Oregon Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1999

Debbie Finnell
Albertson's / Keizer Elementary
Location: Keizer, OR
Bags decorated: 300
Comments: The Earthday Grocery program was not only fun for the third graders at Keizer Elementary, but it was great for those of us at Albertson's that were involved. It has started a great store/school relationship that we plan to carry into the next school year. We went one step farther and took Douglas Fir seedlings to the school on Arbor Day as a show of thanks for all their hard work. The kids were thrilled beyond belief. Thank you for this great program and we look forward to doing it again next year.
Thank You,
Debbie Finnell- deli manager
Joyce Cotter- GM manager
Allie Johnson- butcher block suprv.
Keizer Oregon Albertsons #562
Lonnie Drouhard
Aloha Park Elementary
Bags decorated: 353
Comments: Our school decorated 350 bags which were donated by our local Albertsons and used on Earth Day.
The bags turned out beautifully and the kids enjoyed the project. What a GREAT and simple way to get the message out to remember the importance of the planet which gives us life!!!
Thanks a lot!!!!
Cindy Maley
William Walker Elementary
Portland, Oregon, USA
Bags decorated: 382
Comments: What a simple way to send a great message out to the community! The kids had lots of fun making the bags and the store loved them.
Laurie Ernstrom
Harold Oliver Primary
Portland, Oregon
Bags decorated: 600
Comments: We worked with Fred Meyer to get the grocery bags. They were very helpful and willing to partner with us. The students were really excited to participate by decorating the bags with earth friendly messages and pictures. They were very proud to have the bags used on Earth Day at Fred Meyer. Many of them wanted their parents to go shopping at Fred Meyer in hopes that they would get the bag they decorated. A great activity for our K-3 students.
Alicia Smith
Mountain View Middle School
AmeriCorps Member
Beaverton, Oregon, USA
491 bags
What a wonderfully simple and fun project! This was a great opportunity for our school to promote and spread environmental awareness within the school and to the greater community. Sixth, seventh, and eighth graders here at Mt. View took time out of their regular classroom activities to decorate bags in celebration of Earth Day. Once completed, I was fortunate to look at each bag and admire all the colors, messages, intricacies, and unique designs. I'm sure there were many customers at the neighboring Thriftway who simply could not throw away their earthdaybags. Thanks for this great idea!!
Cynthia Thomas-Mullis
Ferguson Elementary
Klamath Falls, OR 97601
Bags decorated: 100
Comments: Three third grade classes participated in decorating bags. They were displayed during Earth Week at the local Albertson's and then used on the 22nd. An excellent project. We'll do it again next year and expand if possible!
Wonderful project - Thanks so much!! Our school (grades 4,5,&6) participated this year and even included a class of second graders woh walked over from their school to help. We took pictures with the digital camera, but I have no idea how to send them - the principal may help me with that later!!
So - 450 kids from Scappoose, OR took decorated sacks to our local Fred Meyer store to distribute today. There was a story about it in our local newspaper, too. Thanks for helping us to make our community more aware of Earth Day!
Anne Duschka
5th grade teacher
Lonnie Drouhard
Aloha Park Elementary
Aloha, Oregon
Bags decorated: 353
Comments: We had a high participation at our school, from Kindergarten to 5th grade. The bags turned out WONDERFULLY!! The bags were provided by our local Albertson's who even delivered and picked them up for us. This is a great project. I am glad to see so many participants!!
Michelle Robinson
Miller Education Center
Hillsboro, Oregon
Bags decorated: 244
Comments: We are an alternative public school that serves at-risk kids in the Hillsboro school district. The High School program has 50 students who are in the 9th-12th grades. The 7th-8th grade program has 30 students. We worked on the bags for about 6hours total and completed 244 bags.
This was one of two projects we did to celebrate Earth Day and the students were very invested in the project. They felt very strongly about the need to create community awareness. Thanks for all the hard work. Keep on healing yourselves and our Mother.
Karen Levy
Adams Elementary
Corvallis, OR
Bags decorated: 300
Comments: Everyone from our kindergarteners to our 5th gaders loved decorating the bags. We worked with Safeway, who seemed excited about the project. The only problem is that their bags have pretty dark red designs on them. We will definitely make this a tradition!
Andrea Sobel
Edwards Elementary "Circle of Life"
Portland, OR.
Bags decorated: 40
Bags decorated: 27
Comments: We wrote poems about nature that we are writing on the bags.
Beth Krambule
Beaverton, Oregon

