Earth Day Groceries

Results from the 1996 project

The following are reports from schools participating in the Earth Day Groceries Project in 1996:
Updated March 6,1997.
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This submission is long overdue. For Earth Day 1996, I coordinated the Grocery Bag project for Fort Belvoir, Virginia (a U.S. Army Installation). Seven schools in our area participated. The project was well recieved by the schools and the Fort Belvoir community. The Fort Belvoir Commissary donated the 2,700 bags that were decorated. The breakdown by schools is as Follows:
  • Barden Elementary, Fort Belvoir, Virginia - 400 bags
  • Cheney Elementary, Fort Belvoir, Virginia - 400 bags
  • Markham Elementary, Fort Belvoir, Virginia - 400 bags
  • Hayfield Secondary, Alexandria, Virginia - 200 bags
  • Quander School, Alexandria, VIrginia - 200 bags
  • Woodlawn Elementary, Alexandria, Virginia - 478 bags
  • Woodley Hills Elementary, Alexandria, Virginia - 640 bags
Kristin Miller

Somehow, our report did not get to you with last year's result. If it is possible, we would still like to be included in the number from last year.
Mount Olive Elementary School in Knoxville, Tennessee participated in the Earth Day Groceries Project 1996. Participating were 15 regular classrooms K-5. We decorated 623 bags for two participating grocery stores, Food City-Alcoa Hwy. and Food City-Chapman Hwy. Our students had a wonderful time decorating the bags. We even had problems getting one of the stores to bag groceries in the decorated bags. Instead, they decorated the entire store with the bags, left them up for a week, then used them as grocery bags.
Our school plans to participate in Earth Day Groceries Project 1997. Thank you for sponsoring such a wonderful event.

Sally Bodenheimer
Kindergarten Teacher
Mount Olive Elementary School
2507 Maryville Pike
Knoxville, Tennessee 37920

I know it is months too late, but we did participate in Earth Day Grocery Bags again this year. We decorated over 400 bags and they were distributed at Schnucks grocery store and some were displayed as decorations. Five students and I delivered them to the store and then treated ourselves to some ice cream before going back to school.
Sorry, I didn't respond before and am only doing so now to get on record as having participated again.
So glad you did this. My teachers love it because I do all the organizational work :) and they are able to get the message across to the kids in the classroom.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Jan Selby, Librarian * Columbia Catholic School * 817 Bernadette Drive *
Columbia, MO 65203 * 1-573-445-6516 *

Students in third grade at Miami Country Day School decorated 100 bags.
Participating Classrooms
Mrs. Barbara Brown
Mrs. Barbara Gechtman
Mrs. Shirley Harris
Mrs. Karen McMillan


Our entire school participated in the Earth Day Grocery Bag project this year. It was led by our Student Council and, we decorated over 700 bags. Everyone had a fun time! Thanks for the great idea and to Goodings Supermarket for lending the bags!

Hallie Salg
First Grade Teacher/Student Council Coordinator
Orlando, Florida
Washington Shores Elementary

We at Bunnell Elementary School in Flagler County, FL decorated a total of 900 bags. It was a great project and we really want to participate again! Want to thank the only grocery store in our town that still uses paper bags--Harris Grocery.

Jane Harris

We made bags in our 6th and 8th grade classes last year. We are doing it with the whole school in all grades 6-8. We have about 580 students in our school. You can locate us on almost any map. We are 2 miles from the junction of the Kansas River with the Missouri River.

Kansas City, Kansas
Argentine Middle School
David W. Cox

Thank you so much for making this project happen. Our school, Hart Highlands Elementary School, Kindergarten to Grade 7, Prince George, British Columbia, Canada decorated 238 grocery bags for our local Overwiatea grocery store. Great idea! Thank you so much for sharing.

Brenda Hawley

We decorated 475 bags from Ennen's Food Store in Bellingham, WA.

Bellingham, WA
Carl Cozier Elementary
Caren Pitsch

Sorry, I forgot to report to you. We did about 133 bags this year at Olympic Hills (Lake City area in Seattle). I had a smaller participation this year do to the paranoia of IOWA testing in my building and the late Spring Break.

Krista Canterbury

Wickford Elementary
99 Phillips St
North Kingstown, RI 02852
participated in the project. Great idea! We found our local grocery store, Ryan's Market, was willing to donate blank brown bags during Earth Week. We are still decorating them with our wonderful, inspiring and educating messages. Ryan's is not a chain but has been in business in the same family for over 100 Years!!
THE Count is 123 completed but we are still working on them. They are beautiful!

Helen Johnson
4th grade teacher

This year I coordinated the project with other school in our district. I had 9 elementary schools that participated and we made 1500 bags. Thanks for the great project!

Chris Froese

At Peace Dale School in Rhode Island this is the second year we have done grocery bags during our Earth Week celebration. This year our students decorated over 500 bags with Earth Day slogans and pictures and then returned them to Stop and Shop. What fun the kids had when moms and dads brought home groceries in a bag decorated by someone they knew. This is a fun project and a good connection for community and school. When you get a final count, I would be interested in how many other schools did a project like this and what the total number of bags were. Thanks for getting this information.

Linda Kamerzel

The third graders at Nelson Elementary School decorated 170 bags which were distributed at the Piggly Wiggly on April 22. Students and teachers are looking forward to participating in this project next year!

Susan Landrum
Nelson Elementary School
Columbia, S.C.

I got your idea off the internet and used it in my final internship of teaching. The whole first grade team loved it. Thanks for making my experience a bit brighter!
approx. 100 bags
Perkins Magnet Elementary, St. Petersburg, Fl.
(Winn Dixie bags)

Monica Hensley

We, Deerfield Elemntary School, are proud to report that we had 492 bags decorated and delivered to Dillon's on 6th street during the months of April and May. Our school is preschool-6th grade and everyone was invited to participate. The designs ranged from simple flowers and trees to elaborate earths and slogans encouraging better care of our environment. Our students and staff were happy to participate and hope to do more bags next year.
Even though a few grade levels participated in on-line projects this year this was our first school wide project. Thank you for the opportunity and congratulations on a simple but effective integrative telecommunications activity.

Leslie Campbell (3rd gr) and Lucinda Crenshaw (5th gr)
Deerfield Elementary School
101 Lawrence Ave
Lawrence, KS 66049

Received this letter in the mail today:
The faculty, staff, and students at Leaphart Elementary School participated in several Earth Day activities this spring. In cooperation with our area grocery store, Harris Teeter, students in grades K through 5 creatively decorated 479 paper grocery bags with beautiful pictures and timely message about recycling, reusing, and reducing, in order to protect the environment. Harris Teeter used the bags on April 22, in celebration of Earth Day.
Please include our school's total in the final tally for ED '96.

Debbie Joy, LES Science Lab Assistant
Leaphart Elementary, 120 Piney Grove Rd., Cola, SC 29210
sent in by:

Carolyn Chase,
Please visit ;-)
San Diego Earth Times,
Earth Day Network
Tel: (619)272-0347 (SDET)
FAX: (619)272-2933
P.O. Box 9827 / San Diego CA 92169
"What is faith worth if it is not translated into action?"

Sorry this took so long..I lost the address!
We decorated 265 bags
10 groups of kids worked on the project- that would be about 230 kids.
The bags were donated by Mike Superson, manager of Big E's in Easthampton, MA
This was done by the White Brook Middle School at 200 Park St., Easthampton, MA 01027

Kathie Stewart

I'm sorry, forgot about letting you know. We did participate and had approximately 490 bags decorated and returned to Stop and Shop. The teachers were very receptive about repeating the project from last year. We also receive a thank you letter from a citizen who received one of the bags when she shopped and was delighted with the project. We are a PreK-3 school, Kathleen Goodwin School in Old Saybrook, CT and as I said our partner is Stop and Shop Supermarket.

Candy Dunn, Science Coordinator

Our school participated in the decorating a grocery sack for Earth Day 1996. It was a huge success. The local grocery store helped us with the project and we are very pleased with it's outcome.

Rogersville, Missouri
Logan-Rogersville Upper Elementary
Patricia Worsham

Our school which is a K-5 elementary school. Decorated 570 grocery bags for two local stores. This project was done in the media center as one activity for our Ecology/Literature Week. All students enjoyed the project as well as many community members that shopped on Earth Day and received one of the bags decorated by a student from Daniels Farm School. I, Evelyn Montagnino, the media specialist headed up this project as well as our Ecology/Literature Week.

Trumbull, Connecticut
Daniels Farm Elementary School
Evelyn Montagnino

Students in Mimosa Park's third grade really enjoyed particpating in this project! Over 150 bags were decorated and distributed at Delchamps in Luling. We received a letter from a customer thanking us for the project.

