Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2001

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Kay Halloran
Newburyport's Schools
Newburyport, MAUSA

We decorated 2300 bags!

About our project: Students from the schools, Bresnahan, Brown, Kelley,Immaculate Conception, Nock Middle, and Nock North all participated in drawing beautiful messages about the Earth and recycling. We added a new store to our event this year and this annual event is anticipated by all!

submitted on 7/10/2001

Kathleen Harrity
Hudson Public Schools
Hudson, MAUSA

We decorated 800 bags!

About our project: The Victory market loves this project. They hang many of the bags in the window and the children come in and look for the one that they did. The art teacher loves this also. It is a great community service learning project!

submitted on 5/11/2001

Jennifer Sampson
Dedham Middle School
Dedham, MAUSA

We decorated 150 bags!

About our project: I worked in conjuction with two of our Grade 6 science teachers, Mrs. Alice Machinist and Mrs. Louise Young. This project served as a wonderful and timely follow-up to the sixth grade unit on ecology. The students worked hard and depicted a wide range of environmental issues. Their bags included pictures, slogans, graphics, facts and suggestions for shoppers on what they could do to participate in Earth Day. We hope to make this activity a yearly tradition!

submitted on 4/30/2001

Mary Gagnon
J.R.Briggs Elementary School
Ashburnham, MAUSA

We decorated 480 bags!

About our project: Students from all grade levels enjoyed decorating the bags and our local market got a great response from customers who received the bags with their groceries. It was a wonderful school to community project.

submitted on 4/27/2001

Maria E Ravenstein
Knowledge Beginnings
Chelmsford, , MAUSA

We decorated 200 bags!

About our project: Knowledge Beginnings is a day care center for infants to kindergarden. It is also a before and a after school program. A place that gives the children the opportunity to learn skills by participating in events such as Earth Day. We made many projects with recyclable materials. The children had the opportunity to use their imagination on these projects. We appreciate the support we receive from the manager of Market Basket supermarket. We also appreciate the efforts of Mark Ahlness Project director.

submitted on 4/26/2001