Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2008 - 2018

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Felicia Mihaela Rusu
Secondary School, No.12 Tulcea
Tulcea, . Romania

We decorated 75 bags!

About our project: We talk about the meaning of the day. After that we saw a PowerPoint presentation with the effects of human activities for Earth. Children were agree to make something to save the Planet. And for that we decorate 75 bags and give its on the store to offer the clients. We sang for our planet and told poetry. It was a great day with a big impact for my students.

submitted on 5/8/2018

Gheban Liliana
School Gimnaziala I. D. Sirbu
Petrila, . Romania

We decorated 120 bags!

About our project: Students have decorated paper nets by alerting community members to the danger of our planet by urging them to collect reusable materials and one of the most burning issues is that plastic nets are not biodegradable and they endanger the health of the Earth, the population needs to be sensitized in this respect. The students were coordinated by Prof. Gheban Liliana, Bolog Rodica, Chinta Cipriana, Chinta Radu, Biro Ana Maria, Zorila Coculeana.

submitted on 4/24/2018

Tatiana Silvesan
Centrul Scolar de Educatie Incluziva
Beclean, .Romania

We decorated 25 bags!

About our project: Third-grade students at the Beclean Inclusive Education Center, led by Prof. Silvesan Tatiana, have been eager to educate the community about conservation in the honor of Earth's day, so they have used their creative skills to decorate eco. The students decorated 25 bags that they brought to the Alces store.

submitted on 4/24/2018

FALTICENI, . Romania

We decorated 27 bags!

About our project: On Earth Day, I decorated paper bags that I gave to the grocery store.

submitted on 4/23/2018

Silvesan Tatiana
Centrul scolar de Educatie Incluziva
Beclean, . Romania

We decorated 25 bags!

About our project: Class II students from the Beclean School of Inclusive Education School have completed their contribution to the Earth Day Grocery Project for the 6th year! We decorated 25 paper bags. This project allows students to learn more and to raise public awareness of the dangers of disposable plastic materials.

submitted on 6/1/2017