Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2001

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Marine Avagyan
Glenoaks Elementary
Glendale, CAUSA

We decorated 32 bags!

About our project: My students were very excited about the project, which went along with the Energy and Conservation unit that we were studying at the time. We visited many websites about Earth Day and discussed how easily can the 4 R's (Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) can be implemented in our school, home and the community. This was a great project.

submitted on 5/8/2001

Suzanne Davis
Girl Scouts MWVC, Arcadia Service Unit
Arcadia, CAUSA

We decorated 40 bags!

About our project: The girls enjoyed this project and liked using their artistic talents to help get the word out about Earth Day. (I have photos, but the film is not yet developed. Can I send them in at a later date?)

submitted on 5/7/2001

Stephanie Collins
IVROP Outdoor School Program
El Centro, CAUSA

We decorated 1000 bags!

About our project: The Earth Day Grocery Bag Porject was used as an activity station for the Imperial Valley Earth Day Education Fair. (April 5th) 350 4th, 5th, 6th graders attended this event. The project also was continued a few days later (April 7th) as an activity for the Imperial Valley Earth Day Festival. This was a community event attended by approx. 1000 people. Both adults and children decorated bags. The stores were very excited about the distribution of the bags to their customers. We will definitely participate next year!!

Look at our pictures!  

submitted on 5/7/2001

Heidi Manning
Justice Street Elementary School
West Hills, CAUSA

We decorated 37 bags!

About our project: I didn't find out about this project until it was almost over. I told all 26 teachers at the school aboout it. Unfortunately, most did not have time to do it. Next year, I will be sure to get started earlier! The two teachers that did participate, were very enthusiastic about it.I did not take part in the decorating. I obtained the bags and returned them to the store for the teachers.

submitted on 5/6/2001

K Kopp
Gidley Elementary
El Monte, CAUSA

We decorated 24 bags!

About our project: We decorated the bags as part of our science unit on the rainforest. The students definitely made the connection between recycling the grocery bags and saving a tree.

submitted on 5/3/2001