Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2008 - 2017

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Teri Bedell
Lancaster Elementary School
We decorated 400 bags!
About our project: We have been doing the Earth Day Bag project for about 10 years now. It is a wonderful project that includes all ages of students a opportunity to participate. It also is a great way to give something to the community with student artwork and a way to spread environmental issues .

Report submitted on 3/21/2017

Julie Parsons
Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan Community 01
Swartz Creek, MI USA
We decorated 132 bags!
About our project: Girl Scouts celebrated Earth Day 2016 at For-Mar Nature Preserve in Burton, Michigan with badge activities, nature hikes, swaps, and lots of fun!

Report submitted on 8/15/2016

Melissa Pittillo
Adkins Elementary
Corinth, TX USA
We decorated 250 bags!
About our project: The kids really enjoyed decorating the bags, and the community loved seeing the bags used on Earth Day!

Report submitted on 5/18/2016

Felicia Rusu
Scoala Gimnaziala Nr 12 Tulcea
Tulcea, . Romania
We decorated 73 bags!
About our project: We participated this year to same project with 29 very enthusiastic students. They created very nice bags with ecologic messages addressed to all people, small or big, young or old. We made a parade on the streets of our city. Our 73 bags sit on the table of store customers and teach them how to protect environment.

Report submitted on 5/6/2016

Amelia Garrett
Eglin Elementary School
We decorated 400 bags!
About our project: As students at Eglin Elementary School learned about Earth Day, they put their artistic skills to work. The Eglin Commissary provided the school with 400 brown bags to decorate with pictures and Earth Day slogans. These designs were created by students in grades K-4 and returned to the store for customers to receive when shopping on Earth Day, April 22, and the days following. Reminding the community the importance of the 3 Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) and taking care of our planet is what the Earth Day Grocery Bag Project is all about.

Report submitted on 5/2/2016

Jennifer Paull
West Orange, NJ USA
We decorated 30 bags!
About our project: While listening to Kenny Loggins' "Conviction of the Heart," fifth graders decorated brown paper grocery bags with earth-conscious messages. They were used to pack groceries on Earth Day at the local Shop Rite.

Report submitted on 5/2/2016

Alina Iuliana Coman
Scoala Gimnaziala ,,Constantin Brancusi''
Medgidia, . Romania
We decorated 250 bags!
About our project: We discussed with the representatives of the two stores and they gave us the paper bags. Children colored them and wrote messages to help our planet and also celebrate ,,Earth Day''. After finishing decorating the paper bags we went to the stores and gave them to people, telling them it's ,,Earth's Day'' and the need to recycle, keep our planet clean and not waste our resources. Children told people about the project and they were very happy they could give all the paper bags to random people. The teachers involved in this project were: Telescu Iuliana, Vames Dorina, Niculcea Costica, Ciolacu Andreia, Hornet Monica, Butoi Sofia, Jipescu Mihaela, Niculescu Mioara and Coman Alina.

Report submitted on 4/30/2016

Bridget Hassassian
Trailside Middle School
Ashburn, VA USA
We decorated 125 bags!
About our project: Eighth Grade students enrolled in Family and Consumer Sciences and FCCLA members decorated over 125 brown paper grocery bags in support of Earth Day. The grocery bags were distributed on Earth Day at the local Leesburg, VA Wegmans.

Report submitted on 4/29/2016

Amanda Rocha
Indian Hills Elementary
Washington Township, MI USA
We decorated 500 bags!
About our project: We have been working with Krogers for about 4 years to participate in this community outreach program.

Report submitted on 4/28/2016

Cheryl Smith
Muscle Shoals Middle
Muscle Shoals, AL USA
We decorated 300 bags!
About our project: This is our 21st year. We love this project.

Report submitted on 4/28/2016

Anna Bilyeu
Brookview Elementary School
Atlanta, GA USA
We decorated 203 bags!
About our project: Students from 1st, 2nd and 4th grade participated in the Earth Day Bag project as part of a month-long study of environmental education. Through our research, we are learning about protecting the environment, and we are seeing how technology can be used to connect us with other people around the world!

Report submitted on 4/27/2016

Lauren Pease
Winston-Salem, NC USA
We decorated 342 bags!
About our project: We decided to work with a local grocery store, and they were very accommodating to our request. One of our 5 sites worked with poster paint and I think those bags turned out the best. Be sure to remind teachers and students that the bag still needs to be functional after decorating. Some forgot how the bags worked and glued paper over the bottom flap rendering the bag useless for groceries. NO GLITTER. We also spent too much time working on plans and not enough decorating.

Report submitted on 4/26/2016

Sarah Alfano
Greenfield Elementary
Troutville, VA USA
We decorated 400 bags!
About our project: Daleville Kroger partners with Greenfield Elementary to provide paper bags. Students decorate the bags with Earth Day themes and the bags are returned to the store for use on Earth Day. Raises awareness of Earth Day for the children as well as the community.

Report submitted on 4/25/2016

Ashley Raposo
Crystal Springs School
Assonet, MA USA
We decorated 100 bags!
About our project: The students of Crystal Springs School assisted in creating original "Earth Day" paper bags for shoppers at Shaw's in Fall River, Massachusetts. The students used paints, crayons, construction paper, and their hands to create their pictures. The bags were decorated with pictures of the Earth, messages about recycling and keeping the earth clean. The students enjoyed learning about how to keep our planet clean, why it is so important and how we are already helping our planet by recycling and cleaning up. We all enjoyed completing this project, and look forward to doing it again next year!

Report submitted on 4/25/2016

Lori Matney
Norris Childers Elementary
Lincolnton, NC USA
We decorated 80 bags!
About our project: The children were very excited and motivated to decorate the bags and get them out into the community! This was a fantastic learning experience for all of them!

Report submitted on 4/24/2016

Courtney Ellis
A Place to Grow-Comserve
Lincolnton, NC USA
We decorated 41 bags!
About our project: Our children enjoyed learning about Earth Day this week. They learned the importance of reusing, recycling, and reducing energy. We discussed saving the polar bears, littering, and ways to recycle. They really enjoyed taking part in decorating and writing on the paper bags, and importantly sharing the message with the community.

Report submitted on 4/22/2016

Ritu Gandhi
Morales Elementary
Houston, TX USA
We decorated 100 bags!
About our project: Our students were very excited to decorate the bags. This gives them the opportunity to be creative and explore their world around them!!!

Report submitted on 4/22/2016

Ashley Koren

Zephyr Elementary School
Whitehall, PA USA
We decorated 94 bags!
About our project: Students created 94 bags showing how to protect the Earth! The students enjoyed drawing and decorating their bag. We are definitely going to allow students to decorate bags next year on Earth Day!

Report submitted on 4/22/2016

Alyssa Pilsits
Willow Lane Elementary School
Macungie, PA USA
We decorated 250 bags!
About our project: Elementary students from Willow Lane decorated 250 bags! Each bag had a unique picture or message about how to take care of the planet!

Report submitted on 4/22/2016

Erin Sliva
Lee County
Fort Myers, FL USA
We decorated 731 bags!
About our project: My daughter, Charlotte, is in kindergarten at Tanglewood Elementary School. Her teacher, Mrs. Prysi, assigned her students a community Earth Day project. Charlotte and I chose to participate in the Earth Day Groceries Project. We went to our local Publix and they graciously let us borrow 800 brown paper bags. The students of Tanglewood truly enjoyed decorating their bag with an Earth Day message. We ended up with 731 decorated bags! What a fun experience! We hope the customers also enjoy their bags and will consider reusing them!

Report submitted on 4/22/2016