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Reports from 1998 Participants

This is Part 4, including reports from schools 166 to 210, received on April 22.

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Updated April 22,1998.

The Alternative Learning Program (grades 1-3) at Primrose Hill School in Barrington, Rhode Island, decorated sixty grocery bags with Earth Day messages. We returned them to The Center Market in Barrington, Rhode Island for use in packaging groceries. This is a terrific idea!
Marilyn Packard-Luther
288 bags were decorated and returned to the Safeway Store on Callow Avenue in Bremerton. The manager had them hung like banners around the store the weekend before Earth Day. Customers can request them for Earth Day and after. The visual effect of decorated bags suspended on high has gained the attention of even the casual shopper. The people response has been very positive according to Safeway workers. Students in 1st, 2nd and 3rd as well as some from 4th grades provided the unique art and slogans. Thanks for your WEB site and the templates. Most of all everyone seems to be enjoying this
Karin A. Black ( Grade 2.
Naval Avenue Elementary School
Bremerton, WA USA
The 3rd graders at Ocosta Elementary School in Westport, WA made a total of 67 bags for Ted's Red Apple in Westport.
It was fun, thanks for the great idea. Next year we will try and send pictures.
Participating teachers: Mrs. Macy, Mr. Iseminger, Mr. Swiergula, and Mr. Chicano
Macy Wendy
We participated in your Earth Day project and just loved the results. 300 bags from Woodlands Secondary School and another 100 from NDSS were delivered to Thrifty Foods here in Nanaimo, B.C. CAN.
We did the majority of ours in French and they looked just great! What a worthwhile project!!!!! Keep up the effort. Keep up the great work!!!! This is an important message we are sending.
Valerie Hansen
This is our second year participating the the Earth Day grocery bag project. The 367 kindergarten through 5th grade students at Jackson Elementary decorated 412 grocery bags. The bags were distributed at our local Riverside Market in Vinco and the Giant Eagle Supermarket in Ebensburg.
Teresa Soyka (
Jackson Elementary
Mundy's Corner, PA
The local grocery store, Acme, provided the school with 500 grocery bags to be decorated. All the classes K-8 th grades decorated the bags with different pictures representing Earth day and protecting our environment. The school will hold and Earth day assembly on Friday, April 24.
This was a great project that both the school and the grocery store enjoyed! Thank you for sharing your idea!
Anna Rasmussen (
St. Virgil's School
Morris Plains, NJ
We used bags from our local Edwards Super Store on Middle Neck Road in Great Neck Village. Mr. Lach, the manager, generously donated 400 brown bags to be decorated for Earth Day! Our children had a wonderful time doing it and learned timely lessons on community service and environmental recycling. This was a terrific idea and we look forward to doing it again next year.
Thank you for the inspiration.
Evelyn Skelly (
Lakeville Elementary School
47-27 Jayson Avenue Great Neck, New York
Hello, I am a student at Mackintosh Academy(?). I would like to inform you that our school colored 156 grocery bags for earth day. Thank you for giving us a chance to be in a project like this.
Mackintosh Academy
Saturn River Front School has been celebrating Earth Day all week! We cleaned up our downtown block, renewed our recycling efforts, learned about maps and geography, and today we participated in a celebration with the downtown community. Best of all, our great students decorated 203 Earth Day grocery bags. Not bad for our first year!! We've had terrific fun and you'll see us again next year! Thanks!
Amy Frederick (
Saturn River Front
St. Paul, Minnesota
Our school decorated about 225 bags, and took them to Slim's Market. We took an Earth Day walk to pick up garbage and stopped by the store.It was a very sunny day here. The most unusual thing we found was a Halloween bag that has probably been there since then! We walked up Shafer Ave. to Slim's and then down Marvin Ave. We found a lot of paper, especially behind the store. We stopped in at Slim's and bought a pop or slushy. If there is this much trash in this little community, how do you think the world is? We think that people aren't taking good care of our town. We are proud to have helped out our community by participating!
