Pictures from 1997
Spring Branch Elementary in Houston, Texas

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Hello there, from Spring Branch Elementary in Houston, Texas!! The University of Houston PUMA interns recently provided Spring Branch Elementary with an Earth Day Fair. One of the 9 booths was the Grocery Bag Project. We were fortunate enough to have Fiesta Grocery Store "lend" us 700 paper bags, as well as donate to us the remainder of the supplies. We were able to decorate approximately 680 of the bags. To motivate the students to create excellent paper bags, we created a contest out of the booth. They were told that 2 students, from each grade, would be chosen as our winners, and would have their picture posted on the internet with their winning bag. They were so excited, we actually ended up choosing 3 students from each grade because the bags were so wonderful!! We had a fabulous time with this project. Our sincere thanks. We even made the Houston Chronicle Newspaper! How exciting!!! Happy Earth Day!!!
Stacy Tawater, U of H PUMA interns, and Spring Branch Elementary