Ontario Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1999

Once again students at Chemong School, Bridgenorth, Ontario, Canada participated in this worthy project. Students from Grades 2 to 7 decorated a total of 325 bags. Thank you for organizing this activity.
Jane Galbraith
Brenda Hicks
St. Alexander School
Fonthill, Ontario, Canada
Bags decorated: 520+
Comments: This was the first year that St. Alexander School has participated in the Earth Day Grocery Bag Project. Since our local grocery Store IGA which is located in the plaza next to our school uses recyclable plastic grocery bags we decided that we would make bookmarks with earth day messages and artwork for the store to place in the grocery bags. This way each shopper would always be reminded of the importance of taking care of our earth. We made 520 bookmarks. The students enjoyed doing this activity and were very creative with their artwork. A group of students presented the bookmarks to two staff members of the IGA on Tuesday April 20th. The store started putting the bookmarks in the bags that day and will do so until they are all gone. This activity shows the community that the students at St. Alexander School has an awareness of the importance of taking care of our earth.
Greeting from Mountain Gardens School in Burlington, Ontario,Canada!. This is our first year as a participant in the Earth Day Groceries project. Since many grocery stores in our neighbourhood do not use paper bags the students decided to decorate recycled paper with environmental messages. In total 250 messages were decorated and divided evenly between the local Sobeys and Price Chopper for distribution to customers on Earth Day 1999. We also colour photcopied some of the most colourful messages which will be displayed on a bulletin board and scanned onto our web page. We even received phone calls from customers praising the students for their efforts!! Thanks again for a great idea !
Lynne Page and Liz Watson
Environmental Club Coordinators.
Mountain Gardens School
Burlington, Ontario
Jackie Powney
Springbrook Elementary School
Orangeville, Ontario, Canada
Bags decorated: 500
Comments: Thanks for the amazing project! I found it on the internet and had intended on using it with my own class, hoping to interest a few other teachers in the process. As our project grew, every single class from grade 1 - 8 ended up decorating bags. We delivered them to one grocery store, and the local paper showed up to take our picture and do a write-up. I plan on getting more schools in our area involved next year. Any ideas about how to involve stores that print logos on both sides of their bags? We live in a small town with three large grocery stores, and only one store uses blank bags. Maybe if they're given enough notice and are interested they could order blank bags for the project. Has anyone tried this? Thanks again, and happy Earth Day! Sincerely, J. Powney
Sheri Betteridge
Malden Public School
Amherstburg, Ontario CANADA
Bags decorated: 225
Comments: This was our first year participating in the project. What a great idea. Our school is a small rural one and all students from Junior Kindergarten to grade 8 participated. 2 local grocery stores donated the bags and they turned out fantastic! The kids really enjoyed them. They were works of art. Next year I think that I will start a week earlier so that I can display them in the hallways for everyone to enjoy. Thanks for initiating a wonderful project!
Sandra Porter
Oakley Park School
Bags decorated: 600
Comments: We saw your idea on the internet and thought it was great. Our local Zehrs grocery store cooperated and tomorrow the bags go out. Thanks for the idea!
Ralf Mueller
Marlborough Public School
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Bags decorated: 310
Comments: We read about the Earth Day Grocery Bag project in the latest issue of Science and Children and immediately thought it was a wonderful idea. The whole school got behind the project and we easily found a willing partner in a local produce store, Elias Markets. We had a great time, super lessons were learned in all classrooms, and hearing the press release over the radio was quite a thrill. Count us in again next year!
Constanza Gardeazabal
Sts. Peter & Paul School
Mississauga, ON Canada
Bags decorated: 100
Comments: This is a fabulous idea. The students really enjoyed creating their Environmental messages; getting their messages out there in the community made it all the more exciting. Sadly, we could not locate a grocer in our city that uses paper bags so we approached the Liquor Store Board which was more than happy to participate in this event. Till next year! Constanza
Bags decorated: 203
Comments: We heard about your project through one of our student teachers. Then we found your Web Site to get the details.
Last Thursday, 22 April 1999, students from all classes decorated paper bags provided by Mike Dean's Super Food Store in Chesterville, Ontario.
A total of 203 bags were decorated! Sorry ...no pictures.
Lynn Walsh
Chesterville Public School
Chesterville, Ontario, Canada
Bags decorated: 200 +
We will be decorating our bags this week and delivering them to Best Value Zellers Department Store for Thursday. We have 235 students in the school so we hope to get at leat that many decorated. I will give a final count on Wednesday evening. Thanks for such a positive idea. We are all excited about the project.
This is just a final report. Every class in our school participated in this project from Kindergarten (JK &SK) up to Grade 8. Some incredible talent was exhibited along with valuable messages. Grade 1 and 2 students were the leaders - going to rooms to explain the reason for the project and how it would happen. 427 bags were delivered to Best Value Department Store tonight for use tomorrow !
Marilyn Demers
Battlefield Public School
Naigara Falls Ontario Canada
Bags decorated: 30
Our Lady of Victory Senior School
Fort Erie, Ontario
Bags decorated: 15
Miss Sandra Crawford
Oakley Park Public school
Barrie, Ontario Canada
Our school, Orchard Park Public School in Orillia, Ontario, Canada has decorated 200 grocery bags for a local store for Earth Day. The grocery store is Zehrs. The students in our school that decorated the bags were from grade 1 to 5. I had several students from grade 6 and 7 that helped to present the activity to these younger grades. Thank you for the great project for our school to work on for Earth Day.
Yours truly,
Ms. Linda Buchanan

