1999 Earth Day Groceries Reports - Alabama

Through Earth Day Acadiana, five area elementary schools participated in Earth Day Groceries Project decorating 1950 grocery bags. Participating schools include:

Prairie Elementary School
Lafayette, LA
450 bags

Milton Elementary School
Milton, LA
300 bags

Plantation Elementary School
Lafayette, LA
350 bags

Westminster Christian Academy
Lafayette, LA
175 bags

Woodvale Elementary School
Lafayette, LA
325 bags

Dodson Elementary
New Iberia, LA
350 bags

Next year promises to bring more grocer and school participation. Thanks for the idea,
Stacey L. Scarce
Earth Day Acadiana

Elizabeth Davis Harris
Cahaba Girl Scout Council, Mtn. Brook Area, Brownie Troop 711
Birmingham, AL
Bags decorated: 75
Jennifer Warren
Moody Elementary School
Moody, Al
Bags decorated: 650
Comments: Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful idea. Our entire school (K-3) participated in the project! The students were so excited when they went to the local Winn Dixie supermarket and saw their bags being used! What a wonderful way to share the message of Earth Day with the community!!!!
Wenonah Elementary School
Birmingham Public Schools
Birmingham, Alabama
decorated 531 grocery bags for Earth Day. Students in grades K-5 participated in the project.
Thank you for including us on your web site!
Wenonah Elem. Lib
Deidre Posey
Montevallo Elementary School
Montevallo, AL
Bags decorated: 16
Comments: The students had a great time decorating their grocery bags. Lucky's was kind enough to donate the bags for this project. The bags were great and looked good too. I am a student teacher currently interning at Montevallo Elementary School. I am with third graders.
Our school, Evans Elem., participated in your grocery bag program for the first time this year. We were soooo excited to see "our bags and students" on your website. We would like to request that you add Albertville, Alabama under our school name so that others can see where we are from and please add us to the Alabama map. Thank you so much for all your help and this consideration. We plan to do this again next year...only bigger!!!
Jenny Sanders

Heather Nixon
McKenzie School
McKenzie, Alabama 36456
Bags decorated: 400
Comments: This was the first year that our small school participated in this project. McKenzie School is in a rural community. Our school consists of grades K-12 and we have approximately 375 students combined. Every student was given a bag and allowed class time to decorate the bag. We followed the directions and ideas that we obtained from this website. We incorporated our own ideas as well. Needless to say, it was a great success and we intend to participate next year. One of the highlights to our project was when the PTA sponsored a night for parents to come to the school with their children and decorate a bag together. This was a wonderful opportunity for parents to interact in a school-sponsored activity with their children and promote awareness of the Earth Day cause. I am including pictures of some of the bags and students who participated. There is also a picture of my two chilren, Katie and Kendall, holding the bag we decorated on parents night. I believe the title was appropriate for all the schools and children who participated: "Small hands helping a big world".

