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Tayo McGuirk
Smith Renaissance School of the Arts
Denver, COUSA

We decorated 700 bags!

About our project: Our students, as young as four years old, decorated 700 bags with colorful designs and "go green" messages in English and in Spanish. We found that even our least experienced illustrators had fun gluing flower cut-outs on their bags. Shoppers at Kings Soopers grocery store were thrilled to receive them on Earth Day!

submitted on 5/11/2010

Amelia Keeth
Jr. Girl Scout Troop 3366

We decorated 106 bags!

About our project: The girls in our troop spent an afternoon decorating bags to educate our community about Earth Day.

submitted on 4/25/2009

Melanie Bohren
Blue Mountain Elementary
Longmont, COUSA

We decorated 450 bags!

About our project: The kids had a great time decorating and the store was very appreciative and began handing them out immediately - all around success!

submitted on 4/22/2009

Tayo McGuirk
Smith Renaissance School of the Arts
Denver, COUSA

We decorated 350 bags!

About our project: Students at Smith Renaissance School of the Arts, an urban public school in Denver, Colo., combined their love of the arts with their love of the environment by participating in the grocery project for the first time. All 350 students in grades K-5 decorated the bags during art classes and then members of the student council delivered the bags to a neighborhood King Soopers grocery store. The designs were colorful and the environmental messages were scrawled in English and in Spanish. As a result of their participation in the grocery project, students have been inspired to do other things to help with the effort to keep our earth green, such as their newly formed "clean up club" which cleans up garbage in the neighborhood, weekly. Smith elementary can't wait to participate again next year!

Look at our pictures!  

submitted on 5/6/2008

Angie Keefer
Summit Elementary
Divide, COUSA

We decorated 100 bags!

About our project: The students worked very hard to design Earth Day Themes on each of the 100 bags that were completed. They listed tips, special messages and colorful designs to encourage others to participate in saving our wonderful planet. This was a great way to encourage the students to discuss the problems our planet is facing and brainstorm ways to make things better for future generations!

submitted on 4/23/2008