Pictures from 1999
McKenzie School in McKenzie, Alabama

Bags decorated: 400
Comments: This was the first year that our small school participated in this project. McKenzie School is in a rural community. Our school consists of grades K-12 and we have approximately 375 students combined. Every student was given a bag and allowed class time to decorate the bag. We followed the directions and ideas that we obtained from this website. We incorporated our own ideas as well. Needless to say, it was a great success and we intend to participate next year. One of the highlights to our project was when the PTA sponsored a night for parents to come to the school with their children and decorate a bag together. This was a wonderful opportunity for parents to interact in a school-sponsored activity with their children and promote awareness of the Earth Day cause. I am including pictures of some of the bags and students who participated. There is also a picture of my two chilren, Katie and Kendall, holding the bag we decorated on parents night. I believe the title was appropriate for all the schools and children who participated: "Small hands helping a big world".