S grocery store to decorate.Student Council helped pass the bags out to every class,the students decorated 434 grocery bags,altogether. We returned them to L&S on the 22nd of April to be passed out to the grocery shoppers. The project was a good,learning experience.
Donna deWitt
Pine Tree Elementary
Lake Orion, Michigan
Forrest School decorated 500 grocery bags from the Super Fresh at Rhawn St. and Torresdale Ave. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was fun because you got to tell parents not to litter. The whole project was fun because we want to save animals and the earth from harm. It was fun because we got to learn about how to protect animals.
We liked the project because we had fun reading articles about saving animals with our science teacher before we decorated the bags. It's exciting to save living things. It's thrilling that somebody is going to get our bags at the grocery store and read and enjoy our message.
Kathleen T. Hanratty
Cottage & Bleigh Streets Phila, PA 19136
Edwin Forrest Elementary School
The seventh grade science classes at Riverton Middle School in Huntsville, Alabama decorated 200 grocery bags which were donated to us by our local Food Valu. We returned them to be distributed today. The manager seemed happy with our project and so were the students. He was surprised that it was a nationwide project. Thanks for allowing us to participate.
Janie Hardt
Judith Jennings
Janie Hardt
Our school participated in several events for Earth Day. We decorated 500 grocery bags from the local Albertsons to be distributed on Earth Day, planted 15 dozen flowers around the school yard, cleaned up our playground areas and purchased 4 park benches to put in a courtyard area to use as an outdoor classroom.
Wanda Roberts
Trice Elementary
Texarkana, Arkansas
M.K. Rawlings Elementary in Gainesville, Florida participated in this wonderful project!!!Approximately 150 children participated schoolwide and are involved in many other Earth week activities, such as adopting a manatee, designing posters and getting involved with recycling activities. We even have an environmental wishing well with children dropping their environmental wishes into the well..."My environmental wish is...................." Every child who participates in the grocery project ( and makes an environmental wish ) receives a certificate, whch states our environmental pledge( I pledge to take care of our planet Earth). The excitement and awareness level is very high...Thanks for the wonderful idea!!! Our local Publix supermarket (Main Street location) donated bags to our school. Manager Don McIntyre said that although they could not reuse the bags for packing store bought goods, he would be willing to display them on the storefront windows!!Hats off to him! We have also invited him to speak at our Earth Day program on the 30th of April (scheduling conflicts!) at which time we will present him with a plaque!! We also hope to get the Gainesville Sun (newspaper) involved and give him some recognition!!!! If you need some more info, just let me know!!!!Thanks again!!Happy Earth Day!!!
Ms. Ronnie Brunny,
Earth Day Coordinator and Recycling Captain!!
Our students proudly decorated 389 bags. That is also the total number of students at the school.
Megan Bennett and Vana Meydag
Tustin Memorial Academy
Tustin, Ca
We are sending 181 bags to Fortinos Supermarket. They have been decorated by the students of Baycrest and Baycreat has grades one to five. We have decorated the bags very well I think. SANDRA LAURIN
Baycrest P.S
North York Ontario Canada
We at Webster Elementary decorated 339 grocery bags. The two grocery stores from Webster, Mike's Jack and Jill and Al's Friendly Foods, donated the bags and are distributing them. We had a lot of fun decorating them and are planning to do it again next year.
Linda Meyer
Webster Elementary School
102 E 9th Ave
Webster, SD
Our students decorated 150 grocerybags for Cub Foods and had a great time. I look forward to involiving more students next year.
Laurie Sonstegard
Black Hawk Middle School
Eagan, Mn
Hello and Happy Earth Day from Whittier Elementary School in Everett Washington. With the help of our local QFC grocery store we were able to decorate 393 bags. The students loved doing it and the manager was great! We would like to have the reports sent to us @ Thanks we look forward to participating next year and on any other projects that may come up.
Barbara Weber
Greetings from Keith Wightman P.S., Peterborough, Ontario, Canada Our school of 350 students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8 decorated 350 bags and gave them to a neighbourhood IGA grocery store to use on Earth Day.
Hilda J.
For Earth Day 1997, 182 sixth graders here at Gahanna Middle School East decorated 300 bags. The bags are to be returned to the local Big Bear grocery store and distributed this week.
William Zamora
Gahanna Middle School East
Gahanna, Ohio
Our whole school had a great time with this project the day before EarthDay. We decorated 233 bags donated by Supersaver for the project.
Mary Ann Reiss
St. Lawrence School
Kindergartners at Robert Lucas School In Iowa City, Iowa, made 60 sacks for the project.
The Grade 5 classes of Diane Sweeting and Jane Galbraith decorated 125 bags provided by Speed's Valumart and Guardian Drugs in Bridgenorth. My kids had a great time and made some wonderful artpieces out of the grocery bags!! In fact, yesterday we got a fax from a lady that bought groceries who was very impressed and thanked "Amanda from Chemong School". She phoned the school first to find out our fax number. The kids put on each bag: Earth Day, April 22, 1997, a picture of the globe, their first name, the name of the school and a wise saying about helping to keep the world a safe and healthy place to live and then very creatively decorated the bag. I can't imagine the work that this entails for all of you, but we here in Bridgenorh, Ontario appreciate the time and effort you have spent in the organization of it all.
Jane Galbraith
Chemong Public School
Bridgenorth, Ontario, Canada
We have a special class of environmental sciences from grade 1 to 7. We learned quite late about the project (April 8) and we are a pretty small school (120 students from K-12), but we managed to decorate 342 bags during the last week! In all, about 35 students participated in the project (so almost 10 bags/student). We are pretty proud of our accomplishment and we'll make sure that we start earlier next year (this project will be on next year, won't it?) and we plan to challenge the other schools in Whitehorse to do more bags than us. We also plan to involve the four big grocery stores in town (only one was contacted this year).
Jean-Francois Latour
Ecole Emilie-Tremblay
Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
We will be conducting our grocery bag project in conjunction with our 2nd annual Earth Festival on May 22 (A key teacher is off track in April, so we hold the festival in May rather than on the actual Earth Day.) Our local Save Mart supermarket will be providing grocery bags for the 1000 students at our school. Each student will be illustrating the slogan "Every Day is Earth Day". I can't wait to see the results !!
Cheryl Buettner
Miano Elementary School
Los Banos, California
We had a great time decorating the bags!! Our school made 656 bags for our local Safeway Supermarket!!!
Princess Nahienaena School
Princess Nahienaena
