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Reports from 1998 Participants

This is Part 6, including reports from schools 267 to 296, received on April 24 and 25.

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I didn't see your idea until the Sat. before Earth Day. I went to Winn Dixie and asked for bags. I showed him the print out I got off your sight, explaining the project. He said he didn't use that many bags,but gave us 50.
I took these to school and had my Kindergarten, the other Kindergarten, the TMH class and the two fourth grade classes participate. I returned these to Winn Dixie that Monday. They said they would hand them out on Wed. After work I went to the store and requested Earth Day bags. The clerk didn't know what I was talking about. One girl overheard and said she thought she knew where they were. I don't know how many were used.
Next year I will go to a variety of stores so our whole school can participate. I will then return these to the same stores. I will also call the local t.v. station.
I think the manager of the Winn Dixie was just trying to do me a favor, not really thinking about what it was for. Next year I will make sure I get my point across. Also, going to a variety of stores, sending a letter to parents requesting they visit the stores on Wed., will help get the message out.
Thanks for a great idea. My kids really enjoyed the project.
Kathy Shaw
Highland Park Learning Center Magnet School
1212 Fifth Street, SW
Roanoke, VA 24016
Clinton Elementary School in East Tennessee decorated 550 grocery bags for the Earth Day '98 project. Students from Kindergarten through sixth grade participated and had a great time! We highlighted the project in our school newspaper and also mentioned it as part of a school-wide Earth Day assembly which included a cheer made up by third graders and a song and rap about Mother Earth which was led by sixth graders.
Gail Yook
Clinton Elementary School
210 North Hicks Street
Clinton, TN 37716
We have 25 students from Kindergarten to Grade 6. This is our first time doing this wonderful community project. We heard about it from the Quebec English School Network (QESN).
We decorated 52 bags and had a marvelous time getting them ready to take to our corner convenience store just up the road from the school. It is called Chez Robert. Each bag was decorated with illustrations and a bilingual message(French and English) about Earth Day. We look forward to the grand total of schools and bags. The supporting documentation for this project was superb.
Thank you.
Lorraine and the One roomers.
Lorraine Krause (
Soulanges School
St. Telesphore, Quebec, Canada
Our first grade class of 17 students decorated 87 grocery bags in honor of Earth Day 1998. The bags were distrubuted at a local college marketplace to residents purchasing food their. This was an exellent project for the children to do. I hope this project continues for I would like to do it every year and I would like to see the entire school get involved as well.
Kathy Carroll and Janet Tintle (
Randolph Heights Elementary School
St. Paul, MN
Five classes at Union Elementary and Union Junior High Schools decorated 120 grocery sacks for our local Union Market.
Jerry Matthews
Union, Oregon 97883
Once again our school, Salt Spring Elementary decorated grocery bags and returned them to the two local grocery stores for distribution.The kids had fun decorating the bags with earth friendly slogans and pictures. We returned 228 bags to the stores-great number since we are a little k to 5 school.
Thank you for organizing this project. Please let our school know how many bags were decorated.
Hope you've had a great earth week.
Maria Dammel
British Columbia, Canada
I am pleased to report that my first grade classroom in Logansport, IN organized several grade levels and colored 252 grocery bags for the 1998 Earth Day Groceries project. Martins Supermarket helped us get the message out by loaning us the bags and then putting them up on display in their store until April 22, when they sent our environmental messages home with their customers. The project was enjoyed by all and we plan to do even more next year! Thanks for organizing and sharing this event with us.
Jane Williams (, 1st grade teacher
Kenesaw Mountain Landis Elementary
Logansport, IN
Our school, Arlington Elementary School, in Pascagoula, MS decorated 550 bags for an Earth Day project. The bags were donated by Jerry Lee's in Pascagoula. This was a terrific project, and all students grades kindergarten through fifth enjoyed the activity!! Our preschool developmentally delayed students also participated. We look forward to doing it again next year! Several of our parents commented how nice it was to receive groceries in such a nicely environmentally friendly bag.
Lori Perek (
Arlington Elementary School
Pascagoula, MS 39581
We are happy to announce our 2nd year participating in the Earth Day Groceries. This year we decoracted 320 bags. We had a wonderful time designing our bags and look foward to next year.
Barbara Weber (
Whittier Elementary
Everett, Washington
Mayfair School participated in its first the annual Internet Earth Day Grocery Project. This year, a total of 500 shopping bags were decorated by students in grades first through eight. The bags were decorated with the Earth, Rain forests, exotic animals, people planting trees and people cleaning up litter. Many students outlined their drawings with yarn. The most creative bag featured a drawing of Earth with a band-aid across it. The Logo said "Heal the Earth!"
The Shop Rite supermarket on Frankford and Knorr donated the shopping bags to Mayfair School. On Earth Day, each customer received one decorated shopping bag per order.
Seena Osno
Computer Science Teacher
The students at St. Linus decorated 490 grocery bags. the bags were recieved from the local Jewel/Osco and distributed the week of earth day!
Alisa Minarik
St. Linus School
Oak Lawn, IL
There are 23 students in our classroom. We decorated 175 Earth Day grocery bags in just two days. We distributed our bags to West end IGA. We used lots of different slogans on our bags, for example: Don't Pollute, Save the Earth, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Don't be a Litter Bug, etc.
This project was very exciting! We can't wait to participate in the Earth Day Grocery Bags next year!
Riverheights Multiage Classroom (Multiage@Brandon