Naches Valley Intermediate School (
Naches Valley Intermediate
Naches, WA
We here at Opportunity Elementary School in Spokane, Washington had great fun creating Earth Day Grocery Bags! Our school decorated bags for Rosauers Supermarket. We decorated a total of 372 bags to add to your collection.
Please add this to your records and we look forward to investigating this information on the internet.
Students of Opportunity Elem.
Opportunity Elementary School <Opportunity_El@CVSD.ORG>
Miss Maxwell
ASB Advisor
The grocery bags were a real good idea. We decorated 26 bags.
Chris Delgado (
Cutten School
Cutten CA,40.75N,124W
We decorated over 250 bags for our local Shaw's supermarket.
J&S Saltmarsh
Bow Memorial School
Bow, NH
5th Grade
Hi, my name is Joelle Charette and I am from St. Luke School in Stratford, NJ. This is our second year participating in this project. The students from St. Luke really enjoyed decorating the bags. Stratford Market, located across the street from our school, was kind of enough to donate about 300 of their bags . The manager and staff of Stratford Market were very supportive and willing to help us celebrate Earth Day. In the next couple of days they will be passing out the decorated bags to their customers and announcing over the PA system the purpose of our project. I'd like to personally thank the people from Stratford Market and you for making this project possible.
Joelle Charette (
St. Luke School
Stratford, New Jersey
Queen Elizabeth pupils decorated 272 paper bags with earth day messages and delivivered them to our local IGA groccery store for distribution.
Cathy Manias-Fiddler (
Queen Elizabeth Public School
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
Our school started the project very late, but we are proud of the number of bags that we decorated. My class asked our science teacher, Ms. Thead if we could be in charge of submitting this information to the web site. The following paragraph was written by Ms. Loeber's fourth grade.
At Simpson Elementary School we decorated 344 grocery bags from Publix and Winn Dixie with fun Earth Day pictures and phrases. We made Happy Valentine Day bags into Happy Earth Day bags. We returned the grocery bags to the store so that we could share our knowledge with the community.
Ms. Loeber and her fourth grade class (
Simpson Elementary School
Norcross (?)
Santa Rosa Elementary School is located in Atascadero, California. Our K - 6 grade school had a great time decorating 589 bags which were then distributed by our local Luckys grocery store. Luckys and our local newspaper were both very enthusiastic in supporting our project. Many of the primary projects worked with buddy classes to decorate the bags. We hope to participate again next year!
Kathy Peterson
Raymond Marquith, East Galesburg, IL decorated 150 bags for Eagles in Galesburg, IL. The children so enjoy doing this and the store says the customers love them. This is are second year of doing this. Attached is a picture of our students delivering them.
Sally Nelson
Raymond Marquith School
My students loved this project. We decorated 110 bags on our team. Our team is eight grade.
Missy Dorn (
Columbia Middle School
Grovetown, Georgia
South Colby Elementary decorated 792 bags that were furnished by the Port Orchard Albertsons. This project was initiated by two fourth graders, Carol Smith and Laura Jenson. Albertsons has already told the girls that they would be interested in participating again next year.
Valerie Smith (
South Colby Elementary
Port Orchard, Washington
Our 45 sixth graders brainstormed Earth Day sayings and ideas and then made bags for our nearby Jewel/Osco stores.
Mrs. Schambach and Mr. Sisler (schambach_j/
Hillcrest School
Elgin, IL
Sandwich Central School in Center Sandwich,NH decorated 110 grocery bags for Earth Day which are being distributed today by Jackson Star Market in Meredith, NH. The students were excited and enthusiastic about this project. We made it a whole school event ( we are a very small school!) The students eagerly await feedback on their artwork from the community.
