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Reports from 1998 Participants

This is Part 8, including reports from schools 335 to 367, received on April 28 - 30.

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Students at Ironwood Elementary School in Phoenix, Arizona decorated grocery bags with pictures of the earth and Earth Day slogans to make the community more environmentally aware. Larry Latimer, Manager of the ABCO at 35th Avenue and Greenway, provided grocery bags for each student at Ironwood.  Around 650 bags were decorated and the bags were returned to ABCO where they were distributed on Wednesday April 22 to celebrate Earth Day.  This project helped students gain an increased awareness about Earth Day and the importance of environmental conservation.
Margaret Dow
Fourth Grade Teacher
Ironwood Technology Chair
This year the entire school got in to the act. All classes kindergarten thru sixth grade decorated grocery bags from two local grocery stores. We decorated 100 bags from the Village Market in Fennville, and 400 bags from the Family Fare in Holland. Grand total for our project was 500 bags this year. We are thankful for these businesses and their support. We look forward to doing this again next year. Way the go Pullman Elementary Students.
Garry Visscher
Pullman, WA (?)
This is the second year that we participated in the Earth Day Gocery Bag Project. Quality Markets of Randolph gladly supplied the grocery bags again this year. Before they distributed groceries in these beautifully decorated bags, they displayed them throughout the store. We decorated 216 bags.
We look forward to paticipating again next year!
Beth Olson (
Gail N. Chapman Elem. School
Randolph, NY
Students from our school in grades six, seven, and special education decorated 207 bags for the Edwards store on Olden Avenue in Trenton. Parents reported spotting our bags at parent conferences on the day after Earth Day. The students enjoyed this project immensely. Next year, we will start earlier in order to decorate a whole bundle!
Rene' Powell (
Dr. Martin L. King Middle School
Trenton, NJ
Once again we took on the challenge of decorating a few hundred brown paper bags to share the Earth Day message. We decorated 600 bags this year. The shoppers loved them!
Julie Weaver (
Fishcreek Elementary
Stow, OH
Raymond Marquith, East Galesburg, IL decorated 150 bags for Eagles in Galesburg, IL. The children so enjoy doing this and the store says the customers love them. This is are second year of doing this. Attached is a picture of our students delivering them.
Sally Nelson
Raymond Marquith School
This was the first year our school participated in this worthwhile project. K through grade 4 decorated 500 grocery bags. They were donated by Fox's Market of Middletown. The bags carried a variety of earth friendly slogans and great artwork! Third graders got an extra treat. We toured the store on Earth Day and saw the project in action. The children were thrilled. One shopper personally thanked the child who made the bag she received. Our efforts were written about in the local newspapers and carried on 3 local TV stations. The third graders were even proclaimed "Home Town Heroes" for spreading the Earth Day message. This may have been our first year but it won't be our last. Next year I hope to have 100% classroom participation.
Margaret Moore (
Kunkel Elementary
Middletown, PA
Our highly motivated and very creative students had a wonderful time decorating grocery bags to help spread important Earth Day messages. Our kindergarten through fifth grade students at Dora L. Small school succeded in decorating 367 bags! They were distributed at our local Shaw's Supermarket to customers shopping on Earth Day, April 22nd. The feedback from store management and the public has been wonderfully supportive. Thank you to all Small School students and teachers who made this activity such a success! I would like to especially thank my third grade students (who may be reading this!) for your outstanding help! You all did such a marvelous job distributing bags to classes, decorating, counting, and finally helping me load up my car! Earth Day groceries was a big success because of you! We continue to honor the saying "Earth Day is Every Day" by reflecting on promises we've made, and trying to do just a little more to keep our world healthy. All things are truly connected.
