Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2008 - 2022

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Dorathy Miller
Malvern Elementary School
Malvern, ARUSA

We decorated 800 bags!

About our project: We decorated 800 grocery bags provided by local grocer, Food Center of Malvern, and then placed them back in the store for customers to be made aware of Earth Day 2013. Public Service Announcements through local radio, tv, and newspaper helped make the community aware of this project.

submitted on 4/3/2013

Anne Ladner
Fulbright Elementary
Little Rock, ARUSA

We decorated 1000 bags!

About our project: This is our second year participating in this event. Because our enrollment so is large we split bags between 2 Kroger stores this year, 500 from each store. It was so fun to see the excitement of the grocery store workers when we dropped the decorated bags back off at the stores! This is a wonderful community based Earth Day project!

submitted on 4/22/2010

Britney Warner
Sulphur Rock Elementary Math/Science Magnet
Sulphur Rock, ARUSA

We decorated 23 bags!

About our project: I ran across this project on the Internet and thought it would be a great way for my students to celebrate Earth Day! This was a great project for all my students!

submitted on 4/21/2010

Annette Ortiz
Immaculate Conception School, North Little Rock
North Little Rock, ARUSA

We decorated 206 bags!

About our project: This project began as a fourth grade Science lesson, and soon spread to most of the elementary school. Two hundred and six students from grades Kindergarten and Second through fifth grades created two hundred six grocery bags for the Kroger Grocery store. The local paper, Arkansas Democrat Gazette, featured a story about the students' efforts in the local section of their paper on Earth Day. The students had a great time decorating the bags and spreading their important messages about Earth Day!

submitted on 4/23/2009

Anne Ladner
Fulbright Elementary
Little Rock, ARUSA

We decorated 1000 bags!

About our project: I'm so amazed and excited about this event! Kroger is one of our Partners in Education and they have been so great about helping to participate in this event!

submitted on 4/17/2009