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Sabrina Barillaro
St.Vincent School
Laval, QCCanada

We decorated 280 bags!

About our project: Our Bag photos can be found on our website, under "Events". St.Vincent enjoyed this activity and will surely participate again!!

submitted on 5/1/2009

Magali Touchette
Queen Elizabeth Elementary
Kazabazua, QCCanada

We decorated 40 bags!

About our project: The children's response to this challenge was overwhelming, oh the well of ideas! When we brought forward the idea of an Earth Day Celebration, who would have thought that they would be so excited! We talked it over with the whole school and the idea of decorating grocery bags to bring them back so that customers would use them, thrilled the children. They automatically suggested that we also turn off the lights and pick up some garbage as well. So after borrowing 40 paper bags from the Metro in Gracefield, the staff discussed the logistics of organizing this activity. The plan was quite simple. All the students sat in the lunchroom while Mrs. Sue read them a story about the Earth. When it was done, the students paired up or decided to work on their own and got their bag to start. With the lights off, they decorated their bags with markers and great care. The slogans were catchy, interesting and in French or in English. When they were done, the students got dressed and headed out to the Municipal Hall armed with a paper bag and determination. They were on a mission. Fill it up! By the end of the afternoon, they came back with what we estimated to be about 50 pounds of garbage. These celebrations for Earth Day really had us thinking, as a Staff and with the students. We thought of things we think could be done on a regular basis such as composting and ways to reduce the energy consumption. As Mr. Keon said, "Earth Day should not be celebrated only on April 22nd, it should be every day!"

Look at our pictures!  

submitted on 5/1/2008