Gretchen L. Mulroy (
Dora L. Small School
South Portland, Maine
Earth Day 1998
On April 22th at O'Gorman Intermediate School, over 200 students through grads 6 to 8 were involded in an "Earth Day Groceries Project". Over 240 paper bags were coloured and had written messages on them and sent to a local super market "Super Fresh-A&P" to encourage people of Timmins, Ontario to keep our earth clean. These students enjoyed supporting Earth Day. Our projet was a success and we have recieved positive feedback from the community. We hope to continue this project as the years progress for our generation have to make a difference for our environment.
Thank you,
O'Gorman Intermediate School in Timmins, Ontario, Canada
Special Events Committee
Robyn Daigle
Lianne Madill
Peter Harkins
Menlo Park Terrace school #19
We had eight sixth grade classes and two forth grade classes participate. Each student decorated one bag which was a total of 238 bags. The bags were sent to East Fishkill Provisions and an article was published about our project in the Southern Dutchess News. Thank You for sharing your project with us.
S.PRUSAKOWSKI, J.Owen, and K. Hynes (
Kinry Road Elementary
Poughkeepsie, New York
On April 27, 1998 Wyeville Elementary school decorated 135 grocery bags as a part of an April Student Council Activity. The student council planned two days of activities related to Earth and the environment. On April 27 we decorated grocery bags and calculated the amount of paper our school uses and recycles in a day. We then calculated how much paper we use and recycle in one year and then applied that to the number of trees we use. In one year we use the equivalent of 3 trees and recycle the equivalent of .25 trees. On April 28 we had an all school "paperless" day. It was very educational for all involved.
Ilene Quartemont (
Resource Teacher
Wyeville Elementary School
Tomah, Wisconsin
Westminster, Massachusetts reports 464 grocery bags decorated by the students from Meetinghouse School (K-2) and Westminster Elementary School (3-5). The bags were provided and then distributed by the Westminster Star. This is the third year that we have participated in this project but our first time reporting results to you. We have enjoyed your idea, thank you.
Heather Billings
Recycling Committee
Was just luck I found your web site with this great idea. Thanks and yes, will want to do again next year. Kindergarten through sixth grade students, approximately 300, decorated donated grocery sacks with environmental pictures and slogans. Generated lots of discussion about what WE can do to conserve our earth. Decorated sacks were given to local grocery stores.
Holly Mabry
Unknown Location
The students of Frenchtown Elementary School in Frenchtown Montana participated in the earthday project. The students K-6 decorated 750 bags.
This is our third year to participate in your Earth Day Grocery Bag Project. Again this year our fourth and fifth graders were excited to be a part of this project and created 200 Earth Day grocery bags to be distributed in our community . Of course, we have to thank our loyal Southside Produce Stand who has always supported this project by donating the bags. Also this year our entire student body got involved in watching caterpillars form into beautiful butterflies and releasing them into the flower garden each grade level had planted. It was a very exciting and beautiful week. Thanks for making our Earth a better place to live. We eagerly look forward to participating in this great project next year.
Lynette Ivanyisky (
Northside Elementary School
Denham Springs, Louisiana
My name is George T. Gross, Sr., President of Jasper County Cattlemen's Association of the Missouri Cattlemen's Association. Sorry about the late notice but the Carthage Missouri Elementary Schools had 824 children do a total of 824 bags for Earth Day. I am waiting for the other elementary schools to report in.
George Gross
The entire student body at our school (1st thru 4th grade) participated in this wonderful project. Close to 400 bags were carefully decorated and then sent to a local store for distribution on Earth Day. The children (and staff) responded in a positive fashion and we all hope that the community felt the same when receiving the bags!!! Thanks for the GREAT idea!!!
Dawn Davidovich (
Library Elementary School
South Park School District, Pgh. PA
At Southgate we contacted the manager of Mega Foods, John Lowney. He ordered 500 plain bags for our students to spread the message on. Classes had the option of completing the project in arts class with Linda Meo or in their homeroom. When all the bags were complete, Linda and I took 5 students to the store to deliver the bags. As a thank you to our students, John provided a fresh cookie for any student who came in on Earth Day. Thanks for the great project! We look forward to viewing all this years postings and participating again next year.
