Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2002

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Anne Phillips
Joppa View Elementary School
Perry Hall, MDUSA
We decorated 500 bags!
About our project: We decorated the bags to raise awareness about Earth Day and recycling. We needed a general environmental awareness tool and the bags provided us with something easy and school wide.

Report submitted on 5/2/2006

Cambria Heights Middle School
Patton, PAUSA
We decorated 160 bags!
About our project: The students did research on Earth Day on the Internet and used various software to create and or modify graphics in computer class. They then used their information and graphics in Art class to create beautiful bags.

Report submitted on 4/14/2004

Tecumseh South Elementary School
Topeka, KS USA
We decorated 450 bags!
About our project: This project was the kick off for our annual, school wide science fair. Our theme this year was: Earth. . . It's In Our Hands. Our students enjoyed decorating the bags and we were all very impressed with the environmental concerns they conveyed to the public through their messages and illustrations. It was great! Thanks!

Report submitted on 2/19/2004

Riverside Middle School
Watertown, WI USA
We decorated 800 bags!
About our project: This was the first year of participation for Riverside Middle School in Watertown Wisconsin. It seems to have been a large success for the school and the grocers, Pick N Save, Piggly Wiggly, and Tom's United. Students decorated about 800 bags, and according to the grocers, they could have used many many more. There was a suggestion or two from the store managers regarding next year's event. That and their smiles, indicated they appreciated the students' effort. It is worth emphasizing the mention on the earthdaybags site, that all academic subjects can be related to teaching about Earth Day. Art, forestry and science are obvious. But math could be used to investigate the concepts of cost effectiveness and payback. Social studies could discuss issues like carbon sinks and global warming, and their effect on the economies of developing and developed countries. Social studies could also discuss the benefit of job creation as business learns better how to meet increasing resource demand with a sustainable supply; thus producing a more stable economy. There is much to be brought forth with discussion of exciting environmental issues. Thanks to the Earth Day Bags Project, and a special thanks to all of the students at Riverside Middle School in Watertown Wisconsin. Also appreciation to Science Teacher, Mr. Peter Watts, and Principal, Kent Jacobson for leading the effort.

Report submitted on 2/19/2004

Hickory Ridge Elementary
Memphis, TN USA
We decorated 400 bags!
About our project: Hickory Ridge Elementary, Memphis City School, Memphis, TN Students from KK-5th grade observed Earth Day by decorating grocery bags that informed the community of the importance of recycling and how to make their community a better place to live. Mrs. Judy Roberts' fifth grade class directed students from all grades in decorating the bags as well as teaching them about the importance of Earth Day. On April 22 the class returned the decorated bags to the local store for distribution.

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Report submitted on 2/19/2004

St. Mary of the Annunciation School
Mundelein, IL USA
We decorated 500 bags!
About our project:

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Report submitted on 2/19/2004


All Saints Catholic School
Sunrise, FLUSA
We decorated 250 bags!
About our project: This was the first year our school was involved in this project. The students were very excited to know that their bags would be used for customers at Publix. Some of the students went to the store on Earth Day to see if their bags were used. They really enjoyed doing their part to make people more aware of Earth Day.

Report submitted on 4/28/2003

Young World Day School
Mahwah, NJUSA
We decorated 250 bags!
About our project: The entire school participated from students age three to fifth graders.

Report submitted on 4/17/2003

Amelia GareyRyan
Boyne City Middle School
Boyne City, MIUSA
We decorated 400 bags!
About our project: This was our first year participating in this project. Grocery bags were given to us by two local markets, Glen's and Carter's. The bags and ideas and templates from this website were distributed to all classes in grades 5-8. It was up to each teacher to present instructions as needed. The student body had a week to complete designs, then the bags were given back to the stores for distribution to customers. The stores were pleased to participate, the students enjoyed sharing their work and in some instances hearing about it from their neighbors, and the school benefitted from the positive publicity. Overall, itt was a great easy to do hands on project and we plan to do it again in 2003.

