Earth Day Groceries

Reports from 1998 Participants

This is Part 5, including reports from schools 210 to 266, received on April 23.

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Updated April 23,1998.

Greetings! We decorated over 75 bags for the Albertsons near our school. On Tuesday we delivered our bags to the store and the manager gave us a tour of their recycling center. We even had the chance to sample some of their cookies from their bakery. They were yummy! We hope to do this again next year. We had a good time!
Miss Beaird's Third Grade Students
Hazeldale Elementary School
Beaverton, Oregon
My name is Mike I am in 7th grade and I am here to tell you that my teacher Mrs.Noetzel of the 7th grade English class has brought me on to making a couple of decorated bags.With her help and the help of every 7th grade student has made about 320 KTA bags.We recieved the bags from our local store KTA.I am happy to be a part in such a great program as this one.I believe next year,1999 our school, Waimea Elem. and Inter. school will be participating in this program next year.
Mike Anders (
Waimea Elem. and Inter. School
Waimea, Hawaii
We borrowed and decorated 800 grocery bags. Our school includes students from pre-school through fifth grade. Every student decorated a bag.
Diane Nuetzmann (
Columbia Elementary
Mukilteo, WA
Wilson Avenue School
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada (100km west of Toronto)
400 beautifully decorated bags delivered to our local Dutch Boy/IGA grocery store.
Frank Scarfino
Grade 6 teacher
Students (grades K-8) from St. Luke's Lutheran School in Oviedo, Florida decorated 500 bags for our local Publix supermarket on Winter Springs Blvd. in Oviedo. We are proud to be a part of this program and hope that our efforts have made others in our community more aware of environmental concerns. We also hope we brought smiles to many faces!!
Kim Tenney, Third Grade Teacher (
St.Luke's Lutheran School
Oviedo, Florida
Greetings from Wheaton, IL!
At Carl Sandburg School, students in grades K - 5 decorated 427 bags with colorful messages and pictures. This was the school's first official year in participating in this project, although several teachers had previously heard of similar activities. Everyone reported that this was an enjoyable activity at each age level that piqued awareness of environmental issues. Thank you for your easy-to-use information to help us get involved in this wonderful worldwide event.
Christina Hull
(1st grade)
I am writing from Carl Sandburg School in Wheaton, IL. We sent in our report this morning, but I am writing with an update. We hope that the information included here will possibly prevent other schools from encountering the problems that we did.
We received, decorated and returned the bags to a local grocery store. On Earth Day evening, I went to shop at the store. At that time, I was told that the bags would not be given out because using bags that had been removed from the store was a violation of the county's health regulations. They were planning to throw the bags away. I collected the bags and have since been able to distribute them to a food pantry and a resale shop. Both places were grateful to receive them.
The project was still a very positive experience, but perhaps this information can save some time and effort at other schools in the future.
Greetings from Northeast Washington! This is our third year to participate in the Earth Day Groceries activity! We had our sacks donated by Excell Foods in Colville, Wa. We returned 400 decorated bags to the store! We love being part of this world celebration of Earth Day! Thanks for the fun, educational way to be part of the World Wide Web!
Katy Hedrick (
Hofstetter Elementary
Colville, Washington
Third, fourth, and some fifth graders from Jefferson Elementary School in Jefferson City, TN, participated in the Earth Day Groceries Project. Our local Food Lion store donated bags which were decorated by three hundred fifty students. On Earth Day, each customer received one of the decorated bags. This was a great project that involved our community and the school. The local paper added to this special day by putting a picture in the paper with the Food Lion assistant manager and some of the students displaying their bags. Thanks for a great idea!
Nancy Dalton (4th grade)
The fifth graders at Starlight Cove decorated 150 bags which were returned to Publix supermarket and distributed on Earth Day.
Kerrie Kaler (
Starlight Cove Elementary
Palm Beach County, Florida
We had a super time doing the bags. All of the kids really got into it. We did a total of 350 bags.
Chantel Keller & John Melick (
Roosevelt School
Jamestown, North Dakota
Deanna Turco, Teacher on Special Assignment-Science/Math
Taylor Road Middle School
5150 Taylor Road Fax (770) 740-7062
Alpharetta, GA 30202 USA Voice (770) 740-7090
Hi! This is Oxford Elementary School,Claremont N,C. On Earth Day we decorated over 500 bags! We decorated the bags for Lowes Foods.We also decorated them for Food Lion. They said stuff like, the three R's, Reduce Reuse, Recycle! They also said , save the earth, dont be a litter bug. And Happy Earth Day.
Sent to you by,
Get Set Go!!!
Students at Ramsey Elementary decorated 1200 grocery bags to be used at LeTourneau's Super Value Store in Ramsey. A group of fifth graders also made a banner to be hung in the store window. The owner of the store started using the bags on Monday and plans to use them all week or until they are gone, whichever comes first.