Luling, LA
Mimosa Park Elementary
Gayle Clement

Yes we did participate again this year. We decorated 480 bags and thoroughly enjoyed it as much as before. Thanks for coordinating this fun project.

Christa McAuliffe elementary School in Greeley, Colorado
Kendra Rutledge

Geeeez...I am so sorry...I must be brain dead...I have so busy I forgot to tell you that we at Turner Elementary in Pittsburgh decorated 280 bags
Hope for more next year...this is the first year for this school

Jim Diederich

I am posting this message for Karen Austin, our Recycling Coordinator.
Seabeck Elementary participated in the Earth Day Groceries Project this year for the first time.
We teamed with Silverdale Red Apple, and decorated 460 out of the 500 bags they gave us. The manager was excited about the beautiful job the kids did decorating, and the customers were pleased.
Thanks so much for letting us know about this--I know we'll be doing it again next year!

Sharon Wright
Elementary Library Media Specialist
Central Kitsap School District
Silverdale, WA

I misplaced your email address and so could not send the update from Neil A. Armstrong Elementary School. Our ecology club sponsored the grocery bag project and every student grades k-6 decorated a bag which was distributed through our local IGA store. That is approximately 600 bags from Mooresville, Indiana! Thanks for sponsoring such a great project.

Cheri Piercefield

I apologize for reporting so late, but I lost your email and web site address and have just found it.
My school participated in your Earth Day Bag project.
My school is Highlands Elementary School in Pittsburg, California (San Francisco Bay Area). The entire school participated and sent about 700 bags to the local Save-mart grocery store. The kids were very excited about participating.
Thanks for the great (and easy) idea for an Earth Day Project. Our school is not yet online, and many of the teachers are not yet computer literate, so they were thrilled when I told them that I had gotten this project from the "net".
I hope that everything went well.

Thanks again,
Eric Heins
Multi-age Primary (1-3) teacher.

I am a fourth grade teacher at the Forest Road School in Valley Stream, New York. I ran your grocery bag project with a local supermarket and sent them 500 bags decorated by the kids at my k-6 school. The fourth graders enjoyed sponsoring the project for the school. I saw your idea in a classroom connect listserv. Am looking forward to doing it again next year.

Susan Stiefel

This is the first year that Dorseyville Middle School has been involved in the Earth Day Groceries Project. Approximately 150 bags were designed with Earth Day messages by our sixth graders. Teachers were quite pleased with the results and feel the students and the community learned some valuable lessons. We plan to expand the activities next year. It's a great project. Thank you for getting it started.

Janet Phillips
Gifted Support Teacher
Fox Chapel Area Schools
Pittsburgh, PA

We decorated 500 bags for Price Chopper supermarket in 20 Mall, Guilderland NY. We are from Guilderland Elementary School near Albany, NY. All grades, K-5 participated in the project.

We were taking a class on how to use the internet and an assignment was to pull something from the net. We wanted something on Earth Day and you provided it! Thanks! We made 600 bags for Cub Foods. We are a primary center EC,K,PT and 1.

We are Dorn School, 7840 W.92nd St.,Hickory Hills, IL 60457.
Roberta Franzen
Dorn Primary Center

Hollyrood school, Portland Oregon, returned 185 grocery bags with pictures and messages to Alameda Foods.
Some messages from kindergarteners:
Never do anything mean to hurt Mother Earth, like don't throw litter on the ground.
Don't be mean to animals. Don't hurt them or shoot or slap them.
Don't put oil into the ocean.
(With picture of a green figure) He's from Mars. He litters, pollutes all the time. He digs up the trees on Earth days. He's a bad cowboy.
Keep the forest clean.
Don't throw matches to prevent forest fires.


Peggy Smith                          Hollyrood Elementary School                3560 N.E. Hollyrood Ct.
+1 503-2840-6766                     Portland, OR 97212 USA

We wanted you to know that we decorated 400 bags as oart of Earth Eco Month. Our students really enjoyed the project.

Arlene Ament
Computer Resource Teacher
Field Middle School
3131 Techny Road
Northbrook, Illinois 60062

Just wanted to let you know that at Dr. Martin Luther King Academy, Mount Clemens, Michigan, we decorated 500 grocery bags for our local Kroger store - add us to your count! I coordinated this through the Before and After School program, of which I am a staff member. Several classrooms participated, as well. Some very creative bags were returned, and we had fun! This was an idea I had seen several years ago but had forgotten about - thanks for reminding me!
Note: The MLK Academy is one of the four original Edison Project K-5 schools, and will be expanding to K-8 this fall when the Junior Academy opens. Deb is a parent at this school. Since her e-mail acount may not be active yet, please copy me on any response you might send:

Thomas Beard Trocco, Associate Director of Curriclum

Thank you for including me in the Earth Day Grocery Bag event again this year. My students thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I teach at an inner city school in Pittsburgh, PA. My entire school is compsed of sixth through eighth graders. We decorated an returned 1,000 bags this year to the local grocery store. My students were very interested in sharing the idea of saving the Earth with others in this way. Thank you once again for your help and reminder in March. We'll participate again next year, I'm sure.

Sincerely, Debra Simpson, Arsenal Middle School Sorry I forgot to send you our report. Our Earth Day bags were a huge success. The kids decorated them with snappy slogans and wonderful pictures. We made 36 bags. When we returned our bags the store took great pride in handing them out. I can't wait to do it again next year.

Alison Ellis
Carminati Elementary School, Tempe, AZ

The second grade classes at Rye Country Day School decorated 112 grocery bags with their Kindergarten buddies for the Earth Day Groceries Project. They really enjoyed the project and the customers at the grocery store were happy to receive the decorated bags. The project was a great idea and we look forward to participating next year! Thanks,

Willoughby Levesque
Computer Teacher
Rye Country Day School
Cedar Street
Rye, NY 10580

(This report was received via US Mail)
Big E's donated 500 bags to our school (White Brook Middle School). We took those bags and decorated them for Earth Day. We gave the bags back to Big E's for them to use on April 22nd. We would like our 265 bags added to your survey! We would be very thankful if you could do that for us!

Beth - student of W.B.M.S.
Easthampton, MA

Enthusiastic students at Trinity School of Texas, a private school in Longview, Texas, decorated 375 beautiful Earth Day Bags for the Gilmer Road Brookshire's Food Store in Longview. Community response was great! The bags were part of our school-wide, all-day Earth Day activities that included cross-grade teams planting trees and flowers, composting, and starting a sensory garden. Thanks for a great idea.

Please send a bag count to Dianne Shaw,
K-12 Gr.Envir. Ed. Coordinator/Teacher

This is Lakes Elementary in Lacey, Washington With our grocery bag count. We have 463 bags that were made. Is it really 13 million bags?!

Lakes Elementary
Lacey Washington
Victoria Hayes

At the suggestion of San Diego Earth Day, Ocean Beach People's Natural foods Market packed groceries in Earth Day Grocery Bags deorated by the students of Silver Gate and Ocean Beach Elementary Schools. More than 1300 children decorated bags with environmental themes to encourage everyone. Crazy Crayons, a company in Oregon that makes recycled crayons from the broken pieces and stubs, agreed to donate crayons for the children to use. Whatever crayons are left over will be returned to Crazy Crayons to be melted down and reconstituted. Silver Gate also started a crayon recycling program for their 700 students.

Carolyn Chase,
Please visit ;-)
San Diego Earth Times,
Earth Day Network
Tel: (619)272-0347 (SDET)
FAX: (619)272-2933
P.O. Box 9827 / San Diego CA 92169
"What is faith worth if it is not translated into action?" --Gandhi

1996 Is our first year (of many) that we participated in this great project. This year we had students from Kindergarten through twelth grade drawing totally original art on their bags. The teachers, and the students thought it was wonderful. All the art teachers who assisted us cannot wait to do this again next year, they feel their kids got so much out of it. We only had the chance to do 2,000 bags this year, but next we will take no less than 5,000. Thanks again for the idea.

Rebecca Riba
S.A.A.V.E. Recycles (an animal rights and environmental group)
Thiells, New York
North Rockland High School

Our school participated in the Earth Day Project. LaGrange Highlands Elementary in LaGrange, IL. About 500 bags were decorated in grades K-5 and distributed to Dominick's Food Store. The children loved the project and our school was featured in the newspaper. Thanks again.

