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This is Part 3, including reports from schools 107 to 165, received on April 21.

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Updated April 21,1998.

Mission Bend Elementary School in Houston, Texas is participating in the project. We decorated 750 bags to be distributed at Albertson's Food Market here in Houston. The students did a great job decorating the bags and the whole school is excited about the project. The local Albertson's Food Market was very receptive and excited as well. The Houston Chronicle has scheduled a photo shoot at the store. So it looks as though we'll even get some press coverage. A great project for Earth Day 98!
Steve Fowler
We have 4th, 5th and 6th graders at our school. We decorated and delivered 375 grocery bags to a local grocery store in Centralia. This is a great project!
Linda Kinney (
Oakview Elementary
Centralia, Washington
This is Kaegebein Elementary School's third year celebrating Earth Day by participating in this terrific project. Our school consists of almost 500 students, grades two through five. We are located on Grand Island, in the Niagara River between Buffalo and Niagara Falls. The students took particular care to decorate bags with something meaningful to them and many were works of art. We received 500 bags from the Grand Island Tops Supermarket and can't wait until they are used on Earth Day. Thank you for organizing such an easy, worthwhile project that's good for everyone!
Patricia Ludwiczak (
Grand Island, New York
Katherine D. Malone Elementary School of Rockaway Township, N.J. decorated 189 bags promoting Earth Day Messages. Our PTA coordinated the project and our local ShopRite in Rockaway N.J. let us borrow bags. The bags were great displays of art as well as letting our community know that the students are concerned about the Earth. We are also giving the students variety seed packets to take home and plant. Thanks for running this website and I'm glad I found it!!! See you in 1999.
Kathy Botwinick (
Katherine D. Malone Elementary
Rockaway Township, NJ
Students in grades 5-12 at Walnut Ridge Public School decorated a total of 612 Earth Day bags for use at the local Harp's and Big Star grocery stores!! The students enjoyed decorating the bags as well as getting the message out to our community that we are concerned about the environment. We will definitely be involved in this project again next year.
Students in 5th and 6th grades at Walnut Ridge Middle School have also planted a butterfly garden and vegetable garden, dug a pond, and planted a tree in an area that we have designated as the WRMS Nature Center.
Thanks for giving us an opportunity to be a part of the Earth Day Grocery Bag Project.
Mrs. Wheeless (
5th/6th grade Science Teacher
Walnut Ridge Middle School
Walnut Ridge, Arkansas
Students decorated approximately 300 bags to be used by a local grocery store to be used to bag groceries on Earth Day. Students enjoyed the project and felt that they were promoting the message "Save our Earth"
Mary Jo Sassen Kinder Teacher
Vernon City El. School
2360 E. Vernon Ave.
Vernon, CA 90058
We have decorated and returned 123 bags. Several more classes will decorate their bags tomorrow.
Jay Stimmel (
Chamisa Elementary School
White Rock, New Mexico
Great project! Students at our school enjoyed educating the public. The grocery store clerks were very excited about looking at the sacks, too! We decorated 585 bags.
Mrs. Emily Bradley (
Center Grove Elementary
Greenwood, IN
This was our first year participating in the project. The entire school (K -6) decorated 250 bags that were given to us by the local Foodland. The project was very well received by the management of the store. The local newspaper even came to the school and took pictures of the children as they worked on their bags. Thanks for sharing this project.
Joann Cullen 4th grade teacher and science chairman
Roosevelt Elementary
Pt. Pleasant, WV
Walhalla, SC-- Girl Scout Brownie Troop # 1 decorated 73 bags for Earth Day.
David Johnson
We are a 3rd and 4th grade school. We decorated 500 bags donated by our local HEB store.
Staci Korkowski (
Northside Elementary
Cleveland, Texas
From Orchard Center School (part of West Valley School District) which is located in Spokane, Wa. This is our first year decorating bags--a super project appreciated by students and teachers alike. We are a 1-4 Elementary School and decorated approximately 350 bags which my 3rd graders delivered to the neighborhood grocery store today for distribution tomorrow. It's a great idea!
Dianne Crumley
We participated in decorating grocery bags last year, too. This Earth Day we decorated 450 bags for our local Sentry Market in Shasta Lake City, CA.
Our school is Project City Elementary. We include grades K-4. We also added a decorated bookmark with tips for helping the Earth inside with info about our school.
The kids enjoy the opportunity to share their talents with the community.
