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Reports from 1998 Participants

This is Part 2, including reports from schools 61 to 106.

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Updated April 20,1998.

What a great project! I was very pleased when this idea was passed onto me, and in turn, I have passed it on to a number of other schools. Rock City Elementary is a K-7 school of approximately 400 students. We are located in Nanaimo, a city on Vancouver Island, off the west coast of British Columbia. We completed 456 grocery bags, most as part of a cross-grade activity, the others as time permitted in the intermediate classrooms. Our local grocery store, Overwaitea, was delighted with the efforts of the students, and we are looking forward to hearing comments from the customers on Earth Day. Thanks again for a wonderful project, and one which makes great use of the Internet for spreading the message. Happy Earth Day, everyone.
Phil Murphy (
Rock City Elementary
Nanaimo, B.C., Canada
Atchison Middle School 6th graders decorated 300 bags four area grocery stores. We're proud to be a part of this fun project! We know that sometimes, kids have to remind adults about important issues, such as care for the environment!
Thanks for a great project!
Diane Liebsch (
Atchison Middle School
Atchison, Kansas
I teach fourth grade here at Yarbro Elem. School in Lovington, NM. While looking for ideas and information concerning Earth Day at our school, I came across the grocery bag project. It caught my attention. Every year I organize an Earth Day for our students in Yarbro. (We have 430 fourth and fifth grade students.) I decided to try this project at our school. Our local store donated 500 bags and our students are excited about the project. We will deliver 400 bags back to the store in the morning. What a great idea!
Yarbro Elem. School
700 West Jefferson
Lovington, NM 88260
Ron Hogue Fourth grade teacher
My class and 2 other 2nd grades are decorating 200 bags.
Amy Brown (
Burbank Elementary
Merced, CA
This is our first year to participate in the Earth Day Project. The students at Pauline South Intermediate School (grades 4-6) decorated 281 grocery bags for Earth Day. Our school is located in the southwest part of Topeka, Kansas (the Capital of Kansas).
The Pauline Food Center Grocery Store provided 300 grocery bags for our students to decorate and they will sack groceries in these decorated bags the week of April 22.
What a fun project for our students to participate in to promote environmental awareness at school and in our community. Students look forward to being a part of this project in years to come.
Mrs. Forbes (
4-6 Technology Specialist
Pauline South Intermediate School
Wakarusa, Kansas 66546
Sheppard Elementary School on Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls, Texas is happy to report that we made Earth Day groceries a school wide projet. We took five hundred grocery bags from our commissary on the base and we managed to decorate approximately 450 of them.
Thanks for the opportunity to make a statement in our community. We will look forward to participating with you next year!
Teri Smith (student teacher)
Sheppard Elementary Third Grade
We decorated 420 bags for Winn Dixie located in Delray Beach, Florida. K, 4th and 5th grades and The Nature Club participated. We had local Media attend the actual decoration of the bags in my class. (K) Thank you for making this worthwhile project available to us, we really enjoyed participating in the project and will continue to do so in the future,
With thoughts of reduce, reuse, recycly every day,
Sandy Doherty (
Banyan Creek Elementary
Delray Beach, Fl.
We are decorating 400 bags this week at Dakota Meadows Middle School. We will be having 150 8th grade students designing them.
Thanks for your very helpful web site!
Cindy Shirk, teacher (
Dakota Meadows Middle School
Mankato, Minnesota
St. Joseph's School in Croton Falls, New York is a small parochial school located in Westchester County. This is our first year participating in this project. We decorated 250 bags. The students enjoyed this project and we hope to join in again next year.
Nancy Malcolm (
St. Joseph's
Croton Falls, New York
I'm a part of the LaPorte High School Environmental Club, and this year for earth day we are giving a lecture about the rainforest to some elementary school students. We hope to decorate 30 or so bags. Thanks a lot for helping us teach the children!!!
Tiffany Collings (
LaPorte High School
LaPorte, In
Fourth grade students at Canterbury Elementary School will decorate approx. 400 bags and distribute to Better Val-U Supermarket in Canterbury. Colleen Shine from the Paper Bag Council was instrumental in helping us procure paper grocery bags and other Earth Day related materials. Canterbury Fourth Graders are happy to be participating in your Earth Day Groceries Short Project.
Stephanie J. Neborsky (
Canterbury Elementary School
67 Kitt Road, Canterbury, CT 06331
Our PK-5 campus all became involved. We had a great time and decorated 875 bags for our local HEB. We then took several of the bags out to our local mall and made an exhibit promoting community awareness.
