Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2003

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Donna Mackleer
Hess Educational Complex
Mays Landing, NJ USA
We decorated 1000 bags!
About our project:

Report submitted on 3/27/2006

Johanna Broyles
Central Elementary School
Elizabeth City, NC USA
We decorated 200 bags!
About our project: We decorated 200 bags! My students were very pleased with the result of this project. They wrote messages in English and Spanish. They had so much FUN doing this activity and never realized they were learning new vocabulary, using grammar structures and creating art at the same time. This is a great idea to integrate different disciplines in one project! Thanks!!!! Happy Earth Day!

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Report submitted on 4/27/2004

Connie Edwards
Gene W. Brown Elementary
Hendersonville, TN USA
We decorated 510 bags!
About our project: This was our first year to participate in the project. We got some fantastic art work -- almost too good to give away. Students at our school care very much about our earth. We will be participating again in 2004!

Report submitted on 4/1/2004

Jennifer Butler
Twin Oaks
Laval, QC Canada
We decorated 350 bags!
About our project: Our whole school was involved in this wonderful project! The children were very excited about decorating their bags and many shopped at IGA on Earth Day just so they could witness the distribution of their efforts first hand! This is a super school/community progect that helped develop an awareness of the importance of being friendly to our environment!

Report submitted on 3/26/2004

Lorraine Krause
Gault Institute
Quebec, QC Canada
We decorated 72 bags!
About our project: Maxi store in Valleyfield, Quebec was very enthusiastic about our project and donated all the bags to be decorated. the children brainstormed messages for the bags and we translated them into French also. Most of the boys and girls in Grade One are learning English as a Second language. This was a great big project for them and they were excited that maybe friends would get the bags they decorated.

Report submitted on 3/8/2004

Mrs. Deborah Nickzad
Assumption School
Pittsburgh, PA USA
We decorated 500 bags!
About our project: will be participating again this year

Report submitted on 2/5/2004

Deborah Valentine
Center/OHS Schools
Mattapoisett, MA USA
We decorated 500 bags!
About our project:  

Report submitted on 1/27/2004

Ingrid Weigand

77th Regional Readiness Command, US Army Reserve
Ft. Totten, NY USA
We decorated 300 bags!
About our project: The 77th Regional Readiness Command (RRC), US Army Reserve and the school St Mary Star of the Sea, Far Rockaway, NY partnered in the Grocery Bag Project for Earth Day 2003. The students assembled in the school auditorium and were presented with a brief talk on the environment. At which time the grocery bag project was also explained to them. They returned to their classrooms and decorated the bags. Two sheets of banner paper were distributed for the children to decorate. One remained at the school and the other banner was displayed in the lobby of the HQ, 77th RRC. The teachers distributed Earth day coloring books, pencils, frisbees, bookmarks, etc. to their classes. These items were supplied by the Army Reserve. A representative from the 77th RRC's Public Affairs office covered the event and published a story in the 77th RRC's magazine. The children really enjoyed the project and learned about the environment.

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Report submitted on 1/12/2004

Kiya Patrick
Montgomery County Solid Waste
Dayton, OH USA
We decorated 9000 bags!
About our project: This is the third year we have coordinated the program for Montgomery County,Ohio schools, and it gets bigger & better every year. This year Krogers donated all of the bags from their central office, the bags were delivered to a store near our office. We picked up the bags and delivered them to the participating schools. The schools decorated and delivered the bags to stores near them. Participating schools were: Academy of Dayton, Brantwood Elementary, Colin Powell Leadership Academy, Dixie Elementary, EJ Brown Elementary, Germantown Elementary, Grafton Kennedy Elementary, Lincoln School for the Arts, Loos Elementary, MacFarlane Middle School, Mad River Middle School, Miami Chapel Elementary, New Lebanon Elementary, Phillipsburg Elementary, Roth Middle School, Ruskin Elementary, Saville Elementary, Southdale Elementary, Spinning Hills Middle School, St. Rita School, Stebbins High School, Stevenson Elementary, Trotwood High School, World of Wonder Community School.

Report submitted on 1/6/2004

Wabanung Quaderer
LCOOCC Extension Program
Hayward, WI USA
We decorated 100 bags!
About our project: I wanted to do an activity for Earth Day 2003 and came across this website. I talked with the LCO Elementary School Principal about the project and she agreed to help organize the project with me. I was not able to borrow paper grocery bags from the store as they use plastic bags. I phoned the General Manager of the LCO IGA and he agreed to have the staff hand out the bags on April 11th. The students were excited about the project after I did a short presentation on Recycling and how they could help the Earth for future generations. I ordered the bags online and distributed them to the school. The teachers were more than willing to take the time to help the students with their bags. After taking the bags to the store, I talked to a few people about the bags and got a lot positive comments. The next week, I made a large poster board of the pictures I took of the students with their decorated bags and gave it to the Elementary Principal and she hung it in a window by the main entrance of the Elementary school. I also sent letter to the Principal and the teachers thanking them for their effort and time in this project. One student came up to me and told me he knew the person that got his bag...His Mom! I told him he did a great job on his bag and helped the earth by creating the bag. One of my co-workers went to the store that day just to get a bag. She now has it hanging in her office. A few months later the Principal asked me if I could do the project again next year and if I had anymore projects I could do with the students. Thanks for your awesome idea and generosity in allowing us to participate in this world wide project.

