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Updated April 17,1998.

We are S.L. Lewis Elementary School located in College Park, Georgia. We have 643 students in grades Pre-K thru 5, all of whom are decorating grocery bags to be used on April 22 at our local Union City Kroger. Thanks to Kroger, who has supported our efforts in this project for the last two years, the students of our school have the opportunity to do their part along with our school's white paper and newspaper recycling program to show that they care about the environment.
Susan Young (
S.L. Lewis Elementary
College Park, GA
This was our first year for this project. The students (k-5) really enjoyed decorating 400 bags!
K. Paul (
Washington Elementary
Pgh, Pa.
This is the first year for us to participate. We have students from two different towns so we decorated bags for two different stores. We decorated 428 bags in all for the two stores. The students really enjoyed the activity. We are a school of K-8th grade so we had every level involved.
Teresa Ptacek (
Delphos Attendance Center
Delphos, KS
This is Washington School reporting in. We are located in Santa Barbara, California and today we decorated 63 grocery bags for our local Lazy Acres market.
Washington Computer Lab
When I sent you our report I didn't realize our other elementary school was particpating also. Decker Elementary decorated 123 bags bringing our total to 478 altogether!! Sorry for the inconvenience. I'll let you know when your webpage on Earth Day is up and running! Thanks,
Lisa Wilson
South Knox Elementary School
Monroe City, IN
Wow ! Our entire school ( kids from age 5 to 13 )took a great deal of interest in the project this year. We decorated over 500 grocery bags with many colourful,decorative designs and catchy slogans.
A local environmental magazine also picked up the story of the Grocery Bag project and published it for Earth Week ! It seems that kids of all ages really do care about what happens to their home !
The bags were presented to Thrifty Foods ( the Colwood Store ) and they were delighted to take part with our school for a second year in a row.
Although still under construction, our home page will feature many of the beautiful designs our students created.
Ted Waring (
Lakewood Elementary
Victoria, BC, Canada
Our second grade classrooms have decorated 160 bags for the Lockwood IGA.
Janet Trask (
Lockwood Primary
Billings, MT
Victoria Park ( special education school ) in St Lambert , Quebec, Canada,is celebrating Earth Day 1998 in a big way. Our special needs students are having fun decorating 200 grocery bags with environmental messages. The bags will be distriobuted by our local IGA and Provigo stores on Earth Day.We will display posters at these storesto inform patrons about Earth Day and the dangers of pesticides. We are also having a bottle drive to raise money for the World Wildlife Fund. We are showing our community that our students can make a difference !
Valerie Forde (
Victoria Park
St. Lambert, Quebec, Canada
Thanks to the cooperation of our local Winn-Dixie, our school decorated 311 grocery bags. We are proud of our talented students who participated in some online research to prepare for this project. We have all learned a lot and look forward to sharing what we've learned with our community. What a great project! Thanks for the opportunity.
Barbara Hicks, Technology Coordinator (
Dunbar Intermediate School
Lexington, NC
Over 250 bags were decorated by seventh graders at our school. We delivered the decorated bag to three local stores today.
Sandi Sallee (
Batesville Middle School
Batesville, IN
Hi! I am writing you from South Knox Elementary School in Monroe City Indiana. Our students K-5 decorated a total of 355 grocery bags. We "borrowed" the bags from our local Red and White grocery store. We really enjoyed particpating in this project. We are in the process of putting some examples and photos on our website. Thanks!
Lisa Wilson, Computer Lab Assistant
South Knox Elementary School
Monroe City, IN 47557
My 7th grade Social Studies class is having a great time with this project. This is a great web site - it really helps 1st time project participants get started. We decorated 150 bags from our local Publix.
Thanks, Jody Osler (
West Hall Middle School
Gainesville, Georgia

The science students at Marticville Middle School decorated 400 bags for Earth Day. The bags will be used at John Herr's Market in Millersville, Pennsylvania. The students did an excellent job decorating the bags with environmental messages. They enjoyed participating in the activity. We also had a friendly judging competition of the bags. People from the community, teachers, faculty, and students voted for their favorite bag. We look forward to participating in 1999! :)
Kelly Buhay (
Marticville Middle School
Pequea, PA
Grand View School kindergarten children in the classrooms of Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Shepherd and 3rd grade students in Mr. Goss' class decorated 75 grocery bags while they learned about recycling, conservation and environmental awareness. Eighth grade girls helped the kindergarten children. Reasor's Grocery Store gave us the bags and they will sack groceries in them on Earth Day, April 22, to pass along the message to their shoppers. We would like to thank Mr. Ahlness for a wonderful project which we learned about by using the Internet. This is the first time we are joining with schools all over the world to do a classroom project with an Internet component.
