Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2001

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Debbie Rooney
East School
New Canaan, CTUSA

We decorated 276 bags!

About our project: East School participated in this project to increase awareness of environmental issues for our children as well as the community. I would have liked to see more children participate, but this was the first year we participated as a school. Hopefully, we will decorate more bags next year.

submitted on 5/23/2001

Pam Fagan
Middle Gate School
Newtown, CTUSA

We decorated 574 bags!

About our project: Each year our students celebrate Earth Day for the entire fourth week of April. Each teacher will bring environmental issues into their teaching during the week and we have one all-school project each day. Monday every student makes an ecology bracelet, Tuesday is decorate a grocery bag day, Wednesday is write a song or poem day, Thursday is distribution of Painted Lady Butterfly larvae and friday is the distribution of trees. (We have a very generous woman in our town who donates seedlings to the elementary students each year). The manager in the Stop & Shop has told us that the customers are always thrilled to receive their groceries in our decorated bags.

submitted on 4/30/2001

Gina Salerno
Mathewson Elem.
Milford, CTUSA

We decorated 368 bags!

About our project: This is the first year that our school has participated in this project. We all enjoyed making the bags, and were able to use it as an instructional tool to observe and celebrate Earth Day. We look forward to participating again next year!

submitted on 4/23/2001

Irene LeClair
Sayles School
Baltic, CTUSA

We decorated 210 bags!

About our project: Students enjoyed this art activity and had to think about environmental issues before starting with the art work.

submitted on 4/22/2001

Robert Buyea
Bethany Community School
Bethany, CTUSA

We decorated 174 bags!

About our project: Many teachers agreed to participate in this project without much notice. Hopefully next year, with more promoting of Earth Day throughout our school, our numbers will go up. We engaged in an interesting discussion about President Bush and his environmental policies/concerns, and the importance of the message being sent by students participating in this project.

submitted on 4/22/2001