Gordy Sironen (
Ramsey Elementary
Ramsey, MN
Thurgood Marshall Middle School again enjoyed participating in this years Earth Day Grocery Bag project. The Reid /Bennett/Hackstadt 7th grade team, the West/Hoonan 8th grade team, the Horton/Wells 8th grade team, and the McKechnie/Havens multi-age teams decorated 322 bags for our local Westside Safeway store.
Virginia Reid (
Thurgood Marshall Middle School
Olympia, Washington
Students at Poulsbo Elementary School decorated 426 grocery bags. They were passed out at Poulsbo Market Place to celebrate Earth Day.
Nancy Bale (
Poulsbo Elementary
18531 Noll Road N.E.
Poulsbo, WA
I'd heard of your project in previous years, but maybe it was the Learning Space connection that just got me inspired this time.
Here at Lake Stickney Elementary (Mukilteo School District), students in all grades (except 4th - too busy preparing for WASL) decorated bags for the nearby Albertson's. We turned over about 440 bags to the store on Earth Day morning. The clerks immediately started going through and reading all the messages!
Thanks for launching such an easy and fun project.
5th grade teacher
Hello! This is our first year with the Earth Day project.We really had a great time with this project. We are a small school located about 45 minutes southwest of Columbus, Ohio. We are a K-8 school with our Jr. High and High school building attached. We have about 450 students in the Elementary, offering both traditional and multiage classes. This year the 6 multiage classes participated in the project. We decorated 123 bagsfor our local IGA store(Chet's IGA). We hope to have more classes participate next year. Great project!!
Kelly Logan
1-2 multiage
Dohron Wilson Elementary
60 High St.
Mechanicsburg, Ohio 43044
Dear Earth Day Grocery Project Organizers:
Kruse Cares!
In partnership with our local Jewel/Osco Store, students received paper grocery bags to distribute in classrooms to decorate for Earth Day 1998. Kruse Education Center is part of Community Consolidated School District 146 incorporating sections of Orland Park and Tinley Park, Illinois. Our student population is 452.
Our students decorated a total of 437 grocery bags for Earth Day 1998! 21 classrooms participated in the event, including students from Kindergarten through 6th grade. Students included individual messages on the bags that showed that Kruse students really care about our earth. They learned that part of being earth conscious is to share their message with the community. Students were very proud of their work. Student Council officers delivered the brightly decorated bags to the grocery store in time for Earth Day distribution.
This is the first year Kruse Education Center participated in this great project. Thanks for starting this great idea! We look forward to participating again next year.
Debbie Brennan
The students at Amelia Earhart Elementary in Lafayette, Indiana had a lot of fun decorating grocery bags. We made this a school wide project and decorated 464 bags!
Lesley Dause (
Amelia Earhart Elementary
Lafayette, Indiana
Our class decorated 23 grocery bags for earth day. We really enjoyed the activity as well as being able to encourage others to take care of our planet for everyone who will be living here for years to come.
Mrs. Riney's Class (
Willisburg Elementary School
Willisburg, Kentucky
After watching a short video on the history of Earth Day during our regularly scheduled weekly media/library classes, we searched the internet for more information on Earth Day. That's when we discovered the Earth Day Groceries Project! Students were eager to participate. The AAFES Shopette on Ft. Clayton donated 75 bags for our kindergarden students to decorate. First to fifth grade students decorated brown paper bags from the local Army Commissary. A total of 685 bags were decorated for Earth Day!
Anita Seifert (
Curundu Elementary School
Rep of Panama, Dep. of Defense Dependent Schools
This was a great project. Our school is decorating 500 bags to be used at Publix. This has made our students more aware of how they can make a difference in making their world a better place to live.
Carla Sisk (
Midway Elementary
Alpharetta, Georgia
My Kindergarten class decorated the bags from a local Albertsons grocery store and then we walked to the store to deliver the bags. Along the way we collected litter and put them in some clear plastic bags. The store manager was enthusiastic and welcomed us! He then let the children go to the produce area and pick out one piece of fruit to eat on our trip back to school! We colored 30 bags and hope the community enjoyed them. They were darling! One of the students thought it would be funny if her mom actually got "her" bag back! Thank you! We had fun and the students learned about keeping our Earth clean!
Michele Severo
Kindergarten Teacher
Woodcrest Preschool
Newbury Park, CA
As rookies to this Earthly project, we had only two days to complete it. We are proud to report that our school designed 560 grocery bags that were distributed by our Sterk's Supermarket. Thanks to them and to Arbor Heights Elementary School.
Kay Sarti (
Lafayette Elementary
Hammond, Indiana