Bags decorated: 600
Comments: Irvington School, PK-Grade 5, has decorated 600 bags to celebrate Earth Day!The bags will be distributed by Nature's Northwest in Portland, Oregon.
Mary Jean Ranberg
Irvington School
Portland, Oregon USA
Bags decorated: 200
Comments: What fun we had doing our Earth Day bags. The students are just learning how to use the six new computers we have in our classroom. Many chose to use them in decorating their bags. Happy Earth Day to all.
Mary Price
Athena Elementary School
Athena, Oregon
Bags decorated: 500
Comments: This is the first time doing the Earth Day Groceries project. My 4/5 graders are showing the other classes examples of the bags they have decorated. A local grocer gave us bags that didn't have anything printed on them. This made decorating them alot easier.
Larry Kuykendall
Naas Elementary School
Boring, Oregon
Banks Elementary School, Banks Oregon will be participating in the Earth Day grocery bag project. Our schools recycling and more club, the H.O.H (Help our Habitat) will be sponsoring this project starting March 1st. Our Elementary will be delivering 550 bags April 1st to be distributed the entire month of April. This project is so worthwhile. We are excited to join the other Oregon schools that are participating. Thank you for all the helpful information. We are looking forward to making this a tradition in the years to come. Have a great Earth Day. Remember the future is in our childrens hands and we are their teachers.
Rhonda Hancock Recycling Coordinator Banks Elementary
Oregon Green Schools member

Oregon Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1998

This was the first year students at Hayesville Elementary School participated in the Earth Day Groceries Project. Roth's IGA at the Hayesville Center happily gave us paper bags to decorate. Students in kindergarten through fifth grade were able to decorate 571 bags and it was a great project to raise the awareness of the whole community--adults and students! There were some fantastic designs and very thoughtful messages. We were so proud of our children! I'd also like to say what a pleasure it was to work with Roth's IGA. They are so community-minded and helpful.
Jeri Gamaney gamaney_j@salkeiz.k12.or.us
Five classes at Union Elementary and Union Junior High Schools decorated 120 grocery sacks for our local Union Market.
Jerry Matthews jmatt@eoni.com
Union, Oregon 97883
Greetings! We decorated over 75 bags for the Albertsons near our school. On Tuesday we delivered our bags to the store and the manager gave us a tour of their recycling center. We even had the chance to sample some of their cookies from their bakery. They were yummy! We hope to do this again next year. We had a good time!
Miss Beaird's Third Grade Students
Hazeldale Elementary School
Beaverton, Oregon

Oregon Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1997

At McNary Heights Elementary School in Umatilla, Oregon, we decorated 430 bags with Earth Day pictures and slogans. We developed the idea from your information on the Internet..You have a great idea going!!!!
Bill DeLong jbdelong@brigadoon.com
Media Director
Hi my name is Erin Madden and I am a student teacher at Memorial Elementary in McMinnville, Or. What a great idea. I got my whole school involved and they loved it. We decorated about 525 bags and Roths IGA handed them out. The kids were so excited. It was a great way to link the community and our school. Thanks for the idea. I will do this every year for sure.
Erin Madden emadden@linfield.edu
Thank you for the wonderful idea to encourage students and the community to celebrate Earth Day 1997. I read about your activity in the Walmart bulletin for children. Later I visited your web site to get the information we needed for the project. We are a small school with 300 students in grades Kindergarten through 5th. Once a month we meet in mixed age groups, called Family Groups, to enjoy time together with other students and an adult in the school. It was during this time that the students and staff decorated the bags from two of our local grocery stores, Roth's IGA and Market Place. Both stores were excited about our project and said that their customers were delighted to receive the decorated bags. We were sure to send them a thank you for their participation. The local newspaper also came to take pictures and a story appeared in the next issue.In all, we decorated 375 grocery bags. Thank you again for the wonderful idea. We plan to do this again next year.
Judy Seloover, Title I Reading Teacher
Henry Hill Elementary
Independence, Oregon
LINKUP Charter School in Oregon City, OR proudly participated in the Earth Day Grocery Project. Our tiny school of 156 students decorated 246 bags for local stores! Special thanks to WB Market in Oregon City, Portland's Swan Market and Newman's Fish Company's John's Landing store.
Jim Menath menathj@mail.clackesd.k12.or.us
LINKUP Charter School
Oregon City, OR
North Sherman Elementary School, in Wasco, Oregon participated in your Earth Day Grocery Bag Project. We had lots of fun. Our school made 176 bags. Our school has 139 students in grades K-8. We would like to do this project next year.
Our school is about 10 miles south of the Columbia River. We are part of a rural community. There is a lot of wheat grown around our town of Wasco.
Please tell us how many grocery bags were made this year.
Ernie Wilson ewilson@hpux.mesd.k12.or.us
3rd Grade Class
North Sherman Elementay School
Wasco, Oregon 97065

