Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2001

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Cécile Guevremont
royal charles-riverside school board
St-hubert, QCCanada

We decorated 365 bags!

About our project: Nous sommes une école d'immersion française à st-hubert(Montréal). C'est la cinquième année que nous participons à cette activité. Nous avons décoré des sacs d'épicerie avec des messages en français et en anglais sur l'environnement.

submitted on 4/25/2001

Lucette Boudreau
Joseph de Serigny
Longueuil, QCCanada

We decorated 540 bags!

About our project: We took your project one step further, and on our day of distribution we set up a workshop at Loblaws, and invited the children of their clientele to come and decorate more bags. It was a big success. 460 bags were decorated at school, and 80 more bags were decorated at Loblaws. Although our school is french, the sixth grade is a special english immersion program, and they used the project to further their lessons, and created the most beautiful bilingual bags! Everyone thought it was the most wonderful project, and we even made the front page of our local newspaper. We will definitely continue with this project in the future. Hats off to everyone! We will be sending photos shortly.

submitted on 4/24/2001

Suzanne Gionet
Soulanges School
St-Telesphore, QCCanada

We decorated 106 bags!

About our project: Soulanges School is a one room and an annex schoolhouse in Quebec. We started the Earth Day Groceries Project in 1998 and we decorated 52 bags. This year we celebrated Earth Day Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the 18th, 19th and 20th. Wednesday is a French day. The students work in French. I started my lesson with a question. "What is Earth Day and when is it?" I wrote the key words. We discussed forestry, recycling, respect of environment and others, history. I introduced this project and told them that it was international. We pointed out on the map where the provinces, the territories and the countries that participated where. I told them that the project started in 1994. We did some math to figure out how may years it has been and how many years we have been participating. We graphed the amounts of bags we decorated and figure out our objective (100 bags). We used a thermometer chart to keep count of the number of bags. We talk about what we would decorate the bags with. I gave a mini lesson on the structure of the sentence. We came up with some more sentences to sensitize people to Earth Day. We also talk about art and what would represent Earth Day. We composed a rap song. We used our digital camera to take pictures of the work in process. We also filmed ourselves drawing and writing. Furthermore, we scanned a few bags to show our products. Thursday, we continued our project in English. We wrote bilingual messages on each bag. Friday, we went outside and cleaned our lawn. Everyone raked the yard. We planted beautiful flowers. Every year we look forward to this multi-age, multidisciplinary, international project. Thank you

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submitted on 4/22/2001