Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2005

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Andy Lester-Niles
Brunson Elementary School
Winston-Salem, NC USA
We decorated 500 bags!
About our project: We get so many kind words from customers. The store reports back that patrons say they look forward to the event evey year. One customer still has the artwork hanging on display in her house from previous year.

Report submitted on 3/20/2007

Kimberley Thompson
County of Rockbrige
Lexington, VA USA
We decorated 2500 bags!
About our project: All County elementary and some preschools participated.

Report submitted on 5/12/2006

Kay Hill
Eaton Elementary
Lenoir City, TN USA
We decorated 800 bags!
About our project: This was our first year. Great involvement on behalf of grocery stores, students, teachers, and parents. Look forward to next year!!

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Report submitted on 4/21/2006

Felicia Washington

Lithonia Academy of Technology and the Environment
Lithonia, GA USA
We decorated 56 bags!
About our project: We have 100 bags and we had a blast at decorating them. We look foward to doing them next year.

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Report submitted on 4/10/2006

Jacqueline Nessuno
Mantua Township: Centre City School
Mantua, NJ USA
We decorated 500 bags!
About our project: Approximately five hundred students at Centre City School in Mantua Township, New Jersey decorated five hundred bags for Earth Day 2006. The bags were provided by our local ACME Markets in Mantua, New Jersey. A big thank you to to our students, teachers, and our local ACME Market for helping us to celebrate another successful Earth Day!

Report submitted on 4/4/2006

Kathy Miller
Oakview Elementary School
Simpsonville, SC USA
We decorated 1000 bags!
About our project: Our students had fun as they decorated the bags and wrote Earth Day messages. The grocery store customers loved the beautiful bags!

Report submitted on 4/2/2006

Donna Mackleer
Hess Educational Complex
Mays Landing, NJ USA
We decorated 2000 bags!
About our project:

Report submitted on 3/27/2006

Ginny Jasinski
Watchung School
Middlesex, NJ USA
We decorated 225 bags!
About our project: 2005 was the second year that we participated in the Earth Day Groeries Project. Each year the bags get better and better. The children really enjoy doing them and then taking their parents shopping.

Report submitted on 3/23/2006

Cindy Fisher

Mansfield Brownie Troop 792
Port Murray, NJ USA
We decorated 30 bags!
About our project: The girls had a great time decorating these bags and learning about our enviroment. They were very proud they could participate in this Earth Day Project.

Report submitted on 3/22/2006

Patti Funaro

Immaculate Conception
Windsor, ON Canada
We decorated 100 bags!
About our project: With the help of the grade 3 students from Immaculate Conception and our members from the Centre for Seniors Windsor we were able to send a positive message out into the community. The students and seniors who participated really enjoy this intergenerational event and we look forward to holding this event every year.

Report submitted on 3/20/2006

April Ambrose
Conway Earth Day
Conway, AR USA
We decorated 1200 bags!
About our project: We got grocery bags donated from both Kroger stores in Conway. Then we distributed these to interested teachers at 3 local elementary schools. The children decorated them and then we picked them back up. We displayed them at our Earth Day Festival and then tried to give them back to the stores who didn't want them! Instead we use them in our organization in fundraisers, shopping bags for our fundraising items, and more. They have been very helpful! We also posted a few designs to our website. I think the program is a great one, but for someone outside the schools it is hard to find interested teachers! We did use the local Newspapers in Education person at our newspaper, the Log Cabin Democrat, to help us in this way. We had a lot of fun with the program, but for 2006 we are simply taking them to the Boys and Girls Club to get about 100 decorated.

Report submitted on 3/13/2006

Paula Elskamp
Idaho Women in Timber
Lewiston, ID USA
We decorated 1800 bags!
About our project: We've been doing this for many, many years although unsure if we have ever registered. Each year we reach out to all the grade schools in the Lewiston, ID, Clarkston, WA and Asotin, WA (~3500 K-6th). About half participate. We offer a pizza party as a prize to the class with the most participation and the best overall design (judged age appropriately).

Report submitted on 3/2/2006

Beth Gilbert
Lindley Elementary School
Greensboro, NC USA
We decorated 275 bags!
About our project: The teachers and students at Lindley Elementary were very enthusiastic about participating for the second year in a row in the Earth Day Groceries Project. This community service activity was a part of a school-wide week long Earth Day celebration. Last year the school received the Greensboro Beautiful Clean Campus Award for all of Guilford County as a result of their campus clean-up and community Earth Day/environmental awareness campaigns including the grocery project. They hope to continue the tradition every year.

