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Reports from 1998 Participants

This is Part 10, including reports from schools 394 to 416, received on May 8 - 24.

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This was the first year students at Hayesville Elementary School (Oregon) participated in the Earth Day Groceries Project. Roth's IGA at the Hayesville Center happily gave us paper bags to decorate. Students in kindergarten through fifth grade were able to decorate 571 bags and it was a great project to raise the awareness of the whole community--adults and students! There were some fantastic designs and very thoughtful messages. We were so proud of our children! I'd also like to say what a pleasure it was to work with Roth's IGA. They are so community-minded and helpful.
Jeri Gamaney
Just a note to let you know that our 6th grade science classes at Central Middle School in Muscatine, Iowa, participated in your earth day grocery bag project. We had a wonderful 2 days decorating bags and then hand delivered them to a local grocery store. We will e-mail you a news clipping after it is printed in our local paper.
Robin Griggs
Our bags arrived today so Puckapunyal Primary School (Australia) will be decorating 250 bags in the next two weeks to be taken to our generous grocery store for distribution on World Environment Day- June 5th. Our school is situated 100 kilometres from Melbourne in central Victoria. We are very excited to be involved in your project. We have an enrolment of approx 270 students from prep to year 6. Many children come from military families as our school is situated on an army base. We have some students from America whose parents are on exchange from the U.S Kangaroos and emus abound in the nearby bushland. I hope this report tells you a little about us and our school. Thanks again for a great project.
Regards Libby Delbridge
Computer Co-ordinator
Puckapunyal Primary School
I teach Jr. High science at Bartonville Grade School in Bartonville, Il, which is close to Peoria. We decorated 400 Earth Day sacks and delivered them to the local grocery store during Earth Day week. The students enjoyed the project and hopefully they and the community were reminded to take care of our Earth. Thanks for the idea.
Linda Roberts
Ithaca City School District Earth Day Project
Our local supermarkets, Tops, P & C, and Greenstar, assisted us by providing the bags, distributing the bags, and by displaying our Earth Day banner and posters. The community was encouraged to ask for an Earth Day bag in the participating supermarkets on Earth Day, and to follow the messages written on the bags.

Curricular Ties
In the elementary schools, instruction on Earth Day was done by the classroom. teacher. Some of the signs were hand drawn in the art class, some in the classroom, and some classes used the computer to design the signs. At the middle school the signs were done using the computer, and by hand. The project was completed in science, social studies, English and in math classes. In math class students used compasses and straightedges as part of their geometric construction unit to create endangered animal designs. The science class cleaned up the school yard. The math class massed and measured all of the trash picked up by the science class and compared it to the percent of trash collected in the world each year. The social studies and English classes studied ecology and how it impacts society.

How We Used Technology
Our students used computers to make the Earth Day signs that we attached to our bags. We use Kid Pix to produce the signs. By using technology, we were able to print multiple copies of the signs. We also used the computer to generate signs as well as download globes from the National Earth Day Page. These computer generated signs allowed our younger students to color in the signs and have printed Earth Day messages on them as well. Teachers also used the computer to email each other the Earth Day messages their classes put on the bags. This information was used to assist us to make our Earth Day Web Page. We created a district Web page as well as one for each school participating. The school Web page displayed the bags their students had made and the messages that were written on the bags. Our District Earth Day Web page included books we read about Earth Day, community events, public TV shows on Earth Day Topics, Earth Day Web sites, and links to each of the school Web pages. In the middle school, students searched the Internet to find information on how to preserve the Earth. They also shared with others what we were doing in our school for Earth Day. Students used the Internet to find Earth Day slogans and messages that they could use.

This campaign was highly publicized by a public service announcement produced by Casey Stevens of WHCU Radio which featured students from DeWitt Middle School. This 60 second announcement ran 1 week prior to Earth Day. Channel 7 News did two stories about our Earth Day Project. They interviewed teachers about the Earth Day lessons we were providing to students, encouraged the public to ask for an Earth Day bag, and provided coverage in local supermarkets on Earth Day. The Ithaca Journal assisted us as well to publicized this event. Articles were also written in school and classroom newsletters. Earth Day banners were placed in the Supermarkets along with signs asking customers to please ask for an Earth Day bag.

