Earth Day Groceries

Results from the 1995 project

The following are reports from schools participating in the Earth Day Groceries Project in 1995:
Updated November 16, 1995.
If you would like to write to any of the participants, click on their email address.

Arbor Heights Elementary School in Seattle, Washington decorated 439 bags. My classroom of third graders walked down to Safeway on Friday afternoon. We were met by a very pleased store manager and a film crew from a local TV station. We got a nice tour of the store, saw a box crusher at work, and even got some great treats from the deli department!

Since we are coordinating the project, we had the advantage of seeing your reports roll in off the computer. In the lobby of our school we have a wonderful map display with all your reports sort of pasted all over it - it's getting a little hard to see the map!

Just to take the project one step farther, we announced on Friday that anyone getting a bag at our Safeway could bring it in next week to school, where we would turn it it into a kite to fly on our playground!

Again, thanks to all of you for making our Earth Day a very special one! Take care - Mark

  Mark Ahlness Arbor Heights Elementary School teacher, grade 3 Seattle, Washington

The Elmwood Street Elementary School is proud to report they are decorating 400 bags for Earth Day distribution. The bags arrived today and we begin drawing tomorrow. Love this project!!!
K. Bouchard
Elmwood Elementary School
Millbury, MA
The students of Rural Point Elementary School in Mechanicsville, Virginia, have decorated 750 bags to be distributed by a local grocery store on Earth Day. Bags were decorated by all of of students (K-5) including our pre school (handicap) class. Everyone was very excited about the project and felt is was an excellent way to communicate with our local community. Please include our bags in your world wide totals.
Jo Fowlkes, Technology Aide
Oxford Middle School is delivering 1,000 EarthDay grocery bags to Kroger which donated the bags for the school's use. They are FANTASTIC.
Jan Foregger

We here at the Joseph B. Radez School are one of the many schools who downloaded the project FAQs. We did 500 bags in grades K-8. I have images that I would like to send you, but my mailing program (Eudora for the Mac) automatically encodes them in binhex (hqx) format even though they are binary files. Can your Windows environment and mail program decoded those or will I need to FTP them to you. Thanks for initiating this great project and giving others the opportunity to share their work with you.
Warm Regards,
Jim Meigel 
Joseph B. Radez School
Cobleskill-Richmondville Central School District
44 East Main Street
Richmondville, NY   12149
We just finished the grocery bag/earth day project at Woodglen Elementary School in New City, New York. K-2 graders were involved in this very successful activity. We decorated 365 bags that will be distributed at the Cropsey Garden Center. We know this will heighten our communitie's awareness during this week. Thanks for including us! Happy Earth Day!

At New Hope School we participated in the Grocery Bag Project. The fifth grades were studying the Environment and sponsored a school wide activity along with the media center. All students enjoyed decorating the bags. We can hardly wait until Earth Day to go to the grocery store in our community and see our bags filling for the customers. Total bags: 195 Thanks for such a super project.
Connie Thompson
New Hope Elementary School
Gastonia, NC
e-mail (
Earth Day bags decorated: 711
Barboursville Middle School
6th grade
Barboursville, WV  25504
Students participating: 310
Participating grocery stores: 3

Diane Fetty, teacher
Just a note to let you know that Narragansett Elementary School decorated 650 grocery bags for Earth Day. I delivered them yesterday to be distributed between now and the 22nd. What a neat project! Required very little effort! Pleas let us know the total number of bags decorated, as I promised my kids and our staff and the local market that I would let them know!
Susan Naysnerski

Thanks for your response. Everything worked out well. Grades two through six decorated 400 bags and gave them to two different supermarkets and got a very nice response. I hope you'll send the results of the project. School address is: Susan Dechnik
 Riverton Public School
 5th and Howard Streets
  Riverton, New Jersey 08077
We enjoyed participating in this project with 803 of our students decorating 803 bags. Our bags will be distributed to communtiy shoppers this week by the local grocery store who supplied the bags. Our Student Council coordinated the project in our school.
Our school is located in the northern suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia where the 1996 Summer Olympics will be held. We have our own Olympics program each spring with academic and athletic competitions.
We just recently acquired a PPP connection which allows us to view your well designed homepage which I learned about in Judi Harris's column in The Computer Teacher.
Donna Oliver
Library Media Specialist

Dodgen Middle School
1725 Bill Murdock Road
Marietta, Georgia  30062
Waterville Primary, a K - 4 school in Northwest, Ohio has had an enjoyable time with the grocery bags. We passed them out on March 20. Classes did an excellent job! We will be giving 366 finished bags back to Foodtown Supermarket, in Waterville. They have been very helpful in our project. Thank you for providing this opportunity.
Jeff Schmidt

Thanks for organizing this project! Our school participated and we delivered 394 bags to Top Foods on Friday (our Spring Break is this week). They were thrilled with the bags and the students did a spectacular job. This really helps our business/school/community partnership efforts. Thanks again.
Erica Peto - Media Specialist
Daniel Elementary                                           Even a thought,
11310 S.E. 248th Ave.                                    Even a possibility,
Kent, WA 98031                                        Can shatter or transform us.
Voice: (206) 813-7615  Fax: 813-7617                  - Neitsche
We are a third grade class at Glenridge School in Clayton, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis. Our science unit has been "Pollution Solution," and so your idea for Earth Day really fit in with what we've been doing. We invited the other third grade classes to decorate bags, too, and so we've completed 60 bags in all.
We'll be interested in hearing how many students participated this year, so please send us the report when you have it ready. Send it to:
Mrs. Denise Ringhofer
and Third Grade Class

Jackie Lipsitz
School District of Clayton
7447 Wellington Way
Clayton, MO 63105
voice: 314-726-2355

You can add our school to your list of participants for the Earth Day grocery bag messages. Robertsville Elementary is a small rural school about 50 miles west of St. Louis. We have 160 students grades K thru 5. Our bags are decorated and ready to return to the store.
We are new to the internet (about one month). It was exciting to receive a message that we could use so early in our internet experience. The students at Robertsville decorated 150 bags for the Earth Day project.
Janice Bullard <>

We are all working hard on our bagsto have them ready by Sat. I love the idea! The grocers were happy to be a part of Earth Day. We included the sixth grade this year(I teach fifth grade.) but hope to involve the seventh and eighth next year. We will distribute 160 bags on Sat. We look forward to hearing from you.