Liz Stewart, Mary Rogers, L. Cerna ( or
Franklin Elementary School http://www.port-arthur.k12.txus
Port Arthur, Texas
I am writing to say the students of Robert Kerr Elementary School, located in Durand, Michigan are proud participants of the Earth Day Grocery Bag Project. I contacted a local grocery store and the Manager there donated 400 bags for us to decorate. I will be picking them up on April 21st, and then I will know how many we actually decorated. Mr. McGaughlin (Robert Kerr's Principal) was eager to lend his support to this project. I am hoping for a big turnout and looking forward to seeing these creative minds at work. Thanks for a wonderful idea. I will let you know how it turns out.
Karen Donaldson
Durand, Michigan
Our school decorated 400 bags that were donated from Meiner's Thriftway grocery store - right down the street from our school.
Richardson Elementary School
3515 Park Avenue
Kansas City, Missouri 64109
Thanks for this GREAT idea!
Tammy Stoneberger
Richardson School
Hi! W.T. Sampson Elementary School in Guantanamo Bay Cuba had 242 pupils participate in the Earth Day grocery bag project.
Kathleen Hovanic
I did this project in conjunction with our local Albertson's grocery store. I travel to two schools, so both sets of students participated. All total, we decorated 125 bags. The students enjoyed creating the slogans to use on the bags.
Crawford Grabowski (
Key Elementary and Van Winkle Elementary
Jackson, MS
We joined together with our local Shop Rite grocery store and they donated the grocery bags.
343 bags were decorated with Earth Day messages and returned to the Shop Rite on 4/20/98 to be distributed on Wednesday, April 22.
Students and teachers enjoyed this project and it will most certainly be good PR for the school in our community.
Paula Green (
Somerdale Park School (k-8)
Somerdale, New Jersey
We had fun doing this. We hope you recycle. We like to recycle. We decorated 20 bags from our class. It was fun!
marylou (
The Plains Elementary
The Plains, Ohio
Mr. Guarnieri, an Environmental Science Teacher, and Mr. Degenaro, an Art Teacher, participated in a team effort to design and distribute 800 shopping bags to Patton's Sparkle Market of Hubbard, Ohio.
Anthony Guarnieri (
Hubbard High School
Hubbard, Ohio 44425
Just wanted you to know that students in Kindergarten, 4th and 6th grades took part in this project. We decorated 500 bags!!!
Trish Petty (
Holy Trinity School
1325 36th St. N.W. Washington D.C. 20007
500 bags
6th graders
Terri-Anne Reese (
Northley Middle School
Aston, PA
We have decorated 500 grocery bags. This is a great project. It is our first year to participate.
Mr. James Duke, Fifth Grade Teacher (
César Chávez Elementary School
Coachella, California
Our names are Marly and Jillian. The school we go to is Harry .R. Hamilton school. We are particapting in the Earth Day Groceries.We have alot of fun decorating the bags.We have a lot of bags,to be exact 400 bags. We passed the bags out today and hope to have them done tomorrow.Then we will return them to Sobey's to use on Earth Day.
From Jillian and Marly Grade 4
Jill Grandy
Nova Scotia, Canada
Thought you would like to know that Fairview Community School made Earthday Grocery bags for our local Coop. We were on CHEK TV so it was good advertising for Earthday. My buddy class is kindergarten and our 6/7 class helped them. The kids had fun and thought about our earth. Thanks for the idea.
Jeremy Sumner
British Columbia, Canada
Our entire sixth grade and two classes of the 7th grade are decorating bags for Pathmark in Brookhaven.,PA. In all we hope to decorate over 400 bags!
Gay Lynn Byers (
Northley Middle School
Aston, PA
Hi! This is our 2nd year with the Earthday Project! We hope to get out at least 400 bags this year! We ran into a problem of finding "just" brown bags this year! I guess next year we'll have to start looking earlier! Good Luck!
Jackie Wimberly (
WA Chapman Elem
Miami, FL
We are very excited to participate in a Nationwide Earthday Activity. We will decorate approx. 800 bags.
Carol Bethea (
Wateree Elementary
Lugoff, South Carolina
The "All-Stars" have decorated grocery bags for Earth Day!!
We will present them to the manager of our local Busch's Grocery Store on Tuesday ! Then,on Wednesday, they will be filled with groceries by the people of Clinton!!
Clinton is located 27 miles Southwest of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Clinton is a very small community in Lenawee County!!!
