Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2001

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Amy Liston
Highland Elementary School
Crookston, MNUSA

We decorated 400 bags!

About our project: This was the first year for the Earth day bag project in Crookston. The children seemed to enjoy it. Some students decorated the bags in art class, some decorated them in class, and some decorated them during our after school programs. The posters for the start up kit really helped with the success of this day also. For many, it was the first time they had heard of Earth Day.

submitted on 5/8/2001

Jenny Franklin
Forest View Elementary
Forest Lake, MNUSA

We decorated 700 bags!

About our project: The 4th graders completed their Earth to Arbor Day bags first, then went into classrooms throughout the school and gave directions and showed examples. They collected the bags and they were delivered. We also ordered trees for each 4th grader to plant, read books about the environment and saw a movie about Arbor Day. PTA was a great help in this endeavor, as they supplied a book and movie, did some of the running, and helped to organize! We hope that we made a difference in the world!

submitted on 5/4/2001

Kara Pool
Forest View Elementary
Forest Lake, MNUSA

We decorated 601 bags!

About our project: This year we decided to involve the whole school in the Earthday decorating. The kids spent a lot of time thinking up ideas to make the community more aware. I was impressed at all the wonderful artwork. The kids are really excited to have the community see their work.

submitted on 4/27/2001

Tina Carlson
Jefferson Elementary
Hibbing, MNUSA

We decorated 48 bags!

About our project: What a great project for the students and the community. The students had a great time creating the bags and putting on earth friendly messages. An appropriate activity to celebrate Earth Day.

submitted on 4/26/2001

Felicia Marr
Pratt Community School
Minneapolis, MNUSA

We decorated 100 bags!

About our project: We are a 2 room school that is in the process of growing. As a new school, it was a great way to show the community what we value!

submitted on 4/24/2001