Janette M. Dayton, Teacher
LaGrange Highlands Dist#106
1750 Plainfield Road
LaGrange, IL 60525

I almost forgot to send you a thank you for letting us participate in the earth day project. I Almost all of our school of 213 participated, it was during our testing season so most of the teachers were ready for a break for their students. Grades 3-8 participated. We are a small rural school just west of Joliet, IL. We got the bags from our local grocery store. Most of the bags turned out wonderful. We only had to censor one bag. This student told the people that if they didn't recycle then they would die. Since there are a lot of old people who shop at this store who may not have a sense of humor we kept the bag. We all had fun.

Thank you

Our school decorated 250 grocery bags for Earth Day. Our 4th grade class would appreciate any info. about the Earth Day Celebration. Thank you,

Midway Elementary School
421 Cambpells Creek Dr.
Charleston, W. V. 25306
Mrs. P. Holstine--teacher

Kelley Lake Elementary School in Decatur (near Atlanta), Ga.,decorated 486 grocery bags for our Partner In Education, Kroger. We're attaching a picture of our Kroger manager accepting our bags.

Jo Ann Wilder, 4th. grade teacher.

My students in fourth grade and our study buddies in first grade participated in your project and completed 51 bags. We gave our bags to our neighborhood grocery store, J. M. Bauersfelds. This is our first Internet project.

Mrs. Kelli Kogl
4 th grade
Jay Shideler Elem.
USD 437
Topeka, Kansas

Collee Heights Elementary School kids colored and returned 385 bags to the local Overwaitea grocery store for Earth Day. We also had a garbage pick-up aound the school grounds and we encircled the school with a mass hug in a symbolic gesture representing hugging the earth.

David Greenberg

Thanks so much for the idea !!!! The entire WPMS 6th grade decorated at total of 600 bags for 2 different grocery stores: Edward's Super Food Stores and Food Emporium. We also included Special Education and ESOL students in the project. What was so exciting was the ability to go to these grocery stores with groups of 10-14 students on Earth Day, April 22, 1996 and help bag groceries using our decorated bags. In order to go on this trip to represent the school, students had to fill out a job application.

White Plains, New York
White Plains Middle School
Cairenn Broderick

How are you? We are one of the schools that participated in the "Earth Day Groceries". We are from Mariposa Elementary School in Mariposa California. We brought in 41 fully decorated grocery bags.

Mariposa Elementary School

This is Cheryl Hunt from Green Valley School located in Boone, North Carolina. Our Student Council has just completed sponsoring along with our local Lowes Food store an Earth Day project. We decorated over 420 paper grocery bags that were then displayed and later used for groceries to promote Earth Day and the importance of reusing and recycling. Our students really enjoyed completing this project and then seeing their bags displayed at Lowes Food. Thank you for coorindating this project.

Cheryl Hunt

Our school decorated bags for the Bradford Grocery Store. We decorated 120 bags, with grades pre-K through 4 participating. It was great.

Bradford CUSD #1, Bradford, IL
Peggy Burton

Students at Virgil I. Grissom Middle School 226 in South Ozone Park NY decorated 380 grocery bags and returned them to various supermarkets/grocery stores in celebration of Earth Day 1996. The best were on display in the school library at the annual Earth Day Expo held on April 22, 1996.
Teachers that contributed the most were Ginger Thall, Steve Lieberman, Karen Rilling and Barry Greenberg.

Coordinator: Carol Bilge, Librarian, and advisor to Environment Club.

Grandview Public School in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada decorated 384 grocery bags for the local Loblaws store. The project was very well received by students and staff. Thanks for the great idea!

Our 2nd grade class from Elkhorn, Nebraska (near Omaha) decorated and distributed 44 sacks on Earth Day. Thanks!

Kelly J Smith

Just a note to let you know that NARRAGANSETT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL IN NARRAGANSETT, RHODE ISLAND decorated 529 bags this year and would like to be added to the total. What a great project - an easy way to raise the consciousness in a neighborhood. Our local market has really enjoyed participating. Are the participants listed at the web site? I need to check. Last year our kids plotted all the participants on a map. Thanks for organizing this event.

Susan Naysnerski in Rhode Island

We had a wonderful Earth Week at Salt Spring Elementary. Daily events kept us busy and these culminated in our becoming an Environmental Green School on Friday, We had a great assembly and celebrated with a spiral dance and cake.
Our students embraced the grocery bag project with enthusiasm and decorated 214 bags which were displayed prominantly in our two grocery stores before being given out to happy customers.The bags were beautiful and showed much care and thought. We are a small school of 180 students, so 214 bags is an impressive number!
Please send me the final count so I can share with the students and the grocery store managers.
Thank you Mark for coordinating this environment awareness project.

Maria Dammel

This is to let you know that Jonesborough Elementary School in Jonesborough, Tennessee (the state's oldest town) decorated 765 grocery bags for Earth Day. We thought it was a neat idea and were glad to be a part of the project. We would like some feedback also on how many students did this across our nation. Thanks.

Bonnie Simmerman, Librarian,
Jonesborough Elementary School.

The students at Ironwood Elementary School in Phoenix, Arizona decorated 1000 grocery bags with environmental slogans and pictures. The bags were donated by ABCO FOODS, a neighborhood grocery store. The bags were distributed on Earth Day to make the public more aware of environmental conservation.

Phoenix, Arizona
Ironwood Elementary School
Margaret Dow

My name is Lisa Weaver and I teach a 5th grade SLD class at Callahan Intermediate School in Callahan, Florida. We decorated 200 bags from our local grocery store. The kids had a great time. We live close to the east coast of Florida and they included beach scenes on their bags in addition to the pulp and paper scenes from our area. This was a great idea!

Lisa Weaver

Many thanks for the great Earth Day Project suggestion. Our students were extremely receptive to the idea and were very creative in developing original slogans.
Our school, St. Peter, is located in Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada which is about 5 km east of Windsor. We decorated approximately 400 grocery bags for two local supermarkets, LOEB and Zehrs. We also received recognition for our efforts from two local newspapers.
Again, thanks for the project idea as it allowed collaboration among students for a great purpose..........Our Earth!!!

David Lozinsky
Grade 4/5 teacher
St. Peter School
Our principal is Dan Simone

From Linville-Edom Elementary School in Linville, Virginia, a school of 260 students (K-5), I am proud to say that we were able to decorate 500 bags from the local Food Lion. That very night I started receiving phone calls from people who shopped at Food Lion and got one of our school's bags! The people at Food Lion have been very happy with the community response, and is ready to do this again. Why can't I come up with such nice simple, big impact, ideas?

Dennis Durost, Kindergarten teacher
Linville-Edom Elem.

We completed 267 bags on Earth Day. It was a novel idea and the community was very impressed as when I went to the store on Wednesday, there weren't that many bags left. I still want to get back to the store and talk to the manager.
To date, there are only two people on the Net in this community. Myself and my sister. I informed the teaching staff at my school, Wasse-Abin Junior School, that your group was pinning a flag on a map as to the location where the grocery bag projects were happening. They were very excited about it as a few people know where Manitoulin Island is located, let alone Wikwemikong. Sometimes I feel I am the voice to the outside world although we are not that isolated. Hopefully by September our two schools will be on-line as the telephone company is just laying out the fibre optic networks.

Dawna LeBlanc

The students of Immanuel Lutheran School in Palatine, Illinois decorated 500 grocery bags which were donated by Dominick's Grocery Store in Palatine. On Wed., April 17th we had Grandparent's Day and the grandparents helped the students decorate the bags. The conversations about the environment and the exchanges on how to take care of our earth were priceless. It was also great to have the generations working together on a project that each valued as important.

Karen Bauder

We attend a school in a rural area of South Central Ontario. The 450 students from K-8 helped others in the community think about Earth Day by completing 400 bags. People in the community were keen on the idea and there was even a suggestion made that the students should think about decorating bags for other special times of the year. A lot of the students had phone calls from neighbours to tell them how nice the bags were done and to compliment them for making other people aware of earth day. Thank You for a great, community spirited idea.

Dave Stabler's Grade 5 Class
Millbrook, Ontario, Canada
Millbrook South Cavan Public School
Dave Stabler

I would like to submit a grocery bag report for the East Syracuse-Minoa School District. We had 2 schools participate. Heman Street elementary school made 292 bags in grades K-2 and Fremont elementary school made 75 bags in grades 4-6. The kids and Leo's Big M Market (the participating supermarket) loved it!
Also, please send me a report via e-mail when you have compiled the info. Thanks and good luck!

