Rhode Island Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1999

Bags decorated: 115
Christine Richardson
Oakland Beach School
Warwick,RI 02886 USA
Bags decorated: 300
This a terrific project. The whole school got excited!
Gerrie Bastia - Science Teacher
Hoxsie School
Warwick RI

Rhode Island Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1998

This is our first year participating in the Earth Day Groceries Project and it was great! Two of our local grocers were more than willing to donate the brown bags. Central Fruit in Central Falls donated approximately 25 bags and the Family Marketplace in Pawtucket donated 500 bags!! Our junior high students were able to decorate 481 of those bags! Even our Assistant Principal decorated one. The bags look great! We look forward to participating in this project next year!!
Michelle Lewandowski (globalauto@ids.net)
Central Falls Jr./Sr. High
Central Falls, R.I.
The Alternative Learning Program (grades 1-3) at Primrose Hill School in Barrington, Rhode Island, decorated sixty grocery bags with Earth Day messages. We returned them to The Center Market in Barrington, Rhode Island for use in packaging groceries. This is a terrific idea!
Marilyn Packard-Luther KATAMA@prodigy.ne
This is the first year that East Greenwich has participated. Our two k-3 elementary schools decorated a total of 531 bags. We loved this project!
Judy de Groot (doylej@ride.ri.net)
Meadowbrook Farms and Frenchtown Schools
East Greenwich, RI

Rhode Island Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1997

News from:
Susan Naysnerski rcq106@uriacc.uri.edu
Tech Coordinator
Narragansett Elementary School
Narragansett, RI
Decorated 400 bags. Project was in collaboration with local IGA. Our third year! Great idea - kids and parents love it!

Rhode Island Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1996

Wickford Elementary
99 Phillips St
North Kingstown, RI 02852
participated in the project. Great idea! We found our local grocery store, Ryan's Market, was willing to donate blank brown bags during Earth Week. We are still decorating them with our wonderful, inspiring and educating messages. Ryan's is not a chain but has been in business in the same family for over 100 Years!!
THE Count is 123 completed but we are still working on them. They are beautiful!

Helen Johnson
4th grade teacher

At Peace Dale School in Rhode Island this is the second year we have done grocery bags during our Earth Week celebration. This year our students decorated over 500 bags with Earth Day slogans and pictures and then returned them to Stop and Shop. What fun the kids had when moms and dads brought home groceries in a bag decorated by someone they knew. This is a fun project and a good connection for community and school. When you get a final count, I would be interested in how many other schools did a project like this and what the total number of bags were. Thanks for getting this information.

Linda Kamerzel

Just a note to let you know that NARRAGANSETT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL IN NARRAGANSETT, RHODE ISLAND decorated 529 bags this year and would like to be added to the total. What a great project - an easy way to raise the consciousness in a neighborhood. Our local market has really enjoyed participating. Are the participants listed at the web site? I need to check. Last year our kids plotted all the participants on a map. Thanks for organizing this event.

Susan Naysnerski in Rhode Island

At Coggeshall School in Newport, RI, our students in first through fifth grades participated in 2 earth day activities. First groceries bags where gathered from Vaillancourt's Market (a neighborhood convience store) and all students decorated the bags with an earth day picture and message. Secondly, all students, teachers and some parents cleaned the school yard at Coggeshall. This acivity was planned by our custodian Mrs. Downes who assigned each grade an important task. Third, fourth and fifth grades raked leaves while the first and second graders planted flowers and helped to put a new walkway in the front of our school. It was a great day by everyone!!!

Eileen Sullivan

Rhode Island Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1995

Just a note to let you know that Narragansett Elementary School decorated 650 grocery bags for Earth Day. I delivered them yesterday to be distributed between now and the 22nd. What a neat project! Required very little effort! Pleas let us know the total number of bags decorated, as I promised my kids and our staff and the local market that I would let them know!
Susan Naysnerski
Oakland Beach Elementary School in Warwick, RI really enjoyed participating the grocery bag project! Mrs. Mason's fifth grade students organized the project for the school. It was a perfect culminating activity for their year long study of the pollution in Greenwich Bay, a body of water abutting their neighborhood. After learning about the causes of the pollution, the students felt it was important to educate the rest of their community, making people aware that each individual contributes to the problem and, as a result, can help eliminate it. Mrs. Mason's students wrote speeches containing that message and delivered them to the other classes. After a short discussion, the other children were invited to help in the effort by decorating a shopping bag using the theme, "Save the Bay". A reporter from The Providence Journal covered the event and wrote a piece about it, which added to the publicity and carried the children's message even further. In all, 500 bags were decorated and delivered to Stop and Shop. In addition to using the bags on Earth Day, the manager promised to read a message from the children over the PA system.
Greetings from the Ocean State!

Lincoln School, in Providence, Rhode Island, sent out 98 paper grocery bags on Earth Day. Our local grocery store, The Eastside Marketplace, was very cooperative.

Lincoln is an independent girls school serving 300 students from Infancy to 12th grade. This was done as a Lower School k-5 project.


Camilla Gallo
Lincoln School, Providence RI

Our School, Thompson Middle School in Newport, Rhode Island, designed and distributed more than 550 bags to our local stores. We not only had fun but were able to spread the message to so many of our neighbors. We recieved so many favorable comments about the project. The stores also gots lots of extra business as our students dragged their parents to those stores to show them their works. We're looking forward to participating next year. Thanks for a great idea.


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