Riverheights School
Brandon, Manitoba, Canada
This is our first year participating in the Project. Two sixth grade classes, three seventh grade teams, and one eighth grade team participated. The students really put thought and creativity into their messages. Hopefully the message will have a lasting impact on the community! The Endicott Price Chopper graciously donated the grocery bags. Our school decorated 350 bags this year. Thank you for the wonderful idea to help build community awareness about the state of our environment. We look forward to participating again next year!
Terre Trupp (
Jennie F. Snapp Middle School
Endicott, NY
Approximately 50 students from Pattengill Middle school in Lansing, Michigan decorated 50 bags for Earth Day Groceries. Ingham County 4-H Youth Programs led this activity at the school as part of their annual Earth Day celebration. The response from the teachers and students was incredible! They were very excited to have their voices heard in such a way that friends, neighbors and family would be involved. They can't wait to do it again next year!
Lisa Nassar (
4-H Youth Programs
Lansing, MI
We decorated 321 grocery bags and Overwaitea, our local grocery store, enjoyed packing the communities' groceries.
Brenda Hawley (
Southridge Elementary School
Prince George, BC, Canada
Greetings from Taylor Elementary in White Hall, Arkansas. Our K-6 students decorated 496 grocery bags that were donated by and distributed through our local grocery store Cranford's Fresh World. Since this was our first year to participate, we also made posters to display in the store. The project was also featured on our new school web site. We had a great time and look forward to participating again next year!
Jaynie Cannon, Media Specialist (
G.R. Taylor Elementary School
White Hall, Arkansas
We had a total of 130 Pre K, Kindergarten and 1st grade students to participate in the Earth Day Grocery Bag project. Kroger supplied the bags for our school.
Tish Thornton (
Preston Park Primary
Roanoke, Virginia
We decorated 170 bags!!
Submitted by Stephanie and Julie, Grade 4
Janet Joyce (
Armour Heights Public School
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
Thanks to our local Food Lion we decorated 292 bags for Earth Day. Our students had a great time and were very creative. One class used a computer program to create pictures to glue on their bags. We enjoyed participating and hope to be part of this project next year.
Rebecca Worlds (
Oaklawn Elementary
Charlotte, NC
275 students from Kindergarten to Grade 4 decorated bags for our neighbourhood IGA
Fred Sutherland (Fred
Edmison Heights Public School
Peterborough, Ontario
Midway Elememtary had a variety of activities for Earth Day 1998. This year two classrooms participated in decorating the Earth Day Grocery Bags---6th Grade, Mr. Fred Albert's class and 3rd/4th Grades, Mrs. Peggy Holstine's class.
Mrs. Holstine's class used this activity to correspond with their West Virginia Studies. Their grocery bags were decorated with a "Keep West Virginia Clean" theme. A total of 60 bags were decorated.
Peggy Holstine (
Midway Elementary
Charleston, West Virginia
My name is Val Rodrigue. I am a 3rd grade teacher at Mimosa Park Elem. School in Luling, LA (20 miles west of New Orleans). Our school participated in the "Earth Day Groceries Project 1998". Delchamps in Luling provided the bags. Our art teacher, Karen Sauzer, helped by having the students decorate the bags in their art classes. They decorated 425 bags. The bags were delivered to Delchamps. Our principal, Gayle Clement, was very supportive of this event. The impact on the children has been phenomenal. We hope that in the future we will be able to continue to participate in a worthwhile project such as this.
Thanks again,
Val Rodrigue
Mimosa Park Elementary School
The Kindergarteners at our school in Stavanger Norway decorated 54 grocery bags to be used on Earth Day by the Commissary at the American Military Installation here. We would have liked to have done more but the commissary is the only store over here that uses paper bags and it is the size of a convenience store. The manager always supports Earth Day and was very glad to have our bags. He even hung several in the store windows. We were happy to do our part to advance environmental awareness. Next year we hope to do more.
Jane Heckman,
Kindergarten teacher
Stavanger International School
Grocery Bags from Millbrook
We are two schools from Millbrook Ontario Canada: Millbrook South Cavan Annex and Millbrook South Cavan School. Our grades go from Kindergarden to grade 8. We have made 409 grocery bags for Calhounšs IGA in downtown Millbrook for Earth Day.
Class of Dave Stabler (
Millbrook South Cavan
Millbrook, Ontario
Dr. Mudd Elementary School in Waldorf, Maryland decorated 337 bags that are being used by our local Food Lion store. They were very cooperative in donating bags and are currently urging people to reuse our beautiful bags. This was a great schoolwide project! We'll be using your site to do follow-up activities such as reading and interpreting charts, reinforcing map skills, and math calculations. We look forward to participating next year!
Bonnie Helfrich
Coordinator Earth Day Project
Thank you for your project idea. Our school, Richland Grade School, in Crest Hill, IL joined with you in observance of Earth Day. We have about 280 students from grades K-8. All classes had the students decorate bags from our local Jewel grocery store. The store is using them today for their customers. It is too early to know if we will get any feedback. The kids created their own designs. I felt many were very clever.
Judy Brown
1005 Valley Lane
Lockport, IL
My 5th grade class participated in this project. We decorated 33 bags. We took pictures and we will post the pictures at school and in our classroom. The students had a fun time working on this project We only had 2 days to do this and I feel it was a good learning experience.
Catherine Burnitt (
Troutman Elementary School
Troutman, NC
A very popular choice of activity for whole-school participation. Local community loved it too! We decorated 170 bags (from Kindergarten to Grade 7) Thanks for the idea. We will certainly do it again next year.
Chris Ward
Glenlyon-Norfolk School
Victoria, B.C. Canada
Happy Earth Day, 1998!

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