Report submitted on 4/10/2003

Discovery School
Cuernavaca, Mexico
We decorated 2500 bags!
About our project: Last year the project was a success, so we decide this year to decorate more bags so everyone that shoped on April 22 was able to receive one. This is why we invite parents to decorate bags in our school. We had a whole week full of parents, even grandparents coming and going from Discovery to decorate their bags. We also invite the Major of our city to decorate one. Then our students went to Mega Comercial Mexicana the Grocery Store to help packing in the earthdaybags. Children from all grades went and as they packed they talk with the shoppers and invite them to reuse their bags. We made a very big sign of twelve ways to reuse the decorate earthdaybag. For advertising the project we did a TV interview in the local channel and two in the radio. It was a great experience and our students want to continue this project.

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Report submitted on 3/29/2003

We decorated 265 bags!
About our project: JUST GO AND DO IT.

Report submitted on 3/11/2003

We decorated 265 bags!
About our project: JUST GO AND DO IT.

Report submitted on 3/11/2003

We decorated 735 bags!
About our project: JUST GO AND DO IT.

Report submitted on 3/11/2003

Cary Wacker
City of Sherman
Sherman, TXUSA
We decorated 2810 bags!
About our project: 2002 was our second year to partner between the City of Sherman Environmental Education program and the Sherman Independent School District. We worked with all 7 elementary campuses (6 schools K-4, 1 school 5-6). The art and homeroom teachers combined art with lessons on paper recycling. The bags are hugely popular at our local grocery stores, and the local TV station did a feature story & interview on both the morning and noon news to promote the bags.

Report submitted on 2/19/2003

Christine Hampton
Bovard Elementary
Greensburg, PAUSA
We decorated 282 bags!
About our project: The children loved decorating the brown bags knowing they were going to be distributed at the local grocery store. Shop N Save was more than willing to donate the bages for this project. They were even more willing to distribute them on Earth Day. Thanks so much for a wonderful idea to make others aware of Earth Day.

Report submitted on 10/30/2002

Laura Feierabend
Weaver Lake Elementary
Maple Grove, MNUSA
We decorated 535 bags!
About our project: This was our first effort. Bags were donated by Cub Foods and were distributed to the classrooms by our 6th grade Junior Naturalists. Some teachers used class time to decorate bags and talk about Earth Day. Some students chose to use indoor recess time (due to bad weather) to do their project, and others took the bags home. The Junior Naturalists made a display case relating to the project, and hung examples around the school. We had a great time doing this - thanks for the idea!

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Report submitted on 10/21/2002

Linda Whittington
Otken Elementary School
We decorated 300 bags!
About our project: We developed a partnership with Krogers. Students in the first grade , 280, decorated the paper bags with environmental messages and recycling pictures and or ideas. On Earth Day the bags were used by our Krogers, they did not use plastic bags during this day. Our bag project was one event in a week long Earth Day celebration. During 2003 we hope to increase our number of bags and invite other stores to take part.

Report submitted on 9/25/2002

Leila Wilke

Seattle Parks and Recreation
Seattle, WAUSA
We decorated 875 bags!
About our project: More than 400 after-school students in twenty of our City's community centers decorated bags. Each community center worked with their local grocery store. It was a great project, and we hope to make it an annual event that grows each year. Photos of the artistic bags were put on our staff website so that everyone could see their masterpieces.

Report submitted on 8/30/2002

Melvina Jones
John Burroughs Elementary School
Washington, DCUSA
We decorated 260 bags!
About our project: Our students throughly enjoyed this project. Our bags were donated by the Greater Washington Urban League of Washington, D.C. The students, teachers, and members of the community experienced a sense of unity through participating. Whether decorating, delivering or receiving the bags, everyone benefited. At the end of the year when I asked students to write about their favorite activity and many of them listed the Earth Day Bags Project as their favorite.

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Report submitted on 8/12/2002

Valerie Perrotta
School 18
We decorated 85 bags!
About our project: Our school was participating in a school-wide community service project. Each class could choose how they would like to participate. Being an advocate for our earth and all living creatures, I wanted to do something in honor of Earth Day. So, I went surfing on the Net and found this great site. What a great idea I thought it was to decorate bags with an environmental message! Imagine the delight on the cutomers' faces and the great message we'd be sending besides. I suggested the idea to my team teacher, Mrs. Szwarcberg, and we were off. The kids sure had a great time brainstorming Earth Day messages to share and were especially creative with their drawings. I look forward to doing this again next year. A special thanks to Price Chopper on Hoosick Street for working with us on this one.

Report submitted on 8/1/2002