Earth Day Groceries

Reports from 1998 Participants

This is Part 7, including reports from schools 297 to 334, received on April 26 and 27.

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The numbers are in! Thirteen hundred grocery bags were decorated and distributed in the town of Westborough. Two of our local stores, Stop and Shop and Julio's Star Market, and three schools participated in the project. It has been a lot of fun. The artwork was outstanding and the project added another dimension to our Earth Day festivities in town. Thanks for a great project!
Kathy Martin (
Westborough, MA
On April 22,1998 St Lawrence Elementary School in Brossard, Quebec, Canada, joyfully participated in decorating 500 bags from a local IGA supermarket. French and English messages were written on each bag and an explanatory note was stapled to each bag. It was our first year participating in the project and we are very thankful to all the staff, students, and Mrs. Anna Pamel for all their work.
Katia Giannikakis (
St. Lawrence School
Brossard, Quebec, Canada
We all made bags for earthday. Total, our fourth grade and two first grades made 175 bags. We enjoyed the project. The bags were neat. We each made our own design. Some students even made two! We hope we can do it next year and have even more bags! Thanks for the idea, Mrs. Pangan's class.
Pangan's fourth grade class (
Washington Elementary
Westfield Indiana
Four of our primary classrooms participated in your Earth Day Groceries project by distributing grocery bags at 2 of the grocery stores in Springfield, Kentucky. We had a total of 75 students that prepared Earth Day slogans.
Jackie M. Reed (
Willisburg Elementary
Willisburg, Kentucky
Giant Markets in Danville donated 500 bags to be decorated by our 417 students grades K-5. The local newspapers, The Press-Enterprise and the Danville News reported on the event. The children and teachers had a great time decorating the bags. The project inspired me to organize an Earth Day Classroom which all the grade levels took turns visiting. We showed videos, had exhibits, and activities. The children received coloring books, activity books, buttons, bookmarks, magnets and pogs donated by many generous agencies and foundations. Thank you for the inspiration. We hope to make it an annual event.
Pam Kreis (
Liberty-Valley Elementary School
Danville, PA 17821
Gates Elementary School in Davison, Michigan has participated in the Earth Day Project for three years. Our first through fifth graders decorated almost 1000 grocery bags this year alone! The bags were given to the customers at VG's Food Center. We sure have enjoyed this project and hope that it will help people remember to "Reduce, Reuse, recycle."
Catherine Wells
This is our 3rd year participating in the Earth Day Grocery Bag Project. This year we had six schools decorate a total of 1940 bags. This was a joint project between the Fort Belvoir Commissary, Fairfax County Schools, Partners In Education, and the Directorate of Installation Support. The bags were distributed by the Commissary on Earth Day. The kids and Commissary patrons fully enjoyed the project.
The participating schools were:
Barden Elementary (Fort Belvoir) - 200 bags
Cheney Elementary (Fort Belvoir) - 200 bags
Markham Elementary (Fort Belvoir) - 200 bags
Quander Road School (Alexandria) - 100 bags
Woodlawn Elementary (Alexandria) - 600 bags
Woodley Hills Elementary (Alexandria) - 640 bags
Miller, Kristin
Fort Belvoir, Virginia
This effort was coordinated by the Directorate of Environment and Safety's Education Awareness Program. We worked with five public schools on Fort Riley: Fort Riley Elementary, Morris Hill Elementary, Jefferson Elementary, Fort Riley Middle School, and Custer Hill Elementary. A total of 500 bags were decorated and delivered to the Commissary for distribution during Earth Week
Tamara DePue (
Fort Riley, Kansas
What a great Earth Day project! Our students at Market Street Elementary School, Boardman, Ohio decorated a total of 444 grocery bags that were used by our local Sparkle Market. We also made posters with Earth Day messages to decorate the store and were lucky enough to have a local television station report on our work. Thanks for sharing such a terrific idea with us.