Anna Maria Lankes

Oakshshire Elementary School in Memphis, Tennessee participated in the 1996 Earth Day Groceries Project along with a local Kroger store. We decorated 500 bags with environmental messages. All grades K-6th participated. Four student representatives along with two faculty members delivered the bags to the store on the Friday before Earth Day. The store manager was overwhelmed by the students' artwork. We encouraged all of our students' families to patronize the store during Earth Day week as a special thank you to Kroger for assisting us in spreading our environmental messages. Thank you for sharing the idea for this wonderful environmental project with us. Just remember our environmental slogan,"Think globally and act locally. Make every day Earth Day."

We would like to hear from other schools participating in this project.

I'm a former fourth grade teacher in Missoula, Montana. I found your project on Ednet and thought it would be a fun and simple project to do with my former school. I proposed the project to them and a portion of the school participated. The kids were very excited about the project and the idea that their bags would be going home with customers on Earth Day. They did a wonderful job, and I hope to expand to other area schools next year.:)
Here's the info. for your report:
School participating in the project: Cold Springs Elementary School in Missoula County Public Schools Elementary District #1
School address: 2665 Briggs Street, Missoula, MT 59801
Principal: James Donovan
Project coordinator: Kathleen Devlin
Number of students who participated: 220
Cold Springs School completed 220 bags for the Earth Day project.
Participating store: Tidymans
City: Missoula, MT
If you need further information, please let me know. Thanks again, and we look forward to receiving your report.


Kathleen Devlin
Missoula, MT

Arbor Heights Elementary School in Seattle, Washington, the home of the Earth Day Groceries Project, is pleased and proud to report that we decorated 466 bags! We took them down to our neighborhood Safeway on Earth Day. Our manager was very pleased to be a part of this again. He even got together a shopping cart full of goodies for our classroom! Room 12 (the organizers for our school effort) did a super job explaining to our classrooms how to make the bags and answered questions about the project.
Naturally, it was raining when we walked the bags to the store, so we had to cover them with plastic bags (from another store!!), but we got them there in great shape.
The third graders in Room 12 have also had a great time learning about geography as they posted all the email reports next to a large map in front of our school. They put sticky dots with the number of bags made by each school wherever the school was located on the map.
Thanks to all of you for your wonderful and inspirational stories! We know how much of an effort each of you went through! Happy Earth Day - every day! - Mark


       Mark Ahlness                 Arbor Heights Elementary School
     teacher, grade 3               Seattle, Washington

Hello from Athens Elementary School in Athens Wisconsin. If you're looking for us on a map, we are located near the geographic center of the northern and western hemispheres at 45 latitude and 90 longitude.
We really enjoyed participating in your Earth Day Groceries project. We decorated 258 bags donated from Hartman's Variety and Athens IGA, our local grocery stores. We hope that our messages from the bags will entice our community to be more "Earth-Wise". We've attached a photo that shows some of our students with their artwork.
We would appreciate an emailed bag report sent to:

Thanks! Kathy Luther gr.4/5 &
Susan Kittson - Speech clinician.

Thank you for the project idea - it was a success! Even made the local news on two different stations.
Our Richland Ecology Explorer Post helped coordinate this project.
Six Elementary Schools participated (K-3 grades). A total of 3,400 grocery bags were colored and distributed from 5 different grocery stores.
Thanks again - Keep in touch.

Gail Baasch
Env. Ed. Coordinator
P.O. Box 190
Richland WA 99352

Great idea- this grocery bag decorating deal! Our grade school did about 200 this year! Not bad, considering we found out about this project just a few days before Earth Day! Thanks for the simple, positive action.

Martin Kwaterski Scanlan

Congratulations on such a great project! Our students in grades K-6 greatly enjoyed participating. This was our first schoolwide Internet project.
London Towne ES, located in Centreville, VA (Fairfax Co in Northern Virginia) made 856 bags. The bags were distributed at our local grocer's, Giant Food on Stone Road.
We look forward to visiting your web site and map.

Debbie Harrison
K Teacher

The fourth and fifth graders at Northside Elementary School in Denham Springs, Louisiana were glad to be a part of the Earth Day Grocery Bag Project. Thanks to our local produce stand, Southside Produce, we were able to decorate and distribute 189 bags. The students and teachers had a great time decorating the bags; however, the greatest lesson we learned was to help save our Earth. Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of your project. We are eagerly awaiting next year's Earth Day.

Lynette Ivanyisky
Northside Elementary School
Denham Springs, Louisiana

Lexington Intermediate School in Lexington, South Carolina, participated in the Earth Day Grocery Bag project. We designed 352 bags. Our school has an enrollment of 375 students. Our school business partner, Kroger, provided the grocery bags. Our students have recently studied about and written essays on recycling and landfills. They used this knowledge to design their grocery bags.
The Lexington Woman's Club also sponsored our project. The Lexington Woman's Club provided colorful rainforest T-shirts to the three students whose bag designs were selected as the best.
Everyone enjoyed this activity and we are looking forward to learning how many schools participated.

Dupre Yarborough
Media Specialist
Lexington Intermediate School.

Thank you once again for organizing the Earth day activity. We here at Royston, once again enjoyed participating in this very worthwhile activity. We decorated and distributed 500+ bags to 3 local grocery stores. Great stuff. The kids really enjoyed it.
"It was fun" Kara
"We learned about Earth day and how you can make the world a better place" Monica
"I liked the songs we learned to go with this" Aaron
"We learned not to pollute and we should recycle" Allen
Thanks again, Have a good one.

Keith Kroeker
Royston Elementary School
Royston, B.C. CANADA

I am Shelby Riggs, Kindergarten Teacher at Rock Springs Elementary in Sullivan County Tennessee. Our school has K-5 and 4 to 5 classrooms in each grade level. We completed 478 bags for the Earth Day Grocery Project. They turned out really good. The students loved doing it. Food Lion in Colonial Heights-Kingsport, Tennessee gave them out on Earth Day. We have gotten a real good community response. Thanks for letting us know about the project. Have a great week! We would love to hear results that are turned in to you ....

Thanks again! Shelby

Thank you for the great idea. My wife and I are at different elementary schools in Olympia, WA. and both participated in this years project.
Centennial Elementary 340 sacks.
Madison Elementary 90 sacks
Thank you Fred Meyer of Lacey for helping us out with the sacks.

Laura Currie Centennial Elem.
Bob Currie Madison Elem.
Olympia School District.

My name is Mark Schneider and I am technology coordinator for the Newport, New Hampshire public schools. I want to thank you for hosting such an interesting and "do-able" project like this combining the Internet and the artistic skills of the kids!
I am pleased to tell you that one of our elementary schools, Richards School K-3, has decorated 91 grocery bags! Richards School's enrollment is around 50 kids, so Joanne Truell, the teacher heading up the effort there, and the kids really enjoyed themselves. I also know that they were very proud to have their bags used at the local grocery store.
[Towle Elementary, grades 4-6, headed up by teacher Roberta Giroux, decorated 232 bags for Earth day (but they sent their own message).]
Our local newspaper ran a front page picture of the "bagging" while in process! I'll send an image once I scan it into our system.

Thank You Again, and Good Luck in the Future,
Mark W. Schneider
Technology Coordinator
Newport, N.H., Public Schools

Lake Park Elementary School, a Pre-K-5th grade school in Lake Park, Georgia, enjoyed participating in your Earth Day grocery bag project. We decorated 750 grocery bags with original Earth Day messages for our local Walmart store. This project was a good lead in for our other Earth Day activities that took place in the amphitheater located on our school¹s Nature Trail. Thank-you for allowing us to participate. We¹ll look forward to doing it again next year.

From all your friends in Lake Park, Georgia

Hello, this is our second year participating from Evelyn Dickson School. We put out 250 bags this year.
Keep up the great work! We had a lot of fun again and the community loves the bags!

Brian Naka
Nechako School District
Vanderhoof, B.C.
Fax: 567-9392

The students and staff of Reba O. Steck were glad to be a part of Earth Day Groceries this year. In cooperation with Omni Food Store in Aurora, our kindergarten through fifth grade students were able to decorate 608 bags with environmental designs and slogans. Thanks to the organizers for putting together such a worthwhile activity. We would love to have a copy of the final report for our kids to see. Thanks again, Reba O. Steck School

Aurora, Illinois
Reba O. Steck Elementary
Kirk Samples

Just wanted to let you know that we participated in this great project. I went to the local Stop & Shop and presented the project to the Store Manager. He thought it was a great idea and gave me a bundle of 500 bags! We decorated 150 of them and returned the rest. They passed the bags out the weekend of EarthDay. My kids had a great time doing the bags and we look forward to doing it again next year!!

