Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2008 - 2022

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Nora Gheban
CNI Carmen Sylva
Petrosani, Alte Romania
We decorated 20 bags!
About our project: This is the fourth year year we participate in the Earth Day Groceries Project. The students are really enjoyed this activity. We decorated to 20 bags. Our students painting posters with messages. . Our great successes were to make students feel the necessity of living on a clean planet! Teacher Gheban Nora CNI Carmen Sylva Petrosani ROMANIA

Report submitted on 5/7/2023

Paulina Mabhugu-Neary
Children's Magnet Montessori School
Elkridge, MD USA
We decorated 105 bags!
About our project: We had an earth day celebration on 4/22 and we invited about 80 families in our community. We let them know what the earth day grocery bag project is about and they helped us decorate the bags.

Report submitted on 4/28/2023

Catarina Clarkson
St. Augustine Catholic School
Houston, TX USA
We decorated 120 bags!
About our project: Students really enjoyed getting creative with the bags and designing their own. This year I partnered with the same HEB location. Next year, I will ask for their HEB Buddy Grocery character which can make appearances at our school festivals. A Community and Events Coordinator from HEB came and took a photo this year with our students, which we posted on our Facebook page. Thank you we had fun!

Report submitted on 4/26/2023

Paulina Mabhugu
Children's Magnet Montessori School
Elkridge, MD USA
We decorated 125 bags!
About our project: This was our first year taking on the grocery bag project. We were inspired to participate as we would like our school to be a green school. We had an Earth Day playdate spring event at our school and we used the grocery bag project as one of our table activities. The interest in the table was astonishing. We wished we had asked for more bags :)

Report submitted on 4/20/2023

Tatiana Silveșan
Beclean, PE Romania
We decorated 15 bags!
About our project: Third grade students will decorate 15 bags with ECO messages, which they will take to the Neira store. This action aims to make the population aware of the use of paper bags to protect the environment.

Report submitted on 4/19/2023

Vesna Srnic
Primary school I.G.Kovacic
Slavonski Brod, Other Croatia
We decorated 55 bags!
About our project: Dear all! We are happy to be back after two Covid Pandemic years. For the eleventh year, Elementary School Ivan Goran Kovacic from Slavonski Brod, Croatia/EU has been participating in the Earth Day Groceries Project. There were 55 fifth-graders creating paper bags and 40 eighth-graders creating posters. Sincerely, Vesna

Report submitted on 4/18/2022

Mike Cruz
Paloma Elementary
Temecula, CA USA
We decorated 26 bags!
About our project: My students enjoyed creating Earth Day bags for the community. Since learning about the community is a 2nd grade standard, this fit perfectly with our curriculum. Messages included stop air pollution, plant trees, do not waste water. Students had a lot of great ideas to help save the planet.

Report submitted on 10/22/2019

Ashley Johnson

San Bernardino, CA USA
We decorated 25 bags!
About our project: Instead of the grocery bags, my class created bookmarks. With a delay in motor skills it was simpler for my kids to color in all the white in a smaller space of a bookmark. I find some free templates online I simply print out on cardstock then cut the bookmarks out. After the coloring was completed I laminated them and we passed them out at our school library.

Report submitted on 5/2/2019

Sarah Wood
Fontana, CA USA
We decorated 70 bags!
About our project: Students watched several videos about Earth Day including a video of the Oil Spill in Santa Barbara. Students were given opportunities to research and look up pictures to enhance their learning. They loved being a part of change!

Report submitted on 5/1/2019

Jennifer Paull
Redwood School
West Orange, NJ USA
We decorated 20 bags!
About our project: I am delighted to report that this year, again, my class decorated bags for the local Shop Rite to celebrate Earth Day and send appropriate messages. We actually worked with our buddy class of 5th graders to design some wonderful illustrations we're sure will convince local shoppers to be kind to the Earth.

Report submitted on 4/23/2019

Pamela Albert Devine
Point Road School
Little Silver, NJ USA
We decorated 500 bags!
About our project: For the past twelve years we have partnered with Bob Sickles, owner of Sickles Market in Little Silver, NJ. Each year the students put on a play which focuses on the theme of Earth Day and we present our bags back to Mr. Sickles. He then displays the bags in his store and eventually his customers take them home with their groceries. In turn, each student is given a lettuce plant by Mr. Sickles to plant at home and we then plant about 50 in our courtyard garden. In June Mr. Sickles comes back to school for our annual "Green Luncheon" in which our Point Road Warrior Gardeners eat "green things" and use environmentally safe plates, etc.