Lisa Hughes, Judy Lipkovich
Science Coordinators Grades K-4
Hi! My name is Ann Watson. I am a third grade teacher at Sweetwater Elementary School in Sweetwater, Tennessee. I found your project and with the cooperation of Newman's Food Center, here in Sweetwater, and Mandy Nelson, our school's art teacher, our art classes decorated 675 bags to be distributed. Every child in our k-3 school did this. Our art classes really had a good time doing this and I hope we can participate next year.
Ann B. Watson
Six classes from the White Brook Middle School participated in the Earth Day bag project and colored 155 bas for distribution at the Big E's in Easthampton, MA.
Kathie Stewart
Educational Technology Specialist
Just to let you know our school participated in the Earth Day activity. Grades k-4 at the Wellsburg attendance decorated bags and delivered them on Earth Day. No feed-back yet. The number involved was 132. Thanks again for sharing your idea.
We are located in north central Iowa. About ninety miles north of Des Moines. We are a small farming community. Two neighboring districts joined about seven years ago. I live in the small village of Steamboat Rock. Our population continues to decline. So we are faced once again with changes. That is the possibility of joining yet another district.
Blairstown Elem. School located in beautiful Warren County New Jersey is proud to have decorated 536 paper grocery bags. The bags were put on display on the walls at our local A&P the week before Earth Day. The week of Earth Day the bags were given out filled with groceries. Students in grades Pre-first through 6th grade took part in this event. The teachers chose one student representative from each grade level to bring all the beautifully decorated grocery bags back to the A& P. Some pictures of the students and the bags will follow. What a great project !!!! A special thanks to Mr. Wayne Tracy, manager of our local A&P, for donating all the grocery bags and helping to make this a community effort.
Felix A. Staffaroni (
Blairstown Elementary
Blairstown, NJ
Just to let you know that at Lakeview Elementary, in Albert Lea, Minnesota we have just completed our third year doing Earth Day Grocery Bags. Over 500 bags were decorated and we also drew pictures for inserts for about 300 plastic bags.
The students look forward to this every year. It is a real team effort. We even take an all school picture of the kids and their bags. Thanks again for a great idea.
Nancy Sorlie
Lakeview Elementary
Albert Lea, MN
Jennifer Sorlie
Our health, environmental science, and other science classes from Hudson's Bay High School in Vancouver, Washington combined to decorate 420 bags for our local Fred Meyer store.
Thanks for the great idea. You know high school kids get just as much of a charge out this project as do elementary.
Wendi Russell
We obtained 500 bags from the local Lucky's Grocery Store. The 500 kids (K-5) at our school decorated them. I then returned them to the store where they were used to bag groceries on Earth Day. We also hold an annual Earth Day celebration! Each class is responsible for preparing an activity for all 500 kids. We also had the Waste Management Board, the local disposal company, fire department and even Smokey the Bear join us. Through out the year, we have adopted a local creek site to clean, manage and we are raising Rainbow Trout to plant in the creek.
Mrs. Diane Hernandez (
Louisiana Schnell School
Placerville, CA
South Penn Elementary School completed 586 grocery bags. I found the project through a search engine while looking for Earth day projects. I am a junior at Frostburg State University in the Elementary Education program. I think this is an excellent program and it gets the children involved in Earth Day in their communities. As part of the curriculum, we are required to complete a "service learning project" - getting the students involved in the community at an early age. After my graduation I plan on instituting this in my own classroom.
Melanie Daymude (
South Penn Elementary
Cumberland, MD 21502
The 321 students at New Germany Elementary School, Nova Scotia, Canada have decorated 500 grocery bags, These bags have been used during the past week at our community's grocery store and were a big hit. We even had a photo taken and a write-up in our local paper. Our superintendent thought it was a great idea, too.
Bill Bruhm
Grade 6 teacher
Your project was great fun. All of us at St. John's had a lot of fun with it. It was great when we got compliments on our artistic abilities. All together we decorated about 240 bags, we're a small school. Myself and the rest of the student body would like to thank Miss. Lisa Wilson and Genuardi's supermarket for their help and support. This is a great project and we really enjoyed it. Thanks a lot.
