1999 Earth Day Groceries Reports - Utah

The second grade classes at Dilworth Elementary in Salt Lake City,Utah decorated 50 bags for Albertsons.
Stevane Godina
Laurel Evans
Waterford School
Sandy, UT
Bags decorated: 72
Comments: I received such a warm welcome from our local super-market! As a teacher I hate to always be asking for free goodies to enhance our curriculum, but I truly felt like we were able to give something back this time. The children were excited and motivated and really believe that they can make a difference! Thank you.

1998 Earth Day Groceries Reports - Utah

My fifth-grade kids thought it was great. The grocery store we worked through was very helpful too. The kids felt like they were actually doing something to help the environment. We decorated over 300 bags.
Jason Theler Jason.Theler@nridge.alpine.k12.ut.us
Northridge Elementary
Orem, Utah
This Earth Day I wanted to make a difference, but I really didn't know what I could do. So, I got on the internet and searched different Earth Day sites. I found lots of information about the grocery bag project that had been done in the past very successfully. I decided that this was somehting I had to try here in Ephraim. I called the local elementary school, Ephraim Elementary, and the local grocery store, Kent's, and got permission from both to go ahead with the project. My roomate and I put the whole thing together. We typed up an explanation for the teachers aobut the project and delivered it along with 420 bags to the school a week before Earth Day. When we picked up the bags, only about 10 were not done, and those in the office spoke highly of the children's enjoyment in decorating the bags. Kent's was very cooperative with us, and made sure to give all shoppers on Earth Day at least one decorated bag. This was a wonderful experience for me, and I plan to continue it in consecutive years.
Kelly Rock (rock4628@badger.snow.edu)
Snow College
Ephraim, Utah
Adelaide Elementary School, Bountiful, Utah colored 600 bags for Winegar's Food Store.
CAMILLE SPARKMAN csparkman@admin.adladel.davis.k12.ut.us
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