Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2001

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Scott Krentel
Liberty Lake Elementary
Liberty Lake, WAUSA

We decorated 500 bags!

About our project: It was great fun. Kids loved it. The parents went to the store to buy grocies and get class mates bags.

submitted on 8/17/2001

Heather Ogden/ Nikki Williams
Castle Rock Elementary
Castle Rock, WAUSA

We decorated 125 bags!

About our project: Our students learned a great deal about what they could do to help keep our earth a clean and healthy place for everyone.

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submitted on 6/27/2001

Alice Burchak
Yakima County Solid Waste
Yakima, WAUSA

We decorated 11000 bags!

About our project: Yakima County Solid Waste cooridanates the Earth Day Groceries Project every year with the schools throughout our county. The Solid Waste Department makes arrangements to have the grocery stores provide the bags for the kids who decorated the bags so the bags can be returned to the store. This year we had 44 schools and over 300 classrooms participate in the project. This is a very popular project in our schools.

submitted on 6/18/2001

Ladd Wolfe
Endeavour Intermediate School
Milton, WAUSA

We decorated 500 bags!

About our project: Our school is a unique combination of three grade levels, 3-5. However we are very large with an average of 10 teachers at those three levels. All 10 of our fourth grades participated in this project. There was a drawing for each class for one person to represent their class and deliver the bags. 10 students and two teachers delivered the bags. Albertsons was incredible! They even allowed students to bag groceries for customers. Albertsons also advised us they received many compliments and even letters about what a great project the Earth Day Groceries Project is for the community!

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submitted on 5/31/2001

Lauren Hoshibata
Redmond Elementary
Redmond, WAUSA

We decorated 250 bags!

About our project: 23 students from Redmond Elementary and 7 students from International School (Bellevue) completed about 250 bags. I am a student at International School and have been teaching ecology classes at Redmond El. Coloring bags was part of our Earth Day lesson. I tried to emphasize the importance of the kids' role in helping the Earth. They were impacting their whole community with this project. Besides helping out by recycling in their own home, they were also spreading the message to others, and that is important too. We brainstormed slogans (I'd come up with a couple the night before too) and I had made stencils for those who were self-conscious about their drawing abilities. The students really enjoyed the laid-back atmosphere of the lesson, but I tried to make sure that the importance of what they were doing wasn't lost on them. I also held bag coloring parties for my high school friends and they came up with some great ideas too.

submitted on 5/20/2001