Many teachers were involved with the project. Please visit our Earth Day ( Web site to see our bags, slogans and other information pertaining to Earth Day.

Ithaca City School District (, Ithaca, NY
Participating Schools:
DeWitt Middle School ( 6th Grade,
Northeast ( and
Beverly J. Martin ( Elementary Schools
Bags Distributed: 1,127
Project Coordinator: Valerie White(,
Technology Integration

This year is our first time conducting Earth Day Groceries Project. We worked with Ralph's Supermarket. Our students decorated 500 bags. Students had great fun doing it. It was a wonderful learning experience for everyone involved. Our local newspaper, The Highlanders, came out to take pictures, and wrote a short article which published the next Monday. Some pictures will be figured on our school web site also. :-)
Margaret Hesselgrave (
Los Molinos Elementary School
3112 las Marias Dr. Walnut, CA 91745
Our school participated in the Earth Day bags. We decorated 500 this year. We are Reagan Elementary in Rogers, AR.
Leslie Turley
The Earth Day Groceries Project worked great here in Cordova, Alaska! I received the 600 paper bags without any problems from Colleen Shine in Virginia, distributed them to kids from Preschool to 6th grade, and took them to the Grocery Stores on Earth Day. I even took it a step further and picked 2 From each grade that were the "favorites" from a panel of judges and displayed those at the local post office. That increased awareness even more. Although the project guidelines suggest only putting first names on the bags, in a town so remote and small (pop 2300), the kids really wanted their names and grade on the bags so that the "favorites" could be recognized. I think we will actual have some type of personal certificate or something next year for the "best decorated" ones that are displayed at the post office.
I chose to involve our post office because they are responsible for the bulk of paper recycling in our town. They ship out thousands of pounds of paper and cardboard to be sold to a buyer in Washington on the empty mail barges that leave Cordova. The postmaster loved the idea from the beginning.
It was a really great project and I will recommend to my department head that the other Environmental Health Promoters in our region do the project in their communities next year.
Thanks for all of the help and information you have posted on the Internet! I didn't think we could do it in a town without paper bags at the stores, but we did! I even had the manager of one grocery store tell me that he knew paper bags were the "right thing to do" and that he would consider offering them as an option, although they are more expensive. Paper and cardboard can be recycled here in Cordova, but plastic cannot.
Thanks again for helping to make this great project a reality in a town without paper bags!
Kate Williams
This message sent via TribalNet International
Our school had all grades kindergarten-6 work on this project this year. The kids really enjoyed decorating the bags from Village Market in Fennville and the Family Fare in Holland. We would like to thank both store for donating bags this year. We decorated a total of over 500 bags this year. Good Job!!!
Garry Visscher (
Pullman Elementary School
Pullman, MI
This was the first year for us to participate in the Earth Day Grocery Bag Project, but we will do it again next year.
We decorated 150 bags to be used at a local grocery. The local paper and word-of-mouth made it exciting for the kids to see who got their bag. We put first names only on the bags. Since this is a very small town, we often heard who got our bags!
Next year, I hope to involve more grades and distribute the bags through both our grocery stores. Our recycling service urges paper bags be used to separate items put in the recycling boxes, so we are hoping more of our citizens will get in the habit of asking for paper, a renewable resource.
Thanks for starting such an easy, yet worthwhile project!
See you next year!
Penny Thacher (, Kindergarten Teacher
Mt.Carroll Elementary, k-3
Mount Carroll, Illinois
This is Finn Hill Junior High's first year participating in the terrific project! Students in grades 7-9 decorated and distributed 653 sacks to local Safeway, QFC, and Albertson's stores. The 120 Albertson's bags were decorated ahead of time & used to create storewide Earth Day displays which were up for a full week preceeding Earth Day!
This activity truly focused student & community attention on this important day. We're excited about continuing & expanding our participation with this project.
Brian Healy (
Finn Hill Junior High
Kirkland, WA
The fourth and fifth grade Gifted and Talented Program at Cairo Elementary School in upstate Cairo, New York (Catskill Mountain Region) participated in the 1998 Earth Day Groceries Project. Students at the school decorated 630 bags! The bags were used to pack the community's groceries on Earth Day. Everyone was very pleased to see the wonderful artwork and environmental logos.
Maria J. Suttmeier (
Cairo Elementary
Cairo, New York
Still Elementary School in Powder Springs, Georgia, decorated 870 grocery bags. Our bags were supplied by Kroger at Village Green in Marietta, Georgia. We used some of the templates from your site. Everyone enjoyed this project and we appreciate your sharing your ideas with us.
Still Elementary School
Powder Springs, GA
This Earth Day I wanted to make a difference, but I really didn't know what I could do. So, I got on the internet and searched different Earth Day sites. I found lots of information about the grocery bag project that had been done in the past very successfully. I decided that this was somehting I had to try here in Ephraim. I called the local elementary school, Ephraim Elementary, and the local grocery store, Kent's, and got permission from both to go ahead with the project. My roomate and I put the whole thing together. We typed up an explanation for the teachers aobut the project and delivered it along with 420 bags to the school a week before Earth Day. When we picked up the bags, only about 10 were not done, and those in the office spoke highly of the children's enjoyment in decorating the bags. Kent's was very cooperative with us, and made sure to give all shoppers on Earth Day at least one decorated bag. This was a wonderful experience for me, and I plan to continue it in consecutive years.
Kelly Rock (
Snow College
Ephraim, Utah
This was Bannekers' first year to participate in the project. Our students were so excited with the idea that some wanted to do more than one bag! Approximately 500 grocery bags were decorated by our k-5 students and distributed to two local grocery stores. Patrons in our community got a very clear and positive message that the students at Banneker care about our environment. We look forward to participating in 1999! Thank you for the opportunity to join others in such a great and rewarding project.
Jan Klein>
Project Coordinator/5th grade teacher
Banneker Elementary School
Kansas City, Kansas
We are a primary school in London, England. We received information about World Earth Day and the decorating paper bags project from and organization called "Brixton Connections". Their aim is to get schools in South London (where we are!) to use the internet.
The Reception classes (4 and 5 year olds) decorated about 50 paper bags from the Body Shop. The staff at the shop were very helpful and interested in our project.
The children enjoyed decorating the bags and discussing ways of looking after their planet.
I would have sent you some pictures of the children and their bags, but I am still getting to grips with the school camera!
Good luck collating all the information
Emma Hammond IT co-ordinator

