1999 Earth Day Groceries Reports - Montana

Patti Vennes
Ulm Public School
Ulm, Montana
Bags decorated: 400
Comments: The 130 students who participated felt that they were providing education to the public on the importance of taking care of our planet.
Dawn Piazzi Crawford
Intermountain Childrens Home
Helena, MT 59601
Bags decorated: 200
Comments: We have approximately 40 students in our school and decorated 200 grocery bags. County Market donated the bags and passed them out to customers on Earth Day. We also passed out some grocery bags to our staff here and encouraged them to recycle!
Michelle Kelly
Mountain View Elementary
Great Falls, MT 59405
Bags decorated: 206
Comments: We are a K-5 school. We decorated 206 bags and took them to the County Market closest to our school. We made signs for each register that asked the people to help our school support Earth Day by using paper bags.
Mrs. Gerwe
McLeod School
McLeod, Montana 59052
Bags decorated: 68
Comments: We are a two-room, rural school. We have 16 kids in all. The local IGA is using our bags.
Jean Tameler
St. Ignatius Elementary School participated in the Earth Day Groceries Project. Grades K thru 5th decorated 500 bags supplied by Rod's Harvest Foods Grocery Store. Our school address is St. Ignatius Elemtary School, P.O. Box 1540, St. Ignatius, MT 59865
Bags decorated: 80
Comments: I saw your presentation at the computer conference in Seattle. Great Idea!
Pat Tibbs
Corvallis Primary
Corvallis, Montana

1998 Earth Day Groceries Reports - Montana

The students of Frenchtown Elementary School in Frenchtown Montana participated in the earthday project. The students K-6 decorated 750 bags.

Our second grade classrooms have decorated 160 bags for the Lockwood IGA.
Janet Trask (traskj@lockwood.k12.mt.us)
Lockwood Primary

1997 Earth Day Groceries Reports - Montana

This is a wonderful project. I teach first grade here at Lolo School in Lolo, Montana, and grades K-4 participated in the project this year. We've had a great time. Harvest Foods in Lolo provided us with bags, let us display the completed bags in the store, and then used them to bag groceries today, Earth Day! The kids were thrilled to see the bags displayed and excited to possibly get their bag when grocery shopping. Total number of participants: 339. Thanks for the great project.
Kathleen Devlin kathleend@lolo.k12.mt.us
First Grade Teacher
Lolo, Montana
Greetings Mark and all the others participating in this great lesson. I am excited to report that our part of the project greatly grew since last year. Here in the beautiful northwestern corner of Montana, in the town of Kalispell, we now have 7 schools, covering kindergarten through seventh grade, participating. We are delivering a total of 2,400 decorated sacks with our Earth Day messages and pictures to our local Tidymans store. The public response was wonderful last year and are hopeful we can encourage all here to think about ways to keep our lovely niche of the world special.We look forward to following the increase of numbers globally and will be in touch again next year, same time, same place!!!
Barb Andersen
Peterson Elementary School
Kalispell, MT

1996 Earth Day Groceries Reports - Montana

I'm a former fourth grade teacher in Missoula, Montana. I found your project on Ednet and thought it would be a fun and simple project to do with my former school. I proposed the project to them and a portion of the school participated. The kids were very excited about the project and the idea that their bags would be going home with customers on Earth Day. They did a wonderful job, and I hope to expand to other area schools next year.:)
Here's the info. for your report:
School participating in the project: Cold Springs Elementary School in Missoula County Public Schools Elementary District #1
School address: 2665 Briggs Street, Missoula, MT 59801
Principal: James Donovan
Project coordinator: Kathleen Devlin
Number of students who participated: 220
Cold Springs School completed 220 bags for the Earth Day project.
Participating store: Tidymans
City: Missoula, MT
If you need further information, please let me know. Thanks again, and we look forward to receiving your report.

Kathleen Devlin
Missoula, MT

I have coordinated an effort for Montana so we can have some school participate in your great project. Peterson Elementary school has gone across the grade levels kindergarten through sixth grade and has decorated 800 paper Tidyman's sacks. We have returned them and the manager has promised to hand them out on Monday.
We are located in Kalispell which is is the upper northwest corner of the state. We sit right beside Glacier National park and Big Mountain Ski resort.
My question is how do we come on? I did not find a registrati9on form. Are we too late to register for 1996? Thanks.-barba@cyberport.net or check out our school web page at http://www.cyberport.net/users/peterson

Barb Andersen