Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2007

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Chris Sulla
St. Patrick School
Wadsworth, IL USA
We decorated 150 bags!
About our project: The children had a great time decorating their bags. Many of them went to the store to see if they would see theirs. We can't wait to participate again next year!

Report submitted on 3/24/2011

Shannon Probst
Vidalia Upper
Vidalia, LA USA
We decorated 130 bags!
About our project: Our third grade students really enjoyed decorating their bags. This was our schools first year participating in the project. We hope to participate again next year.

Report submitted on 4/22/2010

Joanne Morneau
Ecole Anne Hebert
Vancouver, BC Canada
We decorated 325 bags!
About our project: This was our first time participating in such an incredible event! Our students and teachers were really enthusiastic and created some powerful and beautiful environmental messages and artwork. Our messages emphasized the need to stop using plastic check-out grocery bags. Thank you for starting such a valuable project not only for the students but for everyone that buys groceries!

Report submitted on 4/16/2008

Brian Blakely

Barstow Intermediate
Barstow, CA USA
We decorated 500 bags!
About our project: 5th grade students (and some 6th) decorated bags in the classroom. 6th graders/parent volunteers participated in a flower/shrub planting project at school sponsored by Timberland shoes and various donations from the community. It was a great day of helping and sharing.

Report submitted on 4/8/2008

Mary C. Leies

Heritage Elementary School
Wilmington, DE USA
We decorated 500 bags!
About our project: Earth Day 2007 was a beautiful sunny day. Acme store shone with Heritage students' beautiful artwork on grocery bags. Bags were displayed in the windows and dispersed with grocery purchases. Thanks to Mark Windish, the store manager, who supplied us with the bags. Students try to make every day an Earth Day.

Report submitted on 4/7/2008

Kelli McDowell

Arrowhead Elementary
Broken Arrow, OK USA
We decorated 400 bags!
About our project: The kids really enjoyed working on the bags; many wanted to keep working on them during their free choice time.

Report submitted on 4/4/2008

Amy Cole
Evansville, IN USA
We decorated 500 bags!
About our project: After scanning the internet I came across your idea and immediately knew this was the project for my students at Delaware! I contacted the local Buy-Low grocery store and they were enthusiastic since it is a community store that our parents shop at. They have always been generous with us and this time was no exception. They supplied us with a bale of brown bags and we did the rest. Our students decorated with many "Earth Day" and related themes and some were truly works of art. We started in 2006 and continued in 2007 and have already made plans to decorate our 2008 bags. Several parents went to the store to specifically get the bags atheir kids decorated and many other community members commented on the project with positive feedback. We are proud to be a participant of this activity and thannk you for your great ideas. Go Green! Amy Cole

Report submitted on 3/26/2008

Candace Beckel
Highland North Elementary
Chesterville, Ohio USA
We decorated 150 bags!
About our project: During their individual character lessons, all of the grades learned about Earth Day and different ways to recycle and take care of the Earth. Our local Mt. Gilead Kroger donated bags to us and all of the kids in our school decorated a bag! I passed out slogan ideas for the kids to print on their bags...they had a blast writing & drawing about Earth Day! They felt very important because they knew that their messages & artwork would be passed out to people. What a wonderful project! We plan on participating next year as well!

Report submitted on 3/25/2008

Lynn Ellis
Academy of Accelerated Learning
Milwaukee, WI USA
We decorated 575 bags!
About our project: We did this as an art project for the whole school. We have approximatley 575 students and we involved all of them from our 4 year old kindergardeners, our special ed students, all the way up to our 5th graders. I think even a few staff members decorated a bag. We used our school stamp with our school name, address, and phone number and stamped every bag so people would know who created the beautiful art work. We will be doing this project again in 2008 because all of the kids had a great time doing it!!!

Report submitted on 1/11/2008

Nicole Lambert
Reddick-Collier Elementary School
Reddick, FL USA
We decorated 26 bags!
About our project: At the end of our "Recycling Unit," my students and families decorated grocery bags with beautifully illustrated images and messages about recycling. We displayed our bags at the local supermarket and it was a great learning experience for all of us.

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Report submitted on 12/6/2007

Alice Andrade
AT&T Pioneer Volunteers
Abilene, TX USA
We decorated 1500 bags!
About our project: 1500 sacks were colored with Environmental messages on them. (5)Elementary schools participated. Taylor, Lee , Reagan, Jackson and Fannin. All sacks were delivered on the 20th of April for use during the week of the 22nd. Bags were hung from the end-caps for display at United Grocery Store. Lessons on recycling etc. were delivered to each school to help educate children on the awareness of environment recycling, etc. With the sacks being used in the Grocery store it helped remind and send a message to the adults in our community about a responsibility to protect and keep their planet clean.