Comments about Earth Day from Mr. Goss' 3rd Graders:
Kyle: "Pollution is bad for people, animals, and everything on the Earth."
Alex: "I told my Mom about our Earth Day Project. I told her the Earth is very big with many countries, and we have to take care of it."
Jordan A: "Keep our planet clean so the animals can breathe."
Matt: "We can make a difference. We should take care of our Earth now, so it will be good for the future when we are old." Jeremy: "I think that cleaning up the Earth would help our environment."
Jordan H.: "People should stop polluting the Earth so we can live longer."
Brandon: "We need to recycle."
Mr. Goss: "Hug a tree. Save a life."
Ms. Christi Boulware/Ms. Judi Grasso (
Grand View Elementary
Tahlequah, Oklahoma
I am a Jr. at Panhandle High School. I student teach a 1st grade class. In my class we are coloring 20 bags in our class. I know the kids will have a blast doing it.
Krissy Black
Panhandle Texas
At Cameron Street School in Collingwood, we are participating in the Earth Day Groceries Project for the second year. 470 students will be re-using paper to create Earth Day Messages and illustrations. They will be inserted in grocery bags (plastic) at our local Loblaw's store. We are also working on another Earth Day Project. Our school is hoping to collect 10 cents from each student so we can raise enough money to help "purchase" one metre of the Trans Canada Trail. The Trans Canada Trail is a Millenium project that should be ready for July 1, 2000. There will be a trail that runs from British Columbia to P.E.I. People will be encouraged to use the trail for walking, biking, cross country skiing, snowmobiling and horseback riding. Groups and individuals that donate $36 to the trail will get their name on a plaque at a pavillion. This trail will allow Canadians and others to enjoy the beauty of our country and participate in outdoor activities. We would like to see other schools take up the challenge of raising enough money to purchase one metre of the trail. If we all give a little, together we can accomplish great things. Enjoy Earth Day at your school!
Ruth Hall (rhall@
Cameron Street Public School
Collingwood, ON
My name is Mrs. Pat Points and I teach kindergarten at Greenbrier Elementary School in Evans, GA (suburb of Augusta, GA). My students (17) will complete the grocery bag project and local stores will package items for approximately 20 shoppers. We enjoyed this endeavor and will share environmental awareness with our parents. Happy Earth Day--Mrs. Points' Kindergarten
Pat Points
I found out about this project from another staff member who found her info on the web. Our local grocery store, Shop-n-Save donated the grocery bags. Children in my art classes, grades K-4, decorated a total of 470 bags. We also decorated a large banner to hang in the grocery store that promoted the Earth Day Grocery Bag project on Earth Day.
Sandra Waters (
Athol-Royalston Regional School System
Athol, Massachusetts
Our school received 800 brown bags from Klein's Supermarket. Approximately 750 were decorated with Earth Day Messages by students in grades K through 5. The bags will be returned to Klein's tomorrow (April 17) for distribution on Earth Day. Our students really enjoyed this activity!
Cindy Stone (
Hickory Elementary
Bel Air, Maryland
We are starting slowly and only one team at school. We are decorating 100 bags. I will send you a digital photo of the best one or two bags that we make.
I went to Queen Anne High School and enjoy the city of Seattle a great deal. I teach 6th grade at a middle school.
I forgot to include our url the last time I signed in. You would have to choose "other schools" and then select "Cascade Middle School." We are just starting to develop our web page. We'd like to include things like the grocery sack project. We don't have the staff with time and training enough to broaden and update it regularly.
We are getting our sacks from a home town grocery store called Market Place. They are very cooperative with the schools. Thank you for organizing this project.
Jeff Graham
(our whole URL is:
As I said before, we will try to send you some photos of our class making the sacks.
Jeff Graham (
Cascade Middle School
Longview, Washington
My name is Carla Goodwin and I am Executive Director of Liberty Clean and Beautiful in Hinesville, Georgia. I am working with one of our Elementary Schools here, Taylors Creek Elem. on the grocery bag for Earth Day. At the present time they are decorating the bags for me. They have 825 students to partipate in this activity. Thanks to our local Kroger store they donated 1000 bags. These bags will be distributed on Earth Day to the customers.