Lillie Minsart
third grade
Project City School
Technology Mentor
What a great way to spread the word about Earthday- without using paper! My class opted to decorate bags instead of entering a poster contest. We saved a tree! My 10 students colored 50 bags.
Michelle Howard (
Bonner Middle School
Danville, VA
Just reporting in that our afterschools in Greenwood, Indiana decorated 100 grocery bags with earth slogans. This was such a great community involvement. We also put seed packets on the bags so the community could extend their thinking and remember to reduce, reuse, and beautify. The children also gained new knowledge about the importance of respecting our earth and the environment. We worked with our local Kroger store. The children took a field trip to the store to deliver the grocery bags in person. Without Kroger's willingness to become community involved, we would not have been able to reach so many people with such an important message. The children at Discovery Junction Preschool and Childcare are dedicated to saving our planet. Looking forward to next year!
Thanks so much!
Debby Hartman
Greenwood, IN
Our K-grade 6 school decorated 869 bags for the Earth Day Groceries Project
Donna Festa (
West Woods Elementary School
Hamden, Connecticut
Our seventh and eighth grade English students decorated 320 grocery bags for KTA, our local grocery store. Students loved this free, fun, easy way to spread awareness about taking care of our planet. Thank you so much for organizing this great project!
Liz Noetzel (
Waimea Intermediate School
Kamuela, Hawaii
As an art project for the Onaway and Millersburg Elementary Schools Mrs. Tammy Bongard had the students decorate a Carter's and Tom's IGA grocery bag using the suggestions given at your web site. We have decorated and distrubuted a total of 479 bags in our community.
Barbara Tomas (
Onaway Area Schools
Onaway, Michigan
We had a wonderful time doing the Earth Day Grocery Sacks!!! Thank you!!! Our school is Pre-3 through 8th grade. My third graders made samples and a group of 6 students went around to each class and gave a "talk" on Earth Day and how to participate. One way is through the sacks!! We gave the students suggestions, drawings, slogans, and ideas to get them started. We really felt great talking to all the different children in our school. We have a grand total of 224 beautifully decorated sacks to report. Have a great Earth Day!
Third Grade from St. Eugene, Ok
Gail Herth (
The Catholic School of St. Eugene
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
We ar a multiage program consisting of 48 children in grades 1-5. We read about the project in the WEA Action and visited your website. Our children worked very hard and completed 60 bags to be delivered to Safeway and Thriftway. It was a great project and we are looking forward to doing it again next year! Thanks for all the help that was provided on the website (i.e. the templates, the slogans, etc.). It really got us motivated!!
Peggy Koivu (
Family Classroom
Bainbridge Island, WA
We'd just like to report that High Park School, a K - 9 school in Stony Plain, Alberta, took up your challege of grocery bags for Earth Day. We "prepared" 200 bags for our local IGA and 200 more for our local Co-op. All of our students from grades one to nine participated, sometimes in partnerships between grades. We focused half our bags on the 5 threats to the Earth - the HIPPO slogan of Habitat loss, introduced species, population growth, pollution and over-production.
The two stores agreed to use the bags on EARth day as an awareness campaign. We advertised this project in our our school newsletter.
This has been a great experience for our school.
How do we find our who else particpated in Alberta?
Marianne Rogers
This was the first year that Auburn Elementary participated in the Earth Day Groceries Project. We are a Pre-K through 6th grade building. Everyone participated!! The bags were donated by a local grocery store (Harmons) and a local convenient store (the 104 store). We appreciate their help in making this important project so successful. The students and staff decorated 635 bags. We think that is pretty impressive for our first year doing this project. Through this project, the students have realized that each of us has to do our part in taking care of the earth. They have also learned that the message of Earth Day is a message worth spreading!! We hope to do this project again next year.
Melissa Miller (
Auburn Elementary
Auburn, Illinois
For the second year the first graders at Manteno Elementary School worked together with Manteno Foods to decorate grocery bags. We decorated 140 bags. Manteno Foods will start distributing them to customers on Earth Day, April 22, 1998. We hope to remind people in our communitiy to take care of our planet. We had fun making our bags look beautiful. We hope our parents and friends will look forward to getting our bags. We'll be there again for the grocery bag project in 1999.