Lahaina, Hawaii
Bonjour! The students from the French Immersion School, Ecole Marie-Anne Gaboury, decorated 480 bags for the local grocery store, Kaufman's. The students really enjoyed this project last year so we decided to do it again in 97! Good luck to all.
Lucille Daudet-Mitchell tmitchel@MTS.NET
Ecole Marie-Anne Gaboury
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Our school, Iola Roberts Elementary in Pell City, made 700 bags and distributed them at our local Food World. At the last report, they were all gone by the end of the week end. Lisa Williamson, one of our first grade teachers, was the project coordinator. We cannot receive email as we do not have an internet connection, but thanks for a very worth while project.
Connie Conolley
Columbia Elementary participated in the Earth Day Groceries Project. We are in Rochester, Indiana and Krogers was our grocery store that donated 500 brown bags. We are a Primary through second grade elementary school. The children really liked this project. They really think they are a part of Earth Day 1997! The Kroger staff was very eager to link with us in making this project very successful! We would like to thank our local Kroger Grocery Store for helping us make this a great Earth Day project!
Dennis Grossnickle
This is the second year that Stevenson Elementary has participated in the Earth Day grocery bag project. We decorated 500 bags for Earth Day. Our local Farmer Jack donated the bags. This is a great way to make the school-community connection! Thanks for the wonderful idea.
Selina Abraham
Stevenson Elementary
Southfield, MI
The Primary Center children (a multiage arrangement of first and second graders) at Highland Elementary School in Camp Hill, PA participated in this wonderful Earth Day project. The children designed 160 artistic grocery bags! The bags were delivered to a local Weis Markets and distributed on Pennsylvania's Earth Day - April 22, 1997.
Pam Felix
Highland Elementary
Camp Hill, PA
This is the second year that Washington School has participated in the Earth Day Groceries Project. This is a fun easy project for the students, and it can involve the entire school. We decorated 550 grocery bags and delivered them to Food Shop, the local grocery store, to be used during the week. What an easy way to remind us to take care of our earth. A couple of schools in the area have contacted us about participating, so this will be a project that will continue to grow. Thank you for a great idea.
Patricia Koontz
Washington School
Johnston City, Illinois
Didn't know about a set project on this, but I led up a school-wide project on this and we did 500 grocery bags for our local store....
Barbara A. Crawford
Glen Rose Elementary--3rd grade
Glen Rose, TX 76043
What a great project you have! I visited several times a few weeks ago, and I liked what I saw. I talked to some staff members, and then the entire staff. All were supportive as was the local grocery store manager.
Please add us, Keatsway School in Waterloo, Ontario, to your list of participants.
Zehr's Beechwood provided us with 500 unprinted grocery bags. 470 of them were decorated by the children at Keatsway Public School in Waterloo, Ontario. Each child from Kindergarten to grade 6 in the school decorated a bag. When we passed word of this to our board, we had TV and newspaper coverage. This is one project of many that we have on the go for this Earth Week.
This week we plan to use local green areas to learn more about the environment. We will be weeding our nature garden, a patch of the school yard that has been planted with native species and which has attracted some small animal life. We are hoping to enlarge this area and to plant more trees and bushes around the school. One class is making vermicomposters to take home. We will be finishing earth week with a concert by a local artist.
Waterloo is a small city of 90,000 about one hour west of Toronto. It is part of the regional municipality of Waterloo which comprises Waterloo, Kitchener, and Cambridge. With a total population of 405,000 the regional municipality is the 11th largest metropolitan area in Canada. Historically it is a German settlement with many manufacturing industries, especially textile mills located on the Grand River, and food industries. It hosts the second largest Octoberfest in the world, next to the festival in Munich, Germany. The area has many small industries, especially software development. Two universities are located in Waterloo, the University of Waterloo, and Wilfrid Laurier University.
Thanks for a great idea - for which I have received many compliments.
Anne-Marie Periard
I am writing on behalf of Horse Lake Elementary School in 100 Mile House, British Columbia. We had 3 classes participate in the Earth Day Grocery Bag project. We decorated 68 bags for a small local store "Lone Butte General Store." A Grade 2, 3, and 4 class took part this year.
We had a lot of fun - the students really care! so it is quite easy to think of ideas for decorating.
Next year we can expand the number of classes and include a larger store as well. Thanks for your idea.
We would like to receive e-mail reprts from other schools. Thank-you!
Nancy Vincent
Horse Lake Elementary School
100 Mile House, B.C., Canada
I heard about the Earth Day Grocery Bag Project from a friend who e-mailed you- Sally Nelson. Then I read about it on your school webpage. Our fifth graders decorated 50 bags today and delivered them to our local Galva Food Pride store. Each bag included a message to educate our citizens about the importance of conserving our natural resources. The store will use them tomorrow for Earth Day. Our students enjoyed helping. Thank you for the information.
Sue Schulz
Galva Elementary School
Galva, IL
Our Pre-K thru grade 5 building located just 30 miles south of Chicago decorated 450 bags.
Mary Boam
Wagoner Elementary
Sauk Village, IL
Manteno Elementary first graders worked with Manteno Foods to join all the other school children by way of the internet to increase environmental awareness of Earth Day 1997 by decorating 140 grocery bags. The boys and girls had fun creating their designs and sharing their ideas. The people of our community will certainly enjoy getting the beautiful bags. Manteno, IL is a community of about 5,000 about 40 miles south of Chicago. We hope to join in the Earth Day Grocery Project for years to come.
Barbara Wenzel
Manteno Elementary
Manteno, IL
We found your project on your web page. Our K-6 building decorated 280 bags.
Thank you.
Nancy Manson
Eisenhower Elementary School
Ottumwa, Iowa
The 5th grade class that I student teach asked the entire school (approx: 400) to particpate in Earth Day by decorating a grocery bag. We are pleased to report that 300 bags were decorated and delivered to our community market today for distribution tomorrow. We hope we have stimulated eco-awareness in our area, thank you!
Mrs. Price's/Mrs. Blizzard's 5th Grade Class
La Luz Elementary
La Luz, New Mexico
Reporting for Big Park Community School in the Village of Oak Creek, Sedona, AZ and Sedona Recycles, our local recycling center:
Together we decorated 376 bags which will be distributed tomorrow, Earth Day, at our local Weber's IGA grocery store.
I learned a lot from doing the project that will help me to do an even better job next year.
#1 Remind the kids to decorate the bag right side up
#2 Don't let kids take bags home to decorate as they get a bit "beat up" looking
