Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2008 - 2022

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Barbara Adams
Sunset Mesa Schools
Albuquerque, NMUSA

We decorated 150 bags!

About our project: Great project; kids loved coloring pictures and parents were impressed. Looking forward to next year!

submitted on 4/20/2012

Barbara Adams
Sunset Mesa Schools
Albuquerque, NMUSA

We decorated 130 bags!

About our project: This is a wonderful project! The children loved participating in it. We cut out a picture of the world, pasted it on the bags and the children drew flowers, birds, the sun, people, happy faces and hearts around the world because when you recycle, the world is a "happy place".

submitted on 4/23/2011

Shannon Herrera
Maggie Cordova Elementary
Rio Rancho, NMUSA

We decorated 300 bags!

About our project: Sunflower was very gracious about lending us the bags. It was a fun and successful project and we look forward to doing it again next year!

submitted on 5/4/2009

Vicki Easson
Eagle Ridge Middle School
Rio Rancho , NMUSA

We decorated 98 bags!

About our project: Thanks to Ray Martinez of Ridgecrest Drive Albertson's for lending the bags!

submitted on 4/21/2009