Nova Scotia Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1999

The students of the Inverness Education Centre in Inverness, Nova Scotia. Canada decorated 369 paper grocery bags this year. This surpassed their previous total of 316 bags last year. The Shean Co-op in Inverness gave the students the bags and they were well recieved by customers on April 22nd, Earth day 1999.
We look forward to participating in this wonderful project again next year and as project coordinator of the Earth Day Grocery Project at this school, I wish to thank and applaud the staff and students on their enthusiam and great effort,the Shean Co-op staff for their extra effort and support. Also the local newspaper The Inverness Oran for the wonderful coverage once again this year on this very worthwhile project. Way to go!
Bonny H.J. Mac Isaac
Earth Day Project Coordinator
Inverness Education Centre
Inverness, Nova Scotia. Canada

Nova Scotia Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1998

The 321 students at New Germany Elementary School, Nova Scotia, Canada have decorated 500 grocery bags, These bags have been used during the past week at our community's grocery store and were a big hit. We even had a photo taken and a write-up in our local paper. Our superintendent thought it was a great idea, too.
Bill Bruhm
Grade 6 teacher
Hi! We would like to add our results to your tally for 1998. The students at Inverness Elementary School in Inverness, Nova Scotia Canada decorated 316 paper bags for their Earth Day Project this year.There are 270 students from Primary to Grade 6 in this school. The staff and students were very excited about this project and Bonny Dixon was the coordinator of the project and wanted to prove how quickly a project of this type could be done. From start to finish in organizing this project we only had three days and this was the result of our effort. I also took pictures as well the local paper took photos and they were the talk of the community today when consumers went shopping. What a great idea. If any more information is required you can contact me Bonny Dixon at the address below. The students are really excited about seeing their results listed on your site.
Bonny Dixon
Our names are Marly and Jillian. The school we go to is Harry .R. Hamilton school. We are particapting in the Earth Day Groceries.We have alot of fun decorating the bags.We have a lot of bags,to be exact 400 bags. We passed the bags out today and hope to have them done tomorrow.Then we will return them to Sobey's to use on Earth Day.
From Jillian and Marly Grade 4
Jill Grandy

Nova Scotia Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1997

I am reporting for Harry R. Hamilton School in Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia. This was the first year we participated in the Earth Day Grocery Bag decorating and, I'm happy to say, it was very successful.All classes except one decoratd bags to enter in our school wide "we care" contest. The winning bags were displayed in the school. The remaining 465 bags were returned to Sobey's in Sackville where they were packed with groceries and distributed on Earth Day.We were excited to be a part of such an important and fun-filled project.
Thank you.
Jill Grandy
Gr.4/5 teacher
Atlantic View Elementary has decorated 180 grocery bags. They will be used at a local grocery store starting on Tudesday, April 22nd. The grocery store ordered them in especially for us because they rarely use paper bags any more.
Nancy Barkhouse
Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1996

We decorated 250 bags but then we were under a different name_ Sheriff Junior High. This school has since closed when we moved into a new high tech home here at Sherwood Park. We were very well received in the community and received writeups and the like in local media.
Sydney, N.S., Canada
Sherwood Park Education Centre
T. MacKenzie

Nova Scotia Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1995

The students from Atlantic View Elementary School in Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia, Canada decorated 186 grocery bags for Earth Day. They will be used at the nearest cooperating grocery store on Saturday (Earth Day). All of the students and teachers were eager to participate and hope to continue the project each year.
Nancy Barkhouse
We participated in the Earth Day Grocery Bag project. Our bags were used at the Capital Grocery store. Our class was the first in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia to hear about this wonderful project. In Dartmouth, there was 1,315 children that participated in this Earth Day project. We hope to hear from you soon. We are on the Kidsphere newsgroup.

Grade 3 at John MacNeil Elementary School
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

We decorated 250 bags.We were very well received in the community and received writeups and the like in local media.
Sydney, N.S., Canada
Sheriff Junior High
T. MacKenzie

Nova Scotia Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1994

Our school participated - Atlantic View Elementary on the Atlantic Ocean inNova Scotia. 193 bags were given out - one per student, grades primary to 5.
Biggest problem was finding a grocery store that used ANY paper bags. Great idea. Counts towards our environmental SEEDS project too! Nancy Barkhouse Atlantic View Elementary
RR# 2 Porter's Lake, Halifax County, Nova Scotia, Canada B0J 2S0

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