#3 Set up booths at festivals for decorating bags in the months preceding Earth Day-it's a popular creative activity for people of all ages.
I look forward to doubling or tripling our count next year.
Sincerely, Janet Jones, Coordinator of Earth Day Bag Project in Sedona.
(Pictures to be sent when they're developed.)
I just happened to be cruising the net and saw this grocery project!! I went to our local Thompson's Food Basket and they were delighted to help us with our project. We had grades 1-3 decorate the bags, about 125 decorated bags in all. We hope to do this again next year.Thanks!
Sue Smith
Mapleton Elementary
Mapleton, Il
We've had a great time decorating 500 bags from our local Tops store. Thanks so much for this terrific project!
Pat Ludwiczak
Kaegebein Elementary School
Grand Island, New York
There are four sections of third grade at Lincoln Elementary School in Madison, South Dakota. We have decorated 100 bags and delivered them to our local grocery stores to be given out tomorrow which is Earth Day.
Our classes are also collecting pop cans to be recycled. The money we raise will be given to our local Smith-Zimmerman museum to help keep it open.
On Earth Day our class is going to pick up the garbage on the playground at our school. Our class is having a lot of fun cleaning up the playground.
A local nursury in town will be donating a Colorado Blue Spruce tree for each student at our school. We get those trees tomorrow.
We read Chris Van Allsburg's book, Just a Dream. Next we brainstormed things we could do to make a difference in our world. Then we went to the computer lab and wrote our own class book called "I Can Make a Difference in the World".
Amy reporting for
the third grade classes
Lincoln School
Madison, SD
Sonya Thayer
My seventh grade science classes celebrated Earth Day in a variety of ways. In addition to dissecting disposable diapers and weighing our junk mail, we decided to take part in Earth Day Groceries. I instructed my students to research at least five facts about recycling, pollution, or other related "Earth Day facts." We then proceeded to discuss what they researched, and we all learned some very interesting things. The students then eagerly got to work decorating their bags with the facts they researched, along with some colorful Earth Day pictures and slogans. I involved not only my seventh grade science classes, but recruited the sixth and eighth grade science classes as well. By the end of the week, Mahoney students had decorated 361 grocery bags. They came out beautiful! Our students were not only enthusiastic, but highly motivated and creative! The bags were returned to Shaw's Supermarket in South Portland, ME where they will be distributed on Earth Day. We hope that the community finds these bags both interesting and informative.
Gretchen L. Mulroy
Mahoney Middle School
South Portland, ME
We at Nancy Creek Elem. (a DeKalb County, Georgia public school) had a great time with the earthday grocery bag project. We have about 440 students in grades k-7 who all participated. We would love to receive a report on the other schools who participated via e-mail
Kathren Inman
This is a super project! Not only are students helping to "save the environment" by participating in the Earth Day project but they are also learning to use technology as a tool to connect with other schools working on the same project.
Grades 1-6 at Jay Shideler Elementary School in Topeka, KS participated and decorated a total of 476 grocery bags. Topeka is the capital city of the state of Kansas and is located in the NE part of the state.
JM Bauersfelds, our local area grocery store, was very willing to be a part of this Earth Day Project. We've had very positive responses from students, teachers and everyone who has heard about the project.
Jay Shideler students are very anxious to view their report as well as reports from other participating schools. They look foward to continuing this project next year.
Mrs. Forbes
Computer Basi"K"s Instructor
Topeka, KS (The Capital City of Kansas)
Participating grocery store - JM Bauersfelds
Five elementary schools in Baton Rouge Louisiana participated for the first time this year. Together the schools decorated 2400 bags. The schools are:
Baton Rouge Center for the Arts - 390 bags to Bet-R Store
Greenville Elementary - 670 bags to Calandro's
Jefferson Terrace - 440 bags to Hi Nabor, Drusilla
Magnolia Woods Elementary - 400 bags to Kenilworth Supermarket
Howell Park Elementary - 500 bags to Hi Nabor, Winbourne
The school administrators and the kids loved this project. A local t.v. station came out to one of the schools to cover the story for earth week. Thanks for your help ( the website) in setting up the program.
Molly Beacham
Our students K-5 decorated 450 bags for the local Market Basket. We all had fun taking part in this project which helped the teachers promoted the importance of taking care of the earth each and every day. We are excited about seeing our decorated bags in the community tomorrow.
Marie Dorry
R.W. Vincent Elementary
Sulphur, Louisiana
Our 6th grade Roots and Shoots Club sponsored the Earth Day Grocery Bag project. We collected 536 bags decorated by students in our school from kindergarten through sixth grade. They will be handed out tomorrow on Earth Day at the Shoprite in Berlin, N.J.
Sharon Hulbert
Dwight D. Eisenhower School
West Berlin, New Jersey
From: Lakewood Elementary Victoria, BC
We have completed our Earth Day Grocery Bag Project with students from Grades 1 -7 participating. We decorated 250 bags and Thrifty Foods of Colwood will distribute them this week.
Best comment by a student : " I really want my Mom to get my bag when she goes shopping !! "
The staff and students thought that this project was very awesome !! We would love to take part in it again next year. It has also raised the awareness of reusing paper bags.
Ted Waring
Vice Principal / Teacher
News from:
Susan Naysnerski
Tech Coordinator
Narragansett Elementary School
Narragansett, RI
Decorated 400 bags. Project was in collaboration with local IGA. Our third year! Great idea - kids and parents love it!
We are having fun seeing our decorated bags all over town!
Vallery Graham
Westwood Elementary School
Junction City, Kansas
Millbrook South Cavan School of Millbrook, Ontario, Canada, drew and coloured 500 grocery bags for Earth Day. They drew different things on the grocery bags involving Earth Day on April 22, 1997. Millbrook is a very small town on the outskirts of Peterborough in Ontario. Peterborough is about 1 hour Northeast from Toronto. Millbrook is too. It is an agricultural and tourist area.
Greetings from Milwaukee, WI!
This year, our 2nd year of participating in the project, our students decorated 366 grocery bags. The students completed the project in their Spanish and French classes. Thanks for creating such a worthwhile project!
John M. Schell
University School of Milwaukee
Milwaukee, WI
Three classes participated in this year's Earth Day Grocery Bag project: The 8th grade West/Hoonan team, the 7th grade Reid/Bennett team, and the Winter/McKechnie Multi-age team. We received and decorated 262 donated bags from the Westside Olympia Safeway store.
Virginia Reid
Thurgood Marshall Middle School
Olympia, Washington
Our Students enjoyed coloring 670 bags for our local grocery stores. This is the first year we participated. We hope to decorate more bags next year!