Kathy Ryan
Art Teacher
Loudoun Country Day School is a private school in Leesburg, Virginia. We have 170 students total and about 150 students helped to decorate 279 grocery bags. The grocery bags were then delieverd to the Leesburg Giant and the store manager, Mr. Fritz, was very helpful and supportive. The students LOVED this project and I feel that they learned some valuable lessons about responsibility and what others can do to help save the Earth.
Thank you very much.
Melissa Mandak
Technology Coordinator
Loudoun Country Day School
237 Fairview Street, NW
Leesburg, Virginia 20176
Cutler Ridge Elem. 20210 Coral Sea Road in Miami, Fl. has decorated 400 bags for Earth Day.
Grades that participated were Pre-K -3rd. Mrs. LInda Aldridge and Mrs. Susan Thompson were in charge of this project. The bags were donated from Publix Supermarket on Old Cutler Road. Everyone involved was very enthusiastic!
Sue Thompson
My name is Scott Grimes and I am a Health teacher at Summerour Middle School in Norcross Georgia. My partner, Marcelle Martin, and I are participating for the first time. We have 83 students creating beautiful artwork on their bags. We also have 67 8th grade students participating in the project. Best of luck to everyone.
Scott Grimes (Scott Grimes/GCPS@GCPS )
Summerour Middle School
Norcross Georgia
Grades K-5 at our school participated in the Earth Day Groceries Project. We decorated 125 bags. The bags were obtained from Raley's Grocery Store in Red Bluff. Every shopper who goes through checkstand #4 on Earth Day and chooses paper vs. plastic will have their groceries put into one of our bags. We enjoyed participating in this project.
Kathleen Grimes and Lois Stillwell (
Sacred Heart Parish School
Red Bluff, CA 96080
Happy Earth Day!
Wetzel Elementary School, a Department of Defense Dependent School (DODDS), Kaiserslautern School District, located in Baumholder, Germany, decorated 400 grocery bags to be distributed at our military commissary that serves the US Army community, federal employees, and family members. Our school serves grades K-6. The parents of our students are frequently deployed to Bosnia and Macedonia.
Have a grand day!
Holly A. Reiling
Learning Improvement Specialist
Wetzel Elementary School
Baumholder, Germany
Sunnybrae students found this project to be both meaningful and fun. They completed over 300 grocery bags! Happy Earth Day and thank you for a great project idea.
Liz Mikalaiatis (
Sunnybrae Elementary School
Yardville, New Jersey
Our school became involved for the first time this year in the Earth Day Bags project. We made 275 bags and distributed them to Meyers Market. All were excited with the project and I expect even more to be involved when we make them next year. Students from kindergarten to sixth grade participated.Thanks for the great idea!
Donna Gemma (
Sunset Elementary
Vancouver, WA
Number of bags decorated = 307
Mrs. Stephanie Lemery headed the Earth Week Project at Galena Primary School. The grocery bags were gotten from/used at the local supermarket, Dick's, that enthusiastically supported this project. It has been 'great fun.' All week there have been activities related to Earth Day involving students in all grades (K-4). These included a poster contest, a field trip to a community exhibit and many other activities. Plus, each day students from a different grade have done Earth Day related readings over the school P.A. during the time for school announcements. One of the culminating activities will be the planting of a tree which has been donated by a local nursery. Students interest and enthusiasm for this has been growing with each year it is done.
Mrs. Stephanie Lemery & Mrs. B. Mellskog (
Galena Primary School
Galena, IL
The fith and sixth grade science classes decorated 70 bags. These bags were donated by Pope's Grocery. We were pleased to be a part of this project.
Sandy Williams (yeslab@galstar)
Yale Elementary
Yale, Oklahoma
This is the first year that East Greenwich has participated. Our two k-3 elementary schools decorated a total of 531 bags. We loved this project!