Oregon Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1996

Hollyrood school, Portland Oregon, returned 185 grocery bags with pictures and messages to Alameda Foods.
Some messages from kindergarteners:
Never do anything mean to hurt Mother Earth, like don't throw litter on the ground.
Don't be mean to animals. Don't hurt them or shoot or slap them.
Don't put oil into the ocean.
(With picture of a green figure) He's from Mars. He litters, pollutes all the time. He digs up the trees on Earth days. He's a bad cowboy.
Keep the forest clean.
Don't throw matches to prevent forest fires.

Peggy Smith                          Hollyrood Elementary School
psmith@pps.k12.or.us.                3560 N.E. Hollyrood Ct.
+1 503-2840-6766                     Portland, OR 97212 USA

Hi! We colored 263 bags at Walker School in Ashland, Oregon. Was having trouble sending this message but it finally went. I'm Randye Jensen from Walker School, in Ashland, Oregon......I didn't note on the first message that I wanted to be informed about the total number of bags...but I do...Thanks!

Randye Jensen

Lake Grove School in Lake Oswego, Oregon decorated 500 bags--250 each for our local Albertsons and Wizer's. This was k-6.

Patty Sands
Library Media Specialist
Lake Grove Elementary School
15777 SW Boones Ferry Road
Lake Oswego, Oregon 97035

We are from Lincoln Elementary School in Ashland, Oregon. We had a goal of 1,000 grocery bags. Well we didn't get that many, but from 3 schools we did decorate 500 and the other school in Ashland that took on organizing themselves, did 273 so we got close. We loved doing the project and the community thought it was a wonderful idea. We would like to participate next year and make our number grow. So keep in touch.

The students of the KAP class, Lincoln Elementary School, Ashland, Oregon

Judith Anne McBride       (541) 488-1857  Home
323 N. Laurel             (54l) 428-2416  Lincoln School
Ashland, Oregon 97520     (541) 482-8037  Classroom 11

Oregon Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1995

Arleta School in Portland, Or. decorated 263 Earth Day bags for Keinow's food store.

Thank you for planning this event.
Aaron Neiss, grade 5

Timothy Hahn                         Arleta Elementary School
thahn@pps.k12.or.us.                 5109 S.E. 66th Ave.
+1 503-280-6330                      Portland, OR 97206  USA

We decorated 185 grocery bags at Hollyrood School, Portland, OR.

Peggy Smith                          Hollyrood Elementary School
psmith@pps.k12.or.us.                3560 N.E. Hollyrood Ct.
+1 503-2840-6766 Portland, OR 97212 USA

Oregon Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1994

Thanks a bunch for the great idea. Crest Kids Club produced 55 bags and thoroughly surprised the store manager with crayon colored phrases like "your mother is calling" and "I stoop for trash". Albertson's Supermarkets will never be the same...Onward, 20,000 bags or bust!
Bill Storms
Crest Kids Club
(after school care)
Eugene Oregon
Bill Storms
Talented and Gifted Institute
College of Education
University of Oregon
Internet: bstorms@uoregon.oregon.edu

Hello Mark and third graders:
View Acres School in Milwaukie, Oregon participated in the Grocery Bag project.
We decorated 500 bags and the local grocery store was thrilled! We will be awaiting the grand total on Friday!
Monica George, media specialist
Alice Sedgwick, third grade teacher
>From george@mortimer.nclack.k12.or.us

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