Tammy Morrow
Buffalo Intermediate School
Buffalo, MN

Thanks to the coordination of Girl Scout Junior Troop 136 and cooperation from Albertson's, Ethel Boyes Elementary joined the 1997 Earth Day Groceries Project. We have decorated 467 bags. We have also created a tree poster to hang in Albertsons decorated with an Earth Day message or promise to improve the environment from each student, staff, and Girl Scout from Junior Troop 136.
Janice Boggs
Ethel Boyes Elementary
Idaho Falls, Idaho
Lower Pottsgrove Elementary is a K-5 school in Pottstown, PA. Students and staff members decorated 730 grocery bags donated by the American Paper and Forest Association. Kemp's Market located in Pottstown, will distribute the bags during Earth week, April 20th-25th. We had a great time participating in a project that promotes environmental awareness throughout the community. We look forward to receving the results of this project. Our school's efforts made the local paper, The Mercury, as well as being shown on KYW-TV's Channel 3, "Cool School" segment on Tuesday, April 15th. Thank you for a great idea! Happy Earth Day! :)
Shari Costanzo (
Lower Pottsgrove Elementary
Pottstown, Pennsylvania
The 1st-6th grade regular education and special education students at Fieldcrest School in Oak Forest, IL decorated 315 bags for the Earth Day Groceries Project. Our bags were donated by Eagle Food Store in Country Club Hills, IL. This was our first year participating in the project, and we loved it! Many teachers commented on the enthusiam and excitement of the children. We will definitely be participating again next year!!!
Linda Perez
2nd Grade Teacher
Fieldcrest School
Oak Forest, IL
SES has about 550 students grades 3-5, and 125 Pre-K students. We decorated 800 grocery bags and re-distributed them for Earth Day.
Michelle Rowe
Sylvester Elementary School
Sylvester, GA
Thank you once again for initiating the Earth Day Grocery Bag Project. This is Southridge Elementary School's first time participating.We are a Kindergarten to Grade Seven school. Two hundred seventy students decorated paper bags from our nearby Overwaitea store. These were delivered to the store on April 18th and students are excitedly awaiting seeing their grooceries packed in these bags on Earth Day!
Brenda Hawley
Southridge Elementary School
Prince George, British Columbia
Midway Elementary will again participate in the Earth Day Groceries Project. Our students will decorate 230 paper bags provided by Perdue's IGA. Third and fourth graders are making plans to plant flowers around their school and in the community park. Our students and the community looks forward to participating in this project each year.
Peggy Holstine
Midway Elementary
Charleston, West Virginia
Our school, The Walden School at 100 College Ave., in Swarthmore, Pa. has so far decorated over 250 bags for Earth Day! We will be returning them to the store, Super Fresh on Tuesday morning. Thank You.
Marji Romanski
Project Coordinator
Hello! We have just finished decorating 625 bags! They look beautiful. The teachers and students really enjoyed the project. I hope the customers at the local supermarket will enjoy them as much as we did!
Jackie Wimberly
W.A. Chapman Elementary
Miami, FL
At Berry Elementary we decorated 700 bags. HEB Pantry donated the bags. It was an easy and fun project, but sends the RIGHT message. Thanks for the idea!!
Graciela Kavulla
Berry Elementary
Houston, Texas
We are a small K-3 school located in Newark, Delaware (Home of the University of Delaware Fightin' Blue Hens!) We decorated 190 grocery bags and returned them to our local Pathmark store. A special thanks goes to Mr. Gary Goff, the Pathmark store manager, for cooperating with us on this green project. Our students enjoyed decorating the grocery bags and look forward to getting an Earth Day bag on their next shopping trip. This is a great project to connect schools with their local communities. Children love to create and adults sometimes need to be reminded that this earth and its valuable resources MUST be around for the children. We look forward to getting the report about worldwide participation. See you next year!
Linda Slacum
West Park Elementary School
Newark Delaware USA
Our school decorated 300 paper grocery bags for Earth Day.
Laury Kerr
Glenfield Elementary School
Glenfield, NY
I am a kindergaten teacher in Winnipeg, Manitoba. My two kindergarten classes and a grade one class decorated paper bags for the Earth Day project. Our total count was 77.
Can't wait to see the total count!
Jeannette Edwards
Ecole Julie-Riel
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Thank you once again for coordinating this project. The children of Traver Road Primary School have prepared 622 bags for Earth Day. We are a k-3 building in Pleasant Valley, NY. This is our second year participating in the project. Adams Fairacre Farms, a local produce market, provided all of the bags and will display many of them as well as use them for groceries.
Eric Gidseg
Thanks for creating such a wonderful project. Our entire school participated. We are a K-4 catholic elementary school. We would love to get e-mail from you! We decorated 140 grocery bags. We are returning them to the Giant Eagle grocery store to have groceries packed in them on Earth Day.
Thanks again,
Mrs. Adria Musick
Computer Instructor
St. Pius X Elementary School
Warren, Ohio
Hello Mark and students,
Once again the Franklin School, North Andover, MA is participating in the Earth Day Groceries program. This year we decorated 404 bags donated by North Andover Star Market. This is a great project - keep up the good work!
Paul McQuilkin
Franklin Elementary School
North Andover MA
Greetings from Morton Elementary School in Philadelphia, Pa. We are a kindergarten to fourth grade school. The students decorated 500 bags that were donated by the Stop & Shop supermarket. We are the first school in our area to participate in this project.
Seena Osno
We have just completed a grocery bag activity and our homeroom decorated 23 bags. What a wonderful way to focus the community's attention on our environment.
I saw your idea on the internet and thought is was wonderful! Our K-5 grade elementary school, Plew Elementary, in Niceville, FL decorated 600 grocery bags for Delchamps. The children had a wonderful time and it was a great way increase their awareness of Earth Day. Thanks for sharing your ideas via the internet! Looking foward to tracking the progress of the other schools who are participating.
Judy Corbin, 4th grade teacher
What a cool project! Since I only just discovered this project on the evening of April 14, we were only able to do 430 bags. The bags were decorated with pictures, slogans/messages, and a "Decorated by..." sticker. 50 students in 2 Multiage first/second grade classrooms participated. The local newspaper even showed up this morning to take photos! We are looking forward to participating again next year (and getting an earlier start!!) Personally, I don't want to see another brown paper bag for a while!!! Actually, I was planning on having the kids make paper bag vests to wear on Earth Day with recycled bags.........We are also looking forward to getting the final results of this project!
Cheers, Mrs. Weaver, Mrs. Miller, and kids!
Julie L. Weaver
Fishcreek Elementary
Stow, Ohio
I read about the Earth Day Groceries project and thought it would coincide well with our school-wide Environmental Awareness theme week. Our students are really enjoying the chance to get their views out to the community. Our local Busch's Value Land donated the 400 bags that our students decorated. They did a wonderful job! Thanks so much for the great idea! Happy Earth Day!
Rachel Licari
Angell Elementary
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Our Fourth Grade classes decorated 190 bags for our local market. It was a great experience for the students. We have been studying about the environment and this was an active way to spread the word throughout the community. What a great idea!