 Ellen Imdieke
  Wayne Middle School
  312 Douglas St.
  Wayne, NE  68787
I am a first grade teacher at Olentangy Elementary School in Delaware, Ohio. We are participating in the Earth Day grocery bag project. Our elementary has decorated 800 bags for our local Big Bear Grocery store! Just wanted to let you know!

Thank you.... Jo Anne Lane

Thanks for coordinating this wonderful earth day activity. We really enjoyed doing the project and look forward to getting information as it becomes available. My first grade class coordinated the effort in our elementary building. We collected bags from Price Chopper, a local grocery store near our building. They were glad to be involved. It's was wonderful to see how much effort and time each child put into their design. Even those that tend to be "sloppy" did beautiful work. We came up with some very original designs. It's too bad we don't have picture capabilities on our machine. I look forward to this activity in the future. My goal next year is to get the whole district involved. Thanks!!! We decorated and returned 364 bags from our building of 420 children. I did not make it a mandatory project, so some teachers chose not to be involved. I think we got a great effort for the first time.

My class answered the following questions. Maybe you can use the answers. Trash them if you don't need them. Again, thanks for your efforts and time.


1.  Saving the earth is important because...
or 2. Earth day is important because...

Jeff A. - cuz animals need homes.  If they don't have homes they can't live.
Jeff G. -because you can save the earth by taking care of the trees and
picking up the trash.
Melissa- so some of the animals and us won't die.
Kyle H. - because if people litter, the animals could get choked.
Kyle S. -so you can live long.
Kyle W. -we don't want the earth to get all "garbagee"
Vanessa - because it reminds people that we should take care of our earth
so we won't die.
Johnny - we won't have poeple if we don't pick up trash.
Kristina -we want it to be nice and clean.
Andrew -because the fish could die and the ocean will die and we wouldn't
be happy.
Jordan -to recycle and pick up garbage.
Skyler -because you should make the earth clean.  We don't want the earth
to be polluted.
Todd - it gives us a clean world.
Isak -we need food.
Katie -the trees give you fresh air.
Emily - people take care of the earth.
Tessa -we save the animals
Kasey -helps all the animals have a home in the world.
Shawn -we need to take care of it.
Wendy -the earth is special.
Annie -saves the animals.
Jana -we get to save the earth.
Michelle -you have to care about the world.
Ryan -you can clean up stuff.
Brian -you get to save the planet.
John -to clean up the earth.

Colleen Malley
Sunset View Elementary
711 Center Parkway
Kennewick, Wa 99336
Happy Earth Day!
Bells Mill Elemntary School in Potomac, Maryland decorated 256 grocery bags for Earth Day. We participated in this project last year and were glad to see your message again this year. There is a new manager at the grocery store nearest to our school and he wasn't too keen on taking bags out of the store and then bringing them back so I had to do a LOT of talking and made him very environmentally and educationally aware before I got the bags! Thanks for doing this again.
Sincerely, Joanie Friend

We are on spring break now but last Wednesday my homeroom students put the finishing touches on bag 1,000! (They stayed late in order to reach their goal) I will be meeting several of my students tomorrow in order to deliver the bags to P&C.

Thank you for coordinating the efforts...and Happy Earth Day!


Rae Covey * 6th Grade Teacher
Coburn School
216 Mt. Zoar Street
Elmira, New York 14904
"Children may not always remember what you say to them but they will
remember how you make them feel."
Mark, this is such a wonderful project - I don't know who got more excited, our kids or our local grocery store!! Albertsons cheerfully "loaned" us paper sacks and were will return 685 beautifully decorated sacks to them this afternoon for their use this weekend. Every grade level in our school participated. We have 800 students: pre-school deaf-ed, K-6 regular ed, deaf-ed and elementary skills and the thought and care that went into these sacks was wonderful. My favorite slogan came from a fifth grader "Take care of endangered animals - they can't be RE-STOCKED!" (great for a grocery sack!!) Wr followed your suggestion and had a uniform format for each sack - Earth Day at the top and a large circle in the center. The children wrote their slogans around the circle with pictures within the circle as they chose. Thanks for spearheading such a great project and for the suggestions and support that made it EASY as well as memorable. Happy Earth Day to all!!
Joan King, Computer Lab Manager
J. B. Little Elementary School
3721 Little Road, Arlington, TX 76016
The students from Atlantic View Elementary School in Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia, Canada decorated 186 grocery bags for Earth Day. They will be used at the nearest cooperating grocery store on Saturday (Earth Day). All of the students and teachers were eager to participate and hope to continue the project each year.
Nancy Barkhouse

Reporting in that Ashlawn School decorated 350 bags which will be used by our local grocer this Saturday. We had a great time doing it and the kids were quite creative. We had more bags than students, and a group gave up their lunch recesses to finish the job. Put us on the list for next year!
Wren E. Gurney,
(English for Speakers of Other Languages-High Intensity Language Training)
Ashlawn Elementary School
5950 N. 8th Rd.
Arlington, VA  22205
476 completed bags from Barnett Shoals Elementry School Student Council Atthens,GA.
                                         Stuwart Chen
Emily Harris,
Just wanted you to know that our 3 third grade classes--76 students-- completed 150 Earth Day bags for 2 small stores near our school. A city newspaper 30 miles a way even came to do a color photo for Sat. edition. Thanks for the project idea. We're waiting anxiously for your reports.
Chestnut Ridge District--Central Elementary
New Paris, PA 15554
3rd grade
Bonnie Dillner,
Sierra Heights Elementary School in Renton, Washington participated in the Earth Day grocery bag project this year. We received 500 bags to decorate from the Renton Highlands Albertson's. During lunch recess for two days, the students were invited to decorate the bags. We had involvement at all grade levels - we were especially surprised to see the positive response from the sixth grade students. All 500 bags were decorated. The kindergarten students did this project in class as they don't have a lunch period. It was a lot of fun for the students and they are looking forward to seeing the bags at the grocery store on Saturday. The PTA's Hug the Earth committee sponsored the event. Comments to Leslie Bryant at
frank bryant,

Thurgood Marshall Middle school in Olympia Washington had three teachers participating in the Earth Day Grocery Bag activity. We just dropped off 330 bags at our local Safeway store. The manager was very cooperative in helping us with our project. Thanks for the suggestion!