Carla Goodwin (libertyclean@CLDS.NET)
This is our first year participating in the project. Briggs School students in the following teachers' classrooms decorated grocery bags for Earth Day 1998: Ms. Boen, Mrs. Bynum, Mrs. Doss, Mrs. Guthrie, Mrs. Hamby, Mrs. Maker, Mr. Richardson, Mrs. Ritzhaupt, Mr. Ritzhaupt, Mrs. Ross, Mrs. Ryals, Mrs. Sampson, Mrs. Seagle, Mrs. Sellers, Mrs. Spencer, Mrs. Stepp, and Mrs. Whitney. The fifth grade students in Mrs. Doss' class gave a brief history of Earth Day and demonstrated designs to each of the other classrooms. The students decorated 390 bags with educational slogans. The grocery bags were distributed to the public at Reasor's Grocery Store in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, on Earth Day. Look for our photos on this website.
Jessie Craig (
Briggs Elementary
Tahlequah, Oklahoma
Our Pre-K through second grade school decorated 600 bags for a local grocery store to use to encourage our community to reduce, reuse, and recycle.
Linda Petteway (
W.W. Irby Elementary
We decorated 380 bags! Our bags came from Albertsons, Carival, and Cost Plus. Please check our site next week for a Earth Day Groceries page.
Stacey Hoppenstein (
John R.Good Elementary School
Irving ISD
Our art teacher, Cindy Sadowski, has volunteered to do this project with our entire school of 850 students. Children in grades K-5 are participating by decorating bags from three area grocers. The stores involved are Albertsons, Carnival and Cost Plus. Our school, Paul Keyes Elementary has joined forces with two other schools in Irving.These three schools, Paul Keyes, Gilbert and John R. Good are asking parents to shop at the local grocers during the week of Earth Day. We've reminded them to be sure to ask for "paper". We loved this idea. Thanks for taking the time to put it on the internet. I'm sure we'll be back next year.
Margaret Watrous (
Paul Keyes
Irving, Texas
Our elementary school(K-5)is participating in the Earth Day Groceries Project for the second year in a row. This year we are decorating 387 bags. We received many positive comments about our bags last year and hope to receive the same this year. Our students definitely enjoy the decorating and spreading the Earth Day messages. Jan Whisenhunt ( Magnet Cove Elementary Malvern, AR
Thames Elementary School in Hattiesburg, MS is a k through fourth grade school with 1050 students. This is our second year participating in this project and we love it! We completed 1050 grocery bags for our Jitney Jungle grocery store. Students will deliver the bags this Friday and our local newspaper, the Hattiesburg American will be there to take pictures.
Joanne Oshrin (
Thames Elementary School
Hattiesburg, Mississippi
My special education class worked with a sixth grade class to decorate bags at our local grocery store called Wilb Walkers. We decorated 500 grocery bags. It was a good opportunity for a special education and a regular education class to work together.
Bonnie Kinney and Kim McQueen (
St. Mary's in Shrewsbury, MA participated by decorating 484 bags. The bags were donated by the Stop and Shop Supermarket in Shrewsbury. The students in grades 1- 8 ejoyed participating in this project.
April Walling (
St. Mary's School
Shrewsbury, MA
The Princeton Elementary School is in Princeton, Maine, a rural community of 900 located a short distance from New Brunswick border as well as the St. Croix River. Princeton has long been known as a sportsmen's and naturalist's haven.
Our school has 194 children from grades K-8.  The children managed to enthusiastically decorate 200 bags donated by our local Princeton Food Mart.  These beautifully done bags will be donated to Food Mart customers on Earth Day.  We have all enjoyed participating in this program.  It has sparked a renewed Earth Day awareness within our school as well as in our community.  We are looking forward to participating on a larger scale next year.
Deborah Chadwick
Grade 1 teacher
75 bags!!!!!
Archie Lintz (
Mary Raber School
Northeast Indiana
I am a fourth grade teacher at an Upper Elementary School in Mercer County New Jersey. Our school had five classes partcipate in the Earth Day Groceries project and we were able to decorate 125 bags. The grocery store we participated with was McCaffery's of West Windsor. The students really enjoyed the project. Thanks for the great idea!!!
Tracey Edwards (
West Windsor-Plainsboro UES
West Windsor, New Jersery
The 22 students at Rockford Christian School in grades k-3 had a great time decorating 85 Earth Day grocery bags. The bags will be distributed by the D&W Grocery Store in Rockford. This is the first time that we have participated in the Earth Day Groceries project, and we will tell our friends at the neighboring schools about this great project and encourage them to participate next year.