We hope to participate in your project in the years ahead. Keep up the good work!
Grade Four Teachers
Tri-Valley Elementary School
Grahamsville, New York
This is Main Street Elementary's first year to participate in the Earth Day Groceries project. Both major chain grocery stores supported the project with donations. Mark Cook of Bilo Foods and Mike Oviatt of Quality Markets visited the school on April 18 where representatives from each classroom presented the finished bags. First Graders sorted and counted the bags. A total of 564 bags will be distributed on Earth Day 1997.
Alison Billman
Main Street Elementary
Titusville, PA
Hi Mark! We just completed our Grocery bags...616 in all. Almost every teacher in our building participated. Our Art teacher loved the project so much, that she incorporated it into her plans. She did the project with teachers that had decided not to do the project on their own.
Our local grocery store, Quality Markets of Randolph, was very excited about participating in this great project with us. I'm taking some of the fliers that the American Forest and Paper Association produced promoting your project to Quality Markets when I drop off the bags today. Ian, a boy in my room, was lucky enough to have his bag displayed on the flier! We're very proud of him and his design.
I congratulate you on the development of such a worthwhile project. My students loved being involved. Your idea brought a sort of "cohesiveness" to our teaching staff. The members of our community have read about the project in our local papers, and are acutely aware of the fact that KIDS CARE! Let's hope that the messages not only get out there, but that they also "sink in." We have had nothing but a positive response from everyone who has heard about the project!!!
We look forward to participating again next year.
Sincerely, Beth Olson
GNChapman Elem. School
Randolph, NY
Participating Grocery Store: Quality Markets of Randolph
Hi! Cameron St. Public School in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada completed 471 Earth day grocery messages. Our local grocery store does not use paper bags. They use plastic bags. So we are putting messages in the bags. So that we don't waste good paper we our putting messages on recycled paper.
You can visit our school on the web at
From: Mike and Claire, grade 5
P.S. We are sending a picture of our class in a separate message.
Grades K-6 participated in the Earth Day project at Keolu Elementary School, in Kailua, Hawaii. Our students will be marching to Safeway in Enchanted Lake today. We are taking the Kindergarten class, who will be escorted by the Technology Club. We have decorated 352 bags for Earth Day, included a link to our Earth Day photos on our web page. This was a great project, plan to participate next year.
Peggy Nakamoto
We, in Worcester, MA, have decorated Earth Day grocery bags this year in conjunction with our local Shaw's Grocery Store. Three Worcester Elementary Schools - Thorndyke Rd., Burncoat Preparatory and Greendale Schools are participating in the project. Shaw's will distribute approximately 1500 bags which students in grades K-6 have decorated. We are putting up posters at the exit doors of the store to let people know why the bags are decorated and by what schools. We also hope to have the local newspaper (Telegram & Gazette) to publicize this fun community project.
From Baxter Springs, Kansas (K-12)
We made 750 bags! It is a good start for our community. We are going to set a bigger goal for next year!
Kami Cook
Third Grade Teacher- Baxter Springs (southeast corner of Kansas)
Nothing but positive response here at Longfellow. Our only problem is that we wonder why we didn't think of it first! Thank you for organizing this and for publishing it on the net!
All 450 students have participated and IGA on at 17th and St. Clair was a willing participant as well.
What a great idea! Thanks!!
Rebecca Roesener
Longfellow Elementary
Idaho Falls, Idaho
Our local One Stop Supermarket provided 400 bags for our K-6 school to decorate. They plan to distribute them during Earth Week. Thanks for the great idea. Everybody wins!
Penny Dominici
Ione Elementary School
Ione, CA
We liked decorating the earth day grocery bags. Mrs. Costanzo is Rachel's kindergarten teacher. Becky helped to count the bags, our school is sending out approximately 800 bags. Our school was on the news. A helicopter came and took pictures of us decorating our bags. We were even in the newspaper. We hope this project makes people stop and think about the earth.
Becky and Rachel Lindgren
Lower Pottsgrove Elementary
I teach a primary class, grades 1 and 2 in Lawrenceburg, Ky. We are very excited because it looks like our school, Emma B. Ward Elementary, will be the first Kentucky school to register as participating in the Earth Day project.
Our school has around 550 students in grades 1-5. So far we have decorated 450 bags. The local IGA food market is across the street from the school and they donated the bags. We are in the midst of statewide testing in grades 3, 4, and 5 or we would have even better participation.
The students have been very enthusiastic and many have asked to decorate "any extra" bags. The grocery has been great. I picked up one bale of bags and they said we can have as many more as we need.
My first and second graders are very excited and apparently all plan to go grocery shopping on April 22nd so they can receive an Earth Day grocery sack.
We look forward to seeing the final results. Thanks for encouraging such a worth while project.
Barbara Schaars
Emma B. Ward Elementary School
Lawrenceburg, Kentucky
Our middle school decorated about 500 bags from the local Super One store. Each student had an opportunity to participate because this was done as a homebase project. Great fun! We're waiting to see how the public reacts.
Karen Isensee
Morgan Park Middle School
Duluth, MN
We decorated 800 grocry bags for our local "Save On Foods" grocery store.
Sherry Bozorth
Woodland Elementary
Woodland, Washington
We have decorated 500 bags and are taking them to the Kroger in our community on Monday, April 21. We have also done Earthday art posters and Kroger is hanging them in their store for the week.
On Earthday every child in the school (600 +) is going to plant a daylilly on a bank we have that is erroding quickly. We think Earthday is great! We also stress environmentaly issues throughout the year, by recycling and by composting food waste from the cafeteria.
Gayle Swann
Halls Elementary
Knoxville, Tennessee
School Number Seven in Perth Amboy, New Jersey has participated in your Earth Day Grocery Bag project. We contributed over 250 bags to the Shop-Rite in our city. The students enjoyed decorating the bags and discussing environmental issues. We would enjoy receiving email reports from other schools. HAPPY EARTH DAY MARK!
Linda Teuver
We've had fun decorating 200 grocery bags for our local grocery store! Thanks for introducing us to this project.
Grades 4, 5, and 6
Armour Heights Public School
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
As I was perusing the Internet for Earth Day information, I read about your Earth Day Grocery Bag Project and thought it was a super idea! I shared the information with my principal and we turned it into a school-wide activity. Our school, Ridge Elementary located in Oak Forest, IL, decorated 500 bags which will be distributed by our local Jewel-Osco. All students in kindergarten-grade 5 enjoyed helping to "spread the word" about Earth Day. Thanks for sharing your very worthwhile idea!
P.S. Please send reports from all participating schools.
Linda Metz, Second Grade Teacher
Ridge Elementary School
5151 W. 149th St.
Oak Forest, IL 60452
The Sixth graders of Olle Middle School are in the process of creating 250 bags for the Kroger store down the street on Bissonnet. Each student is being given leaway to use their own designs. The teachers monitor for spelling and other problems. The bags will be returned to be distributed before Earth day.
Mrs. Geneva Fry
Olle Middle School

