Pictures from 1998
Colleton Preparatory Academy in Walterboro, SC


The 160 Kindergarten through 5th Grade students of Colleton Preparatory Academy in Walterboro, South Carolina have decorated 200 "Bi Lo Grocery Bags" with Earth Day greetings.  This is the first year that Colleton Prep has participated in this wonderful project.  The students' creativity was truly sparked by this project.  The art work inspired by the Grocery Bags Project was not only imaginative, but also portrayed the concerns that children have about our only home, the Earth.  A special thanks to the local Bi Lo Grocery Store manager, Jamie King, for his help and enthusiasm.  Also, a thank you to our Art Teacher, Ms. Suzanne Bowman, and our Lower School Lead Teacher, Mrs.. Carol Armentrout, for all of their help, support, and organization.  I have attached a picture of one of our students with his "Earth Day Grocery Bag."  I hope you received it.  I would also like to thank you and those who help you for the many hours of hard work I know that you must spend on this project.  Please know that your efforts do touch the lives of others.
Stephanie Gruber
 Colleton Prep PTO