Daryl Vriesenga (
Rockford Christian School
Rockford, Michigan
We decorated 500 bags donated by our Local IGA.
Children in grades K-5 enjoyed giving something back to their community.
Penny Bettas (
Jefferson Elementary
Pullman, Washington
This is the first year that we have participated in this event. We will be decorating 100 bags that were donated by Safeway.
Cindy Johnson (
Roosevelt Elementary School
Tacoma, Washington
All students at Jackson Elementary participated in this project. We have grades k-1 through 3rd. They all enjoyed this experience. Homeland Grocery Store was our participating store. They received 297 decorated bags from our students. The third grade classes are also collecting money for the purchase of a tree to be planted on our school grounds on Earth Day.
Kay Rozzell (
Jackson Elementary
Pauls Valley, Ok
Mega Foods in Tumwater, WA donated 200 bags to be decorated. Students range is 1st grade to 6th grade.
Debbie Cabe (
Black Lake Elementary
Olympia, WA
This is our fourth year of participating in the grocery bag ecology activity. Every year, the students are excited to take part. We will be decorating 230 bags. This includes grades 5 through 8. Great homepage. I appreciate all the help you have included. Thanks!
Ellen Imdieke (
Wayne Middle School
Wayne, NE
Cunningham School in Milton, MA participated by decorating over 600 bags. They were donated by The Fruit Center in Milton. This project was coordinated by 5th grade teacher, Joanne Bonner. This was the first time we participated in this project. It was a great schoolwide project because all levels could participate easily. We decorated 640 bags!
Joanne Bonner
Cunningham School
Milton, MA
This will be our first year participating I got all your info and presented to our principal and she liked the idea.Our local grocery store(Giant Eagle) will be handing out our bags.This is a great idea.We will be decorating 170 bags.
Sue Themis (
Shaw Elementary
North Huntingdon, PA
We have decorated 300 bags(half of our school), however we received a letter a couple of days after the store generously donated the bags that due to sanitary reasons they cannot use them! :(
Any suggestions
Denise A Russo (
Grasse Elementary; Sellersville, PA
Norristown, PA
I am a 4th grade teacher from Weston, CT. 4th and 5th grade students participated in the Earth Day project. We called it "Operation Paper Bag". We decorated 400 bags. The principal, secretaries, and teachers all participated.
We all had great fun!
I am the Librarian at Frankfort Elementary School in Frankfort Michigan. We have a total of 320 students in out elementary school. As each class comes to the library this week, we will be decorating paper bags for our local store. Thanks so much for letting us be a part of the project.
Carolyn Wallace (
Frankfort Elberta Area Schools
Frankfort, MI
Our grade level has decorated 120 bags. Our students were real excited about doing this project. We hope that over time we can make a difference. Thnaks for including us!
Mandy Carriker (
Seaside Elementary
Garden City Beach, SC
We plan to decorate 500 grocery bags donated from Stop and Shop in Stratford, Ct. on Earth Day 1998. We will do this as one of our class activities for our whole school Earth Day celebration. The school day is comprised of guest speakers who instruct us on recycling, caring for the environment, and respect for flora and fauna. It is a day dedicated to Science instruction and is enjoyed by students and teachers alike.
Jo-Ann McCann (
Eli Whitney Elementary
Stratford CT
560 kindergarten children are participating this year for the first time. Hope this helps to increase your total. Good luck!
Nancy Brearley (
Davis Kindergarten
Brockton MA
The students of Nautilus Elementary School in Lake Havasu City, Arizona have begun the project of decorating 500 grocery bags from two local stores in our community, Smith's Food & Drug and Mega Foods.
Students from K-5 at our year-round school have been decorating for over a month because of our extended breaks, but we'll be ready the week of April 20-24 to distribute our bags. We will place a box at the stores so customers can re-donate back the bags for bookcovers to be used at the school. This will show our students another example of reusing. Please visit our website for other activities at:
Be sure to post your events at these two websites:
It will help promote the event.
Mark Kotcho
Nautilus Elementary
Lake Havasu, AZ
For the upcoming 1998 Earth Day we are decorating 100 bags. We are a preschool and a daycare. The afterschoolers are decorating the bags and returning them to the store with their very own unique slogans and pictures. We will keep you posted. We are also enclosing a seed packet so the customers can go home and continue thinking about the earth as they dig in the soil!
Debby Hartman (
980 State Road 135
Discovery Junction
We are going to decorate 18 bags in our kindergarten class. One per child.