Virginia Reid

Count us in!
Glen Oak Primary School Peoria,IL USA. 250 bags to the Kroger on Wisconsin Avenue. The third and fourth graders enjoyed making the bags.
Thanks Janet Quintiliani

We at Wallingford Elementary School, in suburban Philadelphia, have created about three hundred Earth Day Grocery Bags, to be distributed at the local Acme supermarket. There was an article in the local newspaper about it too.
Thank you for coordinating this easy, fun, visibility-producing project.
--Debbie Wile
Wallingford Elementary School
Near Philadelphia, PA, USA
This project is a great idea! My school will be joining the effort to "get the word out." We are decorating 400 grocery bags. They will be distributed to the store this afternoon--and handed out tomorrow with groceries in them. The children had a good time with it--their bags are beautiful!
Thank you for allowing us to join your effort!

Yvette Welch/Seventh Grade
What an enjoyable and meaningful project! My 45 students decorated 260 grocery bags with public awareness art and messages about the importance of "saving the Earth." These 5th and 6th graders' bags will be distributed at our local Kroger and FoodMax stores. I do not have the equipment to scan these images, but I can send you a "still" shot of some of our bags...they look great! Thanks for a great project!
-Kate Roberts' Classes

Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Linden School in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, decorated 616 grocery bags that will be distributed at 2 local stores. Linden School's 630 students (Kindergarten - 5th grade) created their own unique designs, slogans, and shared their thoughts on saving planet Earth. Many thanks to Arbor Heights for spearheading this wonderful project.
Betty Lou Alspaugh
Linden PTA volunteer
CHELSEA SCHOOL IS PROUD TO SAY THEY DECORATED 335 BAGS. We are in Chelsea, Quebec and we would be pleased to receive the overall results and the names of the schools that participated.

My Grade 2/3 class tallied the bags yesterday and we walked them down to the store so they can be used. The kids loved this project and they were thrilled to be able to take part. We will look forward to being involved again next year.

They will write reports on Monday and I will forward them to you when they are finished.

Thanks for allowing us to participate. Thanks for all your hard work.

Debra Killen
Chelsea School
P.O. Box 450
Chelsea, Quebec  J0X 1N0
Phone: (819) 827-0245
Fax:   (819) 827-0622
My teacher handed out the grocery bags from grade one to grade five classes. We have collected them all and there are 69 bags all completed. We are going to send them to Fortinos which is a grocery store in our neighborhood and they are going to hand them out during Earth Week to all the people who buy something.
We all enjoyed working on them and we hope we learned something new about conservation and reducing for Earth Week and every week. Please send your report to my teacher at Gulfstream P.S. Toronto, Ontario. Thanks! Aaron:>)

Thank you so much for this project. It was wonderful. Our school decorated 220 bags and I just delivered them to the food store for tomorrow!
Carol Juliano
Munsey Park School
Manhasset, LI, NY
Friends Academy in N. Dartmouth, MA decorated 300 bags for the local Shaw's Market in N. Dartmouth. Students in grades K-8 participated. Thank you for organizing such a worthwhile event.

Oakland Beach Elementary School in Warwick, RI really enjoyed participating the grocery bag project! Mrs. Mason's fifth grade students organized the project for the school. It was a perfect culminating activity for their year long study of the pollution in Greenwich Bay, a body of water abutting their neighborhood. After learning about the causes of the pollution, the students felt it was important to educate the rest of their community, making people aware that each individual contributes to the problem and, as a result, can help eliminate it. Mrs. Mason's students wrote speeches containing that message and delivered them to the other classes. After a short discussion, the other children were invited to help in the effort by decorating a shopping bag using the theme, "Save the Bay". A reporter from The Providence Journal covered the event and wrote a piece about it, which added to the publicity and carried the children's message even further. In all, 500 bags were decorated and delivered to Stop and Shop. In addition to using the bags on Earth Day, the manager promised to read a message from the children over the PA system.

Once again Columbia Catholic School in Columbia, MO participated in the grocery bags Earth Day project. We decorated over 350 bags for a local grocery store and had our local television station televise one classroom of children decorating the bags and then shots of myself and five students taking the bags over to the store. We thought we would just get 30 seconds or a minute on screen, but he did a delightful feature of several minutes on it and we were all terribly pleased with the whole project. We had the 6th graders decorate bags to give to the 2-5 graders to use as samples for making their bags. Most of the students from 2nd through 5th did two bags. I made cardboard circles for them to use as templates for the world and took care of getting, distributing and returning all the bags. I also contacted the media. The teachers love the project because it is so easy for them in a very busy time of year and a valuable lesson for the students. The store was so pleased they said they would hang some of the bags up for display on Saturday.
Thanks for organizing such a fun and worthwhile project.
Jan Selby, Librarian
Columbia Catholic School
817 Bernadette Dr.
Columbia, MO 65203
The students at Arsenal Middle School in Pittsburgh, PA decorated 415 grocery bags which were delivered to our local grocery store to be distributed Saturday. Thanks for the idea. All of our students became very excited about the project and created some wonderful, inventive bags to make people aware of Earth day. I was so pleased with the project. I can't wait until next year!! We have sixth, seventh, and eigth graders at our school and students from all grade levels participated. I look forward to your reports so that I can share the information with my students and other staff. Happy Earth Day!
Debra Simpson

Our school of 72 students decorated about 200 sacks for earth day . Jean Hansen

We are 27 4th graders in Miss Geier's class at Sunset Primary School in University Place (Tacoma). Thanks for letting us know about the project. We decorated 200 grocery bags for our Safeway and Albertson's stores and delivered them after school today for use tomorrow. Please let us know the totals on schools and bags when you get it.
 Thank you for the great idea!
                        Miss Geier's Class
                        Sunset Primary School
                        University Place School District
                        Tacoma, Washington 98466

The Earth Day Project went very well at the two schools I am at. Here are the totals.

Chatham Elementary, Pittsburgh, Pa.........302
Madison Elementary, Pittsburgh, Pa.........432

It was really great to be a part of this. I have made certificates for all students who decorated a bag.

Take Care,

Jim Diederich
Pittsburgh Public Schools
Happy Earth Day!
Great project idea. It was well received by school, merchant, and community.
Burnett Elementary School in Milpitas, California turned in 492 Earth Day Bags to Nop Hill Grocery Store.
Thanks again,
Denis Mullen

Students at Ducktown Elementary in Ducktown, Tennessee decorated 400 bags for this super project! Our school services children in grades K-7. All students and teachers participated in this project--it was very exciting! We delivered bags to the Piggly Wiggly Friday afternoon--the store employees were very eager to hand these out. They wanted to look through the students creations right away! What a wonderful project--thanks for allowing us to participate and spread the word on Earth Day!


