Why Send in a Report?

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Why should I send in a report?  This is a good question, especially for teachers, who already have too much on their plates during this busy time of the school year.  But it is important to send in a report.  Here are a few reasons why:
  • Your report becomes a permanent record of your school's participation in a global project promoting environmental awareness.
  • It's a great way to publicly thank your participating grocer!
  • It is an opportunity to thank individuals who put extra effort into your project.
  • It's a chance to tell the rest of the world about how well the project went at your school.  You can share special tips, things that went very well (and things that didn't).  Others will certainly benefit.
  • It provides a great learning opportunity! Your students will be able to look up your report and read about their effort.  Students can (with supervision) actually be the ones to plan, write, and enter the report on line!
  • People LOVE reading reports from all over the world.  From big cities with dozens of schools participating, to a one room school, to a cub scout troop - each report represents a unique and dedicated effort.
  • It brings us closer together.  In stressful times, it is important to share our common experiences, to remind each other of the things that are important to us and our world.

I look forward to reading your report. 
Happy Earth Day! - Mark

Mark Ahlness
teacher, grade three at
Arbor Heights Elementary School
Seattle, Washington