Report submitted on 10/12/2007

Patricia Mariscal
Building community class
Las Vegas, NV USA
We decorated 1500 bags!
About our project: The Earth Day Project was really fun! For a week and a half, Mrs. Mariscal's "Building Community" explorations class, put together a schoolwide project to help unite the students, school, and the community. In class we counted out the number of bags needed for each classroom. We also constructed sample bags for each teacher, along with student generated directions for the project. The students reported they liked feeling in control of a project, which included the entire school of 1500 students. Reflections included comments such as, "I felt like a teacher," and "I felt like for awhile that the students were in charge of learning." The most important lesson learned for these students was the realization that they really can make a difference. What a terrific way to learn about life, sharing, and community!

Report submitted on 9/20/2007

Mimi Cash

Girl Scouts of Northeast Mississippi
Saltillo, MS USA
We decorated 300 bags!
About our project: Our Junior Girl Scout Troop 215 of Girl Scouts of Northeast Mississippi used this as a service project. They decorated some bags themselves and took the rest to Saltillo Elementary School to be decorated by participating 3rd-5th graders. After the bags were decorated, they were picked up and taken to a participating Kroger store where they distributed to their customers. The local paper did an article on the project which gave more awareness to Earth Day and ways to participate. The girls enjoyed the project and received a patch for their participation.

Report submitted on 7/11/2007

Kimberly Bennett
North Parkway Elementary Magnet School
Jackson, TN USA
We decorated 538 bags!
About our project: My students first learned pertinent information about the environment. We had a small bit of difficulty in acquiring the bags, but our PTO pitched in (thanks again, Aunt Bertha!) and purchased the bags from a local grocery wholesale company. We decorated our bags, then taught the other classes in the school. After the presentations, we helped the other students decorate their bags.

Report submitted on 6/20/2007

Connie Sehr
Orchard Farm R-5
St. Charles, MO USA
We decorated 300 bags!
About our project: We decorated over 300 bags this year. It is the third year we've participated in the project. Our teachers, students, and school like to participate in this project each year as a part of celebrating Earth Day and learning how we can all be good stewards in taking care of our precious Earth. The teachers and students, especially those who have just completed the spring MAP Tests, look forward in doing some fun and creative educational projects like this one outside of the paper and pencil kind. The IGA store has partnered with us each year and have been great. We look forward in doing it again next year. Thanks for a wonderful project for all involved!

Report submitted on 6/15/2007

Joanne Walters
CAs Montessori Children's Center
Islandia, NY USA
We decorated 138 bags!
About our project: The preschoolers in our program decorated 138 bags. Each class did it a little differently, some used crayons, others used markers or paint and all the bags came out beautifully. Many of the children had their parents take them to the grocery store to see if they could find their bag. All in all everyone enjoyed the project and it sent out a great message to everyone involved.

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Report submitted on 6/15/2007

Peggy Smith
James John Elementary School
Portland, OR USA
We decorated 423 bags!
About our project: We had enthusiastic participation from students and staff at school. Our librarian stepped in also in guiding the students with the project. Feedback from the store was very positive. Staff enjoyed previewing the artwork and did a good job of explaining the project to customers. Some customers have reused the bags as they have returned to the store to shop.

Report submitted on 6/14/2007

Rhona Wiley-Williams
Brentwood Elementary
Lake Charles, , LA USA
We decorated 20 bags!
About our project: Our students read the book and watched the movie about THE LORAX by Dr. Seuss. They were so moved by the Lorax's fight to " save the trees" that they decided to send our community a message as well. They went to your website to get ideas, went to the library, and worked individually and in cooperative groups to create their messages. The local Kroger store donated the brown bags for our project. Everyone had a great time and learned a valuable lesson about saving the environment one person at a time.

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Report submitted on 6/14/2007

Susan Scannell

St. Aloysius
New Canaan, CT USA
We decorated 200 bags!
About our project: Combined with art department, decorated bags for Earth Day. More aware of ideas for helping mother earth with more awareness of green house gasses information in the media.

Report submitted on 6/4/2007

Cherie Brewer
Girl Scout Troop 376
Jena, LA USA
We decorated 75 bags!
About our project: As part of our Earth Day project we got brown grocery bags from Mac's Big Star so the girls could decorate the bags with an Earth Day theme. Then we returned the bags and asked the store to help us spread the word about Recycling and Saving our planet. They used the bags to put groceries in and help us show others the importance of Saving our Planet.

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Report submitted on 6/1/2007