Yvette Welch
5th,6th,7th grade science teacher
Ducktown elementary
P.O. Box 40 Hwy 68
Ducktown, TN.  37326

Our elementary school got involved with the Earth Day Grocery Bag project. We decorated 80 bags from our local grocery store: V and S Foods.


Ann Tilley, teacher-librarian
Martin Morigeau Elem-Jr. Sec. School
Box 69,
Canal Flats, B.C.
V0B 1B0
604- 349- 5665

Greetings from Stony Mountain School in Stony Mountain, Manitoba, Canada,
After reading about your project on Kidsphere, we decided to follow up on your idea. Unfortunately, our local store does not use paper bags anymore. However, my student teacher lives in another town called Gross Isle, about 15 miles from here and works in the local store. Therefore, I would like to report that we decorated 25 bags and made a poster to hang in the store to announce which school had decorated the bags for Earth Day. I hope that you add our small amount to your tally. Great Idea! This project has also been used as one of our projects on our way to becoming a "Green School".

Regards, Bonnie McMurren * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Bonnie McMurren                                             * "Where you tend a rose  *
Stony Mountain Elementary School                  *  my lad, a thistle              *
Stony Mountain, Manitoba, Canada R0C3A0   *  cannot grow."                 *
email:                  *    - The Secret Garden   *                        * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

We were only able to decorate 70 bags, but that's a start. Maybe next year we can expand the project. (This year only our 4th graders participated.) We are looking forward to hearing what the totals turn out to be.


Carol Goldsmith, Belmont, CA

Our junior high school's science class decorated
45 grocery bags 44 students
We enjoyed participating in this project. Next year we hope to have all 300 students involved.


Laurie-Anne Barisoff

We provided 400 bags to the local grocer. Will we receive the results from the day? Thank You.

The students at our school had a wonderful time colouring grocery bags. It turned out to be great competition within the school for what class could colour the most bags. The total number of students at our school is 623. We coloured a total of 1292 bags. Incredible. Please pass the total count back to me so that I can post it in our school. Thanks Rod Macdonald North Saanich Middle School Sidney B.C. Canada
We were away on Easter Vacation on Earth Day, but I wanted to tell you what we did before vacation to prepare and participate.

One of the mothers from my room (5th grade) who is very "into" recycling came to our room and gave a very informative talk about how to and what to recycle in Joliet, IL. Then she brought us grocery bags to decorate for a local store, and returned them for use on April 22. The students really enjoyed the project. We did about 90 bags.

Thank you for suggesting we do this, because we probably wouldn't have otherwise. Hope you do it again next year. (We will try to!)

Ruth Coleman, 5th grade at Thomas Jefferson Elementary, Joliet, IL

+                Ruth Coleman, 5th Grade Teacher                 +
+             Thomas Jefferson School, Joliet, IL  USA           +
+-All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today-+

My students and I have collected and counted 566 grocery bags decorated by the third, fourth, and fifth grade students at W.L. Kissam Intermediate, Chapel Hill ISD, just outside of Tyler, Texas.

I went to the grocery store Saturday morning to have my groceries sacked in our bags and they were already gone at 10:00am.

The grocer and the students were excited about the project. Thank you for such a wonderful idea.


Thank-you for allowing us to participate in this Earth Day project. Oakwood Middle School, Eastpointe, Michigan, students made 200 grocery bags. Next year we will complete more!


Susan Thompson                email:
Oakwood Middle School
14825 Nehls
Eastpointe, Michigan  48021

Immanuel Lutheran School in Palatine, IL had 390 k-8 students each decorate a bag donated by Dominick's grocery in Palatine, Il. A local newspaper wrote a story about the project. Older students were buddies to kindergarten students to teach them about Earth Day and help them write slogans on their bags and give them suggestions on how to decorate it. Thanks for coordinating a project that brought awareness and fun together.

Just a report from Tyrone, Pennsylvania.We are a small rural school district in central PA - near the home of the Nittany Lions (PSU). Our 4 elementary schools total 1,200 students decorated 1,325 bags donated from 2 local grocery stores. We also had an article in our local paper detailing this event and focusing support for Earth Day. I'm looking forward to sharing data with my other schools.
Thanks for a job well done!


Vicki Aults
5th Grade Teacher

This is to announce that Edgeworth Elementary School, Quaker Valley School District, decorated 400 bags for the 25th Anniversary Earth Day Celebration. All students in Grades K-5 participated. Our 6th graders are also going to decorate the bags soon. We worked with our local grocery store, called "Safrans." Lou Safran is the owner. Our local newspaper, the Sewickley HERALD, took photographs of customers getting groceries in our bags, and I'm sure the article will appear in the paper soon. Our community is great for helping our schools!

You will be pleased to learn that one child already received a lovely note from a parent who received her bag. It says:
"April 19, 1995...
Dear Meredith,
I felt so proud to take my groceries home in your decorated bag yesterday. I was so proud that you and some of the other students at Edgeworth chose that project. I see it was for Earth Day. On my bag, you reminded me to "cut pop can rings." I try to remember to do that and my family helps, too! My sister scuba dives and has seen sea turtles caught in pop can rings that were left on the beach and were washed up from the ocean. When she told me about how the they were dying from being caught, I realized just how important it was. Your art work with the bird and the earth was very well done. Your choice of colors and the size of your illustrations really made the bag and message noticeable.
Enjoy the rest of your school year.
Sincerely, Mrs. Martha D. Smith

P.S. I have saved the bag and I am going to display it at a meeting with Dr. Longo next week.
(Dr. Longo is the Superintendent of our Quaker Valley Schools.) I loved your project from the first time I saw it last year on the Internet, Mark, but I was too busy. This year I made it a priority, and hope to be back next year.

On Saturday, April 22, 1995, Dr. Bob Fusco, Dr. Joe Marrone and I introduced our "Sewickley Net" to our community in the Large Group Room of our School. It will give our whole community (schools, banks, libraries, hospital, YMCA, etc.) access to the WWW. At our inaugural celebration, we displayed 3 of our Earth Day grocery bags. Unfortunately, I was so busy helping to put the Sewickley Net together, I only read your message about the Grocery WWW page tonight! Oh well, for our next demo, it will be there for all to see....right? Great job! We're proud to have been a small part of it!


Mim Bizic,
Library Media Specialist, Edgeworth Elementary....                  xoxoxo
Gus and Mim Bizic -

The Bag Project was a success. The grocer (Woodman's of Beloit) was more than willing to provide the bags and with a minimum of organization and work we had a very stunning project. "If we all do a little, we can all do a lot". The paper sent a photographer while the school was decorating the bags so the project received some press besides. I also put a plug in for you as the organizer and internet technology. We decorated 358 bags!!! Thanks again for the idea. A simple yet effective project.