Ontario Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1998

Earth Day 1998
On April 22th at O'Gorman Intermediate School, over 200 students through grads 6 to 8 were involded in an "Earth Day Groceries Project". Over 240 paper bags were coloured and had written messages on them and sent to a local super market "Super Fresh-A&P" to encourage people of Timmins, Ontario to keep our earth clean. These students enjoyed supporting Earth Day. Our projet was a success and we have recieved positive feedback from the community. We hope to continue this project as the years progress for our generation have to make a difference for our environment.
Thank you,
O'Gorman Intermediate School in Timmins, Ontario, Canada
Special Events Committee
Robyn Daigle
Lianne Madill
Peter Harkins hark@ntl.sympatico.ca
This is the second year that the students at Chemong School, Bridgenorth, Ontario, Canada, have taken part in this project. This year students from Grade 2 to Grade 7 decorated 350 brown paper bags from local stores. It is a valuable opportunity for students to learn the difference between renewable and non-renewable resources. They all enjoyed decorating the bags. Thankyou for organizing this worthwhile event.
Jane Galbraith galbraith@accel.net
We decorated 170 bags!!
Submitted by Stephanie and Julie, Grade 4
Janet Joyce (janet_joyce@pcbe.edu.on.ca)
Armour Heights Public School
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
275 students from Kindergarten to Grade 4 decorated bags for our neighbourhood IGA
Fred Sutherland (Fred G._Suiherland@pcbe.edu.on.ca)
Edmison Heights Public School
Peterborough, Ontario
Grocery Bags from Millbrook
We are two schools from Millbrook Ontario Canada: Millbrook South Cavan Annex and Millbrook South Cavan School. Our grades go from Kindergarden to grade 8. We have made 409 grocery bags for Calhounšs IGA in downtown Millbrook for Earth Day.
Class of Dave Stabler (clstabled@pcbe.edu.on.ca)
Millbrook South Cavan
Millbrook, Ontario
Wilson Avenue School
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada (100km west of Toronto)
400 beautifully decorated bags delivered to our local Dutch Boy/IGA grocery store.
Frank Scarfino
Grade 6 teacher
Queen Elizabeth pupils decorated 272 paper bags with earth day messages and delivivered them to our local IGA groccery store for distribution.
Cathy Manias-Fiddler (maniasc@pcbe.edu.on.ca)
Queen Elizabeth Public School
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
The students of Keatsway School decorated 390 grocery bags with crayons and markers.The bags carried messages to be kind to the earth and to save the endangered animals.Today, April 21 a group of students returned the grocery bags to Zehr's Masrkets, Beechwood Plaza, Waterloo.
Thanks for letting us be part of this great project.
Anne-Marie Periard (aperiard@sentex.net)
Keatsway Public School
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
At Cameron Street School in Collingwood, we are participating in the Earth Day Groceries Project for the second year. 470 students will be re-using paper to create Earth Day Messages and illustrations. They will be inserted in grocery bags (plastic) at our local Loblaw's store. We are also working on another Earth Day Project. Our school is hoping to collect 10 cents from each student so we can raise enough money to help "purchase" one metre of the Trans Canada Trail. The Trans Canada Trail is a Millenium project that should be ready for July 1, 2000. There will be a trail that runs from British Columbia to P.E.I. People will be encouraged to use the trail for walking, biking, cross country skiing, snowmobiling and horseback riding. Groups and individuals that donate $36 to the trail will get their name on a plaque at a pavillion. This trail will allow Canadians and others to enjoy the beauty of our country and participate in outdoor activities. We would like to see other schools take up the challenge of raising enough money to purchase one metre of the trail. If we all give a little, together we can accomplish great things. Enjoy Earth Day at your school!
Ruth Hall (rhall@ cses.scbe.on.ca)
Cameron Street Public School
Collingwood, ON