Jennifer Leide
Education Director
Bristol Boys & Girls Club
Bristol, CT

My name is Jennifer Potter. I am a speech therapist in Covington, Tn. I am writing you in behalf of THREE schools (all of which are in separate systems)! My husband (Kirk) and I learned about your project at a technology conference for Tennessee educators in April. What a GREAT idea! We were both really excited to bring the information back to "our kids". I also shared the information with my mother Donna Sampson (elementary principal at University School of Jackson - in Jackson, Tn.) All of the schools had a ball! Kirk's school even made the local newspaper!
        Here are our results:
                University School of Jackson-Jackson, Tn.
                        186 students / 500 bags
                Covington Elementary School-Covington, Tn.
                        176 students / 176 bags
                Crestview Middle School-Covington, Tn.
                        900 students / 1500 bags

Thanks for the wonderful project! We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Jennifer and Kirk Potter

Killbuck Elementary School in Killbuck, Ohio participated in the Earth Day Grocery project for the third year. All 320+ students decorated bags that were distributed in the local grocery store. We enjoy this project, as it gives us a simple, meaningful way for each child to promote taking care of our earth.


Sue Fullerman                           Killbuck Elementary School
216-276-2891                            299 School St.  Killbuck  OH 44637
-----------------------------------------Keep Smiling!   :-) :-) :-) :-) --

We enjoyed decorating our bags!! Our entire school population particapated in decorating 269 bags donated by Kroger.

Harriman, Tn
Midtown Elementary

We decorated 415 bags for the Jewel grocery store in Glendale Hts., IL

Mary Ellen Kelly
St. Matthew School

Dear Arbor Heights,
Mesa Elementary participated in the Earth day grocery sacks as part of our schoolwide earth day events. Our final count was 153 sacks. Thanks,

Laura Herrick
Mesa School

We had fun making the Earth Day bags for the customers at our local Jewel-Osco Food and Drug store. Eight classes decorated 162 bags. We're from Thomas Paine El. School in Urbana, IL, home of the University of Illinois. (Did you know that we are only one of two schools in USA to be named after Thomas Paine? Do you know who Thomas Paine was?)
Roderick Wwoodson Jr., Michael Cooper, Jessi Mcdade, Brandon Randle Wisdom

Pam Shallenberger
Thomas Paine Elementary
Urbana, IL

At Washington School, in Bloomington, Illinois, students decorated Schnuck's grocery bags with environmental slogans and pictures of the Earth to remind customers to recycle, not to pollute, and to take care of the Earth. The purpose of this project is to involve the students and their community in Earth Day (week) activities.
Another "bag" project for ecology was decorating bags for The EarthKeepers store, in Normal, Illinois, a store that specializes in ecological merchandise. The store will display some of the bags and use the remainder for customers' purchases. The bags will be used during Earth Week and after - until they are gone.
Recycling project by the students in Mrs. Krueger's fourth grade class: the students collected and recycled old telephone books in order to save trees and landfill space.

Mrs. Krueger's Fourth Grade Class
Washington Elementary School
Bloomington, Illinois 61701

All four first grades at our school worked together to make 500 brown paper grocery bags. We gave the bags to Gardiner's Grocery Store. People took them home full of food. We hope people will use these bags again and again. We decorated the bags by sponge painting, collage, drawing and gluing pictures and writing slogans. We put birds, trees, flowers, the sun on our bags. We also wrote slogans like Save the trees, Happy Earth Day, Re-use me. We had fun making the bags and we liked telling our community.

Glastonbury, Ct.
Buttonball Lane School

I'm sending this message for Dr. Jayne Baker and our students here at Pittard Campus School. Campus School decorated 114 Earth Day Bags and distributed them to local grocery stores.

Pittard Campus School
Box 4, M.T.S.U.
Murfreesboro, Tn 37132-0004

Conestoga Elementary School participated in your Earth Day project. The following classes colored sacks: K, 3, 4, 5, and 6. We did 325 sacks which were distributed back to 3 grocery stores in our community. We would like a responce on participation by EMail, please.

DeeBee Worthington
Fifth Grade Teacher

We are a small (131 students) elementary school(k-6) in central Minnesota. We Decorated 114 bags for our local merchants.Please send reports toour email address. We are new to the internet.Thanks. LaVonne Hammond.0791geel@inforMNs.k12.MN.US


##Paul Kluempke             Grey Eagle School               Grey Eagle Library
210 E. 1/2 st S.          Rt.1 Box 21                     105 State Street
Melrose, MN. 56352        Grey Eagle, Mn. 56336           Grey Eagle, Mn.56336
Home-612-256-4396         612-285-5300                    612-285-2505
                          Fax 285-5301

Greetings and Happy Earth Day.
The students here at Ursuline Academy in Wilmington, DE made 400 Earth Day Grocery Bags. We are anxious to here the results of this project. Please e-mail us at Thanks for letting us participate in the Earth Day Project :-)

The students and staff of Ursuline Academy
Karen Mann

I hope it isn't too late to report. Room 2 of Bella Vista Elem., in Monterey Park, (a suburb of Los Angeles) coordinated this activity for our k-4 school. We made 686 Earthday bags for Ralph's Grocery Store in Monterey Park. Mr. Kwan, the store manager was a big supporter and we wish to thank him, as well as Arbor Heights for this great project.

Cheryl Long

Our Elementary I Building which consist of approximately 400 Kindergarten and 1st Graders also participated in the Earth Day Groceries Project.
Each child in each classroom decorated a bag with illustrations of their choice. Those bags were then returned to the local IGA Grocery Store where we hope that shoppers will enjoy the many fine illustrations of our young budding artist!

Republic, Missouri
Republic Elementary I
Kerry Welch

Happy Earth Day from Plains Elementary. Our whole school participated in the Earth Day Grocery Bag Project. We have a four year old program and kindergarten through fifth grades in our school. We decorated 544 bags for Food Lion. Thank you for sharing this project with us. What a wonderful way to establish communication between the community and the schools.

timberville, virginia
plains elementary
susan mcclelland

Our school participated in the grocery project. We decorated 51 bags. We are a small rural school with 41 students in grades k-8. It was a fun project for all.

Granger, Wyoming
Granger Elementary
Bev LeProwse

Hi, This year(our second) we included the 7th and 8th graders and decorated 320 bags. The bags are being distributed by the two grocers in Wayne-IGA and Pac-N-Save. This is such an easy yet effective way to recognize Earth Day.

Ellen Imdieke
Wayne Middle School

Our Earth Day project was a great success. We completed 1000 bags and had a great time doing it. Our school turned the project into a spirit day and had a lot of fun with your idea!
A big thank you goes out to Dieter and Darcy's No Frills in Peterborough for donating the grocery bags and to the 200 students who decorated them. Thanks for a great time.
See you next year!

K9J 3H8
PS...We'll watch the Web Page for all of the results.

This is our first year doing the Earth Day Groceries, and we had 26 classrooms participating with 373 bags decorated. A local Food Lion Grocery Store worked with us to distribute the bags.
We would love to get email reports concerning totals to report in our school newsletter. Happy Earth Day!

Lou Ann DeFord
Kindergarten Teacher
Halls Elementary School
Knoxville, Tennessee

Thanks again for your leadership in suggesting the Grocery Bag project. We did not have time to make as many this year, but between two classes here at Thomas Jefferson Elementary School, in Joliet, Illinois, we made 60 bags. We have been studying about the environment, and how to keep America beautiful, and the bag project was a good way to express our ideas about that. One of our mothers works at the local Jewel Food Store, and picked up the bags and took them back for us. Thanks to Mrs. Kelly. :-)

Thank you.
Mrs. Coleman, 4th grade, and Mrs. Brooks, 3rd grade

What a super idea! Our school- Oberlin Elementary School, Oberlin, Kansas- made 400 sacks. Every grade K - 6 participated even the Headstart students made bags (with the help of their 4th grade buddies). In fact, some classes were so excited that they created two sacks each. The faculty at our school was delighted to participated and planned their curriculum around the activity. We read stories like The Wump World, Just a Dream, and The Lorax to get ideas going. The students in my class found reducing tips, recycling facts, and scary numbers about the amount of trash we make to put on their sacks.
This was a great activity and we plan to do it next year. Our local grocery store was more than willing to helps us. Thanks to you for organizing this activity. It has been a great educational activity.
Please let us know the results of Earth Day Gracery Bag. Our students are anxiously waiting.