Mary Kassab (
St. John Chrysostom
Wallingford, PA
The children at Emily Carr Elementary School in Vancouver, B.C. Canada became partners with Safeway, at Oak and King Edward to celebrate Earth Day. The students decorated 305 grocery bags, which were given out on Earth Day.
On April 23, we received several calls at the school, thanking the children for the beautiful bags and the reminder to take care of our Earth. Students and teachers appreciated the opportunity to participate in Earth Day in this exciting way. One of our Grade 7 students has volunteered to organize a web page. Thanks again and hope to participate again, next year.
Judy Charles (
Emily Carr Elementary (Vancouver, B.C.)
Richmond, B.C., Canada
This is the second year that the students at Chemong School, Bridgenorth, Ontario, Canada, have taken part in this project. This year students from Grade 2 to Grade 7 decorated 350 brown paper bags from local stores. It is a valuable opportunity for students to learn the difference between renewable and non-renewable resources. They all enjoyed decorating the bags. Thankyou for organizing this worthwhile event.
Jane Galbraith
This is the second year of participation in this most worthwhile activity. Our entire K - 5 school, Ridge School in Oak Forest, IL, decorated 500 bags which were given to us by the Jewel-Osco in Oak Forest. We returned them to Jewel-Osco a few days before Earth Day so they could be used to carry the groceries with messages of environmental awareness. The kids really enjoy this project and are quite interested in making others aware of their concern for our environment.
The students at Father Kenneth Kearns School in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada enjoyed decorating and distributing 350 paper bags to our local Save-On-Foods Grocery store for use on Earth Day. The children thought this was a great idea and eeven included the school's email address, hoping that their bag may eventually end up in a far off location. A special thank you to Mr. Schmidt, the mamager of Save-On-Foods.
Arlene Littlemore (
Father Kenneth Kearns Elementary School
Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada
We are a K-5 school and we decorated 575 bags out of 650 possible. We didn't make it mandatory for the teachers, but all but four teachers participated in the activity. Many made it one of their Earth Day rotation activities as they shared lessons with other grade level teachers. The students really liked the project!!! Two local grocery stores participated and we divided the donated bag number between the two sites. As I dropped the bags off at one of the grocery stores on Tuesday night I noticed the grandmothers at the check-out were looking for their grandchildren's bags immediately with excitement. It was really neat!!!
Julie Leedy (
Churubusco Elementary School
Churubusco, Indiana
We, at PMA, are a school of 420 students, k-8, of hudson, nh. We decorated the bags (some techers opted to send them home for use, while others displayed them for several days, then sent them home to use for recyclables).
Marilyn Gibson (
PMA (Presentation of Mary Academy)
Amherst, NH
Good afternnoon!
I am writing to tell you about our school's participation in the 1998 Grocery Bag Earth Day Project. I headed up this program. We involved 6 second grade classes in decorating 250 Seesel's grocery bag. As you can see by the pictures attached, we had a great time! I am a student teacher at Chimneyrock Elementary in Cordova, TN. Cordova is a suburb of Memphis, TN. Our school sits on 25 acres of woodland. We love learning about our environment through our outdoor classroom, nature walks, and projects like the Grocery bag project. We really believe that kids can make a difference.
Thanks for the great ideas!!
Jennifer Stinnett
Happy Earth Day everyone! The Team B sixth graders at Northside Blodgett Middle School in Corning, New York had a great time celebrating Earth Day. The 85 students began our week long celebration by decorating 104 grocery bags to be used at P&C grocery store. The students were excited about spreading the message that we need to care for the earth. The teachers were amazed at the talent and hard work that went into designing and coloring the bags. We've included photos of the kids at work and of some of their results.
We followed up this activity with a neighborhhood clean up. The weather cooperated and we all enjoyed a school day outside in the sunshine while doing a good deed for the community, the earth and ourselves. The mayor even came out to meet us and thank us. This is the 4th year we have participated in these activities and plan to continue in the years to come.
Doreen Licursi
Northside Blodgett Middle School
Corning, New York
Happy Earth Day, 1998!

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