Pictures from 1999
Bethlehem Elementary School in Wheeling, WV

Tyler, Cody, Keith, Kristan, and 
Gizzelle are in Kindergarten.

Erica, Michael, Ira, Breanna, Erica, 
and Bradley show their 2nd grade 
grocery bags.

Benjamin, Emily, Taylor, Daniel,
Chelsea, Ellen, Kylie, and Megan 
represent 3rd grade with their art work.
Bethlehem Elementary School teamed with Elm Terrace Supermarket to remind shoppers of the importance of taking care of our world.  Students from Kindergarten through Fifth Grade decorated grocery bags in a variety of themes; all covering topics about Earth Day and what each person can to to make our world a healthy place to live.

Bethlehem Elementary School Celebrates Earth Day

Fourth grade students showing their work 
are Tommy, Tyler, Luke, Steven, and Thomas.

Michael, Molly, Alyse, Peggy, and Autumn 
are fifth graders that had a good time decorating 
the bags.  Learning to recycle is part of the plan
fifth grade used to get their trip to DC.  They 
recycled cans to help pay for the trip.

First grade students Timothy, Carly, Vanessa,
Sara, and Dylan are pleased with their work.