Pictures from 1997
Moanalua Elementary School in Honolulu, Hawaii

Twenty-three second grade children from Moanalua Elementary School in Honolulu, Hawaii decorated 50 grocery bags from Salt Lake Safeway. Earth day messages included, "Help Save the Earth", "Save Our Animals", "Save Trees--Recycle", "Keep Our Earth Clean", "Don't Litter", "Don't Pollute", with pictures of healthy sea animals, growing trees, trash cans for rubbish, and clean earth. This project tied in with an ecology story from their reader and they learned about the importance of taking care of our earth and its resources--their future.
Two children, a parent and I delivered the bags to Safeway on Monday, April 21, 1997 and the assistant manager put them on the check out counters that day. One child brought a bag to school the next day after buying doughnuts for the class. : ) Looking forward to expanding this project to other grade levels next year.
Marge Serikawa, 2nd Grade Teacher
Moanalua Elementary School
Honolulu, Hawaii