Candace Martin,Third Grade All-Stars' (
I saw a article about this project in the AIMS magazine. We have decorated and distributed 445 sacks--we were shooting for 500!! We'll try to do more next year! This is a great project, and our students really enjoyed being a part of a nationwide project! Great idea!
Cindy Robinson (
LH Rather JR High
Bonham, TX
Our students will begin to decorate bags tomorrow to distribute to our local food co-op store in Swarthmore, Pa. I estimate that the children will be decorating approximately 150 bags for distribution on Wednesday, 4/22/98. The students did this last year, and are eager to begin again!
Marji Romanski (art/computer teacher)
The Walden School
Swarthmore, Pa
( I believe I already reported that the children at The Walden School had decorted over 100 bags that were distributed to the local co-op here in Swarthmore. In addition, I received aN e-mail from our local Acme wanting bags as well - in two hours time, the children came up with an additional 50 bags! We really enjoyed this project, and will continue it throughout the year!!)
Just a brief note to report that our Earthday"98" program went off without a hitch!
Our program was received very well by the administration and we had 400 Demoulas/Market Basket Bags decorated by the City of Woburns' 2nd grade classes in our 9 elementary schools. On the day of our Earthday program which was 4/18/98 we had another 75 bags decorated by both children and adults. These bags will be given to Market Basket on 4/20 for distribution to their customers. Next year we are going to start earlier to get more participation from our other grades and the other 2 supermarkets in our city. Well that is all for now,until next year, have a great year and good health.
See Ya
Paul A Medeiros
Woburns' 2nd grade elementary {9}schools
Woburn, MA
This was our first year attempting this project. Our third grade class studies communities, and this made a great, easy-to-do community project! Two second, two third, and two fourth great classes decorated 162 bags, which were distributed at the Canyon Road Safeway. The guidelines and tips that you posted for the project were very helpful. Thanks for a great project!
Jodi Carr (
Pioneer Valley Elementary School
Spanaway, WA
The third grade decorated 150 bags.
Niles Elementary School
Niles, Illinois
I am a college student currently interning at Fort Rucker Elementary School in Enterprise, Alabama. My third grade class decorated 22 grocery bags. Thanks for the great idea, it is a good way to end a lesson about Earth Day.
Christine Tivnan (
Fort Rucker Elementary
Troy, AL
The 160 Kindergarten through 5th Grade students of Colleton Preparatory Academy in Walterboro, South Carolina have decorated 200 "Bi Lo Grocery Bags" with Earth Day greetings.  This is the first year that Colleton Prep has participated in this wonderful project.  The students' creativity was truly sparked by this project.  The art work inspired by the Grocery Bags Project was not only imaginative, but also portrayed the concerns that children have about our only home, the Earth.  A special thanks to the local Bi Lo Grocery Store manager, Jamie King, for his help and enthusiasm.  Also, a thank you to our Art Teacher, Ms. Suzanne Bowman, and our Lower School Lead Teacher, Mrs.. Carol Armentrout, for all of their help, support, and organization.  I have attached a picture of one of our students with his "Earth Day Grocery Bag."  I hope you received it.  I would also like to thank you and those who help you for the many hours of hard work I know that you must spend on this project.  Please know that your efforts do touch the lives of others.
Stephanie Gruber
 Colleton Prep PTO                                              
Hyer Elementary School decorated 566 grocery bags donated by Simon David II in Dallas, Texas. Art teacher, Sandy Miller, coordinated this project. Students were very enthusiastic about sharing their concerns for the earth with the community. It was a fun project which promoted awareness of everyone's responsibility to care for the earth.
Cindy Galpern (
Hyer Elementary School
Dallas, Texas
I am a seventh grade science teacher who was looking for a fun and different idea to celebrate Earth Day this Wednesday. I have contacted a local grocery store - Fareway Foods in Johnston Iowa - and they are going to donate 250 sacks for our kids to decorate. It should be a blast!!!!!!! Thanks for the idea.
Debra Johnson (
Meredith Middle School
Des Moines, Iowa
Thanks for sharing this great idea with the world!
Our school is participating for the first time. Our PTA Earth Day committee used your templates and prepared a packet of instructions for the art teacher to impliment. We have decorated 615 bags which will be returned to the grocery store on Monday, April 20 for distribution on Wednesday.
Here's who and where we are: Camp Creek Elementary School (K-5)
958 Cole Drive
Lilburn, Georgia 30047
(770) 921-1626
Gwinnett County Public Schools
Parkview Cluster
East Metro Atlanta
Happy Earth Day, 1998!

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