South Carolina Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1999

Jamie Wilkerson
Rosewood Elementary School
Rock Hill, SC 29732
Bags decorated: 650
Comments: This year Rosewood students in grades 2-5 decorated the grocery Bags provided by Harris Teeter grocery store at Northwoods Shopping Center. The 400 bags decorated by Rosewood students included slogans about Earth Day and advise about recycling and reusing of natural resources, as well as pictures of the earth drawn by the students. The bags were returned to Harris Teeter where they were distributed to customers.
Earth Day Birthday was celebrated at the Museum of York County on Saturday, April 24, 1999. Students and teachers from Rosewood sponsored an exhibit that allowed students from across the area to decorate their own Earth Day grocery bags while learning more about things they could do to help the environment. An additional feature of our exhibit was a lesson taught by students on which types of items would be best for packing "trashless lunches." Another lesson taught about which items would be best to purchase from the environmental point and could be used to fill the paper grocery bags everyone was decorating. Through this exhibit, students added another 250 bags to those already decorated by students at the school, bringing our total to 650 bags for the 1999 Earth Day Celebration.
It was another great year of fun and learning, connecting our school, our community, and Harris Teeter grocery stores with the students from Arbor Heights in Seattle, Washington and students from around the world.
Julia Harrelson
Sorry this is late,but thought you would like to know that a new school joined your project. I hope this isn't too late to put on the web site. Our entire school ( K - 5th ) decorated 679 bags from Kroger. Pontiac Elementary School in Elgin,SC had a great time participating in this wonderful project. We are busy writing Thank You notes to our local Kroger for the bags. Hopefully all the customers enjoyed using our bags on Earth Day.

Dawn Corley
Kindergarten/ First Grade
Westminster, SC
Bags decorated: 500
Roberta Friedland
North Springs Elementary
Columbia, South Carolina
Bags decorated: 500
Comments: Students in grades 1-5 at North Springs Elementary School had fun decorating their Earth Day grocery bags donated by Publix. We were told that the customers at the grocery store thought the bags were "much too nice to use". We encouraged them to Reuse the bags for many alternative uses in the home. Everyone seemed to feel very proud as a participant in this worthwhile community project.
Mildred Barrineau
Sumter, SC. USA
Bags decorated: 500
Comments: This is the 2nd year that our school has participated. We love it and so does the grocery store.
Faith Toole
Duncan Chapel Elementary School
Greenville,SC USA
Bags decorated: 778
Comments: Our school decorated 775 bags for our local grocery store, Publix.
Pam Cowley
Broad River Elementary School
Beaufort, SC 29902
Bags decorated: 150
Comments: My students were very excited. We did a whole Earth Day Unit. They learned the importance of recycling and expressed that knowledge when they decorated their bags. We will do this activity again. Thank you!
Our students have enjoyed decorating bags for Earth Day. We took them to our local grocery store this afternoon so they would be there in the morning. Our school is Concrete Primary School.
535 Powdersville Main
Easley, SC 29642
We took 605 bags.
Thanks for letting us be a part of this project.
Pat Bobbitt
Linda Jennings
Bryson Elementary
Simpsonville, SC, USA
Bags decorated: 51
Comments: Three classes enjoyed decorating Earth Day Grocery Bags. These were delivered to the local Winn Dixie in Simpsonville. Students loved sharing Earth Day messages with others.
Cleva Garner
Lakeview Elementary School
Greenwood, SC 29469
Bags decorated: 554
Comments: We enjoyed being a part of this project. Walmart was a great help by providing the bags and willing to use them on April 22, l999.
McCormick Elementary School in Mullins, South Carolina houses grades 3 and 4. Students decorated 361 grocery bags which will be returned to Bilo for bagging groceries on Thursday, April 22nd. Other Earth Day activities are planned at our school. We have a forester coming to plant a tree. Our cafeteria staff is making dump cake to serve for dessert on Earth Day. The recipe: Grease a 9"x13" baking pan to represent the Earth. Tell students that Earth gets polluted when people dump litter on it. Illustrate this by doing the following: Spread one can of cherry pie filling on the earth to represent the ground. Sprinkle one 8-ounce can of crushed pineapple on the ground to represent litter. Dump one box of yellow cake mix on the ground to represent factory ashes, soot, and other forms of pollution. Pour one stick of melted butter on top to represent an oil spill. Leave layered. Do not stir! Bake at 350 for 45 minutes to 60 minutes. This was submitted to "Schooldays" magazine by Amy Regan from Hudson, Ohio.
Harriett Stephens
Linda Burrell
Jesse Bobo Elementary, Spartanburg County School District Six
Bags decorated: 500
Comments: Winn Dixie Store on Reidville Road in Spartanburg, SC. donated 500 bags to Jesse Bobo Elementary School in Spartanburg School District Six. Students in pre-k to grade 5 participated in decorating the bags. The bags were returned to the store for use on Earth Day. This is the first year Jesse Bobo has participated in this project and the students' interest and excitement should make it an annual favorite!
Bags decorated: 100
There were 525 students from North Springs Elementary School who participated in the Earth Day Groceries Project. Our sponsoring partner was Publix Grocery store. Our school is located in Columbia, South Carolina.
Roberta Friedland
Bags decorated: 85
Shelia Fowler
Tamassee Elementary
Tamassee, South Carolina
Bags decorated: 130
Comments: We enjoyed participating in your Earth Day Grocery Bag Project. We are delivering our bags to Bi-Lo in Fountain Inn, South Carolina. Hopefully we can help spread the message of protecting our planet Earth!
Cindy Owens
Fountain Inn Elementary
Fountain Inn, South Carolina
Bags decorated: 700
Comments: We have just passed out our bags to our students. They were donated by Bi-Lo. We will be returning them to the store on Monday, April 19th so that they can be given to their customers. We are also putting up a bulletin board at Bi-Lo explaining the grocery bag project. Our students are very excited about it. This is a wonderful idea! We are very pleased to be participating this year.
Michelle Irick
5th grade teacher; co-chair of environmental committee
Horrell Hill Elementary School
Hopkins, South Carolina
Bags decorated: 36
Lori Seay
Lexington County School District 4
Swansea, S.C. USA
Bags decorated: 60
Robin Salonich
Sandhills Middle School
Gaston SC 29053
Bags decorated: 700
Audrey Andrieski
Forest Lake Elementary School
Columbia, South Carolina 29206

