Pictures from 1998
Northside Blodgett Middle School in Corning, NY

Happy Earth Day everyone! The Team B sixth graders at Northside Blodgett Middle School in Corning, New York had a great time celebrating Earth Day. The 85 students began our week long celebration by decorating 104 grocery bags to be used at P&C grocery store. The students were excited about spreading the message that we need to care for the earth. The teachers were amazed at the talent and hard work that went into designing and coloring the bags. We've included photos of the kids at work and of some of their results.
We followed up this activity with a neighborhhood clean up. The weather cooperated and we all enjoyed a school day outside in the sunshine while doing a good deed for the community, the earth and ourselves. The mayor even came out to meet us and thank us. This is the 4th year we have participated in these activities and plan to continue in the years to come.
Doreen Licursi
Northside Blodgett Middle School
Corning, New York