Barbara Wenzel (
Manteno Elementary School
Manteno, Il
Our school delivered 228 Earth Day decorated bags to the Eagle Grocery store in Kankakee, Ill. Our local newspaper came and took a picture for the newspaper the Daily Journal We also displayed our project at the Showcase of Kankakee schools at a nearby mall.We really enjoyed participating in this project and would like to do it again next year.We hope to be sending you a picture soon. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to participate in this project and the internet.We invite you to visit our school at our website.
Mary Nachtwey (
Lafayette School
Kankakee, Illinois
FACES (Family And ConsumEr Sciences) Club at Ladue Horton Watkins High School visited our local Schnucks and decorated 200 grocery bags.
FACES Club (
Ladue Horton Watkins High School
St. Louis, Mo
Our school Ecole G. Theberge, in Temiscaming, Quebec has participated in the Grocery Bag Project for the first time this year. We had the whole school participate. Grades k-6, English and French sectors of our elementary school.Each bag was decorated in both English and French. Our grand total of decorated bags 420!! Our local grocery stores donated 210 bags each! Each class had a great time decorating the bags. My Grade 3 class had a great time checking all the bags before we delivered them to the stores. The local newspaper covered the story. We will be participating again next year!!
Joanne Jack (
Ecole G. Theberge
This is a wonderful way to get the "Earth Day" message out into our communities! West Milford Elementary School is a K - 5 school located in West Milford, WV. We have approximately 500 students. As part of our Earth Day Celebration, we decorated 452 grocery bags and returned them to our local Krogers store located in the Eastpointe Center, Bridgeport, WV. The students did a wonderful job decorating the grocery bags. They put a lot of thought into how they wanted to represent their environmental themes. I hope all of the customers at Krogers enjoyed the creative artwork of our students. Thanks for the wonderful project!!
West Milford Elementary School
226 School Street
West Milford, WV 26451
Gary Johnston, Principal
Cynthia Smith, Science Lab Teacher
The Students from Newton Yost Elementary School in Northwest Indiana decorated 452 Earth Day Bags. We really enjoyed participating in this global project and would like to thank Costas Foods for helping us celebrate Earth Day. Happy Earth Day 1998 :)
Sharon Klahn
Yost Elementary School
Porter, Indiana
Hello from Van Etten, NY! Our school decorated 100 bags for our local Big M Market. We delivered the bags on Earth Day, some in the morning and some in the afternoon. The cashiers were pleasantly surprised by the afternoon delivery of the popular Earth Day bags! The students can be proud that they helped to make a difference in the world. Great idea for the kids and store owners! What a way to boost up some business. The kids loved this idea and didn't mind the prewriting and rewriting as they normally do! THANKS!
Sue Balland (
Van Etten Elementary
Van Etten New York
Greetings from Veterans Park Elementary in Lexington, Kentucky! We have been busy here participating in our first year of the "Earth Day Groceries Project, 1998"!
I am the art teacher here at Veterans Park Elementary and one of our teachers made me aware of this wonderful project, which I in turn used it as an art project for the entire school. Therefore, there will be about 650+ grocery bags being circulated at our surrounding groceries on Earth Day! (The participating donators are Kroger and Winn Dixie.)
The children (ranging from K - 5) have been very enthusiastic and interested in this project. Many have wanted to do more than one bag with Earth Day messages. I liked the idea from Montgomery County Solid Waste - they collected decorated bags from 3 schools and then chose some outstanding designs to give Earth Day prizes to the designer! I'll have to remember that for next year!
This has been a fun and rewarding project, THANKS A MILLION FOR THE IDEA! Please keep me informed for upcoming events and definitely for April 22, 1999. Peace and Happy Recycling,
Holly Barkley, Art Teacher (
Veterans Park Elementary
Lexington, Kentucky
Our school participated by decorating 336 grocery bags.
Shelley Slunaker (
Western High School
Russiaville, Indiana
Our second grade classes decorated 76 bags for a local grocery store to spread the message about "Saving our Earth" and to participate in the Nationwide Earthday Activity. The students were very excited about the project and drew some wonderful Earth Day pictures with messages. Although this is our second year participating, it is the first year of being involved through the WWW. The Wren Primary Garden Club made bookmarkers to be sent to Columbia to present to Landscapes for Learning Collaborative from Clemson University for their help in our newest school wide "Garden of Eatin" Project.
Thanks for spreading the word and letting us take part in this project.
S. Inman, Wren Primary (
South Carolina
The town of Bruceton Mills is a small, rural community with one grocery store. As part of our Earth Day Celebration,our first grade classes at Bruceton School decorated 92 grocery bags with Earth Day messages. Lou Sterling, owner of the store, used the bags on April 22, 1998, to spread the messages among the community to help protect the environment.