Debbie Belicek
Coupland ISD
We have decorated 526 grocery bags for Kroger here in Bartlett, Tennessee. We have had a great time participating in this project. The students have learned a lot about taking care of our Earth too. Thank you for telling us about it and allowing us to be a part.
Becky Cross
Bartlett Elementary
3932 Billy Maher Rd. Bartlett,TN
Winn Dixie lent us 450 bags for our students to decorate. All the Shooting Stars are excited to get started on this project.
Judy Brooks
Silver Lake Elementary
Grapevine, TX
I am contacting you from Wellington Elementary School in Woodinville, Wa. (Northshore Schools) to report that we decorated 1200 bags for Earth Day and will be returning them to Albertsons and QFC for distribution in the next 2 weeks. It was a school-wide team day project, where kids gathered in multi age teams to complete the task of decorating 2 bags each for Earth Day. My group visited your web-site and enjoyed the pictures of kids doing what we were doing! First heard about this thru the website, the Learning Space. Thanks for the idea!!!! We might make it an annual event!
Eileen Treusch
At St. James Day School, a private school celebrating our 50th year in Texarkana, Texas, the entire student body (3 year olds - grade 6) participated in decorating bags for Earth Day. In grades 1 -6, students designed a bag in art class and decorated another bag when extra time was available in their homeroom classes. In our preschool classes, we designed our bags at learning center time in conjunction with a unit on recycling and ecology. The students enjoyed decorating the 500 bags to be distributed to happy shoppers at our State Line Albertson's Store on Earth Day.
Dixie Wilder
My name is Theresa Emmolo and I am a Kindergarten Teacher at the B.F. Gibbs School in New Milford, New Jersey. I have coordinated an Earth Day Groceries project in cooperation with our local Shop Rite in New Milford. We will be decorating 350 bags from our school and I am also working on coordinating a similiar program at our sister elementary school, the Berkley School in New Milford, New Jersey. If they are also involved, the number will be up to 650! As of right now it is at 350 for my school and I will contact you with the results of the latter. Everyone is very excited about this program and is looking forward to Earth Day 1998!
Theresa Emmolo :-)
Our school decorated 250 bags. The messages were written in both Spanish and English since we are a Spanish Immersion school. Thanks to Lucky Store for donating the bags, and for letting our students share their concerns about the earth with their customers.
Martha E. Rodriguez (
Cesar Chavez Elementary
Davis California
Our school district consists of three small towns in a very rural area of Iowa. None of our towns has a grocery store, but a restaurant voluteered their take-out bags for our project. Children in grades K-3 decorated 191 bags which were distributed by Rudy's Rendezvous in Lacona, Iowa, during the week of April 20, 1998. The students used cardboard earth templates to draw a basic design. Crayons made each bag unique. This is our first year as part of the grocery project. It was fun for the whole school community.
BPPresley (
Southeast Warren Primary School
Milo, Iowa
127 Students from Sharon Middle School decorated two paper bags each to be passed out to patrons at Shaw's supermarket on Earth Day.
T Terrell
Sharon Middle School
75 Mountain Street
Sharon, MA 02067
Our students decorated 500 bags from Price Chopper grocery store. The students had a ball doing this and we were pleasantly surprised on how creative they were. We are very proud of our kids. We are dislaying 6 new bags daily that they have done in our display case with the heading Educating the Community and pictures showing their work in progress. We are also having an Earth Day Fair April 21 and after that we will be taking the bags back to the grocery store where they can be used. This has been a wonderful, educational project for our "Wildkittens".
My second grade class is very excited about the upcoming project. We have already decorated over 100 bags, and we are decorating more and more every day. Our class goal is to decorate 300 bags before Earth Day. I would like to thank Food World grocery store for providing bags for my students.
Lou Anne Strope (john@dogwood.rec)
Maryvale Elementary
Mobile, Alabama
Greetings from Royal Charles School, St-Hubert, Quebec, Candada.
The Earth Day grocery bag project is being implemented in our French immersion school for the second year. We are an elementary school on the south shore of Montreal. We are presently having a great time decorating 800 bags with French and English environmental messages. They are to be returned to a local I.G.A. for distribution April 22, 1998.
We challenge other schools in the South Shore School Board to join us in showing our community how to reduce, reuse, and recycle.
Please send us reports from other participating schools.
Many thanks
Trudy Williams (
Royal Charles School
Saint Hubert, Quebec
Happy Earth Day, 1998!

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