South Carolina Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1998

Based on information received from the Paper Bag Council of the American Forest and Paper Association:
900 bags
-- Bennetsville Middle School
-- Benettsville, SC
Our third graders have been studing the environmnet for the past two years and how important it is for them to recycle and teach their parents the importance of recycling. For Earth week this year we decorated 250 bags from our local IGA. We also read Brother Eagle Sister Sky and wrote how we would like to make a difference in the world so the earth could look like Chief Seattle's world.
Deborah Kirincich (
Blaney Elementary
Elgin South Carolina
Walhalla, SC-- Girl Scout Brownie Troop # 1 decorated 73 bags for Earth Day.
David Johnson
Our second grade classes decorated 76 bags for a local grocery store to spread the message about "Saving our Earth" and to participate in the Nationwide Earthday Activity. The students were very excited about the project and drew some wonderful Earth Day pictures with messages. Although this is our second year participating, it is the first year of being involved through the WWW. The Wren Primary Garden Club made bookmarkers to be sent to Columbia to present to Landscapes for Learning Collaborative from Clemson University for their help in our newest school wide "Garden of Eatin" Project.
Thanks for spreading the word and letting us take part in this project.
S. Inman, Wren Primary (
We are very excited to participate in a Nationwide Earthday Activity. We will decorate approx. 800 bags.
Carol Bethea (
Wateree Elementary
Lugoff, South Carolina
The 160 Kindergarten through 5th Grade students of Colleton Preparatory Academy in Walterboro, South Carolina have decorated 200 "Bi Lo Grocery Bags" with Earth Day greetings.  This is the first year that Colleton Prep has participated in this wonderful project.  The students' creativity was truly sparked by this project.  The art work inspired by the Grocery Bags Project was not only imaginative, but also portrayed the concerns that children have about our only home, the Earth.  A special thanks to the local Bi Lo Grocery Store manager, Jamie King, for his help and enthusiasm.  Also, a thank you to our Art Teacher, Ms. Suzanne Bowman, and our Lower School Lead Teacher, Mrs.. Carol Armentrout, for all of their help, support, and organization.  I have attached a picture of one of our students with his "Earth Day Grocery Bag."  I hope you received it.  I would also like to thank you and those who help you for the many hours of hard work I know that you must spend on this project.  Please know that your efforts do touch the lives of others.
Stephanie Gruber
 Colleton Prep PTO

Our grade level has decorated 120 bags. Our students were real excited about doing this project. We hope that over time we can make a difference. Thnaks for including us!
Mandy Carriker (
Seaside Elementary
Garden City Beach, SC