Report submitted on 4/22/2019

FALTICENI, . Romania
We decorated 30 bags!
About our project: We talked about Earth Day.We decorated the paper bags.I handed the paper bags to the Rogelya Food Shop.

Report submitted on 4/22/2019

Judy Kelly
Jaindl Elementary School
Breinigsville, PA USA
We decorated 680 bags!
About our project: This is the ninth year we have been partnering with Giant Food store to remind people in our community the importance of honoring and taking care of the Earth.

Report submitted on 4/22/2019

Gheban Liliana
Sc. Gimnaziala I. D. Sirbu Petrila
Petrila, . Romania
We decorated 200 bags!
About our project: The students are really enjoiyed this activity. Students were delighted with the idea for this project, and citizens have received with pleasure our designs. So I fired a warning to save the planet. Our great successes were to make students feel the necessity of living on a clean planet! prof. Gheban Liliana, Prof.Gheban Nora, prof. Chinta Cipriana, prof. Chinta Radu, prof. Bolog Rodica, prof.Barbu Elena, prof. Biro Ana Maria, prof. Stefan Natalia School Gimnaziala I.D.Sirbu-Petrila ROMANIA

Report submitted on 4/22/2019

Lowanna Perry
Morristown Elementary School
Morristown, AZ USA
We decorated 105 bags!
About our project: Morristown Elementary School decorated 105 grocery bags donated by Bashas' Supermarket of Wickenburg. We had kindergartens to 8th graders using the Earth Day 2019 theme on their bags. This “earth week” my class learned about the environment; we read many good books like, Ibis A True Whale Story by John Himmelman, The Wump World by Bill Peet, The Wartville Wizard by Don Madden, and Oil Spill! by Melvin Berger. The Morristown Student Counsel help this year by passing out and collecting the bags.

Report submitted on 4/22/2019

Jacquelyn Wilson
Loxley Elementary
Loxley, AL USA
We decorated 500 bags!
About our project: Each class in our school read One Plastic Bag written by Miranda Paul. After we read the story, we discussed ways we can solve this real world problem. Next, each student decorated their brown paper bag that was donated by Publix. Students were allowed to pick one of the Earth Day messages to put on their bag. I collected all of the decorated bags and delivered them to Publix in Fairhope, AL to be distributed this week.

Report submitted on 4/22/2019

Dawn Burstyn-Meyers
Salt River Elementary
Scottsdale, AZ USA
We decorated 150 bags!
About our project: I took the bags today to Sprouts. (Sunday April 21) I placed them in a cart, and I had customers notice them immediately. They had such wonderful things to say. Love this project every year. Wonderful to partner with Sprouts this year. Happy Earth Day!

Report submitted on 4/21/2019

Kim Fillhart
Glenwood Middle School
Findlay, OH USA
We decorated 150 bags!
About our project: 7th grade students created bags that will be used at the Findlay, OH Great Scot grocery store. Students enjoy decorating the bags and our local newspaper, "The Courier" ran pictures of some of our students decorating the bags in the paper.

Report submitted on 4/21/2019

Lisa Holden-Smalls
Kenneth Gardner Elementary School
Kingstree, SC USA
We decorated 175 bags!
About our project: This is the third time that I have conducted the Earth Day Project with the Grocery Stores, but I never submitted a report. I also never did the bags with young students before. I am a Middle-Level Science Teacher, and this was the first time trying the bags with the Elementary Students. The students were so excited to make an informative statement within their community about taking simple positive steps to protect our Earth for Earth Day. The Managers at BI-LO were very receptive working with the school students help spread a positive message for Earth Day. Thank you for such a great idea for the community! Tip: Have the student do a blueprint before drawing on the bags.

Report submitted on 4/19/2019

Balan Doinita
Falticeni, . Romania
We decorated 30 bags!
About our project: We have decorated the paper bags very much. I took the paper bags to the grocery store. We played Happy Birthday for the Earth.

Report submitted on 4/18/2019