Darla Kuhn & Kim Conner (,
Bruceton Mills, West Virginia
We think this is a good cause. We liked putting the messages on the bags so that people will know what to do. Putting them on a grocery bag is a good idea.
Mr.Trama's 3rd Grade Class (
Ithan Elementary School
Bryn Mawr, PA
I am very excited about this project. My school is located in a very rural area. This project will help us spread the word about environmental issues. Thanks so much!!!
We decorated 200 bags for this our first year in the program. I am already planning next years Groceries Project!!
Sherri Whisman (
Powell County Middle School
Stanton, KY
Cummings Elementary School, 1037 Cummings Street, Memphis, TN 38106, is participating this year in the Earth Day Groceries Project.
Eighty-nine students from grades early childhood through grade six decorated grocery bags with an environmental theme. These bags will be used tomorrow (Earth Day) by Piggly Wiggly Grocery as they sack groceries.
Mrs. Nikita Reed, fifth grade teacher, is project sponsor and Robert L. Terrell is our principal.
Dr. Beth Farris
Great idea! We are a small rural town of 1200 people and one grocery store. Our three classes have decorated and will deliver 50 paper sacks for use on Earth Day.
Thank you for sharing your idea!
Bennett, Mrak and Alameda (
Pinedale, Wyoming
We wanted to let you know that Jane Stenson Elementary School at 9201 Lockwood in Skokie, IL 60077 decorated 375 bags to distribute at our local Jewel food store. We did this as a Student Council Earth Day Project.
Ellen Gruenberg elleng@SD68.K12.IL.US
The students of Keatsway School decorated 390 grocery bags with crayons and markers.The bags carried messages to be kind to the earth and to save the endangered animals.Today, April 21 a group of students returned the grocery bags to Zehr's Masrkets, Beechwood Plaza, Waterloo.
Thanks for letting us be part of this great project.
Anne-Marie Periard (
Keatsway Public School
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
My biology and adv. biology classes decorated 196 bags. The bags were donated by the local Excell grocery store. Some of our best slogans were:
1. If you trash the Earth were are you going to live?
2. Is the ozone hole a gate for aliens? Shut the door on UFOs!!!
3. Maybe if the air was cleaner the Mariners wouldn't choke as often.
Thanks for the idea.
Scott Raynor (ScottR@Colfax.K12.WA.US)
Colfax High School
Colfax WA
Edwin Forrest Elementary School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, decorated 550 grocery bags from the Super Fresh at Rhawn and Torresdale Avenues.
Kathleen Hanratty
OurK-2 classes celebrate Earth Day by visiting 8 Earth friendly learning statations. We decorated 100 grocery bags for our local grocery store.
Joyce S. Cody (
Richfield Elementary
Richfield, North Carolina
This is in regards to the Earth Day Grocery Bag Project. Our school name is Eastridge Junior High School. We are located at:
Eastridge Junior High School
2350 Ridge Road East
Rochester, NY 14622
The current number of bags that are decorated is 500. Thank you!
Maryanna Mueller
P.S. Wegmans supermarket is supplying us with paper bags and rubber gloves to clean up our environment. Thank you for your work! Many departments are working on this cooperatively.
Thank you for the opportunity to participate in such a great project! All the students, from K-5 at Collingwood Preparatory School proudly decorated a total of 488 bags for Earth Day. We will be returning our decorated bags Tuesday April, 21 for distribution on April 22. The project was run by our school's H.O.P.E. (Help Our Precious Earth) Club and they did an excellent job promoting this important day. A Special Thanks to the Caulfield Safeway for helping our students share their concerns for the earth with our community. Happy Earth Day, everyone!
Nicole Mader (
Collingwood Preparatory School
West Vancouver, B.C. Canada
We have decorated 110 Safeway grocery bags, with Earth Day messages! Terry, the manager, was more than happy to see someone willing to do this for Earth Day! Next year, we'll double the number!
Sharon Kuzakin (
Arctic Light Elem.
Ft. Wainwright, Alaska
Adelaide Elementary School, Bountiful, Utah colored 600 bags for Winegar's Food Store.
We have decorated 271 grocery bags. I'm a 3rd grade teacher at Bennington Public Schools.We are very happy to participate in this years project. My students were very enthusiastic and came up with some good slogans. We are looking forward to seeing the final results.