Houston, Texas (Alief ISD)

Atlantic View Elementary has decorated 180 grocery bags. They will be used at a local grocery store starting on Tudesday, April 22nd. The grocery store ordered them in especially for us because they rarely use paper bags any more.
Nancy Barkhouse
Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia
The Grocery bags were all decorated in the Art classes of Mrs. Goodblatt and Ms. Colman. In total, we decorated 853 bags which will be distributed at Shaw's Supermarket in Sharon.
Maddy Shapiro
Heights Elementary School
454 South Main St. Sharon, MA
Our fourth grade class has decorated 27 grocery bags, which were donated by the grocery store across the street from the school. The store will use them on Earth Day, for customers!
Mrs. Kelley
Cabrillo Elementary
Pacifica, California
Our class participated in the Earh Day Groceries project. Our class has 20 students and we each decorated 6 bags from our local grocery stores. All together we decorated approximately 120 bags! It was a fun project and we are looking forward to the comments from the community!
Lynn Nelson
Hancock 5th grade
Hancock, MN 56244
We are a small school of 143 students. We really had alot of fun decorating 151 bags for Eagle Grocery Store in Galesburg, IL 61401. The Register-Mail Newspaper came and took pictures for the paper. I also took pictures and will send them to you, when I get them back. This is a neat project to go along with our community recycling program which we started here at our school. We collect approximately 1 ton of recycables a month. We are east of the Mississippi River and located between Peoria and the Quad Cities. Please e-mail us your results as you get them.
Thank you, Sally Nelson
Raymond Marquith School
Fordsville Elementary School's students decorated a total of 295 sacks that were donated from the Foodland at Whitesville, KY. The students will return the sacks to Foodland who will then in turn use them on Earth Day to bag their customers' groceries. On Earth Day, the students and faculty will plant shrubs, trees, and flowers to landscape the front of our school. Students and teachers will also clean up the grounds around the school and the playground by using the buddy system of older students being paired with younger students.
Mrs. Cecilia Wilkerson
Fordsville Elementary School
Fordsville, KY
Everyone in our school is so excited about the Earth Day Groceries activity! We have decorated 493 to deliver to Kelley's IGA. The store was more than willing to give us the bags, and hand them out on Earth Day. Our local papers are also covering the story. We are a PreK-5th grade school in Niceville, Florida (near Panama City Beach, Florida.) Thanks again for the wonderful idea. Please send me, via email, the results of the project and the other schools participating.
Christy Corbin,
4th grade teacher
Today my class finished the final process in the Earth Day Bag Project. Let me tell you how it turned out. We are from Walker's Grove Elementary School in Plainfield, Illinois.

We first found out about the project from reading about it in the KIDS F.A.C.E. newspaper that we receive from Wal-Mart. Being quite the conservationist that we are in our 4th grade class, we were eager to give this project our best. Excitement was spreading through the classroom and eventually out into the hall ways. Before long, the four other 4th grades wer e wanting to join in on the fun. But it didn't stop there....the five 5th grade classes wanted to participate as well. We were up to 300 students and 300 bags to contribute to the project.

We contacted the local family owned grocery store in Plainfield, Gehrke's. They donated a bale of paper grocery bags for us to display our Earth Day messages on. We decided to turn the project into an overall learning experience as well. We added it into an enviormental awareness theme for our curriculum and have made it into a three week plan. We have also found ways to integrate it into the science ocean unit we are covering.

Once the bags were completed, we collected them from each class. We contacted the three area newspapers, The Enterprise, The Sun and The Herald News, to explain to them the purpose of our project and to share the Earth Day awareness throughout our community. We also attached a small note and self-addressed envelope to the inside rim of some of our bags. This note included the illustrator's name and a request to return the envelope with a short note of where our bag ended up and any comments on the project.

Our final part was returning the bags. Students had volunteered to meet me after school at Gehrke's to return the bags to the store manager, Brian Gehrke. The newspapers were there to take pictures and interview students about the project. To see the excitement and pride in their eyes was great. They were quite proud of their work and the messages they were sending.

The grocery store will begin distributing the bags on Saturday at 10:00 am. We were notified by the newpapers that they plan on being there to take a picture of our first bag to leave the store and to interview its recipient. We have been asked to return there as well.

Thank you so much for letting us participate in this project. We loved it. Our only regret is that we didn't take pictures of some of the fine art work on the bags. We would have loved to passed some of our artistic abilities along. We can't wait to hear the results elsewhere. This has given us the extra opportunity to use the internet in a class related project as well. Please keep us posted !!

Special thanks to the other teachers who participated:
Mrs. Stephens, Miss O'Brien, Miss Grissom, Miss Meagher, 4th grade
Mr. Barlog, Mrs. Nelson, Mrs. Douin, Miss Farkas, Mrs. Beck, 5th grade
and most of all THE STUDENTS!!
Chris Hoop
Walker's Grove Elementary School
Plainfield, IL

Hi Mark, Greetings from School One in Clifton, New Jersey! Just wanted to inform you that our school decorated 500 grocery bags for Earth Day! We'd like to be informed of your total national count. You can either e-mail us or write to us c/o Tracy Sterni, Grade 5 Teacher, School One, 158 Park Slope, Clifton, NJ 07011.
Happy Earth Day,
School One
We were given 350 paperbags by our local grocery store. The students in first, second and third grade have been very busy decorating them with thoughtful messages and beautiful designs. It was a wonderful activity to incorporate into our Earth Day celebration! The store manager has agreed to distribute them to customers on April 22nd. The children are very excited about sharing their ideas with the community!
Sandra Ivins
Major Edwards Elementary School
West Boylston, Massachusetts
This is the first year that we have participated in this project. I am the librarian at two elementary schools (Farley and Mulready) in Hudson, Massachusetts. We have decorated 600 hundred bags that were lent to us by the Victory Supermarket in Hudson. The children have had a wonderful time doing this. What a great idea.
Kathy Harrity
Librarian at Farley and Mulready Schools in Hudson.
We have 2 classes of 4th graders participating and we have 150 bags that are decorated and ready to bring back to Ralph's Market in Temple City.
Patti Hahn
Cloverly School
Temple City, CA
We work hard for Earth Day Grocery Bags Project.
Three schools participate from Rethymno Crete Greece.
About 700 bags will be decorated by the children

