Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2001

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Alejandra Carolina
Academia Arguello
Cordoba, Argentina

We decorated 70 bags!

About our project: Joining this project was a great learning experience for both, the children and the shop owners. We all enjoyed it and were very glad to participate.

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submitted on 7/24/2001

Ana María Alal de Berneri
A.C.I.R. (Academia de Cultura Inglesa Reconquista)
Reconquista, ,Argentina

We decorated 200 bags!

About our project: This was our first experience and it turned out to be a success. Our students were really happy to carry out such an important project and they enjoyed every step of it: decorating the bags, going to the supermarkets, explaining to the customers the aim of this campaign... everything! The most exciting part of the project was that students really felt that we were doing something in order to take care of our planet because in Argentina people don't use paper bags, so that made it more important. The students also felt that this project would be worth carrying since we are the second school from Argentina taking part in such an important campaign. We all hope that you include some of our pictures on your page, and if so please let us know. Students would be delighted to see themselves on your page!!! Thanks for letting our students participate in this wonderful project and for making them feel that they can help. :o)

Check out our photo(s)!  

submitted on 5/6/2001