Frost Cunningham (
Southgate Elementary
Tacoma, Washington
This Earth Day the students at Forest Avenue Elementary School decorated 300 grocery bags. The bags were distributed at the Edwards grocery store in West Babylon.
West Babylon's website -
Forest Avenue Elementary School's website -
Jennifer Masciangelo (
Forest Avenue School
West Babylon, NY 11703
We made 792 grocery bags for Earth Day. It was great, the kids, the teachers, the stores, everybody loved it. Thankyou
Marysville Junior High School
Marysville School District
Marysville, WA. USA
Debra Hudson
Traver Road Primary School in Pleasant Valley, NY has participated in this project for the past three years. Our local farm market has come to look forward to our gloriously decorated bags; bags with a conscience. Our kindergarten through third grade students decorated 634 bags this year as a part of our week long Earth Day activities. Many thanks to Marc and the sponsors of this event.
Eric Gidseg
New Paltz, NY
Mrs. Schaefer's class at the Wiilam O Schaefer School in Orangeburg, New York decorated 23 bags. Beth Mindes, an education student at St. Thomas Acquinas College, organized the project. Our bags were displayed at C Town in Orangeburg, prior to being distributed on Earth Day. The students were very proud to share their Earth Day messages with the community. This was a great project.
Beth Mindes (
William O Schaefer School, Mrs. Schaefer's class
Rockland County, New York
We would like to report that we participated in the grocery bag project. We are from the Claypit Hill Elementary School in Wayland, Massachusetts. Almost all of the students in the school, grades K through 5, took part in the project as part of a Student Council sponsored monthly Spirit Day. We decorated 556 bags. They were distributed by Donelan's Market, our local grocery store, and received very favorable feedback from the people at the store and in town. Thanks for this great project.
Charlene Griffin
Student Council Advisor
F.M. Gilbert Elementary in Irving, Texas, participated in the Earth Day Groceries Project, 1998!. We decorated 300 bags all with beautiful pictures of our earth, suggestions to help take care of our earth, or inspirational and encouraging thoughts about our earth. The children loved getting involved and LOVED going to the store and seeing other student's work. I am so proud of our school and the students who took on a project that in essence is an everyday project, not just on one day celebration.
Amy Hunt
Ketler School of Westwood, N.J. participated in your Earth Day Grocery Bag project for the first time this year. Parents and students worked cooperatively at our environmentally themed back-to-school-night. We decorated 485 bags which were distributed at a local grocery store. Parents and students really enjoyed this project. It was wonderful for the children to share their environmental messages with the community!
Thomas Jefferson School decorated 500 grocery bags for the Larkin Avenue Jewel Store. Our whole school participated. Our 5th grade class was in charge of delivering the bags to the classrooms, and gathering them again, and checking the spelling. It was a lot of work, but it was fun. We decorated the bags with pictures of the earth, and environmental slogans. We have put some of them on this web page:
Ruth Coleman (
Thomas Jefferson School
Joliet, IL
It was a pleasure for our high school's Future Homemakers of America chapter to coordinate this project for our school district. We again had 100% participation at our three elementary schools: Green Garden, Peotone, and Wilton Center. We also added the Jr. High this year, through the cooperation of the science teachers. Our total was 1,250 bags. Our thanks to everyone for making this a huge success!
Chris Halweg, FHA Adviser (
Peotone High School
Peotone, IL 60468-0399
Our third graders have been studing the environmnet for the past two years and how important it is for them to recycle and teach their parents the importance of recycling. For Earth week this year we decorated 250 bags from our local IGA. We also read Brother Eagle Sister Sky and wrote how we would like to make a difference in the world so the earth could look like Chief Seattle's world.
Deborah Kirincich (
Blaney Elementary
Elgin South Carolina
Acequia Madre Elementary School
700 Acequia Madre St.
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501
150 decorated bags by 150 students ( school population)
new school for your project. We enjoyed it.
4th grade and tech teacher
Geralyn Britko
Happy Earth Day, 1998!

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