I am going to send you photos from Rethymno

George Kimionis (M. Ed.)
Ph.D. Candidate, University of Crete
Environmental Education Coordinator for Secondary Education Rethymno, Crete, Greece
Tel & Fax: 0831-24520

Greetings Mark and all the others participating in this great lesson. I am excited to report that our part of the project greatly grew since last year. Here in the beautiful northwestern corner of Montana, in the town of Kalispell, we now have 7 schools, covering kindergarten through seventh grade, participating. We are delivering a total of 2,400 decorated sacks with our Earth Day messages and pictures to our local Tidymans store. The public response was wonderful last year and are hopeful we can encourage all here to think about ways to keep our lovely niche of the world special.We look forward to following the increase of numbers globally and will be in touch again next year, same time, same place!!!
Barb Andersen
Peterson Elementary School
Kalispell, MT
The Earth Day Groceries Project has been taken on by the first and third grade PALS (a cross age tutoring program) at Fred E. Weibel Elementary School in Fremont, CA. The Lucky's store in Warm Springs volunteered to be part of the project. Altogether 240 bags were decorated with our school name, Earth Day slogans and pictures as part of our Earth Day studies. The students found it very exciting to read about this project on the internet. They also look forward to shopping at Lucky's on Earth Day! Many thanks to our computer specialist, Mrs. Sindelar, for introducing this project to us.
Susie Calhoun
Fred E. Weibel Elementary, Fremont, CA
We decorated 30 bags which will go to our local Lucky store. On the bag we tried to make it clear to everyone, that they should care about the earth every day.
Room 22,Second Grade,
Ms. Wood
Weibel School
Our class decorated 19 bags for Skogen's IGA. We had a lot of fun and look forward to shopping and being able to get some of the earth day bags. We were happy to participate!!
Wendy Polito
Grade 2 , Northern Hills School
Onalaska, Wisconsin
This is the Freehold Learning Center, a K-5 open school in Freehold Borough, New Jersey. We are participating in the Earth Day Grocery Bag project. We are currently decorating 420 grocery bags to get the Earth Day message out to the people of our town.
Thanks for the idea!
Students at Freehold Learning Center
Diane Tennis
Salem Ave. is in the process of decorating 525 County Market bags. This is our 2nd year in the project. Beacause so many teachers are busy with testing I asked for teachers to partcipate voluntarily. Well, 100% elected to "do it agian" this year. The kids love it! The super market loves it and the teachers love it. Great project...keep it going!
Alan Zube
Salem Ave. Elementary
Hagerstown, MD
The Paper Bag Council sent 400 bags to Landisville Middle School. On Friday April 11, 300 seventh graders decorated the bags with Earth Day messages. The bags are all hanging up on display at our school and we are having a friendly judging contest of the bags. The local grocery stores in the Hempfield School District will be using the bags on Earth Day. Both the students and teachers at our school enjoyed this activity. :)
Kelly Buhay
Landisville Middle School
Landisville, Pennsylvania
8th Grade students at ISMS are decorating 450 bags donated by Scotts Groceries for distribution on Earthday.
Bill Duffy
Indian Springs Middle School
Columbia City, IN
Hello Arbor Heights,
Onalaska Middle School in Onalaska, Wisconsin and Skogens IGA are glad to participate in your valuable project once again. This year 850 students in grades 5-8 decorated bags for Earth Day. As we write to you, the Mississippi River is three feet above flood stage in Onalaska. At times like this, Mother Nature has her own way of making us aware of our environment and our place in it, but participating in your project helps us remember how fragile our natural environment is and how important it is for all of us to remember that Earth Day is everyday.
Thanka again,
Onalaska Middle School
We are a sixth grade class of 48 students. We decorated 200 bags and will deliver them to two grocery stores in town. Students illustrated facts about pollution or an environment problem and then added a conservation message around the illustrated fact. Students are looking forward to interviews from the daily newspaper this Wednesday, April 16. Their bags decorate one entire wall in our room. It is quite impressive. Thanks for a great project.
Jackie Cody
James Williams Junior High School
Rhinelander, WI 54501
Our students really had fun decorating the bags and learned a lot in the process. Since ours is a mostly Hispanic community, the bags were done in English, Spanish, and some were done in both languages. We decorated 1,026 bags for the two main local stores. We also planted a tree that day on our playground (this is a twenty year tradition). My second grade students also "made" paper from recycled paper. They thought this was fun, but a lot of work.
Linda Allen
Washington Primary
Mendota, CA
I am a student in the seventh grade in southern Florida and a member of Kids FACE. I thought your Earth Day project was a great idea! I suggested the idea in my school and recieved a great response. Many teachers were very enthusiastic and willing to get involved. Our local grocery store, Publix, will donate 500 bags. We will begin decorating them this week. Besides coloring the bags I will also teach lessons about recycling and littering to the "special"(retarded and handicapped) children. A news channel and possibly a newspaper will cover this! I will mail you further to give you the project's progress. Thanks again for a great idea!
Pammy O'Leary
Save the Earth and send the message in your locality. Have your classes join in the fun to protect our environment. In the city of Opa Locka 150 students from North Dade Middle School will be celebrating Earth day by decorating a grocery bag. Show your Neighborhood how to reduce, reuse and recycle. Come and join us. Save Mother Earth, Now!
Julie Orsini Shakher
North Dade Middle School
Opa Locka, Florida
Hello! Three fifth grades and a fourth/fifth split at Cottage Lake Elementary in Woodinville, WA decorated 464 bags for Earth Day. We enjoyed this project very much and it was a smart idea to start it. We also made posters to advertise Earth day at our local Safeway and to let shoppers know that Earth Day bags will be coming soon. Please post this info. on the web page.
Nikki McGrath
The Earth Day grocery bag project is being implemented at Royal Charles School in St. Hubert, Quebec, CANADA. We are having a great time at it. 385 children are participating. 800 bags have been decorated with environmental messages. They are to be distributed by a local I.G.A. We challenge other schools in the South Shore School Board to join us for the 1998 grocery bag project. We would like to receive the reports from other participating schools and any other information you may have concerning this project or any others in the future.
Trudy Williams
Royal Charles School
St-Hubert, Quebec, Canada
This is Mrs. Strope, and I am a student teacher at Morningside Elementary School in Mobile, Alabama. In cooperation with Food World grocery store, our second grade class will be decorating up to 400 bagsfor the Earth Day Groceries project. This is the perfect opportunity to have our students involved in the celebration of Earth Day, and we are very excited!
Mrs. Lou Anne Strope
Morningside Elementary School
Mobile, Alabama
We have received 500 grocery bags from a local supermarket and will be decorating them soon. I am hoping to have some parents and students help bring the bags back. We will decorate as many of the 500 as we can. I am using this project as a project for my second grade class. They are in charge of bringing the bags to the other classes and telling the teachers what needs to be done. This project is a great idea and I know my students will enjoy doing it.
Pam Brezniak
St. Mary's School
Worcester, MA
Students at the Hornell Intermediate School (grades 3-6) were happy to participate in the 1997 Earth Day Grocery bag project. We decorated approximately 400 bags. The local Wegmans grocery store was happy to help us with this project. We hope to participate again next year.
Vivien Anderson
Hornell, New York 14843
Hornell Intermediate School