Hi! We would like to add our results to your tally for 1998. The students at Inverness Elementary School in Inverness, Nova Scotia Canada decorated 316 paper bags for their Earth Day Project this year.There are 270 students from Primary to Grade 6 in this school. The staff and students were very excited about this project and Bonny Dixon was the coordinator of the project and wanted to prove how quickly a project of this type could be done. From start to finish in organizing this project we only had three days and this was the result of our effort. I also took pictures as well the local paper took photos and they were the talk of the community today when consumers went shopping. What a great idea. If any more information is required you can contact me Bonny Dixon at the address below. The students are really excited about seeing their results listed on your site.
Bonny Dixon
Sedona, Arizona area schools report 1760 earthday bags decorated and distributed by area stores today!!!!
5 Stores involved: Safeway, Bashas, New Frontiers, Connolly's Sedona Market, and IGA Webers
Decorating Participants: 14 Schools involved including 3 Public Schools: Sedona Red Rock High School, West Sedona Elementary School, Big Park Elementary, 9 Charter Schools and private schools, 2 boarding schools, and one Boy's & Girls Club.
Our school decorated 200 hundred bags. In my classroom we also took the opportunity to to visit a nearby forest preserve. The forest ranger explained to us what we can do to take care of the forest. Thanks for organizing such a fun project.
Cristina Gillanders (
C.I.Johnson School
Aurora, Illinois
This is the second year that the Hudson Public Schools have participated. This year four schools decorated 1200 bags. These were distributed on Earth Day with the help of our local Victory Supermarket. The students had a wonderful time with this project and the store manager was very impressed with their work. Thanks for the great idea.
Kathy Harrity
Hudson Public Schools
Hudson, MA
The second grade students at D.P.E.S. decorated 181 bags for Food World. It was a quick, easy, and meaningful activity. We hope to participate again next year!
Nancy Dicks (
Daniel Pratt Elementary School
Prattville, Alabama
We had a great time with this school wide project! We partnered with Price Chopper and decorated 500 grocery sacks. The staff really liked this project too!
June McQuitty (
Knotts Environmental Studies Magnet K-5
7301 Jackson, Kansas City, MO 64132
Mrs. Marie Maierhofer, principal of Stockdale Elementary, introduced this project a few weeks ago. There were 479 bags decorated, with the help of students from kindergarten to sixth grade. It was a great project! We cannot wait until next year.
Roxanne Seidel (
6th grade teacher
Stockdale Jr. High, Stockdale Elementary
Stockdale, TX
This is our first year participating in the Earth Day Groceries Project and it was great! Two of our local grocers were more than willing to donate the brown bags. Central Fruit in Central Falls donated approximately 25 bags and the Family Marketplace in Pawtucket donated 500 bags!! Our junior high students were able to decorate 481 of those bags! Even our Assistant Principal decorated one. The bags look great! We look forward to participating in this project next year!!
Michelle Lewandowski (
Central Falls Jr./Sr. High
Central Falls, R.I.
Students at Lakes Elementary in grades K-6 participated in this great project. We had 23 classes working on the bags. We delivered a total of 500 bags to our local Safeway on Yelm Highway. Thanks Safeway for working with us!
Kenna Skillings-Duchesneau (
Lakes Elementary
Olympia, WA
The whole school decorated bags for a local bagel shop. All the children from K-5 really enjoyed decorating the bags. I have not gotten comments from the public yet as to how it was received. It was lots of fun! We decorated 500 bags.
MaryBeth Gallo (
Watertown, Connecticut
Judson School
This is the third year that Cottage Lake Elementary, in Woodinville WA, has participated in this great project. Three 5th grade classes and our Multi-age classes decorated and delivered 367 bags to our local Safeway and they were distributed on April 22nd. Thank you for continuing to organize the information and for keeping us updated. The graphs are terrific!
Nikki McGrath
The Dover Township Juniorettes (young women ages 11-18) decorated 100 bags. Please add our name to your totals.
Dover Township Juniorettes
P.O. Box 5333
Toms River, New Jersey 08753
Happy Earth Day! The grocery bag project was a great idea. We had a terrific time creating bags with environmentally aware slogans and illustrations. Some of the kids did a fantastic job; I wanted to go to the grocery store to get one of their bags! The local supermarket was very generous with the supplies. I hope next year when I have my own classroom to do the project again! Maybe more teachers will get their students involved with the Earth Day project. Lesson plans to write and units to develop....have to go! Celebrate the earth and don't hurt the dirt!
Thanks Again,
Paulette Pallo
Student Teacher
Fifth Grade
Mill Hall Elementary School
Mill Hall, PA 17751
300 bags were decorated and given back to the Provigo store close to our school. I am amxious to find out tomorrow how many parents went to get groceries in their children's Earth Day bags.
sharon meehan (
Greenfield Park Primary International School
Greenfield Park, Quebec
Greetings from Brownsville, Texas. Some of our K-5th Grade students decorated a total of 185 bags for HEB on Southmost Road. This was the first time we participated in the project. The students really enjoyed themselves and were excited to share their concerns for the earth with others. Wonderful idea. We look forward to participating next year.
Reynaldo Garza Elementary
Brownsville, Texas
Happy Earth Day, 1998!

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