Pictures from 1998
Huntington Intermediate School, Huntington, NY

Students presenting the Earth Day Grocery Bags to the manager of Southdown

Pollution Solution Display.

Pollution Solution Display.

In order to promote environmental awareness, Huntington Intermediate School,  in Huntington, New York, recently held a Pollution Solution Fair. As their contribution to the fair, the students in the fifth grade classes of Ms. Bartsch, Mrs. Ricco, Mrs. Regan and Miss Von Vange participated in the Earth Day Groceries Project 1998.

Southdown Supermarket generously donated one hundred-fifty bags which the students enthusiastically decorated and delivered to the store on April 21st.  On Earth Day, April 22nd, delighted customers received their groceries in gaily decorated bags which contained various environmental messages.

The Earth Day Groceries Project enabled the students to participate in various cross curricular activities such as creating graphs in Mathematics class, writing poetry in Language Arts class, and in Social Studies, incorporating the Earth Day Groceries Project results of their respective states, in their Hyperstudio State Presentations.

The Earth Day Groceries Project enabled the children to form a partnership with a merchant in their community, in order to promote environmental awareness not only in our village, but throughout the world.

The following poem, written by Jenny, best describes the children's feelings towards pollution.

                  dirty, disgusting
polluting, destroying, killing
      it can be prevented

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