Mrs. Thomas' 3rd grade class from the Hornell Intermediate School had four groups identify sources of pollutions and decorate grocery bags accordingly. Group One: Michelle, Renee, Danielle, Leonard, and Tony. Our group decided a problem is air pollution. We think cars are a cause and the solution could be don't use so much gas. Another problem is cigars. A solution for this is JUST DON'T SMOKE! Group Two: Shane, John, Greg, Alex, Brandon, and Jessica. Our group decided a problem is water pollution. We think toxic waste is a cause and the solution could be to stop dumping toxic waste. Group Three: Brienne, Brandy, Sean, Adam, and Joe. Our group decided a problem is noise pollution. We think that loud boom boxes are a cause and the solution could be TURN THEM DOWN! Group Four: Elizabeth, Ashley, Brianne, Mark, and Melissa. Our group decided a problem is land pollution. We think car junk yards are a cause and the solution could be take cars apart and sell ! them. Thank you for letting us participate in this project!

Mrs. Feeley's class also participated in the Hornell Intermediate School Earth Day Project. Group One: Kasey, Jay, Valerie, Kara, and Lauren. Our group decided that air pollution is a problem. We think fumes from cars and trucks are a cause and the solution is to have people carpool. Group Two: Julie, Jossie, Jon, Eli, and Andy: Our group decided a problem is land pollution. We think less oxygen is a cause and the solution is to plant more trees. Group Three: Samantha, Xenia, Ashley, Scott, and Andrea. Our group decided a problem is water pollution. We think oil is a cause and the solution is to make sure there are no oil spills. Group Four: Brennan, Jeff, Jessejames, Brandon Lee, and Lori. Our group decided a problem is noise pollution. We think factories are a cause and the solution is to make the machines quieter.
Hornell Intermediate School
Hornell, New York

I learned about the grocery bag, Earth Day, project on the internet. It sounded like fun! About 500 students here at Reed School,14939 W. 143rd, Lockport, IL, 60441, will be decorating bags this year. Dominicks on Bell Road in Homer Township, right down the road from us, is giving us the bags. We're really excited that the bags will be given out during Earth Week. In that way we feel that we are sharing our love of, and good ideas for caring for the earth with lots of people.
We are decorating 525 bags here. My class is decorating as we speak. They're really doing a nice job, of course! I'll take the bags back to Dominicks next week so they can be used all of Earth Week.
We had to go out and replant tulip bulbs today that some other students pulled out of the ground. My kids and I were really upset since we spent a lot of time planting them(100) in the fall. They're just starting to come up. Hope we saved them by replanting.
Thanks for writing back. I read your letter to the class. They thought it was great that you would take the time to write us.
Susan Tanty
Reed School
Lockport, IL
Our school will join in this Earth Day celebration. We have obtained 535 paper grocery bags to decorate from Safeway. We are very excited about this first time participating in such an earth conscious project. Please include us!
Ellicott City, Maryland
Worthington Elementary School
Mindy Lovalvo
Our school has decided to participate in The Earth Day Grocery Project. We have obtained bags from the Grand Union Company and will be decorating them with designs that reflect our committment to "Saving the earth." Our school is to decorate and recycle one bag per student, which amounts to about 200 bags. Please post our school and our participation in this project on your site.
St. James Institute
50 Summit Avenue
Albany, New York 12209
Thank you,
Mary Lou Ritz
Dir. of Dev.
(518) 465-6506
Hi; I teach the students at the Solomon Carter Fuller Center in Boston . We have done 150 bags with students from Boston Secure Treatment Program . The students decorated bags for the Brookline, MA Stop N' Shop . We really like the idea of this project. Thank You!!!!
Marilyn Burke, ESIS Lead Teacher
ps. we will have digitized pictures to share if you would like
Thames elementary school in Hattiesburg, MS completed 1000 grocery bags. Students will deliver these bags to our local Jitney Jungle grocery store this Saturday. We are also doing other projects. We are collecting food and supplies for the Humane Society. Our student council donated $50 for cat and dog food. We are also recycling aluminum cans and using this money for the rebuilding of our local animal shelter that burned down last year.
On Earth Day all 1000 students will hold hands and make a circle around the school. We will pass a globe which symbolizes that we must all take responsibility for the Earth. The students are very careful not to drop the globe. At this time, we present the food to a member of the humane society.
The students are also beautifying the campus by planting flowers that the student council had purchased.
Bitsy Browne Miller
Hattiesburg, MS
Thames elementary school
The Kids F.A.C.E. club at Reingold Elementary School,70 Reingold Ave, Fitchburg Massachusetts, 01420 decorated 1,000 grocery bags with our Earth Day Messages.For more info contact Kim Bellio at above address.
Charles Phaneuf
Francis Parker is K-12 independent school located in Chicago. Every year the lower school (JK-5) celebrates Earth day. This year each grade is involed in a special project to celebrate the earth and develop environmental awareness. On Friday, April 25, we will celebrate Earth Day and share our projects with the entire school. Thanks to your idea, the lower school has also decorated 400 grocery bags to be handed out at a local grocery store the week of April 22. Happy Earth Day!:)
Lesley Maurer
Francis W. Parker School
We are participating in this project for the first time. We are Summerville Elementary School, 100 Penn Drive, Summerville, Georgia 30747. We are a K-3 school with 535 students. We have Decorated 600 grocery bags! We can't wait to take them back to the store to have them distributed in our community. Thanks for the great ideas. Let us know if you have any more great ones. We are also going to be releasing 135 butterflies we have grown from small caterpillars on Earth Day as a present to the Earth during our Earth Day School program.
Thanks alot,
Joy Allen
Summerville Elementary School
St. Johns Schools in St. Johns, MI will decorate 1,500 bags to use at our local Goff grocery store.

We participated. The Future Livestock Growers 4-H Club of Hoke Co. North Carolina decorated 200 bags for Earth Day.

Avoca Elementary School in Bristol, Tennessee decorated 500 grocery bags to be distributed by a local Kroger store on Earth Day :)
great idea - several other Bristol schools are participating.

Ed Bush

Happy Earth Day, 1997!