Pictures from 1998
Grand View Elementary in Tahlequah, OK

Two of Mrs. Jones' Kindergarten Students

Eight of Mrs. Jones' Kindergarten Students

Mr. Goss' 3rd Grade Students

Mrs. Shepherd with 3 Kindergarten Students

Mr. Goss' Student Enjoying the Creative Process

Third Grade Students

Mr. Goss' Students Experience a Digital Camera

Six Third Graders Showing Their Message

Ms. Boulware with Students Presenting Bags to Mr. Glen Stafford, Reasor's Store Director

Grand View School kindergarten children in the classrooms of Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Shepherd and 3rd grade students in Mr. Goss' class decorated 75 grocery bags while they learned about recycling, conservation and environmental awareness. Eighth grade girls helped the kindergarten children. Reasor's Grocery Store gave us the bags and they will sack groceries in them on Earth Day, April 22, to pass along the message to their shoppers. We would like to thank Mr. Ahlness for a wonderful project which we learned about by using the Internet. This is the first time we are joining with schools all over the world to do a classroom project with an Internet component.
Comments about Earth Day from Mr. Goss' 3rd Graders:
Kyle: "Pollution is bad for people, animals, and everything on the Earth."
Alex: "I told my Mom about our Earth Day Project. I told her the Earth is very big with many countries, and we have to take care of it."
Jordan A: "Keep our planet clean so the animals can breathe."
Matt: "We can make a difference. We should take care of our Earth now, so it will be good for the future when we are old." Jeremy: "I think that cleaning up the Earth would help our environment."
Jordan H.: "People should stop polluting the Earth so we can live longer."
Brandon: "We need to recycle."
Mr. Goss: "Hug a tree. Save a life."
Ms. Christi Boulware/Ms. Judi Grasso (
Grand View Elementary
Tahlequah, Oklahoma