                John Soehnlein
                6th Grade
                Converse Elem. School
                1602 Townline
                Beloit, WI  53511

Rosewood School had students in kindergarten through fifth grade participating in the project. Our local Harris Teeter store was more than happy to participate. They had also participated with us last year, so they understood what we were doing quite well.

Two classes of fifth graders also work once a week with a group of four year old kindergarten students in our school. Their plans for this past week were to teach the little ones about Earth Day and to help them design their bags. It was a great opportunity for both groups of students.

When they were all added together, I think we had about 585 bags that were decorated and delivered. We also delivered a banner with both the name of the school and the store and their support of Earth Day, as well as a banner that said thank you to the store for allowing us to do this with them.

I hope everyone enjoyed this as much as we did. I look forward to doing it again next year!!!


Jamie Wilkerson and class
                                        Rosewood School
                                        Rock Hill, SC   USA

The K-8 students at the Joseph B. Radez School colored 480 grocery bags. We received them from Price Chopper Supermarket. They were returned there on Monday, April 17th and distributed to customers, many of whom expressed pleasure at the receiving the colorful bags.

Many of our students expressed a great deal of creativity in designing the bags and the experience was thoroughly enjoyable for all involved. Thanks for the great idea, we'll be looking for it again next year. Hopefully, we will also have a Web page set up and will be able to share some of our

creative ideas with others.


Jim Meigel
            James Meigel                
            Joseph B. Radez School          
            Cobleskill-Richmondville CSD  
            44 East Main Street               
            Richmondville, NY   12149     
            (518)294-6621 (voice)    
            ()294-6425 (fax)                
            Internet :   
            Bt : jmeigel@albneric          

At Pouch Cove Elementary we decorated a total of 286 bags. It was difficult getting plain paper bags but we decorated around the logo on large paper bags from Sobeys and also got some smaller plain paper bags from the nearby Foodland store.

We enjoyed participating in the Earth Day Grocery Bag Project! We are having an Environmental Science Fair at our school and look forward to displaying all the results!

Dorothy Sullivan
Pouch Cove, Nfld.

Approximately 400 (6th, 7th and 8th grade) students at Eastgate Middle School, North Kansas City School District, Kansas City, MO decorated and delivered 1000 bags as a part of the Earth Day project.

We'd like to know if any other middle school kids were involved. We look forward to getting the report containing messages from all the other schools!


Thanks for making this opportunity available!
        Ann Campbell, Computer teacher
        Roberta Wermelskirchen, project coordinator

It was great to participate in your project once again. Marlborough School created some fantastic Earth Day grocery bags. Grades K through 8 participated in this project along with three supporting stores. What a great project! We decorated 226 Earth Day Grocery Bags.


Robert Baker
Marlborough Elementary School (K-8)
Marlborough, NH 03455

Elaine Pawski
Nelson School
Keene, NH .......also decorated 50 additional bags with her art classes in Keene, NH

Greetings from the Ocean State!

Lincoln School, in Providence, Rhode Island, sent out 98 paper grocery bags on Earth Day. Our local grocery store, The Eastside Marketplace, was very cooperative.

Lincoln is an independent girls school serving 300 students from Infancy to 12th grade. This was done as a Lower School k-5 project.


Camilla Gallo
Lincoln School, Providence RI

Franklin School in Wausau, Wisconsin did not preregister for this event, but we did decorate grocery bags for distribution on Earth Day as your project suggested. If you would like to include our count in your project, we'd be happy to be part of the effort. Our school is K-5, and almost all the students decorated a bag.
Thanks for suggesting and organizing the project!


Franklin Elementary School
Wausau, WI
Total Bags Decorated:  324

Carol Otto, 2nd Grade Teacher

Would you post the grand total to the entire Kidsphere list or could I receive the grand total number? THANKS!

We participated in the Earth Day Grocery Bag project. Our bags were used at the Capital Grocery store. Our class was the first in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia to hear about this wonderful project. In Dartmouth, there was 1,315 children that participated in this Earth Day project. We hope to hear from you soon. We are on the Kidsphere newsgroup.


Grade 3 at John MacNeil Elementary School
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

Our School, Thompson Middle School in Newport, Rhode Island, designed and distributed more than 550 bags to our local stores. We not only had fun but were able to spread the message to so many of our neighbors. We recieved so many favorable comments about the project. The stores also gots lots of extra business as our students dragged their parents to those stores to show them their works. We're looking forward to participating next year. Thanks for a great idea.



A most helpful mom, Mrs.Mielke,from the Bryantville Elementary School in Pembroke, MA obtained bags from local stores and later returned the EarthDay decorated bags. The stores were happy to donate the bags but were somewhat apprehensive about later distributing them to customers-probably sanitary reasons although the bags were in excellent condition.What began as a single classroom 19 bag project spread into 190 bags from various grades. Three cheers for a super activity that we all enjoyed :)
Della Richards

Our school, Thornhill Primary School, in Terrace B.C. Canada took part in the Earth Day bag decorating. One of our local grocers (Safeway) was thrilled to supply our school with the paper bags. We requested 200 and he asked if we would take 1000!! This year, that was too large a request but next year I plan to coordinate our school district and do 1000+ bags.

Our school is a K-3 school with 278 children. We decorated 216 bags. I am not sure if any other school in our district took part in this project. Our school district is in northwest British Columbia and we have a total of 5400 students from 20 different schools.

Everyone involved in this project had great things to say about it and we look forward in taking part in it again next year.

Thank you for the wonderful idea. I look forward to receiving the final tally.


Greer Kaiser
Grade 2 Teacher
Thornhill Primary School
Terrace B.C. Canada

I guess I must have trashed my original posting for this project.. Hope the following is all the information you require, if not e-mail me with what else you need to know.

Alexander Park Elementary School - Golden, British Columbia Canada
Population 300 students
Number of Bags decorated - 127 ( 5 classes took part)

Please send me the results of the project so I can share them with the students who participated in the project.


Roxanne Bennett,
Resource Teacher,
Alexander Park Elem.
Box 464
Golden, B.C., Canada

Our school participated in your wonderful project for the second year. It is a good experience for all of us. Thanks for all the time you must spend working on and organizing it all so well.