Hill Mead Primary School
Moorlands Road

The third grade children at Boonsboro Elementary in Boonsboro, Maryland recently participated in your project. They decorated 100 grocery bags and distributed them to Boonsboro Produce. They were interviewed on our local TV station and an article was written in our local newspaper.
Third Grade Teachers
Karen Keppel
Judy Kerns
Karen Johnston
John Miller
Jeanne Ecton
Here are some photos from Chamiza Elementary School and Smith's Grocery Store in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Greetings from students at Cromwell Valley Elementary!
430 beautifully decorated bags were delivered to a nearby supermarket for use on Earth Day. Every student in our school, grades K-5, helped make the project a success by making a bag with a personal message on it.
Thanks for helping to organize this effort. We are glad to be a part of it. Regards,
Maxine Shindel (
Technology Specialist/Webmaster
Cromwell Valley Elementary
Towson, Maryland
This is P.S./I.S. 121's first year of participating in this wonderful project. Our students from grades K thru 8 decorated over 700 paper bags with creative artwork and Earth Day messages to make our community environmentally aware. Thanks to Dale Gages and 5Star Catering for donating the bags and distributing them to their many customers.
During earth week, the students learned about protecting the earth and the value of spreading that knowledge to everyone. The students loved this free and fun way to become involved in taking care of our planet. What an exciting way to contribute--by being a small part of this Earth Day International Movement. Thank you so much for organizing this project that helped to connect students from all over the world.
We will spread the word for 1999!!!!!
Submitted by Donna M. Menicucci/Earth Day Coordinator
P.S./I.S. 121
Principal: Mr.Esposito
"The School That Makes A Difference"
5301 20th Avenue---- Brooklyn, New York 11204
Such a great idea! We decorated 280 bags and returned them to 2 neighborhood stores.
Alta Carter
Orchards Ele.
Lewiston, ID 83501
Happy Earth Day, 1998!

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