Cindy Sattler
4th grade
Oberlin Elementary School
Oberlin Kansas

Dear Mark and Students at Arbor Heights Elementary School,
Happy Earth Day!
We are the Franklin Elementary School, grades one to five in North Andover, Massachusetts. We delivered 404 decorated grocery bags to our local Star Market for Earth Day. This is a great project and we were very pleased to participate. We hope to do it again next year.
If you have any questions, you can contact us at - or

Paul McQuilkin

At Coggeshall School in Newport, RI, our students in first through fifth grades participated in 2 earth day activities. First groceries bags where gathered from Vaillancourt's Market (a neighborhood convience store) and all students decorated the bags with an earth day picture and message. Secondly, all students, teachers and some parents cleaned the school yard at Coggeshall. This acivity was planned by our custodian Mrs. Downes who assigned each grade an important task. Third, fourth and fifth grades raked leaves while the first and second graders planted flowers and helped to put a new walkway in the front of our school. It was a great day by everyone!!!

Eileen Sullivan

Higgins Intermediate School is in Whitehouse, TX. Whitehouse is located in northeast Texas about 100 miles east of Dallas. We have 874 students enrolled in grades 4,5, and 6. Fourth and fifth grade students decorated 606 grocery bags with the Earth Day theme "Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Around the World". Brookshires of Whitehouse provided the sacks and we are very grateful for their cooperation. Students have been interested in the project and we are anxious to get the results. Please e-mail the results to me. Thanks for giving us an opportunity to participate.

Letha Hebb, Librarian, Higgins Intermediate School Whitehouse, TX 75791

We are Red Bank ELementary School, located in Lexington, South Carolina. Our entire student body (grades k-6) participated in the Earth Day grocery bag project in partnership with our community Winn-Dixie store. Students decorated 825 bags for the project and had a great time doing it! We look forward to repeating the experience next year!

Biv Rinehart
Red Bank Elementary

Hi from Woodward Middle School, on Bainbridge Island. This earthday we had every kid in our school (grades 6-8) take a plain grocery bag and write an earthday reminder on it. Then we gave all the bags to the local Safeway and Triftway stores to use on earthday-today!Our school made about 1000. We are very proud of our work-as is our community- we got video taped for our local cable news chanel and put on air.
Hurray For Kids!

Paul Tytler

Hi. Thurgood Marshall Middle School in Olympia Washington is happy to report that we have participated again this year in the Earth Day Grocery Bag project.
This year we had four class teams participate: The Reese/Gowers 6th grade team, the Reid/Bennett 7th grade team, the West/Hoonan 8th grade team, and the multi-age team of McKechnie/Winter. We received and decorated 432 from the Olympia Westside Safeway store.

Virginia Reid

Our wonderful and dedicated students beautifully decorated 240 grocery bags. Our new local supermarket was humming with customers, all talking about the great student artwork. They were only allowed one decorated bag per customer due to demand! Next year, we'll try for 500 bags to get the Earth Day message out!

Copperopolis Elementary School
Copperopolis, CA
Stephen Mayer, Principal

I sent you four separate messages (one from each grade level 1-4) detailing how each group focused on a theme this year while completing the project: Grade 1-Water, Grade 2-Ponds, Grade 3-We are all connected, and Grade 4-Forests and Great Lakes.
The project was a lot of fun. The bags were obtained from the local Pick N Save grocery chain and we finished by completing 719 bags for distribution today. Our kids had fun composing and sending the messages.
We are eager to hook up another class to further develop the themes we explored. Thank you for organizing this project!

John M. Schell
Milwaukee, WI

We are first graders at University School of Milwaukee in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Today, for Earth Day, we went to the Milwaukee River and we picked up 32 bags of trash!!!
On our bags we put water and healthy fish, polluted water with a line through it, pictures of water with unhealthy fish, a picture of someone saying 'We want a healthy Earth'. We made pictures of the Earth. Pictures of circles with a line through it that said expressed the idea of no pollution.
Please email us some ideas that you have about studying water and water pollution. We would love to hear from you!
Thank you for organizing this project!
Sincerely, The First Graders

Our long term theme in science has been ponds. This year we visited ponds at Audubon Center in WI in the Fall and the Winter and we will be visiting again this Spring. We learned a lot about ponds; if you know something special about ponds that you'd like to share with us, please send email.
Our bags were decorated with pictures and slogans about ponds. Some slogans included: Love A Pond, Care For Ponds, Be A Friend To A Pond, Don't Litter Ponds, Don't Pollute In Ponds.
Our school is University School of Milwaukee, located in Milwaukee, WI. We are a private K-12 school with about 1,000 students. Our school decorated a grand total of 719 bags. We took them to the Pick N Save store on Friday and they are being distributed today, Earth Day!
Thank you for organizing this project!
Grade Two

Our school is University School of Milwaukee and we are in Milwaukee, WI, located by a wonderful Great Lake, Lake Michigan.
Four third grade classes designed bags for Earth Day using the theme, "Taking Care of The Earth" with an emphasis on the protection of water, our wonderful resource. We read the books, "Dear Mother Earth" and "Loving the Earth"; these helped us think about the important role we play in our planet. We learned we are all connected and we need each other.
In social studies, we are studying Colonial America. The oceans were so important to the colonists for transportation and food. If you live by the ocean, we would love to hear from you.
Our total bag count for University School was 719 bags. We participated with the Pick N Save stores near our school.
Thank you for organizing this project. It was a lot of fun!
The Third Grade Classes

In grade four, we used the theme "The Forest and The Great Lakes" for our Earth Day Bags. Some of our slogans included, "Don't Pollute", "Plant A Tree To Save The Forest", "Save A Tree Save A Life", "Kill A Tree, Kill Yourself". All year we have been studying how to preserve Wisconsin's forests and Great Lakes. If you know of anyone studying similar topics, have them email us.
Thank you for organizing this project.
The Grade Four Classes
University School of Milwaukee
2100 W. Fairy Chasm Road
Milwaukee, WI 53217

Happy Earth Day!!! We managed to decorate 182 grocery bags!! The manager called the health dept. and found that it would be no problem! Like you said, it helps to sometimes deal with a different manager! The one I dealt with was more than kind and helpful.
Many thanks for your encouragement and advice on this fun project!!

Scott Davis and 3rd Graders

April 22, l996
My 25 second graders decorated 32 grocery bags with Earth Day logos. They thought up catchy slogans and drew pictures depicting nature scenes. One of my students father owns a convenience store and he provided, and distributed, the completed bags for us. Our school is in a rural area of the mountains of NC and since it is such a small community I feel that the children's bags will make an impression on their friends and neighbors in the community.
We also got the third grade class to participate in the project and they decorated 27 bags.
It was a great idea and hopefully will have a positive impact on our community.

Nancy Coffy

Dear Arbor Heights,
We love your home page and especially your Earth Day Groceries Project. We're newbies and just discovered you, but we wanted to participate. So we are in the process of doing 100 bags today. Next year we promise to do more!!!
We would love to receive updates of any other interesting projects you have up your sleeves. We would also be interested in "talking" to another 4th grade class. Our addresses are as follows:

Kilpatrick / Olin Class
The Galloway School
215 W. Wieuca Road
Atlanta, GA 30342

Greetings from Barboursville Middle School, Barboursville, West Virginia. The sixth graders, 290 students, have decorated 578 paper grocery bags for Earth Day.

We collectively compiled the following list for our 250 plastic bag flyers:
EARTH DAY April 22, 1996
Reuse those plastic bags!
small trashcan liners
wrap china when moving
wrap wet clothes (swimsuit)
use while transporting plants; keeps roots from drying
use two bags, one for each foot, when shoes are muddy or snow covered. Put each foot in a bag before taking off shoes
store old rags and towels for car washes
peel and throw watermelon rind in them
put soft drink cans in them for the cooler
"dog-do" bags for yard clean up
car floor mats in snowy weather
litter liner
gloves when working with organic material
traveling toilet seat liner
find a store willing to reuse the bags

Great project! Thanks.
Diane Fetty

Greetings from snowy Manitoba! L,École Marie-Anne-Gaboury, a French Immersion K to Grade 8 school, in Winnipeg, has decorated 250 Grocery bags for our local store. The whole school was very excited to be part of this Earth Day Project. On April 22nd, the Kindergarten will walk to the store and hand deliver the bags. The children will parade with a Earth Day sign just as the Berenstein Bears did in their book, Don`t Pollute. Thank you for this wonderful awareness opportunity.

Lucille Daudet-Mitchell
on behalf of the students and staff at L'École Marie-Anne-Gaboury.

I hope this is not too late for the list.
15 classes at Lead Mine Elementary in Raleigh, NC decorated 375 bags for Earth Day. Teachers participated in the project on a voluntary basis. Maybe next year we can get the whole school involved.
We would like to thank our local Kroger for lending us the bags to decorate. Teachers, students, and the gorcery store really enjoyed participating in this project. Our students did some super bags. Thanks,

Linda Shearin
Instructional Technology Specialist
Lead Mine Elementary

McLauchlin Elementary School has decorated and returned to Home Food Market 382 grocery bags to remind folks of Earth Day. We enjoyed this project again this year and hope to participate again next year. Please add us to your list.