We are a rural K-6 school in North Central Ohio. All 320 of our students decorated bags this year. Our school is Killbuck Elementary School in Killbuck, Ohio.

Sue Fullerman


Sue Fullerman, Kindergarten Teacher     Killbuck Elementary School
216-276-2891                            299 School St.  Killbuck  OH 44637      "I touch the future.  I teach."

Our school participated in the project and completed our messages on 400+ bags. The school is Royston Elementary School, Royston, British Columbia CANADA Please send a tally to the following address when compiled so that I can write a short article for our local newspaper.


Thank you.
Please send info to
Thanks again.

Brookfield R-3 elementary school reporting-
600 students made 850 bags for Earth Day that were distributed from 2 grocery stores in Brookfield, Missouri. Thanks for the opportunity.


Jeff Morelock
Brookfield R-3 Elementary                               

Our school, A.S.Matheson Elementary in Kelowna, B.C. decorated a total of 190 bags! All the kids had a great time doing it. Look forward to doing it again next year.


Dave Currier

Here at Carl Cozier Elementary in Bellingham, Washington we took 372 bags to Ennens Food store. We look forward to seeing the count results.

I forwarded your message about the project to other elementary schools some time ago. One school has the following response. from Mat F. Please could you let the originators know that we had about 326 bags decorated at our school? Teachers and kids responded enthusiastically. (I noticed, however, that few people actually ask for paper at Kodiak Safeway. It looked like checkers would give plastic by default unless a customer specifically asked, and no one was asking while I watched.) Joe Gully at Safeway said they recycle their bags, and would be willing to show classes how they compress and bundle recyclables.

I expect to hear from at least one more school, probably today. Thanks for the opportunity to participate.


Pat J.

Greetings from Higganum, Connecticut! Wanted to tell you we decorated 302 grocery bags for Earth Day. It was a success1 Thanks for lining up such a great project! Looking forward to the results!


Angie Johnson
   First Grade Teacher at Burr Elementary in Higganum, CT

Arleta School in Portland, Or. decorated 263 Earth Day bags for Keinow's food store.

Thank you for planning this event.
Aaron Neiss, grade 5


Timothy Hahn                         Arleta Elementary School                 5109 S.E. 66th Ave.
+1 503-280-6330                      Portland, OR 97206  USA

(This school already sent in their "bag count" - Mark)
As a finale to the project, my Grade 2/3 class learned about newspaper reporting and the questions (who, what, where, when, why, how) that good reporters should answer. They then composed their own reports as follows:

Earth Day is to remind people to respect the Earth and clean it up! Chelsea School delivered Earth Day bags to the local Freshmart on April 20th, two days before Earth Day. Here are some schools that participated: Chelsea, Philemon Wright and Arbor Heights. We made the bags to send the message to everyone across Canada. Here are some of the messages: Save the Earth, Don't Pollute, Remember the 3R's: reduce, reuse, recycle, Don't be a Litterbug, Respect the Earth.

We decorated the bags for Freshmart. Earth Day was April 22nd and we delivered the bags on April 20th. We wanted to tell everyone not to pollute. We did it by Internet. Bradley and Patrick

Earth Day is April 22nd. Chelsea School delivered 335 bags to the Freshmart. Earth Day is to remind people to stop polluting. We took the bags so when customers get them they would get the messages. Susie

Earth Day is to remind people to clean up the Earth and not to pollute. It is on the 22nd of April but we brought the bags to Freshmart on the 20th. We did this because we want to take care of the Earth. Christie

Earth Day is to remind people to save the earth and respect the earth. Earth Day is April 22nd and we went and delivered some decorated bags to the Freshmart. There were 13,000 bags decorated last year for Earth Day. Stephany

Earth Day is on April 22nd. Ms. Killen's Grade 2/3 class at Chelsea School spread the message by decorating grocery bags with Earth Day messages. Ivan and Ben

On April 22 Ms. Killen's Grade 2/3 class from Chelsea School walked to Freshmart with the school's decorated bags. The bags had Earth Day designs. Earth Day is a celebration to remind you to respect the Earth and Earth Day is when you respect the earth more than usual. Jennifer

Earth Day is to remind people not to pollute and to recycle and to respect the earth. It is on April 22nd. This year we decorated bags all over the place. Our school decorated 335 bags. Our class walked to the Freshmart and back to deliver the bags. The bags are used to deliver the Earth Day message. The Freshmart will put groceries in the bags we decorated for Earth Day. Christine

As you can see the children really enjoyed this whole activity. All the teachers enjoyed the project as well and we had 100% participation among all our classes. Our local newspaper got in on the act and the children were thrilled to see their picture on the front page with a lengthy article inside the paper. We are enjoying seeing the total numbers increase daily as we receive new reports.

Thanks for all your hard work.

Debra Killen
Chelsea School
P.O. Box 450
Chelsea, Quebec  J0X 1N0
Phone: (819) 827-0245
Fax:   (819) 827-0622

From: Reporting in from Port Huron, MI Northern High School 140 grocery bags were decorated with Earth Day pictures and slogans and distributed to customers of Kroger's Super Market on 4-22-95. The feedback was very positive from shoppers and the store. Send me the results when ready. Thank you again for thinking up such a fun and meaningful activity. My students loved it.


 Linda Gostinger

(This school already sent in their "bag count" - Mark)
I was at a conference today sponsored by Wentworth Media of Classroom Connect. People from all over our Tri-State Area attended (PA, Ohio, WV). I showed them all of the pages I had downloaded from your WWW site last night, and they told all of the participants about it. So, there's more advertising for next year's feat!

Also, I sent a few sample pages of your tallies to 5 of our local newspapers..... I think they'll be impressed. What a great job this Mark. We all appreciate it! Thanks again.


Mim Bizic, Edgeworth Elementary School, Sewickley, PA  15143

In Prince Geore B.C. Canada College Heights Elementary School kids colored 200 bags and returned them to the local Overwaitea grocery store.


David Greenberg

This is a report from Oaklands Elementary School in Victoria, BC. We decorated and sent out to our sponsoring store about 174 bags. The staff and students who participated in the project as well as the store employees appear to have really appreciated the opportunity to v:e!o something so simple yet effective. Thanks, Mark, for spearheading the project again this year.


Jack Greenwell
Neil Hughes

Mark, our kids did 164 bags and the response from the community was overwhelming. Skagway has approx. 125 students k-12 and many parents wanted to receive their child's bag when they were at the grocery store. The clerks at the store had a blast with the bags trying to match some local personalities with the designs.