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Report submitted on 2/28/2006

Allie Mattarolo

PS7 Elementary school
Sacramento, CA USA
We decorated 40 bags!
About our project: I am an intern at PS7 Elementary school in Oak Park. I work with Mariah Landers, the kindergaten teacher, there. Part of my project there is to teach the kids on why recycling is important to our world and what they can do to better their recycling skills and help out at home. Well, I was on the internet one night looking up things for them to do and I came across this painting paper bags for the store on earth day and I thought that would be the funnest thing for the kids. So I talked it over with Ms. Landers and she said it was a wonderful Idea. Well it turns out that I got sick and couldn't do it so Ms. Landers asked if she could do it when I was gone. I said it was okay because I thought that they would have fun. So they all painted the bags and they turned out wonderful. I wasn't sure where to call or where to turn them in yet but it was fun and the kids loved it!

Report submitted on 2/22/2006

Dana Palermo
Girl Scouts
Shelton, CT USA
We decorated 400 bags!
About our project: This project was a last minute discovery for us-- with the Shelton Service Unit in Shelton CT serving over 800 registered Girl Scouts, volunteers were able to get the bags out, decorated and returned in a short limited time. Some colored with crayons, some markers and some very ambitious troops using bright and bold poster paints. All designs were beautiful with the message being perfectly clear- Preserve our natural resources and protect the earth. Many older Girl Scout troops (ages 11-17) used this opportunity to spend time mentoring the younger Girl Scouts (ages 5 and up) so in addition to putting their efforts towards a very good cause- Girls were spending time with girls. Lots of fun was had by all, we hope for a more successful contrubution in 2006 where we hope to make this idea contagious and get our public school system involved. Thank you for brainstorming this.

Report submitted on 2/3/2006

Angela Thong
Lake Mary, FL USA
We decorated 100 bags!
About our project: This was our first year participating in the project. It was a great success. The kids had a lot of fun decorating the bags. We picked up the bags one month before Earth Day so the kids could have enough time to decorate the bags. Each day, the kids would decorate the bags after completing their regularly scheduled schoolwork. The evening before Earth Day, the kids dropped the paper bags back off at Publix to the store manager, who had agreed to hand the bags out on Earth Day. We have been invited to do the project again for 2006.

Report submitted on 12/11/2005

Rosemary Vetrano
Brookdale Elementary School
Bloomfield, NJ Algeria
We decorated 300 bags!
About our project: Our staff really got into it this year! Teachers and students alike decorated their bags with messages about Earth Day. The material provided on the web is excellent and makes the entire project very manageable. Brookdale Shop Rite has been an active and willing partner, encouraging us to share this experience with them.

Report submitted on 11/6/2005

Kathy Callery
Lynn Kirk Elementary
Austintown, OH USA
We decorated 400 bags!
About our project: Our school enjoyed making the earth day bags. We delivered them to Rulli Brothers and the bags were gone in no time!

Report submitted on 10/11/2005

Elizabeth Dupuy
Vassar Road Elementary School
Poughkeepsie, NY USA
We decorated 1000 bags!
About our project: On April 12th and 13th 2005, the students decorated paper grocery bags donated by the South Hills Mall Price Chopper and Stop and Shop in Wappingers Falls. On April 19th, Vassar Road PTA, Corresponding Secretary, Liz Dupuy delivered approximately 500 decorated bags each to Price Chopper and Stop and Shop. Shoppers and employees were impressed with the art work and earth-friendly messages on each bag. The whole school got involved. They learned about the environment and were able to show others how they care about their planet, through their words and pictures. The students had a lot of fun! They had their parents go shopping on Earth Day, so they could get their bags back! Everyone is looking forward to doing it again next year!! Thanks for letting us participate again!

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Report submitted on 8/22/2005

Cheryl Correia
Clifton Avenue Grade School
Lakewood, NJ USA
We decorated 680 bags!
About our project: Our school was sponsored by Howell Pathmark, NJ. We had bags decorated by 680 enthusiastic students. The creativity of all the students was very impressive. We had our first "Best Bag" contest, with a winner chosen from each grade level. Certificates were awarded and the winning bags were displayed. It was certainly a teachable event that taught the students the importance of protecting our Earth. We want to thank Howell Pathmark for being a good neighbor and supporting our school community.

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Report submitted on 8/16/2005