Pat McNeill
Media Coordinator
J.W.McLauchlin School
Raeford, NC

The "bag count" for Washington School in Johnston City, Illinois is 575. Our students really enjoyed the project and produced some interesting bags. We would like to receive an e-mail report at our school, if possible. The address is Thank you for a neat idea!

Patricia Koontz, 8th grade teacher
Washington Middle School
Johnston City, Illinois

Our fourth grade class organized the Earth Day Grocery Bag project for our school. With the support of the manager, (Mr. Mullen), from our local Super Fresh supermarket, 410 grocery bags are ready for distribution on Earth Day. We are a K-4 school located in Aston, Pennsylvania - approximately 20 south of Philadelphia, near the Delaware border. We are from Hilltop School which is part of the Chichester School District. Many thanks to you and your students for organizing such a worthwhile project!
We would like to receive e-mail from the other schools. HAPPY EARTH DAY!

Elaine Scarpino

What an easy and rewarding project! The 2nd and 3rd graders in ten classes enjoyed decorating 205 grocery bags for our local Safeway store in Mill Creek-Gateway Plaza. Many innovative and thoughtful words of wisdom were passed from child to adult during the simple process of coloring. Our children are hoping the community will listen to their pleas for conservation, preservation and recycling. We had lots of fun! Hope to do more next year. Thanks for coordinating such a meaningful effort for our next generation of concerned citizens.
We are interested in the total count and will be watching on the internet!

Snohomish County, city of Everett, Washington
Silver Firs Elementary
Anita Coats

Approximately 330 students eagerly participated in decorating Earth Day grocery bags. Some of our junior students made posters for the grocery store to display as well. Hopefully we will have some pictures on our home page for you.

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Duke of Edinburgh Public School
Eric Beck

Our school decorated 230 grocery bags donated by Perdue's IGA Grocery Store. Our students want to keep our state beautiful and in turn, they know that they will be helping our wonderful Earth. Our fourth graders will also plant trees and flowers during Earth Day week.

Midway Elementary
Charleston, West Virginia
Peggy Holstine

I am a Resource Room teacher at the Harold T. Wiley Elementary School in Watertown, NY (upstate). Four schools (K-6) in my district decorated 2000 bags for the Earth Day Project.
Many thanks to the grocery stores that provided the bags. The event was a huge success and received recognition by our local newspaper. We hope to be involved in a larger way next year.
Thanks for the great idea. Please contact me with any additional ideas or questions.

Jennifer Bruce

Hi! My name is Janet Pliner and I'm a second grade teacher at Shorewood Hills Elementary School in Madison, Wisconsin. I organized the Earth Day Groceries project within our school this month. On Friday, April 19th, second grade students and teachers walked 500 decorated bags with wonderful Earth Day messages to a local food store. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole project... Thanks for a great idea!

Hi! We colored 263 bags at Walker School in Ashland, Oregon. Was having trouble sending this message but it finally went. I'm Randye Jensen from Walker School, in Ashland, Oregon......I didn't note on the first message that I wanted to be informed about the total number of bags...but I do...Thanks!

Randye Jensen

The boys and girls of Gates Elementary School in Davison, Michigan really had a great time decorating paper grocery sacks. We delivered 534 sacks to our local VG's grocery store. This is a wonderful way to help the children have a sense of community. It was a fun way to learn. Thanks and we will try to decorate more next year.
From all of us to all of you HAPPY EARTH DAY 1996!!!!

Harry Franklin

My class (and a few others in my building), participated in the grocery bag project. I am not sure of the exact info that you collate, so I will give it my best shot.
Teacher Coordinator: Eric Gidseg, first grade teacher
School: Traver Road Primary School in Pleasant Valley, New York.
Dutchess County
Grades: First grade and a few second graders
# of bags: 167
Grocer: Adams'
Thanks for coordinating all this. It was a great experience for my kids!

Eric Gidseg

We're Upper Township Elementary School in Cape May County, New Jersey. We decorated 492 grocery bags and delivered them to the Acme Market in Cedar Square, Seaville, NJ. Our students really enjoyed this project and being part of Earth Day, 1996. Thank you and your students for all your hard work. See you in '97!

Tammi Pittaro,
fourth grade teacher,
Upper Township Elem. School

There were 38 students in the grade 1 and 2 classes that participated in the project. This is the first year that they have done so. They decorated about 70 bags. I'm sure that next year will be even bigger.

Egremont Community School
Holstein, Ontario
Karen Cheeseman

Lake Grove School in Lake Oswego, Oregon decorated 500 bags--250 each for our local Albertsons and Wizer's. This was k-6.

Patty Sands
Library Media Specialist
Lake Grove Elementary School
15777 SW Boones Ferry Road
Lake Oswego, Oregon 97035

I'm writing to you from Towle School in Newprt, NH, which is a town of about 6000 residents. We're located about 30 miles from Hanover, the home of Dartmouth, and I would guess the best landmark to give you an idea of our whereabouts. I teach 6th grade in a 4, 5, 6 building of about 230 students divided between ten classrooms.
Yesterday I delivered 219 decorated grocery bags back to Butson's, the local supermarket which donated the bags. Our art teacher, Patti Warren, lead the creative process during her classes this week.
I hope by this time you've heard from more than 115 was a simple and fun project to participate in!
Thanks for the invitation.... Roberta Giroux
Towle Elementary School

Thanks for sharing the Earth Day project! I am a fifth grade teacher at Riverside Elementary in Columbia, TN. We called our local FOODMAX and requested 500 grocery bags. They gladly donated them and the students had a blast decorating them! We are a K-5 school and all grades but kindergarten participated. Thanks again for the idea and hope to see you next year!

Carol Andrews,
Riverside Elementary,
Columbia, TN
PS Could you let us know what kind of response you had? Thanks!

Students at Antioch Middle School in North Kansas City, MO decorated over 400 grocery bags and delivered them to our business partner, Hy-Vee Food and Drug.
The students loved doing the project and were glad to participate in an Earth Day event. Thanks for the idea and we look forward to doing it next year.

Julie Baldridge
Antioch Middle School
Computer Technology Instructor

Hello, we are a small K-12 school in the Catskill region of New York state. Our total population is only 350. We had all of our elementary students in grades K-6 decorate grocery bags for our only local supermarket, the IGA, who donated the bags for the project. Children were most enthusiastic. We hope to do even more next year. My seventh grade Special Education students organized this activity in the school as we are the only ones, at present, with an Internet connection. (I sacrificed ordering materials and bought most of our needed supplies for the year in order to get our connection to the Internet - it has been well worth it). We are proud to have participated in this project and hope that our small voice in the community will help make others aware of the need to treasure Mother Earth so we all have a wonderful future.

The 7th Grade Special Education Students and their teacher, Ms. Langston
Roscoe Central School,
Roscoe, N.Y. 12776

Our school,Opequon El., in Martinsburg, WV. participated in the project. We decoreated 644 bags that were donated by Food 4 Less grocery store. They will be distributed to customers on Earth Day. We are really excited about this project. I think that the students have been more aware of reducing, reusing, and recycling this year. Before we made the bags we studied about the rainforests and about deforestation in general....even went to the science museum in Baltimore Md...saw a movie about the precarious plight of the rain forest...Our students have become very aware of saving the earth...We will culminate the celebration with an Earth Day program . Here's hoping that your project will be very successful and that we are raising a generation of conservationists! As I tell my class "You did not inherit the earth from yiur parents, You have borrowed it from your children" (wish I'd said that origionally)
Again,Good luck...
Bonnie Hose
grade 4 teacher,
Opequon El. School,

Thank you for this great opportunity to keep people thinking about taking care of our earth. There was great enthusiasm shown in our school and the designs and messages on the bags show it. My fourth grade class and I helped to organize over 750 k-5 students and teachers for this project. Please add us to the grand total.

Sunset Terrace Elementary
Rochester, Mn
Phil Rynearson

Today is April 19, 1996, and we have completed our Earth Day grocery bag project. Here at Isidore Newman School, our 1st through 3rd graders enthusiastically decorated 210 bags from Ferro's, a small grocery store located in our residential neighborhood. Thanks for the great Earth Day celebration idea!

Isidore Newman School
New Orleans, Louisiana 70115
Linda Freese

My name is Debbie Stapenski and I teach computer literacy for 7th and 8th graders at Applegarth Middle School in Cranbury, NJ.
My students decorated 100 grocery bags which were graciously donated to us by Edwards Super Food Store in the Concordia Shopping Center, Cranbury, NJ. They will be delivered this evening so the store will have them. I am forwarding pictures as soon as they are ready. We enjoyed doing the project. Please include me on your list of recipients of other schools' reports.