Thanks again

Gary Trozzo
Skagway City School District
Skagway Alaska

Park View School in Kings Park, New York participated in the Earth Day Grocery bag project. We decorated 1190 bags and sent them to 2 stores.


Susan Howell
2nd grade teacher
Park View School

Our school, Cypress Elementary, Miami, Florida, decorated 500 bags. They were distributed to a Public grocery store. We had great fun decorating the bags. We hope to do this again next year.


Heather and Adriel, 5th grade students

Our count from North Oyster Elementary School in Ladysmith B.C. is 300 bags. The project was an incredible success. Both the students and the grocery store loved it.

Just out of general interest: On Earth Day I was out canoeing along the coast near Ladysmith and stopped at an isolated beach for a break. An injured mature, male bald eagle was perched on a log injured. My friend and I captured the eagle (with a little help) and took it to the Raptor Centre in a nearby village. At this time and point it looks like it will recover! Probably some type of poisoning. Let's keep the Earth clean of herbicides!


P. Grey

Thornhill Elementary school, which lies across the playground from us here in Terrace took part in the Earth Day project as well. I took a sample to them late Thursday afternoon and some of my collegues at that school saw the value in such a project as well so I am happy to report another 120 bags to the Terrace count.

These 120 bags were from Thornhill Elementary School (4-7).

I really liked the idea of making kites out of the used bags -- maybe we'll do that next year!


Greer Kaiser
Teacher Thornhill Primary
Terrace B.C. Canada

Park Ave P.S. in HollandLanding Ontario north of Toronto participated in the grocery day project and 520 bage were beatifully decorated. Thank you for sharing the idea and communicating the results jerry diakiw principal


Jerry Diakiw

Queen Mary Street School enthusiastically decorated 210 bags for our local Loeb IGA.


Susan Roseman
Queen Mary Street School
Ottawa, Ontario Canada

The students at J.W.McLauchlin Elementary School are proud to report that they decorated and distributed 400 bags for Earth Day. The bags were distributed by Home Food Market in Raeford. All students K-5 participated and were very excited about the project. Please include our bags in your total. Thanks for initiating this wonderful project and giving us a chance to share.


Pat McNeill, Media Coordinator
J.W.McLauchlin School
326 N.Main St.
Raeford, NC  28376

In our school, Woodfin Elementary, every student decorated at least one grocery bag for a total of 300. On Earth Day, several fifth-graders went to the grocery store and actually bagged groceries for the customers. This project was a lot of fun for everyone, and we plan to participate again next year. Thank-you for sharing the idea with us.


Sharon Davidson                             
(Fifth-grade teacher)       

Hello from Baytown, Texas. We are just east of Houston, Texas. Our first grade class made 60 sacks for Randall's to pass out on Earth Day.


 Cathy Edwards                       
 Pumphrey Elementary School                       
 Baytown, Texas                   

We decorated 185 grocery bags at Hollyrood School, Portland, OR.


Peggy Smith                          Hollyrood Elementary School                3560 N.E. Hollyrood Ct.
+1 503-2840-6766 Portland, OR 97212 USA
Hi, I'm letting you know that we decorated 900 bags at Graham Elementary and sent them back to the store.


JENNI WILSON                                   

456 Beautiful Grocery Bags turned into Safeway on Yelm Hwy. Lacey, Wa. by Lakes Elementary School, North Thurston School District. Thanks again for a neat, simple, worthwhile project!!


              h            Vickie Hayes :-)               h
              v         v
              h         h
              v  Lakes El School, N Thurston School Dist. v
              h         H 360-456-1801; W 360-493-2788    h

From: Lindsay Calhoun <> Thank you for being "the hub" of the 1995 Grocery Bags on Earth Day project! The students at Mapleton Elementary School, a small one hundred year old school in Boulder, Colorado, decorated 170 bags on April 17th. We returned our sacks to our neighborhood sponsor, Moe's Broadway Bagels, on April 19th. What a marvelous project! People continue to make great comments about those sacks full of bagels and their concern for saving the Earth. Your suggestion made Earth Day very special for us, and we hope for those who received the bags decorated by our children.


 Lindsay Calhoun
        Media Specialist
        Mapleton Elementary School
        Boulder, Colorado

Thanks for your work on this project again. I hoped to get more teachers involved, but only about half did in my building. Many of those teachers had the kids do more than one bag.

We used the local Safeway and they were very obliging. They still have the sign up that I made telling what we did and thanking the Safeway store for their participation.


220 bags decorated
Olympic Hills Elementary School
Seattle, Washington
Thanks again and happy testing,

Krista Canterbury

I am Sandi, a teacher from Squamish, B.C and our school joined in on the grocery bag project.

We had 200 students from Gr 1-7 particpate and we gave them to two local stores. It was particularly great at one store because it was the Grand Opening of the store and the owner's son goes to our school. The community response was fantastic! Hats off to you for organizing this very worthwhile event!!


Sandi Paterson
P.S. I think your www page is great!!

The Porter Township Elementary School in Lamar, Pennsylvania, decorated 135 grocery bags, designed by all of our students K-6. They were then distributed to our local supermarket.


Donna K. Dorey                      ____|\__________________|___|_____|_\____
Porter Township Elementary School   ____|/__________|\___O__|___|____@___\___
P.O. Box 276                        ___/|______|\___|___|___|___|________|___
Lamar, PA 16848                     __|_/_\____|____|___|___|__O_________|___
717-726-3857                        ___\|/_____|___@____|___|___________@____
                                        |     @
At S. Christa McAuliffe elementary School in Greeley, Colorado, we decorated 480 grocery bags from one of our supermarkets in town. Not only was the store incredibly pleased to help us out, they have gotten wonderful comments as to the nature of this project. Thanks go to you for heading this up!!


Kendra Rutledge
3rd Grade teacher

We had 326 bags decorated at Midland School in Elkins, West Virginia for Earth Day.


Mrs. June Davis and 3rd grade class
Midland Elementary School
150 Kennedy Drive
Elkins, WV 26241

Thought you might like to see the flyer that was distributed with our bags. They were printed on recycled paper. Our kids had a great time and about 475 students made bags that were distributed. I was told that they got some bags and were excited about using them again.


Thanks for the great Idea!!!
Candy Dunn
Kathleen Goodwin School Old Saybrook, CT 06475

Hi, Mark. Just a note to let you know how many bags we made and how many students participated. We had great comments from the students, teachers, grocery store manager and customers. Thanks for a wonderful idea. We would really like to participate next year and have more schools in Fort St. John involved.