Darlene Czaja (
Bennington Elementary School
Bennington, Nebraska
Carden School of Fountain Valley is pleased to have participated in the Earth Day Groceries Project. Ralphs grocery store gave us 150 brown bags. Our students have decorated and returned the bags for disbursement on Earth Day.
Have a fantastic Earth Day!!!
-Miss Jennifer Carter
Carden School of Fountain Valley
10460 Slater Ave.
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
Linda Updegraff
Our school participated in the Earth Day Groceries project. We decorated 285 bags to be distributed to customers on Earth Day.
Cecelia James Myers
Joe Toler-Oak Hill Elementary School
8176 Hwy 96 N.
Oxford, NC 27565
The students from 5-F and 5-G at Chartiers Valley Intermediate School participated in this project in conjunction with the Heidelberg Shop-N-Save at Raceway Plaza in Bridgeville, PA. The fifth grade students enjoyed decorating over 100 grocery bags with earth-friendly messages. We only found out about the project last week, so our participation this year was limited. Next year, we would like to expand the project to other classes/grades!
Alicia Gismondi/Pat Sienicki-Jackson (
Chartiers Valley Intermediate School
Pittsburgh, PA
Crestview Middle School students in the 5th, 6th, and 7th grades have decorated 500 grocery bags to celebrate Earth Day. These bags were donated by Naifeh's Food Rite in Covington and have been placed there for use by grocery patrons on Wednesday, April 22 to celebrate Earth Day.
Mary Kemp (
Crestview Middle School
Covington, TN
We decorated 330 beautiful bags!
Sydney Bradfield (
Dahlstrom Intermediate
Buda, Texas
Hello! My name is Jean Bell and I teach fifth grade at Sterling Elementary School in Sterling, Virginia. We are about 45 minutes west of Washington, D.C. Eight classes participated in your Earth Day Groceries Project. We decorated 275 bags for our local Sterling Park Safeway. They were excited, too, as they had never participated in this project either. I hope to send you a picture later of some of our students working on the project. This was a great idea! We hope to participate next year also. Happy Earth Day!
Jean C. Bell
The 6th grade students at Baxter Middle School decorated a total of 157 bags for Earth Day. This is our 2nd year to participate in the Earth Day Groceries project. What a super way to get students involved with the community and to spread the word about Earth Day!
Tanya Carlson (
Baxter Springs
Baxter Springs, Kansas
We are first graders from Peru Primary School in Peru, NY. We borrowed about 150 paper bags from our local Grand Union store and decorated them for Earth Day. Hopefully people will pay attention to our drawings.
Peru Primary
Earth Day Greetings! Here at Prophetstown Elementary School in Prophetstown, Illinois, our students decorated 367 paper bags for the Earth Day Groceries project. We all had a great time and are plannig on doing it again next year.
Paulette Clements
Our school is George Walton Academy in Monroe, Georgia. We are participating with BiLo. We have decorated 80 bags. Next year we will do more. Thanks for creating this great project!
-Elizabeth Garrison, art instructor
This was our first year participating in this project. Our entire school, grades K-6, decorated 500 grocery bags. The students did an outstanding job on their artwork as well as their slogans!
Jennifer Hodgkinson (
Mazie Gable Elementary
Red Lion Pennsylvania
Thank you for all your hard work on this Groceries Project. Glenn Fernandez
Annotation by Janice Nishiki, Grade 2 at Noelani Elementary School
The students of Noelani Elementary School are earth conscious. All grade levels focus on environmental awareness activities and studies throughout the school year. In April, our grocery bag project to help educate our community about the importance of Earth Day and to spread the messages that we would like them to remember.
This year, 250 students from our school completed bags and they were distributed by the Longs Drug store a block away from our school. Students and their families were proud to see shoppers take home bags and to be a part of helping to spread the word - Make Earth Day Everyday!
Noelani School is located in Manoa Valley on the island of Oahu. Our valley is rich in Hawaii's history with historical homes and landmarks and anyone who visits the valley is immediately struck by the beauty of lush green mountains, colorful rainbows, and dramatic waterfalls against the majestic mountainside. It is easy to understand why our students value the importance of Earth Day!
Glenn D. Fernandez
Technology Coordinator and Network Administrator
Noelani Elementary School
2655 Woodlawn Drive
Honolulu, Hawaii 96822

Happy Earth Day, 1998!

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