Pictures from 1998
Paul Keyes Elementary in Irving, Texas

Below are photos of bags decorated by students from Paul Keyes Elementary in Irving, Texas.

(These are being displayed by store managers Johnny Carter
and Erika Gonzales from Cost Plus on O'Connor and Pioneer in Irving. )

(More bags, this time displayed by
Mr. Norcross of Carnival Food Stores on Grauwyler)

Our art teacher, Cindy Sadowski, has volunteered to do this project with our entire school of 850 students. Children in grades K-5 are participating by decorating bags from three area grocers. The stores involved are Albertsons, Carnival and Cost Plus. Our school, Paul Keyes Elementary has joined forces with two other schools in Irving.These three schools, Paul Keyes, Gilbert and John R. Good are asking parents to shop at the local grocers during the week of Earth Day. We've reminded them to be sure to ask for "paper". We loved this idea. Thanks for taking the time to put it on the internet. I'm sure we'll be back next year.
Margaret Watrous (
Paul Keyes
Irving, Texas