Australia Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1998

Our bags arrived today so Puckapunyal Primary School will be decorating 250 bags in the next two weeks to be taken to our generous grocery store for distribution on World Environment Day- June 5th. Our school is situated 100 kilometres from Melbourne in central Victoria. We are very excited to be involved in your project. We have an enrolment of approx 270 students from prep to year 6. Many children come from military families as our school is situated on an army base. We have some students from America whose parents are on exchange from the U.S Kangaroos and emus abound in the nearby bushland. I hope this report tells you a little about us and our school. Thanks again for a great project.
Regards Libby Delbridge
Computer Co-ordinator
Puckapunyal Primary School

Australia Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1995

From: ( on 15 Jun 1995 10:32:10 +1000
Subject: Re: Earth Day Groceries Project

Dear Mark, Our school has decided to join your Earth Day Grocery Bag project on June 5th World Environment Day. We hope it is not too late, we couldn't do the project on Earth Day as it was in our term break. Our school is called Puckapunyal Primary. Puckapunyal is situated 100 kms from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. We have 550 bags to decorate from our local Family Store. We have about 280 children from prep to grade 6 at our school. We would love to know how many schools and which schools were involved in your project and whether you'll be able to include our total in your tally. Hoping to hear from you. Libby Delbridge grade 3 teacher and computer co-ordinator email:

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