We had classes from 2 schools involved (366 students). We produced 425 bags. I hope that I'm not too late for an update/report on how many schools, etc participated.

Thanks again for the idea. Keep us informed for next year if you are doing any changes. Oh- we tried to scan some photos for you, but they weren't good quality. Next year, I guess!


Chris Froese
Chris Froese
Fort St. John, BC, Canada

Hello, Our computers were down and we couldn't participate in the original groceries bag report. We are an elementary school in Kings Park, Long Island, New York (Park View). Two supermarkets in our neighborhood gave us bags to decorate. The school decorated 1,076 bags for earth day. If you wish to add this to your total let us know.


Mrs. Goldman and 2-3   

This is another bag report.

West Lynde Public School
270 Michael Blvd.
Whitby, ON, CAN
L1N 6B1
Eric Beck email:

approx. 450 bags were done by K-6 students.

Sorry this took us so long, but we were on vacation when Earth Day happened, and it took use awhile to get our act together. Anyway, here it is:

Wyoming Central School
Wyoming, New York (near Rochester, New York)
Student population:250 students, Kindergarten through 8th Decorated 300 bags, which were given to a very local grocer (like a small convenience store). Some of the paper bags were given to us by him, and some we purchased so that we could participate. The students were really excited about being part of this, and we hope that we're not too late! We'd love to hear results.

Thanks --

Jill and Kim

Just a quick note to let you know that our school, Oakview Elementary School in Centralia, participated in your project by decorating and distributing 500 grocery bags on Earth Day. We all thought it was a great idea and look forward to participating again next year! Thanks for your efforts.


Linda Kinney

Mark, I am sorry that this report is soooo late!!! This is such a neat project and it is our second year for doing it! This year it was not quite as successful, because we had a spring break right before the Earth Day, so we were trying to decorate bags in a crunch. Therefore we decorated 201 bags, only! But we will gear up for next year and be ready. Thanks for organizing this worthwhile project. It is always a hit with the local supermarket and the community!
Marilyn Hammond 5/6th grade teacher     Swanson School
2602  N. 113th St.                      86th and Harney
Omaha, NE  68164                        Omaha, NE  68114
402-498-0757                            402-390-2262            District 66

Two fourth grade classes in Kent, WA, got bags from a local Safeway Store and decorated them. It was fun and worthwhile. We had 57 kids decorate 84 bags. Next year, maybe more.

Time is nature's way of keeping all things from happening at once.


Thom Sayles

Dear Mark, Sorry for taking so long but things go hectic around here just like at your end I am sure. Ware Elementary chose a logo entitled "Ware Cares - Earth Day 1995". We decorated and distributed 429 bags on April 22nd thru our local Food Lion Store. Hope to hear how the other schools did - could you send that info? Thanks for all your help!!! Cheryl Kent


Cheryl Kent
Secretary, Ware Elem. School
Staunton, VA 24401

Because I work in the environmental field, the PTA at my daughter's school asked me for suggestions about earth day activities. I passed along your idea and heard from a reliable source that it was a huge success! So I'd like to report that Madison Elementary School in Wheaton, Illinois decorated 500 grocery bags, which were returned to the local Dominicks for distribution. About 40 bags were also hung at the entrance to the store - it made for an impressive earth day display. Congratulations on your great idea for a doable, high impact activity and for using the Internet to spread the word.


Jim Butler

Mark, Our school participated--contributing 200 decorated bags to our local IGA store. It was a great project for our kids--they loved it! We'd love to hear about other schools' projects, as well. TIA! Ruth


D. Ruth Esry, Principal
Pleasant Acres Elementary School
Rantoul, IL  61866
"The School with the Future Inside!"

Hi Mark, These bags were decorated for Earth Day at:


        Nenana Public School
        P.O. Box 10
        Nenana, AK  99760

k - 60
1 - 70
2 - 60
3 - 33
4 - 79
5 - 179
7 - 15

Total - 496
Nenana is a k-12 school located 60 miles southwest of Fairbanks. The bags were distributed in Nenana and Fairbanks. The Earth Day program was sponsored by the fifth grade class. (You can tell!)

Thanks for the invitation to join in, this was their first NET project. It was a great success.


Robin Turk (parent)

The results of my making Earth Day grocery bags were only 30 bags, but as a result great feelings between the store and the school I work for were established ( the store LOVED them).

Thanks for the great Earth Day art activity,

Here is another report for your info...they do not have I am passing it along for them:

La Presa Elementary School
La Mesa-Spring Valley School District
519 La Presa Ave, Spring Valley CA 91977-6011 (619)668-5790
"We delivered 200 bags to a neighborhood Vons to be distributed. The students enjoyed designing the bags. Thank you for this idea. Sincerely, Diane Beene, Community Resource Coordinator"

Carolyn Chase, Earth Day Network,San Diego

Tel: (619)272-7423
FAX: (619)272-2933
Voicemail: (619)496-3361

From: Carolyn Chase
Subject: Another Earth Day bag report
Just to be completely thorough, I ran across another report:

FROM: Anita Gerrein, Lincoln School, 80 West Wyoming Ave, Melrose MA 02176 "We were pleased to join in the Earth Day Grocery Bag Project. Each student decorated a bag for Shaw's supermarket in Melrose. 330 bags were delivered for distribution. I enjoyed organizing such a worthwhile activity."

From: ( on 15 Jun 1995 10:32:10 +1000
Subject: Re: Earth Day Groceries Project

Dear Mark, Our school has decided to join your Earth Day Grocery Bag project on June 5th World Environment Day. We hope it is not too late, we couldn't do the project on Earth Day as it was in our term break. Our school is called Puckapunyal Primary. Puckapunyal is situated 100 kms from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. We have 550 bags to decorate from our local Family Store. We have about 280 children from prep to grade 6 at our school. We would love to know how many schools and which schools were involved in your project and whether you'll be able to include our total in your tally. Hoping to hear from you. Libby Delbridge grade 3 teacher and computer co-ordinator email:

Back again...not only did our local Super Fresh use all our 350 bags to decorate the store before giving them to customers, but the manager visited our school and gave each student an apple. He also gave the school a cherry tree to help replace one of the 57 trees we lost due to construction. The project was a great community relations activity for us and the business. We've become partners.

Wren E. Gurney,
(English for Speakers of Other Languages-High Intensity Language Training)

Ashlawn Elementary School
5950 N. 8th Rd.
Arlington, VA 22205