Ontario Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1997

For the second consecutive year, St. Peter School, located in Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada which is about 5 km east of Windsor, participated in the Earth Day - Grocery Bag Project. Last year we decorated four hundred bags and this year we increased our output to approximately five hundred. We distributed these bags to two local grocery stores once again. In fact one of the stores asked us if we were going to participate in the project before we even started. They even arranged a local newspaper interview. Again, many thanks for the great idea that continues to foster cooperation within our community.
David Lozinsky davilozi@mail.wincom.net
Grade 4/5 teacher
St. Peter School
Our principal is Jamie Bumbacco
What a great project! We decorated 450 bags with environmental messages. Our local Loblaws supplied the bags even though they use plastic. It was fun to see the bags return to the school to carry snacks and other items. We've been thinking about decorating cloth bags with environmental messages for next year. I like Cameron P.S.'s idea of putting environmental messages into plastic bags.
Rick Hay rickhay@interlog.com
Whitney Public School
Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
Greetings from Canada's capital city, Ottawa. We are pleased to report that the students at Dunlop School (Grades 1-6)decorated 500 grocery bags which were delivered to the Loeb store for distribution on Earth Day.
Dunlop Public School
Ottawa, Canada
J. Russil / P. McLeod Patricia_M._Mcleod@obe.edu.on.ca
We at Sir Winston Churchill Public School in London Ontario Canada are proud of our Staff and students, who for the past two weeks have educated ourselves on Environmental issues. We were lucky to have BAGS donated by the A&P on Clarke Road S. Our Junior and Intermediate students in cross-grade teams decorated 150 bags. Some of the arrt was suitable for framing. The lucky shoppers on EARTH DAY at the A&P were presented with a reminder that what we do on this Earth affects all things great and small. Thanks for the great idea. See you next year.
Ena Runnalls for the Staff and Students at Sir Winston Churchill WINNERS of this Years Peter Jaffe Award for "Safe Schools"
Jeffrey Runnalls crunnall@multiboard.com
What a great idea! We went to all three grocery stores in our town of 5000 people and all agreed to participate. We did a total of 360 bags (one per student). The art work on some was astonishing and towns people were thrilled to get them. We have plans to do it again next year!
Anne Range and Bill Carroll arange@wcl.on.ca
Walkerton Public School
Walkerton, Ontario, Canada
We are sending 181 bags to Fortinos Supermarket. They have been decorated by the students of Baycrest and Baycreat has grades one to five. We have decorated the bags very well I think. SANDRA LAURIN sandra_laurin@nybe.north-york.on.ca
Baycrest P.S
North York Ontario Canada

Greetings from Keith Wightman P.S., Peterborough, Ontario, Canada Our school of 350 students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8 decorated 350 bags and gave them to a neighbourhood IGA grocery store to use on Earth Day.
Hilda J. Class_HJolley@pcbe.edu.on.ca
The Grade 5 classes of Diane Sweeting and Jane Galbraith decorated 125 bags provided by Speed's Valumart and Guardian Drugs in Bridgenorth. My kids had a great time and made some wonderful artpieces out of the grocery bags!! In fact, yesterday we got a fax from a lady that bought groceries who was very impressed and thanked "Amanda from Chemong School". She phoned the school first to find out our fax number. The kids put on each bag: Earth Day, April 22, 1997, a picture of the globe, their first name, the name of the school and a wise saying about helping to keep the world a safe and healthy place to live and then very creatively decorated the bag. I can't imagine the work that this entails for all of you, but we here in Bridgenorh, Ontario appreciate the time and effort you have spent in the organization of it all.
Jane Galbraith galbraith@accel.net
Chemong Public School
Bridgenorth, Ontario, Canada
What a great project you have! I visited several times a few weeks ago, and I liked what I saw. I talked to some staff members, and then the entire staff. All were supportive as was the local grocery store manager.
Please add us, Keatsway School in Waterloo, Ontario, to your list of participants.
Zehr's Beechwood provided us with 500 unprinted grocery bags. 470 of them were decorated by the children at Keatsway Public School in Waterloo, Ontario. Each child from Kindergarten to grade 6 in the school decorated a bag. When we passed word of this to our board, we had TV and newspaper coverage. This is one project of many that we have on the go for this Earth Week.
This week we plan to use local green areas to learn more about the environment. We will be weeding our nature garden, a patch of the school yard that has been planted with native species and which has attracted some small animal life. We are hoping to enlarge this area and to plant more trees and bushes around the school. One class is making vermicomposters to take home. We will be finishing earth week with a concert by a local artist.
Waterloo is a small city of 90,000 about one hour west of Toronto. It is part of the regional municipality of Waterloo which comprises Waterloo, Kitchener, and Cambridge. With a total population of 405,000 the regional municipality is the 11th largest metropolitan area in Canada. Historically it is a German settlement with many manufacturing industries, especially textile mills located on the Grand River, and food industries. It hosts the second largest Octoberfest in the world, next to the festival in Munich, Germany. The area has many small industries, especially software development. Two universities are located in Waterloo, the University of Waterloo, and Wilfrid Laurier University.
Thanks for a great idea - for which I have received many compliments.
Anne-Marie Periard
Millbrook South Cavan School of Millbrook, Ontario, Canada, drew and coloured 500 grocery bags for Earth Day. They drew different things on the grocery bags involving Earth Day on April 22, 1997. Millbrook is a very small town on the outskirts of Peterborough in Ontario. Peterborough is about 1 hour Northeast from Toronto. Millbrook is too. It is an agricultural and tourist area.
Hi! Cameron St. Public School in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada completed 471 Earth day grocery messages. Our local grocery store does not use paper bags. They use plastic bags. So we are putting messages in the bags. So that we don't waste good paper we our putting messages on recycled paper.
You can visit our school on the web at http://cses.scbe.on.ca
From: Mike and Claire, grade 5
P.S. We are sending a picture of our class in a separate message.