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Report submitted on 12/9/2003

Rachel Bauer

Kealakehe Elementary
Kailua Kona, HA USA
We decorated 150 bags!
About our project: We had a fun time decorating bags for earth day. This was our first time participating in this project and it turned out to be a great learning activity. This was a creative way for English as a Second Language students to practice their English skills. We had some very creative artwork on our bags.

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Report submitted on 9/11/2003

Stephen Bagiatis
Greensburg, PA USA
We decorated 252 bags!
About our project: Great project... can't wait until next year!

Report submitted on 9/2/2003

Melisa Baltes
Dowell Elementary
Marietta, GA USA
We decorated 380 bags!
About our project: The students at Dowell were thrilled to be able to contribute in telling the community how important it is to think before you just throw away certain items. We had almost every single student in the third, fourth and fifth grade participate!! We can't wait until next year!

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Report submitted on 8/23/2003

Alesa Smitherman
Little Flower Catholic School
Mobile, AL USA
We decorated 150 bags!
About our project: Our school sponsored an "Earthday Coloring Contest". Each class was provided with brown bags donated by the neighborhood grocery store. Students were instructed to draw a scene depicting a recycle idea, an Earthday slogan or any positive earth saving idea. A winner was selected for each class. Their name and bag was announced at our school's Monday morning assembly. Each winner received a candy bar. The bags produced were absolutly beautiful. These will be saved to announce the contest for next year. It was a great experience for all of us. Alesa Smitherman Science Curriculum Coordinator

Report submitted on 7/7/2003

Maria Ravenstein
SHED/Kid's Club
Andover, MA USA
We decorated 300 bags!
About our project: This is our second year that we have participated in the grocery bag project. The children enjoyed seeing the customers at the store taking the decorated bags that they had worked so hard to design. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Chuck Sherzi, a volunteer of our gardening Club, also thanks to Mr. Matson, Manager and his Assistant Manager of DeMoulas Super market. If you would like to learn more about our after school program, please contact Mrs. Sydney Bialo, Executive Director (E-mail

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Report submitted on 6/22/2003

Monica Gutierrez
The Regis School of the Sacred Heart
Houston, TX USA
We decorated 269 bags!
About our project: The boys of The Regis School of the Sacred Heart had a great time participating in this project! The entire school decorated 269 bags. The creative and artistic sides of the boys really came alive. The 3PreK and 4PreK decorated bags with hand prints and finger painting. Some even cut out pictures of animals and rainforest scenes from environmental magazines and glued them on their bags. The Spanish classes created bags with slogans in Spanish. The Grocery Bag Project was a wonderful activity which involved our entire school and we're looking forward to participating again next year. We also thank our neighborhood Kroger store for joing with us in this great event.

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Report submitted on 6/19/2003

Kelly Ignace
Benzie County Recycling Program
Beulah, MI USA
We decorated 800 bags!
About our project: Coordinated efforts with Art teacher at two schools, and directly with teachers at a third elementary school. Honor Family Market displayed bags for several weeks following Earth Day. Shop n Save Food Center and Lake Ann Grocery handed out bags on Earth Day. Working through the art teacher was a great success. We plan to do it again next year.

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Report submitted on 6/12/2003

Merrily Borman
Siefert Elementary
Ray , MI USA
We decorated 350 bags!
About our project: The children really enjoyed coloring the bags with their Earth Day messages. It was great to have a school wide project that was fun, easy, and free. I would like our school to participate again next year. Thanks for the great idea! Merrily Borman

Report submitted on 6/11/2003

Diana Ramos
Discovery School
Cuernavaca, Morelos Mexico
We decorated 1200 bags!
About our project: People were expecting our delivery this year. So they came really early in the morning, by 1:30 pm we were out of bags. All the bags were really art pieces. The TV interviewed our students, the secondary director Prof. Eduardo Fuentes, and the store manager. We were on the news that night and in two local papers. We are so excited that we are looking forward to find a paper fabric that would like to produce this kind of bags. It is a shame that we don't have them in Mexico, but we will try.

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Report submitted on 6/6/2003

Debbie Holzman

Kipling School
Deerfield, IL USA
We decorated 288 bags!
About our project: Kipling School decorated 288 bags from Whole Foods Market in Deerfield, Illinois. The PTO and teachers worked together to encourage students to participate. Every classroom took part in the project! Other environmental awareness activities were conducted in the classrooms throughout the weeks surrounding Earth Day.

Report submitted on 6/3/2003