Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2008 - 2018

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Scoala Axente Sever
Axente Sever, . Romania

We decorated 220 bags!

About our project: Community was impressed by pupils and kindergarten children initiatives, and promise they will protect the environment. One television from Germany made a movie with children painting the bags in our community.

submitted on 6/1/2017

Silvesan Tatiana
Centrul scolar de Educatie Incluziva
Beclean, . Romania

We decorated 25 bags!

About our project: Class II students from the Beclean School of Inclusive Education School have completed their contribution to the Earth Day Grocery Project for the 6th year! We decorated 25 paper bags. This project allows students to learn more and to raise public awareness of the dangers of disposable plastic materials.

submitted on 6/1/2017

Gheban Liliana
Scoala Gimnaziala I. D. Sirbu Petrila
Petrila, . Romania

We decorated 170 bags!

About our project: Earth Day celebrated with mesages and bags. With great emotion and joy, Secondary School students I. D. Sirbu, Petrila, guided by teachers and help parents have prepared a show that paid tribute cross the planet as they know better. With souls clean and full of light spring, want nature to be a true friend who will not hurt anyone. Through cultural and artistic activities developed within the project became more responsible children and improve their nice behavior towards the environment. They say very determined. Try to think twice before you buy a product! Preschoolers attended the show, coordinated by Mrs. Preschool: Cosmina Olah, Meraru Marcela, and Costache Cristina, Catinca Turcu,Birlut Elena, Tatra Alina,Lacatuş Anca, Marcuș Anca Simona, Preda Maria; presenting ingenious costumes and bags from recycled materials. Schoolchildren from primary and secondary guided by the teachers Gheban Liliana, Bolog Rodica, Scafariu Corina, Colojvari Timea, Zmau Maria, Tinca Mihaela, Popescu Bianca, Avram Fermina Clemente Monica, Mihăilă Daniela Stefan Natalia, Herbei Corina, Neag Simona, Dobrica Ramona, Ardelean Nicolae, Mititelu Ana Maria Andrei Beatrice , Daniela Tirea, Marinela Dobre, Zorilă Coculeana, Biro Ana Mara, Marchidan Minodora, Cipriana Chinta, Chinta Radu, presented eco messages, bags, costumes, songs that had a resonance for the community.

submitted on 4/23/2017

Felicia Mihaela Rusu
Scoala Gimnaziala Ioan Nenitescu
Tulcea, . Romania

We decorated 75 bags!

About our project: First of all they viewed a presentation on the current problems of the Earth. Students from our school were very happy to participate at this great project. It was the first time for them. They decorated 75 bags with ecological messages and learned "Environmentalists Anthem". They teach their families and friends to save and take care of our planet.

submitted on 4/22/2017

FALTICENI, . Romania

We decorated 23 bags!

About our project: The children participated with great joy in this project. We decorated the bags and gave them to the store.

submitted on 4/21/2017