South Carolina Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1997

"The faculty, staff and students at Leaphart Elementary School participated in several Earth Day activities this spring. In cooperation with our area grocery store, Harris Teeter, students in the kindergarten through fifth grades creatively decorated 486 paper grocery bags with beautiful pictures and timely messages about recycling, recusing, and reducing, in order to protect the environment. Harris Teeter used the bags on April 22, 1997 in celebration of Earth Day.
Sincerely, Debbie Joy, LES Science Lab Assistant
Leaphart Elementary School 120 Piney Grove Rd., Cola South Carolina, 29210
(I am sending in this report on behalf of Leaphart Elem School, Cola, S.C. - Carolyn Chase
North Myrtle Beach Primary School decorated 320 bags to celebrate Earth Day. We found plain bags at Farmer Jacks grocery store and thank them for their co-operation. The children enjoyed this activity and the teachers were willing to include this activity in their Earth Day celebrations. It was an easy and inexpensive project for us to participate. Thank you for the idea. The grades that participated were K-2. Next year we will try to do more. I found this site at the last minute and we put this project together very quickly. Thank you.
Jeannie DeAngelo- Kindergarten Teacher
North Myrtle Beach Primary School
North Myrtle Beach, SC

South Carolina Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1996

We are Red Bank ELementary School, located in Lexington, South Carolina. Our entire student body (grades k-6) participated in the Earth Day grocery bag project in partnership with our community Winn-Dixie store. Students decorated 825 bags for the project and had a great time doing it! We look forward to repeating the experience next year!

Biv Rinehart
Red Bank Elementary

The third graders at Nelson Elementary School decorated 170 bags which were distributed at the Piggly Wiggly on April 22. Students and teachers are looking forward to participating in this project next year!

Susan Landrum
Nelson Elementary School
Columbia, S.C.

Received this letter in the mail today:
The faculty, staff, and students at Leaphart Elementary School participated in several Earth Day activities this spring. In cooperation with our area grocery store, Harris Teeter, students in grades K through 5 creatively decorated 479 paper grocery bags with beautiful pictures and timely message about recycling, reusing, and reducing, in order to protect the environment. Harris Teeter used the bags on April 22, in celebration of Earth Day.
Please include our school's total in the final tally for ED '96.

Debbie Joy, LES Science Lab Assistant
Leaphart Elementary, 120 Piney Grove Rd., Cola, SC 29210
sent in by:

Carolyn Chase,
Please visit ;-)
San Diego Earth Times,
Earth Day Network
Tel: (619)272-0347 (SDET)
FAX: (619)272-2933
P.O. Box 9827 / San Diego CA 92169
"What is faith worth if it is not translated into action?"

Lexington Intermediate School in Lexington, South Carolina, participated in the Earth Day Grocery Bag project. We designed 352 bags. Our school has an enrollment of 375 students. Our school business partner, Kroger, provided the grocery bags. Our students have recently studied about and written essays on recycling and landfills. They used this knowledge to design their grocery bags.
The Lexington Woman's Club also sponsored our project. The Lexington Woman's Club provided colorful rainforest T-shirts to the three students whose bag designs were selected as the best.
Everyone enjoyed this activity and we are looking forward to learning how many schools participated.

Dupre Yarborough
Media Specialist
Lexington Intermediate School.

South Carolina Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1995

Rosewood School had students in kindergarten through fifth grade participating in the project. Our local Harris Teeter store was more than happy to participate. They had also participated with us last year, so they understood what we were doing quite well.

Two classes of fifth graders also work once a week with a group of four year old kindergarten students in our school. Their plans for this past week were to teach the little ones about Earth Day and to help them design their bags. It was a great opportunity for both groups of students.

When they were all added together, I think we had about 585 bags that were decorated and delivered. We also delivered a banner with both the name of the school and the store and their support of Earth Day, as well as a banner that said thank you to the store for allowing us to do this with them.

I hope everyone enjoyed this as much as we did. I look forward to doing it again next year!!!

Jamie Wilkerson and class
                                        Rosewood School
                                        Rock Hill, SC   USA

South Carolina Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1994

What a wonderful idea!!!!!!! My kids, our teachers, our students, and our local Harris Teeter are really excited about this project. My class of fifth graders is coordinating the effort for our school. It appears that every teacher in the school is wanting to participate with their students...that includes kindergarten! If everyone is able to do this we will deliver at least 567 grocery bags to the store Thursday afternoon for use on Friday, April 22. The manager of the Harris Teeter was so excited that he plans to set aside a special register on Earth Day for our school and the bags we have designed. He has asked that our students design a sign for them to put above the register... He was so excited to be asked to be included!
So, YES!, please include Rosewood School in your list of happy participants! Thank you for your invitation! :-)
                                  Helping to spread the word,
                                      Jamie Wilkerson
                                    Rosewood School
                              Rock Hill, South Carolina 29732

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