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Current Pics

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Sadly, as of 2009,because of the amount of time required, we are no longer able to host pictures on this web site.

But, you can still:

New for 2008: If you have video of your participation in The Earth Day Groceries Project, it can also appear on this website. First, you'll have to upload to a place like TeacherTube or YouTube. Then let Mark Ahlness know, and we'll add it to this site. Thanks!

How to Send in Pictures

We would love to add pictures from your school to the Earth Day Groceries Project web site! Send in pictures of your students making bags, pictures from your store, pictures of sample bags, etc. (There is a limit of three pictures per school per year on the Earth Day Groceries website.) First, read about:

You must get permission for all staff and students pictured to appear on this web site. No student names will appear with the pictures, but your school must obtain parental permission for student pictures to appear here. If we get pictures from your school, we will assume and trust that you have done this. 

There is a limit of 3 pictures per school. If you send more than three, some will not be posted. Sorry, but there are space and time limitations.

  1. Send the pictures in .gif or .jpg format only

  2. Try to reduce the image size to no more than 150k each

  3. If you want to do your own cropping and resizing, that is great, and it will be much appreciated. Bear in mind that pictures will be resized to a maximum of about 700 pixels wide (or tall).

Sending Pictures:
Send them as email attachments in .gif or .jpg format to  Please remember to include the name and location of your school in your email.

If you would like to include a short message to appear at the bottom of your picture page, just send it along with your pictures.  No individual captions please.

It's tough to estimate the exact length of time it will take to get your pictures on the web site.  Picture pages must be created manually, so it takes some extra time.  If you don't see your school's pictures on the web site within a week of your sending them, contact project manager Mark Ahlness.

Another Option:
We will also be very happy to link to Earth Day Groceries Project pictures you have on your own web site! Email us your web site address, and we'll add it to the "Pictures" page!

Thanks, good luck, and have fun with your project!