Happy Earth Day,
Debbie Stapenski

Dear Arbor Heights School,
Thank you so much for sharing this great idea. We loved that it was so simple and creative, and also that we could send a message to the community without using any new materials.
We have 475 students (grades 2-5) at Kaegebein Elementary School, Grand Island, New York. We are located in the Niagara River between Niagara Falls and Buffalo. We decorated 600 bags from our local Tops Market. We left the message and design open and were amazed at the wonderful ideas and illustrations.
Please include us in your count. We'll be looking for the final amount and the schools which participated. Thank you, again.

Patricia Ludwiczak, grade 2 teacher
Kaegebein Elementary School
Grand Island, New York

We did it! My school Salem Avenue Elementary School in Hagerstown, MD decorated over 400 bags from the County Market Grocery Store. The kids really got into the spirit. Even the pre-school kids participated. Great project! Keep it going.

Alan Zube
Talented & Gifted Resource Teacher
Salem Ave. Elementary School
Hagerstown, MD

Greetings from Hofstetter Elementary School in Colville, Washington! I was so excited when I found your home page and saw this project! What an excellent way to celebrate Earth Day and get on the internet at the same time!.We have decorated 500 bags and will deliver them tomorrow to our local Excell Foods Grocery store.
Our school of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders can't wait for the local community to use the bags on Earth Day! We are thrilled to be part of this outstanding project and want to get the results when available. I look forward to more great ideas on your web page. Thanks, and happy Earth Day!

Katy Adams-Hedrick,
Hofstetter School
Colville, Washington

We are a small country school about 3 miles outside the city limits of Eau Claire, WI. Each of our students in grades K-5 decorated a grocery bag with an Earth Day thems for the 11th year in a row. That was a total of 132 bags for this year, which we returned to Ron's Castle Foods for customer use. Our school site is on 22 acres where we have developed a wonderful nature area and prairie restoration.
Thanks for including us in your well organized project this year. I hope our school name appears on your site. We will include a link to it on our homepage. It is located at:

Ron Powers
Little Red School
Eau Claire, WI 54701

Cedar Grove Elementary, in Sullivan County, city of Kingsport, Tennessee participated in the earth day grocery bag project for the first time this year. The school has an active recycling program consisting of daily collection of paper from classrooms, drop off points for paper, aluminum, tin, cardboard, and 6 pack pull rings. This year 200 students prepared 316 paper bags which were sent to Whites' Fresh Foods for use on Earth Day. We would like to view other E mail reports regarding this project.

The coordinators were Cathy Gravitte and Lisa Hilton.
The principal is John Weaver.

The students at Panther Lake Elementary decorated 1,000 Earth Day grocery bags for the neighborhood Safeway and Albertson's stores. The students had very creative suggestions for saving the Earth. They are very knowledgable about environmental conservation. The teachers were equally enthused by the student's positive responses. Thanks for the great idea and we hope to join you again next year. HAPPY EARTH DAY!

Panther Lake Elementary
Kent, Washington
Diane Bergman

I have coordinated an effort for Montana so we can have some school participate in your great project. Peterson Elementary school has gone across the grade levels kindergarten through sixth grade and has decorated 800 paper Tidyman's sacks. We have returned them and the manager has promised to hand them out on Monday.
We are located in Kalispell which is is the upper northwest corner of the state. We sit right beside Glacier National park and Big Mountain Ski resort.
My question is how do we come on? I did not find a registrati9on form. Are we too late to register for 1996? or check out our school web page at

Barb Andersen

The 321 students at Morton Elementary School in Lexington, Nebraska have decorated 500 bags to be used at out Sav-Alot grocery store. Thank you for the great idea. Please let us know the final results.

Thela King

Again, thank-you for the great Earth Day Groceries project idea! Our students have thoroughly enjoyed it, and have also enjoyed accessing your school's web page. Our web page is currently under construction, but we're hoping to include some pix of the sack project.
We decorated a total of 900 sacks for 3 different grocery stores. If you're not too swamped, will you be E-mailing the results, or will you have it on the Ednet listserve? Thanks again!! Your project has helped give our school some recognition in our community! HAPPY EARTH DAY!

-Debra Ziegler
Teacher, 4th grade, Bendwood School
Spring Branch Indep. Sch. Dist.
Houston, TX

Hello, I wanted to let you know that the sixth and seventh grade at Carl Stuart Middle School, in Conway, Arkansas colored on approximately 4000 sacks. This involved the entire school through their science class. We have approximately 1200 students at our school.
Thank you very much for the idea.

Susan Middlebrooks

I am proud and happy to report that my school community was able to decorate 500 grocery bags for Earth Day 1996. They were used by the local Supervalue grocery store in Turners Falls, MA. We are a small town on the Connecticut River in north western MA. Thanks for a great idea. The third through sixth graders in Sheffield School really enjoyed this activity. Our 430 students are looking forward to next years Earth Day!

Catherine Billings
Sheffield Elementary School
Grade 3 Teacher

Thought we would pass on to you that the students in grades 1 - 5 at Barnhart Elementary in Waldof MD, in conjunction with the local Food Lion, are putting the finishing touches on 500 bags for Earth Day.

Barbara S. Palko
Science Teacher

Northeast Elementary School in Clarksville, Tennessee did a grocery bag project in February 1996 to honor Valentines Day. We wrote and drew about friendship and love. Every student at our school made a bag. We used bags from three are grocery stores. We displayed by grade level in the library and then returned them to the stores. We sent out 850 grocery bags.
About a fourth of our class saw them later in the stores as they were shopping. We recycle paper at our school all year round. But we do think that doing this project for Earth Day is nice.
We wanted you to know how we did our project. Please share with others. Let us know how many responses you get.

Mrs. Shoulders' Second Grade -

20 second graders attending Monroe Elementary will be decorating Earth Day grocery bags this week. I have recycled them from trips to our local Co-op and will be returning them there for distribution on Earth Day.
I'll check the Net for the final tally.
Thanks for the great idea.
Stephanie Youngerman             ......the heart's memory eliminates            the bad and magnifies the good....
Monroe Elementary School                  from Love In The Time Of Cholera
Boise, Idaho                                     by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Dear Arbor Heights School,
Thanks for creating a fantastic environmental awareness project! The 850 fifth-eighth grader (each creating a bag for the project) from Onalaska Middle School and the generous people from Skogen's IGA in Onalaska, Wisconsin are first-time participants in your 1996 Earth Day Groceries project. Onalaska is located along the beautiful Mississippi River on Wisconsin's "West Coast." Our students and community members value the river and its surroundings, and participation in your project has helped us remind ourselves how lucky we are to live along the banks and among the bluffs of this threatened and valuable natural resource.
Keep up the great work,
Onalaska Middle School
711 Quincy St.
Onalaska, WI 54650

This note is to let you know that in conjunction with the 2 Art teachers in the building, students have decorated 132 brown paper bags as part of the Earth Day Grocery Project here at the Gomes Elementary School in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Mrs. Lopes and Ms. Branco conducted art lessons where students drew a large circle to represent the world, then traced a template of the continents, that was hand made by the art teachers and then students added catchy phrases and colors to decorate it. The name of the grocery store that provided the bags is Stop & Shop from New Bedford, Masachusetts

Jan Chisholm
Computer/Tech Teacher A.J. Gomes Elementary School
286 South Second Strm

We are from Lincoln Elementary School in Ashland, Oregon. We had a goal of 1,000 grocery bags. Well we didn't get that many, but from 3 schools we did decorate 500 and the other school in Ashland that took on organizing themselves, did 273 so we got close. We loved doing the project and the community thought it was a wonderful idea. We would like to participate next year and make our number grow. So keep in touch.

The students of the KAP class, Lincoln Elementary School, Ashland, Oregon

Judith Anne McBride       (541) 488-1857  Home
323 N. Laurel             (54l) 428-2416  Lincoln School
Ashland, Oregon 97520     (541) 482-8037  Classroom 11

We have just completed over 550 bags at Lakeview Elementary in Albert Lea, Minnesota. My students K-5 loved decorating the bags and were really excited about someone's groceries being packed in their bag on Earth Day! They really took pride in decorating them and they know they did their share to work hand in hand with members of our community, to protect the earth.We'd really like to know the results and will plan on being a part of next years Earth Day Groceries!

Sincerely, Nancy Sorlie and All the students at Lakeview Elementary

Happy Earth Day, 1996!