We've had fun decorating 200 grocery bags for our local grocery store! Thanks for introducing us to this project.
Grades 4, 5, and 6 janet_joyce@pcbe.edu.on.ca
Armour Heights Public School
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Ontario Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1996

Grandview Public School in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada decorated 384 grocery bags for the local Loblaws store. The project was very well received by students and staff. Thanks for the great idea!


Many thanks for the great Earth Day Project suggestion. Our students were extremely receptive to the idea and were very creative in developing original slogans.
Our school, St. Peter, is located in Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada which is about 5 km east of Windsor. We decorated approximately 400 grocery bags for two local supermarkets, LOEB and Zehrs. We also received recognition for our efforts from two local newspapers.
Again, thanks for the project idea as it allowed collaboration among students for a great purpose..........Our Earth!!!

David Lozinsky
Grade 4/5 teacher
St. Peter School
Our principal is Dan Simone

We completed 267 bags on Earth Day. It was a novel idea and the community was very impressed as when I went to the store on Wednesday, there weren't that many bags left. I still want to get back to the store and talk to the manager.
To date, there are only two people on the Net in this community. Myself and my sister. I informed the teaching staff at my school, Wasse-Abin Junior School, that your group was pinning a flag on a map as to the location where the grocery bag projects were happening. They were very excited about it as a few people know where Manitoulin Island is located, let alone Wikwemikong. Sometimes I feel I am the voice to the outside world although we are not that isolated. Hopefully by September our two schools will be on-line as the telephone company is just laying out the fibre optic networks.

Dawna LeBlanc

We attend a school in a rural area of South Central Ontario. The 450 students from K-8 helped others in the community think about Earth Day by completing 400 bags. People in the community were keen on the idea and there was even a suggestion made that the students should think about decorating bags for other special times of the year. A lot of the students had phone calls from neighbours to tell them how nice the bags were done and to compliment them for making other people aware of earth day. Thank You for a great, community spirited idea.

Dave Stabler's Grade 5 Class
Millbrook, Ontario, Canada
Millbrook South Cavan Public School
Dave Stabler

Our Earth Day project was a great success. We completed 1000 bags and had a great time doing it. Our school turned the project into a spirit day and had a lot of fun with your idea!
A big thank you goes out to Dieter and Darcy's No Frills in Peterborough for donating the grocery bags and to the 200 students who decorated them. Thanks for a great time.
See you next year!

K9J 3H8
PS...We'll watch the Web Page for all of the results.

Approximately 330 students eagerly participated in decorating Earth Day grocery bags. Some of our junior students made posters for the grocery store to display as well. Hopefully we will have some pictures on our home page for you.

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Duke of Edinburgh Public School
Eric Beck

There were 38 students in the grade 1 and 2 classes that participated in the project. This is the first year that they have done so. They decorated about 70 bags. I'm sure that next year will be even bigger.

Egremont Community School
Holstein, Ontario
Karen Cheeseman

Ontario Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1995

My teacher handed out the grocery bags from grade one to grade five classes. We have collected them all and there are 69 bags all completed. We are going to send them to Fortinos which is a grocery store in our neighborhood and they are going to hand them out during Earth Week to all the people who buy something.
We all enjoyed working on them and we hope we learned something new about conservation and reducing for Earth Week and every week. Please send your report to my teacher at Gulfstream P.S. Toronto, Ontario. Thanks! Aaron:>)
Park Ave P.S. in HollandLanding Ontario north of Toronto participated in the grocery day project and 520 bage were beatifully decorated. Thank you for sharing the idea and communicating the results jerry diakiw principal

Jerry Diakiw 

Queen Mary Street School enthusiastically decorated 210 bags for our local Loeb IGA.

Susan Roseman
Queen Mary Street School
Ottawa, Ontario Canada

This is another bag report.

West Lynde Public School
270 Michael Blvd.
Whitby, ON, CAN
L1N 6B1
Eric Beck email: ericbeck@village.ca

approx. 450 bags were done by K-6 students.

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