Judy de Groot (
Meadowbrook Farms and Frenchtown Schools
East Greenwich, RI
The students at Mount Zion Elem.School in Suffolk Virginia decorated 300 Food Lion Grocery Store paper bags with Earth Day Pictures and slogans.The art work was as diverse as the Earth itself. They chose to depict the seas and the wildlife as well as the terrain of our planet.They incorporated catchy slogans like "reduce,reuse,& recycle" and "Love our Earth". This was a terrific project!We will certianly be involved again next year!
Lesa McNamara (
Mount Zion Elementary
Suffolk, Virginia
Our school has decorated 450 grocery bags and have given them to Winn Dixie to distribute to their patrons. Our ESOL class decorated posters to hang in the windows to let the community know who decorated the bags. This is our first year as we are a brand new school. We had a great turnout!
P. Gunter (
Southwood Elementary
Orlando, Florida
We found this project on the internet yesterday. My students were very excited to get involved. At this time We have just sent 64 bags to our local grocery store. I have told other teachers in the school about this project and we are going to make this project school wide. Great Idea!
Dan Rye
5th Grade teacher
Hurley Elementary School
Michigan (?)
Our school of over 500 students is participating with the grocery store, Publix in decorating bags in honor or Earth Day. We are working today to decorate 500 bags.
Lynn Bump (
Midway Elementary
Alpharetta, GA
I am technologically challenged and feel REALLY lucky to have found your site. We have approximately 280 students at Bowerman and almost all decorated a grocery sack with an environmental or earth day message and art work. The sacks were given to us for this project by Dillon's (I believe they are part of Kroger) and we returned them in all their glory yesterday (4/21) for use today, along with a poster linking our name with Dillon's. What a great way to be involved in environmental awareness at an early age. Thanks.
Nancy VandenBrink (
Bowerman Elementary
Springfield, Missouri
The first graders in our school decorated 100 bags for the Bloomfield Big M Market for Earth Day 1998.
Ann Rosati (
Bloomfield Elementary School
Bloomfield, NY
This is the second year our school has taken part in the Earth Day grocery bag project. We are a rural PreK through 8th grade school located on the Florida-Georgia border.
Again this year our Junior Beta chapter coordinated this as their Earth Day project. We did 439 bags this year. The bags were supplied to us by a local Winn Dixie store just over the state line in Georgia.
Betty Sue Zant (
North Hamilton Elementary School
Jennings, Florida
Two classes from our school participated in this fun project. (A grade 2 & a 4/5 class) 40 bags were decorated. On the trip to deliver the bags back to the grocery store, we cleaned the neighbourhood sidewalks and boulevards.
Prior to delivery, we scanned a few of the bags and will post them on our web page.
Pat Ternovetsky/Laura Toppazzini (
Victory School
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
This is the first year we have participated in the Groceries Project and through our sixth grade science classes we decorated 500 bags to be distributed by our local Kroger store. We had a lot of fun and are looking forward to participating again next year!
Steve Mitchell (
East Middle School
Farmington Hills, Mi.
Seventh grade students in my life science classes decorated 130 grocery bags on April 21, 1998. The bags will be dropped off at the grocery story early Wednesday morning (4/22).
Mike Geil (
Tanana Satellite Middle School
Fairbanks, Alaska
I am pleased to inform you that children from the primary school Vojdan Cernodrinski from Skopje, Republic of Macedonia have decorated 310 paper bags. Today we will distribute this bags in the shops. Also we would like to send you some of the bags to you, unfortunately we don't have your addressee.
We have started Our Project on 21 of march 1998. This is the day when in our country start the environmental action in school. This week children and their teachers were patroling in the areas around the school in order to defined the most frequent garbage. Than they colected some paper in the school. In the company thay could see the proces of recycling the paper. As a present thay have recived 300 paper bags. Thay have decorated them and than make small exibition in the school and today, 22 april thay will distribute this bags to the costumers.
Best regards and Happy Earth Day
Emilija Stavridis
Vojdan Cernodrinski School
Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
Happy Earth Day, 1998!

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