1999 Earth Day Groceries Reports - Arkansas

Mrs. Frances Walker/ 3rd grade teacher - Ms. Rhonda Mahaffey/Aide
Holly Harshman Elementary
Mena, AR
Bags decorated: 260
Comments: We have very much enjoyed this Earth Day Project! Not only did Mrs. Walker's third grade participate, she involved fourth grade and fifth grade classes. We would like to mention Jame's Food Center for thier donation of grocery bags. They were very pleased with the bags delivered to them from our children here at HHES. Thanks to this web site for leading us to such a fun and exciting project for Earth Day!
Kimberly Miles
Hillcrest Elementary, Jonesboro, Arkansas
Jonesboro, Ar
Bags decorated: 85
Comments: My fourth grade students thouroughly enjoyed decorating the grocery bags for Earth Day. In class, we read a story and read from the flyer in the Weekly Reader. Following the reading activities we colored our grocery bags. I am sure we will have several parents shopping at the local Kroger store tonight.
I teach 4 classes of fourth grade reading at Hillcrest Elementary in Jonesboro, Arkansas. We use our Weekly Readers every week. Thank you for your support in educating today children.
Jaynie Cannon
G.R. Taylor Elementary School
White Hall, Arkansas
Bags decorated: 756
Comments: Once again we decorated our bags for our local grocery store - Cranford's Fresh World. This year our K-6 students decorated bags during their library visits and during art classes. We were able to beat last year's total by decorating 756 bags of two different sizes. We had a great time and plan to continue with this project next year! Happy Earth Day!!!

Bags decorated: 250
Comments: We incorporated this project into a one-day seminar at a local state park. Fifth grade students visited different stations at which Earth Day topics were discussed by professionals in that area. My fifth grade Sage (gifted and talented) class was responsible for one station. I saw your project on the internet and thought that it would be a great idea for us! Our local Kroger store provided the sacks and seemed excited to be a participant, also. Thanks for a great way for our students to express their feelings about Earth Day in a way which will be shared with so many people!
Vanda Hollensworth
Central Elementary School
Magnolia, Arkansas

1998 Earth Day Groceries Reports - Arkansas

Our school participated in the Earth Day bags. We decorated 500 this year. We are Reagan Elementary in Rogers, AR.
Leslie Turley LTURLEY@reagan.nwsc.k12.ar.us
Greetings from Taylor Elementary in White Hall, Arkansas. Our K-6 students decorated 496 grocery bags that were donated by and distributed through our local grocery store Cranford's Fresh World. Since this was our first year to participate, we also made posters to display in the store. The project was also featured on our new school web site. We had a great time and look forward to participating again next year!
Jaynie Cannon, Media Specialist (cannonj@whte.arsc.k12.ar.us)
G.R. Taylor Elementary School
White Hall, Arkansas
Students in grades 5-12 at Walnut Ridge Public School decorated a total of 612 Earth Day bags for use at the local Harp's and Big Star grocery stores!! The students enjoyed decorating the bags as well as getting the message out to our community that we are concerned about the environment. We will definitely be involved in this project again next year.
Students in 5th and 6th grades at Walnut Ridge Middle School have also planted a butterfly garden and vegetable garden, dug a pond, and planted a tree in an area that we have designated as the WRMS Nature Center.
Thanks for giving us an opportunity to be a part of the Earth Day Grocery Bag Project.
Mrs. Wheeless (cwheeless@wrsd.nesc.k12.ar.us)
5th/6th grade Science Teacher
Walnut Ridge Middle School
Walnut Ridge, Arkansas
Our elementary school(K-5)is participating in the Earth Day Groceries Project for the second year in a row. This year we are decorating 387 bags. We received many positive comments about our bags last year and hope to receive the same this year. Our students definitely enjoy the decorating and spreading the Earth Day messages. Jan Whisenhunt (whisenja@mcsd.dsc.k12.ar.us) Magnet Cove Elementary Malvern, AR

1997 Earth Day Groceries Reports - Arkansas

Eight classes participated in this great project. We decorated 500 paper bags and attached decorated sheets to 500 plastic bags. Kroger, one of our "Partners In Education", was very supportive and eager to participate with us. The children had fun while learning about Earth Day. Thank you! We would like to do it every year.
Debbie Moix xiom@earthlink.net
Terry Elementary
Little Rock, Arkansas
Our elementary school, which consists of K - 6th grade students, decorated 543 grocery bags. We had a great time participating in this project. We look forward to doing it next year!
Lisa Coburn coburn@infogo.com
McGehee Elementary School
McGehee, Arkansas
Our school participated in several events for Earth Day. We decorated 500 grocery bags from the local Albertsons to be distributed on Earth Day, planted 15 dozen flowers around the school yard, cleaned up our playground areas and purchased 4 park benches to put in a courtyard area to use as an outdoor classroom.
Wanda Roberts wroberts@darkstar.swsc.k12.ar.us
Trice Elementary
Texarkana, Arkansas
We have just completed a grocery bag activity and our homeroom decorated 23 bags. What a wonderful way to focus the community's attention on our environment.

1996 Earth Day Groceries Reports - Arkansas

Hello, I wanted to let you know that the sixth and seventh grade at Carl Stuart Middle School, in Conway, Arkansas colored on approximately 4000 sacks. This involved the entire school through their science class. We have approximately 1200 students at our school.
Thank you very much for the idea.

Susan Middlebrooks