Miss Angie Davis' Class
Hewitt Elementary
Trussville, AL
Bags decorated: 325
Comments: I think it was fun decorating the bags because it was neat to put information about recycling on them. - Lauren
I think it is neat that they are really going to use our bags for the people who buy groceries today. - Elizabeth
I thought it was cool because we had to decorate them and they are going to be used in the store. Your friend might even go in for groceries and get your bag. - Kent
I liked to see the other class' bags when they brought them to our class. - Robby
I think it was cool because we get to send a message to a bunch of people when they buy their groceries. - David
I think it was neat because they had all these different kids draw all these different designs on the grocery bags. The people who don't know about Earth Day will see that it is today. - Caitlin
It was a helpful project because we got to inform the world. - Kim
I think it was cool because the kids used their creativity. - Cora
I think it is neat because we got to draw on it and it actually goes to Winn Dixie and everybody gets to see it. People who don't recycle might begin to recycle. - Daniel
I like the doing the bags because the things we made were neat because we could draw what we wanted that was related to Earth Day. - Erin
This was our first year to participate in your project. Our school is N.E. Miles Jewish Day School - 4000 Montclair Road - Birmingham, Alabama 35213. We have 110 students, and we decorated 190 bags. Our "Upper School" was in charge of organizing the project, and everyone really seemed to enjoy it! We'll try to do even more next year! Thanks,
Annette Troxell (I teach 6th, 7th & 8th grade science.)
Marilyn Ammons
Rockwell Elementary
Spanish Fort, Alabama
Bags decorated: 494
Comments: We enjoyed this project. We are and elementary school K-5 with 500 students.
Angela Hall
Calloway-Smith Middle School
Mobile, AL
Bags decorated: 450
Comments: This is the first year students at Calloway-Smith Middle School participated in the gracery bag project. What a great activity! Ms. Dotson, 6th grade Reading teacher and I extended this activity to include reading literature about recycling and earth day. I used the graphs for mathematics. The sixth-graders decorated 450 bags that will be distributed at Delchamps #27 in Mobile. We would like to thank the Manager and Staff at Delchamps for their support in this par tnership! Our children and the community have been enriched by our participation and efforts towards creating awareness - Recycle, Reuse, Reduce--Earth Day 1999!
Terri Dixon
Pinson Elementary
Pinson, Alabama
Bags decorated: 293
Comments: We had a great time coloring and decorating the bags for this project. Next year I am going to do an entire unit on it. There were so many other activities that you could do with this project. Thanks!
Deidre Posey
Montevallo Elementary School
Montevallo, AL
Bags decorated: 14
Comments: The students have really enjoyed decorating their bags because they like to color. They have so many good ideas. I told them that the bags will be at the store where I got them. Plus, the people will be able to see their bags because their groceries may be put in the bags that they decorated.
Leigh Twigg
Ohatchee School
Ohatchee, AL 36271
Bags decorated: 450
Comments: Our school had a great time decorating the bags!!! Our local store really appreciated our help! We felt like we made a difference to our community. Thanks for the idea!
Carol Addison
Central Elementary
Phenix City, AL
Bags decorated: 300
Comments: We are a K-3 school and all of our children decorated grocery bags. A local Food Max will use them on Apr. 22.
Tonya Hester
Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School
Tuscaloosa, AL (USA)
Bags decorated: 426
Comments: Our school decorated 426 bags. We dropped them off at Bruno's on Tuesday, April 20th to be used on Earth Day. We had a great time participating in this project.
Melanie Franklin, School Publicity Coordinator
Grandview Elementary Schoolt
Dothan, Alabama
Bags decorated: 483
Comments: Grandview students from K-2 in partnership with Winn Dixie by our medical facility participated in the 1999 Earth Day Groceries project. The bags with our student's artwork in crayon, markers, and paint along with an important environmental message will touch people's lives as they purchase groceries from the Winn Dixie store. Grandview students are eager to learn "How To Save Our Earth". We thank you for this opportunity to participate in this wonderful and worthwhile project.
Bags decorated: 150
Comments: The third grade at Tarrant Elementary School consists of about 100 students. As a grade level, we decorated about 150 bags. The students really enjoyed the activity. They are hopeful that their parents may get one of their bags at the grocery store.
Gina Redd
Tarrant Elementary School
Tarrant, Alabama
I happened upon your website about the Earth Day paper bags and guess what... my school has done this project this year, too! I teach at the Alabama School for the Deaf in Talladega, AL and I read about this idea in an environmental brocure. Our elementary and Jr. High students decorated one or two bags each and we will be returning them to the local Winn Dixie store next week. We displayed the decorated bags at our school's Social Studies Fair last week so that everyone could admire them before returning them to the grocery store. Thanks for the neat website!
Happy Trails!
Margaret Wade
"Earth laughs in flowers."
- Emerson
Bags decorated: 300
We are decorating almost 300 bags to be used at a local Piggly Wiggly store on Apr. 22. We used the Earth templates from the website and I printed up stickers saying that the bags were decorated by students at Central Elementary. Our school helps the earth all year long with our can recycling activity.
Carol Addison
Central Elementary
Phenix City, AL
Bags decorated: 150
Comments: On our Earth Day sacks, we write about "our little corner of the world". This is the place outside that each student loves the most. Last year, we received mail from consumers that had their groceries bagged with one of our sacks. They thanked us for sharing "our little corner of the world" with them. We are excited about participating in Earth Day 99 again!
Lisa Williamson
Ashville Middle School
Ashville, Alabama 35953

1998 Earth Day Groceries Reports - Alabama

The second grade students at D.P.E.S. decorated 181 bags for Food World. It was a quick, easy, and meaningful activity. We hope to participate again next year!
Nancy Dicks (dpes1@bellsouth.net)
Daniel Pratt Elementary School
Prattville, Alabama
I am a college student currently interning at Fort Rucker Elementary School in Enterprise, Alabama. My third grade class decorated 22 grocery bags. Thanks for the great idea, it is a good way to end a lesson about Earth Day.
Christine Tivnan (Tivnan@hotmail.com)
Fort Rucker Elementary
Troy, AL
My second grade class is very excited about the upcoming project. We have already decorated over 100 bags, and we are decorating more and more every day. Our class goal is to decorate 300 bags before Earth Day. I would like to thank Food World grocery store for providing bags for my students.
Lou Anne Strope (john@dogwood.rec)
Maryvale Elementary
Mobile, Alabama

1997 Earth Day Groceries Reports - Alabama

I am sending you this message in response to the Earth Day Project involving grocery bags. My girlfriend, who is a junior at the University of North Alabama, choose to do this project with some children at a local elementary school because of an assignment in one of her classes. Here are the results of her project:
Kilby Elementary School
Florence, Alabama
39 Bags
Thank you....
Jeremy South jsouth@mail.network-one.com
The seventh grade science classes at Riverton Middle School in Huntsville, Alabama decorated 200 grocery bags which were donated to us by our local Food Valu. We returned them to be distributed today. The manager seemed happy with our project and so were the students. He was surprised that it was a nationwide project. Thanks for allowing us to participate.
Janie Hardt
Judith Jennings
Janie Hardt Email:hard1100@spacelink.msfc.nasa.gov
Our school, Iola Roberts Elementary in Pell City, made 700 bags and distributed them at our local Food World. At the last report, they were all gone by the end of the week end. Lisa Williamson, one of our first grade teachers, was the project coordinator. We cannot receive email as we do not have an internet connection, but thanks for a very worth while project.
Connie Conolley Conolley@aol.com
This is Mrs. Strope, and I am a student teacher at Morningside Elementary School in Mobile, Alabama. In cooperation with Food World grocery store, our second grade class will be decorating up to 400 bagsfor the Earth Day Groceries project. This is the perfect opportunity to have our students involved in the celebration of Earth Day, and we are very excited!
Mrs. Lou Anne Strope lastrope@morningside.mobile.k12.al.us
Morningside Elementary School
Mobile, Alabama